Regarding all PMs sent to XIII [Updated]

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Regarding all PMs sent to XIII [Updated]


Post by XIII » Thu Jun 20, 2019 11:05 am

Note: This post was updated to include information about the system automatically deleting untagged PMs, as well as a new type of tag.

As my PM box has gotten a bit unwieldy as of late I’ve begun the process of clearing out all my PMs and setting things up to better organize and process the various types of things I get sent rather often. In regards to this, there are a few rules you must follow when PM’ing me from now on.

When sending a PM you must include one of the Following tags at the start of the PM subject. The tags are as follows:
  • [Report]
    Reports are anything of minor issue that you are pointing out to me. Typically I won’t address these personal but rather leave these types of things to others with the authority do deal with them.
  • [CBS]
    This one should be self explanatory. Anything CBS related please mark it as such.
  • [Error]
    Any bugs or issues with the forum or it’s function, label them as such.
  • [Admin Issue]
    There’s are regarding anything of emergency nature, or of significant importance and will largely involve around issues I will deal with personally. Please use this wisely.
  • [Request]
    If you have a request or anything you’d like me to do, please mark it as such.
  • [Question]
    If you have a general forum question or have a question regarding anything else that may not fit into the other categories or is simply something only I can answer.
  • [Other]
    If you just want to say hi it talk it anything else that doesn’t necessarily fit into the other categories label it other.
My PM box is set up to automatically filter and sort PMs of the tags listed above and this will make it much easier for me to track things, and keep things clean and organized. PMs not containing any of the listed tags will be automatically deleted by the system.

Additionally, all of the PMs I send from now on will have one of this tags, and potentially others not listed here so that responses aren’t automatically deleted by the system when reaching me. Administrators and Overseers are exempted from this response by the system.

Now with visual representation of how my PM box is set up!
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