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Lost Grounds Expedition Rulebook


Post by XIII » Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:09 pm

Lost Grounds Expedition Rulebook
General Rules

  • The Lost Grounds are an open adventure and exploration zone.
  • People are free to team up and explore and fight together, or fight against each other as they desire.
    • This includes assisting or hindering people undertaking quests or missions, as well as those fighting Lost Grounds inhabitants or other adventurers.
  • All explorers can move up 10km per posts.
    • Character classes have specific exceptions to this rule.
  • After traveling 50km, adventurers must setup camp and rest.
  • The presence of other adventurers can be detected up to 3km.
  • Landmarks can be detected after every 25km travelled, and will contain a treasure chest.
  • Opening a chest will yield either a bronze, silver, or golden medallion which can be transformed into a variety of Lost Grounds items.
  • Items will be determined by Lost Grounds operators and listed in your Expedition Summary.
  • At the end of each post, each explorer must add in an “Expedition” summary which is explained as follows:
    Expedition Summary:
    • Example Quest Accepted
    • Traveled 5km North
    • Encountered Example Demon.
    • Left leg injured.
    • Defeated Example Demon.
    • Used Example Potion to heal left leg.
    • Example Quest objective “be an example” completed.
    • Traveled 5km west.
    • Landmark “Example Mountain” discovered.
    • Discovered treasure chest.
    • Chest Opened.
    • Summary end.
    • Expedition summaries will mainly be used to reward discovered treasures, update the map with landmark details, and otherwise give the rest of the RP some level of information regarding what’s happening.
  • If treasure or landmarks are detected, please mention XIII or Lost Grounds operators in your posts.
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