CBS 2.0 & Other Small changes

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CBS 2.0 & Other Small changes


Post by XIII » Thu Oct 03, 2019 5:35 pm

As of now, the CBS has been fully built into the forums. No need to leave to another section of the site, you may simply access it without having to go anywhere. You’ll find links to what you need attached to the newly built CBS forum (though I will likely move them to a better location in the future).

That said, this new forum will be dedicated to all things CBS. Whether it’s development/testing, feedback, updates and announcements, etc. it will all be done there.

As such, I’ve moved all CBS threads from the development forum and have been placed in the appropriate section. In light of this, the Project HQ has been moved alongside its threads.

Aside from this, it is now possible to multi-quote posts (easily). Simply hit the far right quote button on the posts you which to quote and then a pop-up should appear that counts each post you’re quoting. Hit the button in that pop-up to finish the process. This can also be used to quote posts across multiple threads as well. This feature however does not work for mobiles.

Expect a variety of other small or possibly other major updates like this over the coming days.
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