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District 4our


Post by Itsu » Fri Oct 11, 2019 11:16 am

Mysterious invisible forces wander about this zone in search of unfortunate souls to inflict horrifying cataclysm on. Beings with no tangible form but posses a core at the center of their essence which is said to be their life force. It is said that the only tangible parts of these forces are; their life's core and their 9 inches long steal hard claws which they use in killing victim(s). They tend to attack any living creature within sight, and extremely brutalize their victim(s) to the point of  unconsciousness, or maybe not. However, fighters must avoid coming face to face  with an entity that takes the form of whoever sees them, replicating their appearances, abilities, voices, and physical parameters such as speed, strength, durability etc. Whenever the forces are within close proximity, it's either nearby electric bulbs undergo fluctuations, going off and on in rapid succession, or a screeching sound of great magnitude floods the area. However, these forces that constantly move in pairs are strictly territorial creatures who can't go into another creature's territory in search of prey. So they keep a 4000 meters radius boundary withing the entire district, thereby making quite impossible for 2 pairs of these creatures to attack a target at once. Following the resonating sound of an undying horn is the key to finding the location of the doorway. Situated underground, after an almost never ending walk of, a dungeon will reveal itself. Guarded by an Akama, a demon, a beast of pure rage and strength, Akama will die before letting anyone get close to the doorway.

Monster stats

Strength [B]

I've now reached the start of the upper echelons of strength, and have become truly formidable. My attacks could drastically hurt those weaker than me, while those of similar constitution would take care now to eat too many of my attacks. One solid punch would prove critical if not mitigated. Those slightly above me would have to think twice about taking something like a raw punch or even taking my attacks in excess. Throwing something as heavy as a large elephant could be effective in combat, while my attacks could punch through even thick layers of steel.

Hakuda [B]

I have now entered expert territory and have gained recognition as of of the most skilled individuals in this field. While not a master, an I am more than capable of handling myself in a physical altercation. My deeper knowledge of the theory behind the art and their capabilities allows for imaginative variations of basic techniques on the fly. My knowledge of anatomy allows meto selectively disable parts of my opponent's body. If I leave an opening, it is most likely a gambit to draw the opponent in. I have several advanced techniques.

Hohou [C]

Entering the realm of average user, I can maintain fast movements for a lengthy period of time. I am now also able to apply my knowledge of Hohou while engaging in combat to effectively control my positioning around the battlefield and my opponent.


Strength [S]

Truly terrifying. If but to keep things simple, that would be the only way to describe my power as it is now. Feats like breaking down mountains, picking up giants, destroying sections of cities seems paltry now. I've gained so much strength that even meteors would crumble before me. I could reshape a landscape with a single punch, and would be questionable if any but the strongest could resist such terrifying might. Throwing something as heavy as the Antonov An-225 could be effective in combat, though almost hilariously easy.

Durability [A]

Growing stronger still, I find myself eating most attacks for breakfast. In fact, I don't even wake up unless it to face heavy blows. All else will likely just glance off unless reinforced somehow. Those fighting against me with strength alone will find themselves at a standstill unless they're stronger.

Endurance [S+]

Most would suspect I am a literal machine. The stamina reserves I carry are so incredibly vast that none have ever seen me tire. No matter the non-lethal wounds , no matter the effort expended, I seemingly will continue to advance without end. It would likely take moving heaven and hell to tire me out.

Zanjutsu [C]

As an average user of this art, I have proven that I am well versed in not only the basics, but numerous variations. I can see and exploit openings, consciously cover most of my own, draw the opponent in, and usually resist falling for gambits. Application of what I have learned is confident and spontaneous. Use of sword techniques becomes viable in almost any situation.

Hakuda [A]

Expert no more, I am now recognized as a master of the art. Masters are the best-trained in Hakuda. In fact, masters are so well versed in hand-to-hand combat that most moves can be executed to devastating effect, leaving little option for defense to any who are not at least equal in skill. All of the basics and variations are applied with reflex-level spontaneity. Their understanding of force and balance allows them to attempt and recover from techniques that would leave a lesser artist on their face. The opponent's anatomy and movements are an open book, and the Master has complete control over how much force is used. Even a miss can have enough power behind it to cause area damage. They know all of the art's theory and probably all of the advanced techniques, and begin to experiment with concepts to advance both.

Hohou [C]

Entering the realm of average user, I can maintain fast movements for a lengthy period of time. I am now also able to apply my knowledge of Hohou while engaging in combat to effectively control my positioning around the battlefield and my opponent.

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District 4our


Post by platinum6ix » Sun Oct 13, 2019 11:42 pm

The sun poured out it's brilliant hot oranges and reds into the horizon like a pot of molten lava all over the district, but he was under the shadows of tall derelict buildings.

In those streets he was the only beating heart, the only being of warm blood and flesh. The walls around him were doubtless home to many in the fairly recent past that was unknown to him, yet now it was still an unfamiliar maze to all. The light fell on the words that spoke to nobody, unaware that their audience had vanished, or that the streets lay silent beneath no boots at all, save his. All was nothing but pencil in the hands of the creator and It was as though the creator of had stopped time, removed all the distractions so he could see it for real, see how it really was, what it really was. And in that moment all the Arrancar wished for was another beating heart in this deserted city, another being of warm blood and flesh, one more pair of boots to walk next to his.
The street winds over the skyscrapers like a carelessly discarded belt, grey and cracked with age. On each side the houses are separated by little yards large enough to accommodate farm animals, but this was no rural district...atleast it wasn't even though it might have been more looking than this. The buildings were many times larger than even the biggest of families might need, yet in each must have been mostly parents with one child. To each dwelling there are more damaged sports cars than people...actually there was no one, and motobikes that cost more than homes at Karakura town just a block over.

It was impossible to miss the white bodies soared across the skies. The silver linings of the clouds were being sliced by vast, beautiful wings. Their figures stood prominent in the bright blue above, with only small pockets of clouds to hide them. They were birds in the sky. The birds flew through that ever developing canvas of the free dawn, as if their wings were fine quills, drawing such buoyant hues. Those wings in that sky became the colours of day dreams and opposite of reality.

The arrancar was yet in another foreign barren land. Just after securing a zyrode tube from the ruler of Astras, a portal surfaced which led him to a safe zone while Astras crumbled before his eyes. His energy he replenished before he approached this strange land. The city was no different than Astras except for the fact that he spotted normal creatures before they could bail off the vicinity. The arrancar was still tattered and clad in rags when a sudden light glowed from his little bag pack. There was a scroll and the set of portions as back in Astras.

“Following the resonating sound of an undying horn is the key to finding the location of the doorway. Situated underground, after an almost never ending walk of, a dungeon will reveal itself. Guarded by Akama, a demon, a beast of pure rage and strength, Akama will die before letting anyone get close to the doorway...”

He read through the scroll and assimilated the details within. At the verge of completing the last sentence, blue flame ignited at the center of the scroll and in no time he lost the scroll to the wind. Grey were his eyes, but not like those people from the Seam. They were very pale, as if almost all the color has been sucked out of them. He took only a step that marked the beginning of yet another journey. He will come to learn more about this new world.
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District 4our


Post by Samuel_Carter_Awakening » Wed Oct 16, 2019 2:08 pm

Rescued in the nick of time by the swirling of space and blue energy warping him away from the abominable jungle he had once traversed on. A safe zone he was taken into while the jungle was devoured by an unknown, and now all he could see when his eyelids gave way were the tops of several buildings.

His fingers came together to grasp what he laid on, greenish leaves that arose from nodes and leaf bases wrapping around the stem. His blue oculi surveyed the surrounding. He could clearly see tall buildings with medium sized panes and glasses, few broken while others intact. Water logged streets, abandoned Automobiles as well as stretched out grasses. Adjusting himself, sitting on his buttocks, he stretched out his right and left hands further away, closed his eyes and drew in several breaths, sniffing the air for reasons known to him.
Jolting back to his consciousness, he searched his pouch, he remembered the potion and scroll handed over to him during the last test, so it wouldn't be strange if same occurrence were to repeat itself. Rummaging the pouch, he withdrew a scroll and a potion, reading through the scroll gently, he hinted few words.

"Location of a doorway. A dungeon will reveal itself?. Guarded by an Akama? Akama will die before letting anyone get close to the doorway"

The young man folded the scroll immediately and placed it back into the pouch alongside the potion. Supporting himself to his feet with a rail, he got up, starring far and wide in search of soul reapers alike, or hollows if one had ventured in by any means. Before he could make his first step, brought before his mind scape, displayed like a movie was his spar with the most beautiful lass he had ever seen, "Ethriel". An Elegant name for the beauty of the Galaxy. He became cozy as his eyelids moved up and down causing him to blink affectionately. He wished he could cross paths with her one more time, but it didn't take long for this feeling of warmth and affection to give way.

Now brought to his mind scape was his bunny, kito. He wore a goofy face and hissed, but he still missed his bunny and above all, his tea. This strange mission had deprived him of many things, his morning tea, afternoon tea and the evening tea underneath the glowing moon which he believed to be his mother watching over him. Well, this was no time to reminisce over what was left behind, he had to face the future and that is clearly the dungeon in his path.

"Well then, no matter what happens, I must prevail like the last.

Boosting his self confidence by speaking encouraging words to himself, he regained his sense of responsibility and his focus on the goal at hand, taking his first step, he allowed his eyes wander about to find a better route. Deciding to take the one afore, he bent low, pressing his feet against the earth, he sprung into motion, kinetic motion, easily towering above a dislodged, abandoned, worn out Automobile and unto dry land, at least for now, he advanced further, setting his left hand on the tip of his sword's hilt, hoping to enjoy the adventure while it lasted. The sun continued to release it's Magnificent rays, letting off none except objects behind tall buildings, from its punishment, the soul reaper was no exception for he traversed underneath the oppressing rays, Alas! He had little to endure, thanks to the hat which sat on his head comfortably.
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District 4our


Post by Phantom-T » Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:10 am

Caught in a moment of uncertainty, Eckhard watched as the water before him faded into bubbles and then again colors before settling down to show him clear space, a land just like the one he knew before. His right knee pressed hard against the concrete floor signifying the full presence of his old friend gravity, while his eyes shuttered with brows furrowed, taming the ray of the sun from making him blind.

Where am i, he wondered feeling high pressed with the wind pressure bracing against his pale skin. The trident he once held in hand was no more and so was the golden medallion by his left wrist. However, before he could get to the reason why, birds quickly took to the open sky flying away as if spooked by his sudden appearance.

Still drenched in water, his eye shuttered a couple more times, removing water bubbles from his retina while he gazed suspiciously at the horizon not sure what to make of it. From his calculations he was about 20 ft high suspended on top the roof of a building where birds perked their day away. However going by the sight before him, it felt rather odd a dozen building lined before him yet he could barely hear the whisper of a man, the cry of a child or even more disturbing the noise their modern day technology generated.


He called turning back to see nothing more than lines of clothes abandoned to the scorching sun for god knows how long. He’d also see a broken doorway by the side leading into the building. Sighing to himself, he wondered why his subordinate wasn’t directly behind him, as he was meant to be. Also recalling his last command he was certain he was supposed to follow through unless? he paused, imagining the trident must have disappeared after he laid hand on it, just like his medallion which was now gone too.

"Tsch", he scorned attempting to stand to his feet when the pain on his right shoulder nudged him a painful brace, reminding him he was only human after all. Immediately he scorned again, forcing himself up while supporting his right arm with his left.

Grabbing a few cloths from the hanging line, he walked straight for the door kicking it down to spot a flight of stairs going down into the building and more birds flapping their way out of the corners.

Carefully avoiding each one of them he walked down the stairs and into the first corridor he would spot for the day. For some reason the walls inside was dark, a lot more darker than normal which he felt was odd considering the sun outside. However, not minding at all he staggered on looking for an apartment or a spot he could rest his back on.

Luckily for him he didn’t have to go far only covering a total of 5 meters to spot the first room. An opens space about 30 meters wide sat empty with nothing guarding the door or the accessories packed. By the side another door lay open revealing what seemed to be a corridor with a kitchen at the end of it. Not interested to go site seeing Eckhard moved into the living room with brown leather cushions a 32 inch flat screen TV by the wall, a broken glass table at the center and a line of medications scattered on the leo woven rug.

Resting on the tallest cushion in the room, he quickly pulled his jacket, being very careful as to not upset his hand. He caressed his left shoulder only to discover he didn’t have a broken hand. Instead it was only a slight dislocation which he should have known had he not been occupied with thoughts of the kraken.

Biting down on his robe he quickly forced the shoulder into place, which immediately gave him a certain relief. Smiling to himself on recalling how long he had felt pain, he’d almost applaud the hidden force taking him through this journey, knowing well enough they would pay with their lives should he catch up with any of them. However for now, where the hell was he.

He wasn’t in karakura for sure, considering the architectural structures of buildings he saw outside but then again was he really in the human realm he’d wonder feeling weird about the silence he felt outside.

Feeling relieved enough he’d pick up himself from the ground to gaze at a few pictures of a man and his two kids, and again a man and his wife. Moving down into the bedroom he’d see a box of clothes on the bird a short gun some clothes dark shades and even more some sort of weird currency.

Picking up the gun he’d dismantle it a few times before realigning it to confirm it was fully loaded with no bullet wasted. He’d toss it back on the bird before walking up to the wardrobe where he found nothing. Moving on he’d open the bathroom and there he spot a man and his two children gutted open with their blood spread along the walls.

His eyes barely widened instead squinted with confusion written all over his face. Quickly closing the door to leave it as it was, he moved out of the room and straight for the entrance of the house where he peaked out of the door to survey the corridor and its possible tenants. Finding none he returned back into the house, closing the door by its bolts.

He’d walk back to the bed, picking the gun up before throwing himself on the bed. Whatever it was that attacked the family would have to come and meet him here he conclude feeling too exhausted to walk back into the street as he was. His pocket weighed heavy but even that didn’t bother him not if this journey was going to be as treacherous as the last.

Simply laying there he slowly phased into a soothing mode, freeing his mind of all thoughts.
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