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Post by Itsu » Wed Jan 29, 2020 2:33 am

The continues streaks of lightning descending down to the world's surface, roaring waves from a global flood, and an aggressive flow of wild wind in the vicinity remains a constant reminder to dwellers the anger that rages across this realm signified nothing more than utter chaos, mayhem and destruction. It said that daylight has never knocked the doors of this land ever before, and so it is renown as the 'Daily Darkness Dimension'. Nevertheless, that would prove to be less of a problem to the remaining survivors of the ruptured dimension as they will be faced with Predators from an entirely advance Universe. These beings are hexed with the soul aim of locating, hunting, and slaying down fighters by any means necessary. However, to display the cruelty of the Force pulling the strings from the onset, the survivors fate lies in their own hands for it what they choose, that will become their Terminator. Sealing a Predator is the only way to stop it, which can only be done when its in a state akin to total death and then a symbol shall manifest above them. Merge a medallion to this symbol and portal shall manifest consuming the Terminators while giving you passage into the next stage. However Failure to do this in time will bring back the terminator which hunts you. Making them stronger than they were before.
Note: Once a portal is opened at the sacrifice of a medallion, attempting to get through it without a medallion will consume your soul. Turning you into the same Predator that once hunted you.
Hints & Guidelines
  • You wake up with Eight(8) ball like orbs each laced with a unique color of Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, Black, and White respectively hovering around you in repeated succession.
  • These mysterious orbs are immune to any form of destruction. So any effort to outrun, get rid or destroy the orbs will be to no avail as they will ceaselessly circle around the you untill your hand(s) make contact with one of them.
  • To the one who makes contact, the rest of the orbs fade away into thin air. While the chosen orb by the fighter glitches briefly before a  harmless combustion takes place which then sends a towering beam of light into the sky.
  • A post after fate has been decided by your own hands. The towering light gradually but inarguably disappears, and is accompanied by a brief sound of roaring thunder and streams of lightning blanketing the above.
  • The longer you delay in picking an orb, the faster the orbs drain a considerable potion of Reiryoku from you at an explosive rate, because they feed and exist because of your Reiryoku. As such, one CBS point will be deducted from your Reiatsu level after the first post from when you wake up and don't touch an orb with your hand(s). It will relentlessly zap your Reiryoku if you refuse to pick an orb and in the third post envelope and consume you, which will lead to automatic disqualification.
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Post by Samuel_Carter_Awakening » Mon Feb 03, 2020 5:27 am

"Father! Father!! Father!!! Come back!!!
These words jolted the brute being back to consciousness. Indeed, it was a dream, a scenario displayed in his mind scape how he longed for his father on his dying bed. Either ways, what is in the past stays in the past.

Hirāzakūra raised up his head, tilting his head towards his left, then towards the right, he couldn't see the silver lining in the sky, it was as if the sun was banished from this land. Raising his opened palm, he starred into them, wondering how he had survived. Just then he remembered passing through the ancient gate and blacked out almost immediately. At least, he had a nice rest.

Supporting himself with a metal rod, he stood up, from the view he got, he laid on a skyscraper. It seemed the skyscraper waited for him to rise from his slumber for after his first three steps, the ground rumbled, opening it's mouth to swallow whole the building. The building staggered as it went down, making Hirāzakūra stagger as well. Barely into the earth's mouth, Hirāzakūra leaped off, sliding off the muddy surface and smashing into a building..

"Argh... My back!!!"
He screamed like a child, rolling on the floor, to and fro, until something caught his attention. Metallic orbs that moved as he did. He became puzzled, he quickly thought of something, dashing out of the building, foolishly trying to outrun the orb. Stopping in his tracks when his eyes beheld a conflagration that brought down two buildings into the earth's mouth.. Said conflagration originated from the numerous lightning bolts that struck occasionally.

To his right, a mighty ocean, running with all its might towards him, leaping upwards, he held a street light, using the pole as a medium, he spun himself, lifting himself upwards and jumping to the top of another building as he watched the river run by.

"Hmmmph.. These balls. What should I do with them.... Souka.. Maybe they contain ingredients for a nice warm coffee. I haven't had that in days".
His face displayed series of looks, first, confusion, then moved to excitement. He reached for the orb laced with "blue" color. Suddenly others vanished into thin air.

Before he could fathom what was going on, the orb began to glitch. This made him cast it away but it was too late as it transitioned into an explosion creating a smokescreen. Suddenly, a beam of light was released into the atmosphere.

"#cough, cough!.. What in the world is that?"
Hirāzakūra questioned while trying to get rid of the fumes that entered into his systems through coughing.
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Post by Nilgathor » Mon Feb 03, 2020 7:10 pm

This time the drowning got to her. The icy sting of cold water gushing through her nostrils forced Ethririel awake and upon opening her eyes, a momentary panic set in. She flailed her arms aimlessly before reason caught up with her awakening and instead Ethririel calmed down, chiding herself for reacting like a normal human. While taking a nap in such environment was unsafe for her, it went without saying that being conscious negated a host of the security concerns. Especially since her nature as a shinigami wouldn’t make breathing beneath the waters agonizingly difficult.

She tried to recall the last things that happened and a blur of images flashed through her head. Ethririel recalled Kara protecting her behind a shield of sorts after she succeeded in catching up with the captain, as well remembering how utterly ridiculous that entity truly was from close range. She remembered Kara ordering her to leave and then… nothing else. Her brow furrowed in effort to dredge up the memory and within seconds, Ethririel's frown eased as no success came from further prodding.

In her grim acceptance at the temporary memory loss, only then did she turn her attention outward to properly access her surroundings while sparing a thought at hoping the quincy, Rèzîlyènt, made it out safe, as she floated stably in the water. Ethririel found her dress was different from the tattered, burnt fabric she had on earlier. In exchange, someone switched it for a faded gray hood with matching running trousers while leaving her boots intact.

By her left hip, her zanpakutō remained sheathed in its scabbard and Ethririel found that just as her sense skimmed over the sword, the blade responded with a muffled thrum of energy that lit her face up. Hang on, I can reach my zanpakutō here? Awesome!

Having been stifled for so long in these accursed worlds of her captors, Ethririel felt comforted at the familiar haughty grimness of her zanpakutō spirit and equally took solace in the mechanical flower resting in her hair fanning out unbridled amidst the water. In her pocket, she confirmed the meagre weight of another mechanical contraption but did not have the moment to enjoy their reunion in this new area because in front of her were two differently coloured balls floating at her eye level, nearly two arms’ length away.

Perhaps her initial absorption in herself prevented her from noticing the green and blue balls at first. However, when the green ball shifted to the side, its position taken over by its blue counterpart while a purple ball replaced the blue ball’s initial position. These shifts in colours drew her attention to them and only then did Ethririel notice that alongside these three, were five other balls, spaced properly to form a loose circle around her.

Ethririel's eyes narrowed and left with two options after considering the encirclement, she choose up and drew her knees up to her chest before shooting for the water surface a few metres away. En route, the shinigami made a mental note about how unclean the water was with debris, and vehicles littering it, but returned her attention to the multi-coloured balls as she broke the surface to hover above the water.

The balls kept pace with her, not slacking a single bit. Nevertheless, Ethririel got distracted again as she reflexively crossed her arms across her breasts at the unruly wind that whipped past her. The roar of thunder above resounded imperiously while bright blue lightning flashed repeatedly in the stormy clouds above. Where some other in her place, such person might need more time to adjust to the blaring noise of nature rampaging, but Ethririel merely glanced at the lightning and scoffed.

“Blue lightning, tch… black still reigns supreme.”

Feeling insulted at the lightning’s colour being blue—while conveniently ignoring how said colour helped to illuminate the place—and stuffing her wet hair into the sodden hood, Ethririel easily felt at ease in the chaos of the storm. After years of being by his side and sparring against his lightning, especially after he got that sword from Susanoo, she felt familiar in this setting by virtue of adaption from those times.

She currently drifted in the street of a storm-ravaged modern city whose stores still held neon signs that flickered in the obviously failed electric power supply situation. Abandoned cars, motorbikes and double-decker buses remained grounded in the flowing flood that completely covered the ground while smaller personal artefacts found themselves at the mercy of the strong winds creating small tides upon the floodwaters to smash upon things.

Not surprisingly, her mood soured but not because of the storm she found herself in, but at the balls keeping her in their midst. Ethririel dropped to tap her leg on the water’s surface to leap for the sturdy building down street and saw how the balls maintained their formation even though she passed by obstacles. The balls were so dominant that rather than swerve past an obstacles, they deigned to show off their possible indestructible property by smashing into everything in their way while maintain their equidistance from her.

F**k me, Ethririel cursed in her heart as she entered the top floor of the one-storey building. What are these balls?!

After leaving the storm outside, Ethririel watched the balls with annoyance, likening their circling to predators hunting prey. The thought caused her to stamp her foot to vent, clearly pissed at the idea that ‘mere’ balls could get to the point to intimidate her. Keen to wash off such mind-set, she decided to actually see what happens if she made a move on them herself.

Glancing at the colours of ball, she muttered something to herself and lunged right with outstretched hand for the ball there. As she deemed it fit, if she was going to deal with the balls, why not pick a colour she respected so much? Her slender fingers closed around the black ball and immediately, the other seven twinkled out of existence. The black ball twitched in her grasp and without hesitation, Ethririel threw it out the window she jumped through earlier, just in time for the orb to explode upwards.

A pillar of darkness reached for the gray sky and her sixth sense felt cold. Usually, such displays were meant to herald the advent of something dangerous and with no plans on waiting for whatever it was, Ethririel turned and ran for the other end of the building with all intent to get out to another one.


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Post by Fluxarc » Tue Feb 04, 2020 12:59 pm


Western Sector.

Abruptly- consciousness.

One second there was nothing, and then Kara found herself fully alert and supine. Above her, the sky was a slow-shifting patchwork of light and dark greys, and searing forks of lightning- and on the edges of her vision she could make out aged, ruined husks of buildings. Around her, a violent wind howled and she could hear the familiar wail and rumble of turbulent waters. Without moving her head, Kara understood she was in yet another 'arena'. She sighed.

For a few seconds Kara's thoughts were blank as she watched the sky, sizzling with electricity. And then came another awareness. It was as though her energy was being slowly drawn out against her will. Kara frowned, and finally registered the press of rough metal beneath her body.

In moments Kara had risen to her feet. At once, the source of the peculiar 'draining' sensation became clear.

Eight orbs, each a different color, floated around her like moons around a planet. Blue, green, red, orange, yellow, purple, black and white. Kara slowly spun around, eyeing the strange orbs. She could sense no hostile reiatsu from them.

Some kind of handicap? Kara thought. It would fit the sadistic profile she'd put together of whoever it was running this horrible survival test. Perhaps they're upping the stakes, making it harder to win.

Even as Kara contemplated the orbs, she became aware of two other spirits in this realm. Kara took a closer look at her surroundings.

She was on bus in a large, heavily flooded street. On both sides were tall buildings, most partially or almost fully collapsed, great heaps of rubble rolling out into the flooded, four-lane motorway. Cars were groaned by in the water, most in a bad state, some keeled over. The air smelled heavily of copper. There wasn't a soul in sight, and Kara was reminded of the very first arena, that post-apocalyptic realm beneath a neverending rain. There was no rain here, but the sense of utter desolation drove deeper than that first realm.

Kara returned her attention to the puzzling orbs that continued to encircle her. She could already tell that, given enough time, they would siphon away a troubling amount of her spiritual power. They needed to be dealt with right away. But smartly.

I need to make sure there aren't any booby traps.

Engaging her Divine Sight, Kara was able to see the very fabric of the orbs' energies. Their energy profile was unlike anything she'd ever seen before, but Kara could make out no traps or invisible barriers. Disengaging her Divine Sight, Kara decided to destroy them without touching them. She quickly heated up the air around the orbs to temperatures that would turn metals to liquid, but the orbs remained undamaged. Puzzled, she tried going in the opposite direction- supercooling the air. Again, the orbs showed no changes. Next, Kara attempted to crush them with telekinetic force, but it was like pushing against a stone with foam. Frowning more deeply now, Kara carefully considered her next step.

She'd tried everything she could think of. Perhaps a closer examination of the orbs would tell Kara more, help her figure out what to do next. Sucking in a breath, Kara reached out and carefully placed a single finger on the red orb.

Instantly, every other orb vanished. Kara drew her hand quickly back.

What in ...?

The red orb flickered like a mirage, then burst apart into pure energy, which shot up into the sky above. Kara stepped back, turning her head up. Not long after the energy dissappeared into the clouds, those same clouds flashed with a lightning more intense than that of the raging electric storm above. A distinct, oddly echoing thunder soon reached Kara's ears.

Kara's eyes narrowed. The way the orb's energy had shot upwards reminded Kara of beacons. Some primal instinct told Kara she'd unwittingly signalled her position to someone ... or something.

Out in the open, on flooded, deserted street, Kara was a sitting duck. Quickly, she darted away into the shadow of a tall building, then began racing down a rat's nest of deluged, rubble-strewn alleyways and sidestreets, wallrunning and leaping between buildings. And with every feet covered, the sensation of being tracked grew sharper in the forefront of Kara's mind.


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Post by Phantom-T » Tue Feb 04, 2020 3:58 pm

Stepping foot into another land the white hair saw a sight unlike no other yet he felt a certain discomfort oozing within this zone. The ragging storm felt like his troubled soul and the sea like the unending journey he was cursed to embark on.

He had traveled through the ocean bed, a hunted land and now a land where nature waged war against itself, taking the earth and the skies hostage. What else was there to see, these worlds clearly harbor no life; yet he’d been forced to walk them fighting for dear life.

Stationed on a balcony railing several ft above ground floor, his cold blue eyes caught sight of a lightning spark descending on a building not far away. The sight both thrilling and scary sent chills up his spine while lighting up a spark on his eye to the point his worries faded away. Calmly he moved a little closer to the edge of the railing to see what was beneath and to his amazement found countless cars and properties floating along the flooded land in a wave too tense for comfort.

He’d immediately draw in breath, gulp down saliva before turning around to spot a dark room with its entire window sealed shut from the inside. Trying to peak into the room immediately proved daunting as the pelting rain hitting along the windows rendered visibility almost null, not adding the darkness which consumed the room. However his sight caught on to the reflection of himself with seven floating balls which he had neglected so far.

‘This is new’ he pondered raising his face to meet the balls laced with various colors of light. With curiosity quickly getting the best off him his eyes stuck to one color and trailed that color around. In time he became enticed by it pushing himself an extra step till the point his hand made contact with it.

Immediately the other balls vanished while the green ball flickered like a fire cracker before a gale of wind strong enough to send a rhino toppling down the street pushed him off the railing, leaving him hanging by his left hand. A beam of light hitting the heavens quickly followed through sending a clear message the Quincy could understand

"A monster is born."

Green Orb
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Post by Fluxarc » Mon Feb 10, 2020 4:28 am

Kara streaked between buildings and down streets and alleyways, her every sense on high alert. Beneath her, flood-waters gurgled, roared and sighed deeply, and the wind had picked up, its powerful gusts only slightly out of rhythm with the regular flashes of lightning above.

The sense of being watched had continued to grow since Kara released what she was now sure was some kind of beacon. And yet, besides the two spiritual energies she'd picked up on shortly after waking up in this watery realm- both of whom she guessed were unwilling participants like herself- Kara could not sense any other spirit pulse.

And then, just as she shot out of a wide alley and across a broad, flooded motorway, Kara felt a sudden, sharp stab of survivor's intuition. It was hostile intent, clear and sharp as a freshly polished scalpel. Kara's eyes narrowed and her fingers curled into fists.

Clearing the motorway and shooting into another alleyway between half-collapsed buildings, Kara had no sooner began formulating a strategy than there came a sudden sizzle to her left. Kara's gaze whipped in that direction, her lips parting on a soft, wondering sigh. All she saw was mossy red brick. And then the brick shimmered, then flashed brightly.

Kara's eyes went wide with shock.

No -

The explosion's searing blue flash swallowed both Kara and an entire city block in a heartbeat, sending out several thunderous shock-waves that shook the world around, toppling several listing buildings in the immediate vicinity. Dense smoke mushroomed into the dark sky; huge waves rolled out from the detonation point, roaring into buildings with hurricane force. It was a solid half-minute before the rumbling began dying out, and another half-minute after that before the wild waters began to calm.

From the slowly dispersing, bluish mushroom cloud came Kara, leaving a streak of smoke behind her. The entire left of her garments were seared and tattered, though her exposed skin seemed none the worse for wear. Kara's eyes were narrowed with self-directed anger. She'd been caught completely off guard. It wouldn't happen again.

In the heartbeat before the blast hit her, Kara had caught the spirit pulse of her unseen assailant. Now Kara honed in on it, and her eyes followed her extrasensory perception until they fell on the roof of a dilapidated clock tower one-and-a-half blocks to the west.

Back-lit by the rising moon, a solitary silhouette stood on the clock tower's roof. Kara could feel its malicious gaze like a cold blade pressed to her nape. And she could sense something else on a deeper level.

Sadistic delight.

Shifting her weight to the right, Kara planted her a foot on a radio tower and launched herself toward the clock tower, fierce determination on her face. The clock-tower silhouette had not moved an inch, but Kara could sense its cruel glee swell, and she felt the same instinctive push she'd gotten just before the explosion.

Another one ...!

Kara looked down just in time to catch the shimmer around a floating heap of twisted metal, and she flash-stepped away just as the heap exploded with an earsplitting bang, the same blue flash from the first explosion going up again.

Remote, spontaneous explosions? Kara thought as she twisted through the air, keeping her eyes on her opponent. She landed sideways on a the face of a billboard, and immediately pushed off, keeping course for the clock-tower.

Just before the second detonation, what was that I felt? A disturbance in the spirit particle flow around me ... This ability ... It's somehow familiar. And the spirit energy ... was this ...?

Soon enough, Kara was close enough to the clock-tower that her assailant's features became more visible. Kara leaped high into the air, doing a spinning forward somersault onto the top of another radio tower- this one facing the clock-tower- so that she was not almost level with the tower's roof, and could now fully take in her assailant.

Kara's earlier suspicion was confirmed.

Quincy ...

The quincy was female, and sporting the full regalia of the Quincy Sternritter. She had long dark hair and large blue eyes. And on her cupid-like face was a smile that was at once impish and full of gleeful menace.

"Who are you?" Kara asked as waves rumbled and the wind howled restlessly.

Moonlight reflecting coldly off her blue eyes, the female Sternritter's fiendish smile widened.

"Oh?" She said playfully. "That hardly matters, Shinigami-chan. After all ..." The fiendish light in the quincy's eyes brightened. "...you're about to get boom-boomed to smithereens ..."

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District 2wo


Post by Nilgathor » Tue Feb 11, 2020 3:37 pm

As she ran through whipping wind whilst keeping a lookout to avoid a lightning strike, Ethririel's face was gloomy. A portion of her mind split and busied itself in entertaining very pleasant daydreams of inventive ways to murder her captors should she ever find them.

Behind her as she streaked across the waters, she heard a significant thundering rumble from the area she forfeited and despite the energetic storm around, Ethririel could tell that that one was definitely her worry. Curiosity fled from the recess of her soul as instinct caused her to, instead, put in more energy to fleeing. However, less than half a mile in the direction she was heading to, she saw another pillar announce itself.

“Holy shit on hell’s pants!” Ethririel's brown eyes bulged in shock. “Another one?!”

Even as she complained, she already veered left on a whim and ran at almost her fastest speed. Fortunately, she saw no further indications of another towering column of energy, but even as she rejoiced the fact, she tried to remind herself that she truly couldn’t see every part of this district from here.

Ethririel continued her marathon and nearly thirty minutes later, she started to slow down while her thoughts turned to whatever the black ball summoned. After an average three-quarters of an hour since the eruption, she believed whatever it was should already be on her heels. Except she lost it, or it was just being confident. Either way, running through a storm and soaked to the bones was no good feeling at all, thus Ethririel considered shelter.

She came across a store that used to be a boutique before the disaster struck. Of course, the ground floor was now a part of the storm-created lake, but its first and second floors were relatively unharmed albeit dispossessed of their clear glass windows presumably shattered by the patrolling wind still tearing down whatever wasn’t out of order already. The second floor seemed the better option, mainly due to its extensive view of the immediate surroundings, prompting Ethririel to settle down there.

A relieved sigh escaped her thin lips upon entering the floor through the window, again, and when a small shiver shook her body, Ethririel pulled off the sodden hood and squeezed it to dampness before wearing it back. After all, lacking a fire and not skilled in kidō to create one, putting the hood back on would at least let her body heat dry it somewhat. As long as she remained indoors for a while.

After repeating the actions for her trousers, she finally settled in a corner of the large room, looking over the fallen racks and their scattered wears. Ethririel would have considered switching her clothes, but it appeared the boutique majored in evening dresses for court ladies. There was no way she was going to be caught dead fighting in a ball gown.

Sitting on her butt with her right leg stretched forward while her left elbow rested upon the left knee propped up, the brown-haired shinigami leaned her head backwards on the wall she relaxed against, her zanpakutō resting by her side on the ground. Her eyes closed as she tried to recover her expended energy from running around while trying to acclimatize with her slightly increased powers and the further enlightenment she gained on her swordsmanship. Nevertheless, Forest Heart’s petals gently undulated with energy as an indication that she was still keeping a lookout for her surroundings.

Time passed uneventfully but for the wailing winds and booms of thunder outside the store. When most nearly two hours had gone by, during which she already digested the information on the scroll about how she was now prey to a terminator she adversely chose when she picked the black ball, Ethririel heard footfalls at the corridor outside. The steps were light against the soaked rug on the floor but still audible to her alert ears within range.

Swiftly but silently, she stood up and crept along the walls until she was adjacent to the hall’s entrance that was already absent of the glass door that once graced it. She did not wait for more than a few seconds before she heard the voices.

“Let’s stop, please.” A tired feminine voice requested while a male grunted an inaudible response before they stepped into hall.

The woman entered first, her short wet hair plastered her doll-like face. The pale white shirt she had on easily complimented the red colour of her hair. Dirty and ripped though it was, the long-sleeved shirt still showed off her elegant physique, accentuated by the jeans she wore whose dark colour Ethririel was uncertain about in the dim light of the room.

Her male companion on the other hand, had a low cut dark hairstyle and was smaller than the woman in both height and body frame. He wore a slim black shirt and matched it with brown shorts, beneath which he walked in smeared white sneakers. When they came in, Ethririel noticed that he had a dagger sheathe at his left hip while the woman had a regular katana at hers.

The man looked around the room warily, Ethririel pressing herself into a pile of clothes before her to avoid detection as she observed the pair even as Forest Heart helped her to keep her spiritual pressure locked within completely. “I think we can catch our breath here,” he said to his companion who already flopped unceremoniously to the ground with a moan of relief.

“Maybe we should think about how—“

“No!” The woman cut him off. “I’m not thinking about anything for the next hour. I'm beat man!”

With that, she gathered the clothes on the floor around her into a stack and laid upon them, leaving the man to watch her helplessly. When she was done, his shoulders slumped in defeat and he sat down by her, legs crossed in a meditative pose.

Ethririel rose from her position and walked towards the pair casually, without obvious restraint. The reason for her ease was that she could tell that these two were shinigami like her. Although she did not recognize the duo, it was not a problem seeing she barely knew anyone outside her division members except for the rabbit guy, Hirāzakurā and that Arthur vice-captain of the second division. Of course, there was also the second division captain whose acquaintance she she acquired. Besides, she could sense that even without the surge her powers had gone through since she was captured and thrown into this absurd game, her original strength base was enough to handle these two without breaking a sweat. The woman was barely at recruit level while the man seemed to be a level or two higher. Somehow though, this caused a part of her to roil in discomfort at how something wasn’t right here.

The man opened her eyes as his head snapped around to gaze her way in caution and Ethririel raised her hands to ease his caution. “Chill dude, I’m a shinigami as well and also on your side.”

Her words caused the caution in his eyes to lessen while the woman snapped awake and sat up. Ethririel did not bother asking them how they got here seeing she could not answer the question if they asked it of her. Instead, she took on the role of a superior officer to enquire about their names as well as find out how they were faring, while sitting before them with her sheathed zanpakutō on her thighs.

Both of them replied, the woman—who identified herself as Lingyun— stressing how worn out she was, while the man—Cheng— said he was holding up better. After telling them her name, she asked their divisions and that turned out… weird.

“We are both members of the thirteenth division,” Cheng replied and not noticing the slight question in her eyes, he asked Ethririel, “What about you, miss?”

Ethririel did not miss a beat and answered fluidly, “Second division.”

“Ah, okay then.”

Cheng continued to discuss with her while Lingyun returned to lying down, and even as she engaged the interesting man in whiling away time before they thought about what to do when Lingyun woke up, Ethririel pondered about their identities. True, she could not name every member of her division, but Ethririel could damn well recognise their faces after seeing them repeatedly, including the series of files she dealt with as a higher seated officer of the thirteenth division.

Suddenly seeing two unknown faces claiming membership of the division immediately put her on guard. Were these her terminators? No, that shouldn't be right, she dismissed the thought. The scroll said ‘terminator’. Singular… except that was intentional to get us to guard against only a single obstacle, yes?

She chortled openly at the deviousness of the idea and Cheng, thinking she was laughing at the story he was regaling her with, joined in. If they were her terminators, then why were they weak? They couldn’t even be normal survivors in this game because the three other survivors she had met were not weaker than she was. In fact, the last one boasted strength so monstrous it was stifling to bear.

“Hang on a moment, Cheng, I got to seriously ask something.” He nodded a go-ahead and Ethririel pressed, as casually as she could, “Why are you both weak?”

There was no visible change in Cheng, but through Forest Heart, Ethririel saw Lingyun stiffen in her feigned sleep. “How do you mean?” Cheng asked.

“Nothing much, except the other persons caught in this sick event all seemed placed around a certain power level. You’re the exception thus far.”

Cheng laughed it off as he offered an explanation. “Oh that. I think it’s because we have a different mission. That is…” At the last syllable, he blurred from his position with a speed that almost any at his level would find mind-boggling. When he reappeared, it was by Ethririel's left side, his dagger drawn and piercing forward at her neck. “…your death.”

Ethririel did not make any elaborate move besides raising her zanpakutō’s sheathe in her left hand to intercept the dagger’s path. A dull thump rang out from the collision as Lingyun sharply freed her sword to slash at Ethririel's right abdomen, in the process, chopping off her arm at the elbow. In response, Ethririel pushed against Cheng with her sheathe, using enough strength to create distance while riding on that same push to swing the sheathe right and parry away Lingyun’s attack.

“I thought so,” Ethririel responded as she rose up from the ground. “You see I am truly from the thirteenth division and I know you not. Which leaves the question; are you my terminators?”

Cheng and Lingyun did not rush to answer. Evidently, disbelief held them still at how easily she had dispersed their supposedly surprise attacks. Cheng was even more shocked because his speed was always a source of pride to him and at such close range, he thought he had the mission in the bag, obviously. Especially judging at the lack of spiritual pressure emitting from Ethririel.

If only he knew that at her current level, his speed was non-existent to hers, before even considering how they had both always been within the range of Forest Heart’s detection, he would be vomiting blood at the unfairness of the match-up.

Lingyun recovered first, a flash of electric spark blinking in her eyes as she called out, “Cheng!” The shinigami woman twirled her sword like a corkscrew and lunged at Ethririel while her call dragged Cheng from his stupor, a similar spark flashing in his eyes as well. Even though Lingyun moved first and was closer, Cheng arrived first. This time, he appeared behind her, aiming for the small of her back while Lingyun tried to drill at her from the front.

If she had doubts before, they vanished in the wake of the decisiveness with which these two attacked. Besides, they were trying to take her life. Thus, Ethririel stepped forward towards Lingyun, breaking Cheng’s timing as she sidestepped the other woman’s sword by moving to her left, her right hand closing around Lingyun’s armed wrist. With a squeeze, she broke the wrist but held tight to prevent Lingyun from losing her sword grip while turning to face Cheng side-by-side with Lingyun whose body was yet to register her broken right wrist.

What Cheng saw was both women, holding one sword together as they drove the blade forward. Cheng tried to dodge, but Ethririel controlled Lingyun’s momentum now. She gave no quarters as both women stabbed into his head, killing him on the spot just as she let go of Lingyun who stumbled forward and screamed, letting go of her sword.

Whether it was because she helped their target kill her colleague or because of her broken wrist, Ethririel did not know, nor did she care as with great force, she replicated Cheng’s second attack and struck her sheathe at spot above Lingyun’s waist. The spine snapped in two as the woman flew forward and crashed into wall ahead, smashing through it and into the storm outside. Regardless of the extremely slim possibility of surviving her broken spine and the collapse of her abdominal organs beneath the heavy strike Ethririel unleashed, there was no way she was surviving the storm outside without protection.

Ethririel turned to look at the bleeding corpse of Cheng and that was when she noticed his body fracturing all over before his features regressed into those of a simple mannequin, after which it decomposed to dust. The Pheles woman frowned at such an unusual incident but then her eyes shone in surprise as amidst the dust, sat a small coloured pill. Upon picking it up and inspecting it, Ethririel became even more confused.

“A mod soul pill?” Her membership as one of the research division was unnecessary in identifying what she held because almost every shinigami ever posted in human districts had utilised this at least once. Ethririel could safely assume that the by-now-dead Lingyun was also a mod soul, but could not fathom why the two would attack her.

Thinking about it, her captors could have orchestrated this. However, wouldn’t that mean that they were members of soul society to employ mod soul and reigai technology? Possibly her captain was a member and this was a brainchild of his? Quickly though, the thought passed on as the image of Captain Kara appeared in her mind. There was no way the division can justify the capture of another captain and putting her through this.

As she thought, Ethririel walked out of the room. If Cheng and Lingyun could find her here and bid their time for an opportunity, then her location was compromised. She refused to consider them her terminators seeing that their destruction did nothing about releasing the symbol that the scroll spoke about, even after she crushed Cheng’s pill underfoot. If they weren’t, then what were they?

Ethririel exited the boutique through a first floor window after bracing herself for the storm raging outside. In the time it took her to run a block and gain shelter, she was drenched again and her body tingled from the buffeting winds. The building she entered this time was a single-storey house and after entering the small room, she barely had time to register the chaotic cluster of furniture and personal items strewn around because Forest Heart alerted her to the nearby rush of six presences heading her way from other parts of the house.

It was mystifying, seeing that in her caution, she did not make any noise in her entrance, especially taking into account that hearing noises beyond a limited range was difficult with the storm outside and her device kept her reiatsu locked in. Notwithstanding her confusion though, Ethririel welcomed the group for it would help her understand what exactly was happening.

The first three broke through the wall separating this room and the next, perpendicular to the window she came in through. What they met was a wardrobe hurtling through the air to smash into the trio. Two of them stepped up and used their swords to slash at the wardrobe, reducing it to splinters, while the third man employed the opening to release a red ball of energy into the debris hail to strike the trail of the wardrobe at their attacker.

Ethririel had moved already after launching the wardrobe, stepping into shunpo so that when the kidō spell she recognised as shakkahō just blew past the two swordsmen in front of the kidō user, the head of its caster followed it. The swordsmen only started to think that something was off about the second ‘ball’ launched when their heads slipped off their neck, separated so fast they neither saw her blade nor felt the touch of steel.

Three seconds had only passed between when these three smashed the wall and breathed their last, and Ethririel's loosed zanpakutō in her right hand carried no drop of blood as she rushed out to meet the other three. Five seconds later, she flash stepped back into the first room and saw the three bodies already decomposed. Unsurprisingly, three pills remained and she grinded them to dust under her boot at the same time she crushed the three in her left fist.

Eight mod souls who despite her restraint seemed to head her way like a homing signal in work. They were weak, none stronger than a fifteenth seat. It gave her a theory and Ethririel left the building into the flooded streets once more to verify her theory.
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:With the beam dissipated by the wind, Hirāzakūra had only a thought in his mind. Something was coming, tho he wasn't sure what it was or who it was, he just had that feeling that something was indeed coming. He exhaled deeply, allowing himself move a little low, stomping off the earth, he darted forward with his right fingers curled about the hilt of hikari to give a firm grip. Hirāzakūra darted towards his left, into a narrow pathway, while he ascended, a flood descended, moving in all might and alacrity to engulf the young prodigy in its fury and refuse to cast the corpse in the beach on a sunny day.

Stomping off the earth at the last minute, he propelled himself upwards, transitioning into an upward forward summersault. He had beaten the water in terms of height, but in terms of width? The water still proved great threat even as he launched himself towards the sky. Just when the waters had high hopes of enjoying a full fledged shinigami for dinner, Hirāzakūra in his nature, bursted it's bubble, the moment he stopped his summersault. He stomped once more, but this time, it was the wind. This last one took him to great heights and landed him safely on a rooftop. Upon his successful landing, he stared down at the raging waters and scoffed in disgust at their weakness.

Shifting his gaze, he stared deep into the sky, watching how the dark clouds coalesced and spat out numerous bolts of lightning surges, quickly followed after by a loud boom that shook the foundations of a building, bringing it to rumbles. Hirāzakūra exhaled heavily, acknowledging the might of this natural element as if both were in a contest of power. His thoughts raced back to the possibility of being hunted, quite strange one could agree. The light from the orb dispersed without the fruition of something worth its actions. Either ways, Hirāzakūra looked on, only for his ear to twitch, he had caught the sound of movement, a minion which out of fear of having his territory preyed on had stealthily moved towards Hirāzakūra for an ambush. The moment the mongrel raised it's blade and let out a battle cry, Hirāzakūra turned, allowing the blade strike against his chest, only to be bounced back with enough recoil force that sent the minion staggering three steps back.

"That's not how to do it.. This is how it's done".

Hirāzakūra instructed while unsheathing his blade, his left held firmly the scabbard strapped to his waist, whilst unsheathing, upon its full removal, the head of the minion took to the skies, separated from the torso, and within seconds landed on the earth, spewing blood all over. Hirāzakūra had implied the use of Iaido, but he wasn't proficient enough to tuck in the blade after the slash in the nick of time.. Turning his gaze towards the West, he leaped off the building, heading to another..

On a rooftop, a silhouette made himself visible to the naked eye, but only permitted the eyes to see a black matter, with the shikahosho flowing with the wind, the coattails dancing around, and all he could express was.
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