[Update] Increasing Forum Errors

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[Update] Increasing Forum Errors


Post by XIII » Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:05 am

I’ve made a few behind the scenes adjustments, which I’m hoping will result in fewer errors. I say fewer because I’m not sure how or if I’ll be able to eliminate the entirely anytime soon. That said, with this update I need help. If you all could keep watch and copy/paste any PHP errors that pop up, exactly as they appear in a PM to me tagged [Error]. Or if any other issue you might have with parts of the forum acting weird, or otherwise not intended please report it to me using the same tag ASAP.

This is absolutely critical as the more issues I can identify and hopefully address means less reason to move forward with the measures outlined in the last announcement about this (which I’ve quoted below). I really, really, want to avoid going forward with that out of concerns for having to track a whole new set of issues with newer forum software, as well as the potential for certain features simply being incompatible with updated software as well.

As some of you may be aware, the forum has been experiencing no shortage of errors and bugs, over a fairly big period of time. The most critical of which was issues with Captcha breaking the login, which I’ve addressed, but at the cost of forum security and the ability for bots to register once they figure out the way in. There was also the fact that the whole forum went down for a period of time though I was able to fix that fairly quickly.

Anyway, as of now, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to track and ultimately fix everything. And it’s to the point where it’s delaying my activities elsewhere. As a response I think it’s time to move forward with some more permanent measures. The first of which is updating the forum’s software, which was something I’ve been avoiding since there’s a chance it could break some of the add-ones we have installed. But given that there’s more bad than good, it may mean having to make a couple sacrifices here and there, but it may not necessarily go that way.

A more dramatic option would be getting and using new forum software entirely, but I will hold out and try to avoid this option if possible... largely because it would possibly mean having to start from scratch again, also, it would be a potentially expensive change. So affordability is an issue there. But, I still have to consider the option.

Anyway I’ll plan the update for the end of the month, which at that point the forum may be down for a day or two while I make that happen. I’ll make another announcement regarding the specifics of it all closer to when I make the move. Anyway, thanks for your time.
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