August Schneider [Elite Sternritter]

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August Schneider [Elite Sternritter]


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Name- August Schneider.

Race- Quincy.

Age- 17.
Looks- 17.

Birthday- unknown.

Gender- Male.
Height- 6ft.
Weigh- 160.

Reiatsu color- White

Reiatsu form-

Appearance- August has a Western-style countenance with two different hair color on his head. At the center of his head spots a curly and loosely packed backwards hair style almost reaching the back of his head, with two prongs hanging at his forehead. The other sides of his head spots a low cut hair but white in color, his left eyebrow is blue and right eyebrow is white and he has sea blue eyes. August doesn't dress like the rest of the Quincy, wearing a high collar armless blue jacket with the Wandenreich symbol at the back and beneath that is a white long sleeve top that even covers his neck. He spots a tight white jeans with a blue timberland boots whose top and under is white. On his neck, he wears his Quincy cross.

History- August is a mystery kid, being the last and youngest Quincy to have ever been giving a letter. No one knows why, but before the disappearance of the Emperor, an infant August was gifted a shrift by Yhwach. And he was handed over to his master who raised him, named him August because that was the month he got August. As he grew up, he took the name Schneider as that was his favorite item.

His master trained him and taught him the Quincy ways, he started combating hollows at the age of 6, proving himself to be a born genius. Thus his master intensified his training, teaching him nothing but how to fight. The only thing he was thought was how to fight, kill his enemies, his master failed to teach him basic etiquette about life. At the age of 13 his master died due to an illness, left all alone with great combatting skills he ended up as a war mercenary, hired by different countries and organizations for assassination, mas murder, genocide and many more war crimes. But none of that mattered to him, so long as he could employ that which he was taught, he was fine with any job....after all, that's the only thing he knows how to do.

On the war battlefield he was known as the vibe killer because whenever he joins the battle, everyone would feel a vibe down to their bones. Due to his powers, August has caused the downfall of many organizations and some countries to the extent he was feared worldwide. Later on, the remnants of the Quincy army heard about him and found him, after learning there are greater wars to fight than that of humans he joined the Wandenreich.

Personality: August is more of a sociopath, he has two different personalities. His normal personality is that of a teenage boy who happens to know nothing about life but curious about everything, he can be described as a gentle, Innocent and quiet boy, always ends up asking questions.

His second personality usually manifest during a fight or when in front of a worthy opponent, this personality is completely different from his normal one. In this state August enjoys killing, smiling whilst doing so. While ignorant about life, but extremely knowledgeable about combat. Inflicting pain gets him excited, either friend or foe, it doesn't matter to him.

Professional Status
Affiliation- Various underworld organizations.
Profession- Killing.
Position- Elite Sternritter
Previous Position if any-  Assassin for hire.
Base of Operations- Wandenreich

Personal Status
Family- Unknown.
Friends- None.
Enemies- Anyone strong.

The Vibro "V"

Any Special Appearance:

Ability 1

The Vibro:

August has the ability to generate, manipulate, and enhance vibrations. He is able to sense and tap into the vibrational frequency of everything around him (40m radius), and enhance said frequency till it shatters. His vibration can move through any medium like air, earth, water thus allowing him to cause effects like shockwaves and earthquakes. And by vibrating matter, he can sever the bonds of reishi holding the matter together forcefully tearing the bonds apart causing it to shatter to pieces, at the same time, he could chose to vibrate the particles to the point of thermal excitation or otherwise known as particle charging, effectively turning the heated object white and eventually cause it to explode.On living beings, his vibration can cause harms like tearing the flesh apart, internal injuries like ruptured veins, hair-line bone fractures to broken bones, and extended exposure to his vibration waves would feel like their body is being ripped apart from the inside. With his vibration he can generate concussive waves/blast with enough sheer force to destroy a concrete wall or propel himself.
  • He can not enhance the frequency of living beings, Zanpakutō.

  • shattering spiritual attacks uses the same amount of reiatsu as said attack.

  • Scale of thermal excitation or explosion depends on the size of target in question (size is also proportional to reiatsu cost).

  • Charging takes one post for small targets, larger targets takes up to three post to fully charge.

  • this particle charging is ineffective against sentient beings except himself, charging himself up allows him to cause grenade level explosion on contact with anything.

  • His shockwaves/earthquakes/concussive blast can cover 30 meters all directions, 50 meters when focused on one direction.

  • Shockwaves/earthquakes can bring down a large building.

  • His manipulation of vibrations allows him to use it to levitate or move things of great sizes around.
Ability 2


August can shape his vibration waves into tools, objects, platforms, weapons and other things, allowing him to create and manipulate any construct his mind can think of with vibrations. Since the constructs are made up of vibration (transparent and white), they naturally vibrate at a ultra-high frequency (6 million round trips per second) which allows them cut/pierce through anything (except Zanpakutō release form). This is achieved by loosening the bonds between the reiatsu/reishi/reiryoku of whatever his construct cuts/pierce in order to split them apart, even intangible elements such as fire and water would split apart. August can do this to his body as well, vibrating his molecules at ultra-high frequency allowing him to cut anything by phasing through it and severing the bonds of said thing.
  • Construct created moves at two levels below his Hirenkyakku speed.

  • Construct are as hard as concrete, and can only create 50 constructs at a time.

  • Phasing only last for one post.

  • He can increase the vibration frequency of other weapons/objects, making them as sharp as his created weapon.
Ability 3

Ability 4

Vollstandig Appearance 

Vollstandig Ability 

Vollstandig Special Ability
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