Eckhard Staudinger Thorn [Elite Sternritter]

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Eckhard Staudinger Thorn [Elite Sternritter]


Post by Phantom-T » Sat May 04, 2019 1:13 pm

Name-Eckhard Staudinger Thorn
Race- Quincy
Age- 25
Looks- 25
Birthday- May 3
Gender- Male
Height- 6ft
Weigh- 160 pound
Reiatsu color- Blue
Reiatsu form- Snake
History- Born into a family of wealthy Sterns, Eckhard came into the world with a golden spoon on his mouth. His family loved and cared for him and so did his friend's who'd considered him a rare specie considering he was the only true blood among his mate. His father who was a revered general in the Quincy army, drilled him in the ways of the Quincy from a very young age and always occasionally read him the tales of the Supreme one as bed time stories. He'd known so much about the race before he could completely spell his name.

As a child Eckhard got what ever he demanded for and was midly annoying considering he cared little about the troubles people around him suffered for his demands. He however was a prodigy who's skill began to blosom even as a child. He knew little about the world beyond his circle of family and friends and most of the time spent his days knotting arrows and stringing bows.

As a tenanger he quickly became more arrogant but only to strangers who had tried to mingle with him. Hed rather skin a pig with his hands than accept a friend request from anyone he considered lower than him. He quickly became a lonely tenanger but none of this mattered when he could get his hands on a bow.

With time, his knowledge of the world slightly improved though he was more obsessed with becoming a general just like his father. He'd heard tales about how his father won many battle and was always eager to leave home to join the battle field. However his father cared less about such dreams and only wanted him to focus on the family.

As time passed Eckhard came to notice how disturbed his father was when he mentioned anything about the Quincy's pride. We are the star of the four realms, revered among all races and under the protection of the shinigami royal force. However, none of this were true not in the slightest as Eckhard came to know.

At the age of 20 Eckhard skill stood out enough to be recognized by the higher arms of the quincy race. However, after he was summoned to the wandenreich castle to become part of its force, he got news of a slaughter event brought upon his family by the shingami race. The same race who he thought looked out for them.

Returning home he'd heard they harbored rebellious plans and materials and thus were are threat to the four realms. However he'd know all this were lies and immediately went on vendetta where he killed all those involved in his family massacre. Feeling a little at peace with himself he left the human world, returning to the wandenreich where he hopes to live out the rest of his days.

Personality: Eckhard Thorn carries himself like royalty, he really engages in long talks and usually keeps to himself. He's also really smart and unlike many let's on just how smart he is when challenged by a foe.

Professional Status
Affiliation- Quincy
Profession- Head Hunter
Position- Elite Sternritter
Previous Position if any- Junior Sternritter
Faction- None
Base of Operations- Wandenreich

Personal Status
Family- Deseased
Friends- None
Enemies- Shinigamis

"C- The Curse "

Ability Description: After awakening his true power, Eckhard found himself capable of manipulating and controlling misfortune and bad luck, in unique strategic ways during combat.

Ability 1: Cursed Name

Ability 2:

Ability 3:

Ability 4:

Divine Mode Appearance:

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Re: Eckhard Staudinger Thorn [Elite Sternritter]


Post by Phantom-T » Sun Jul 14, 2019 1:14 am

Epithet C-The Curse

After awakening his true power, Eckhard found himself capable of manipulating and controlling misfortune and bad luck, in unique strategic ways during combat.

Ability 1: Cursed Name
Eckhards last name "THORN" has a passive curse which hunts each individual letter within it.

Naturally, saying the word "Thorn", grows thorn like extensions from the material the opponent has on them, making them feel uncomfortable in their own skin for a period of 2 posts. However the curse of the name thorn is mostly felt in their individual alphabets which Eckhards can actively induce during battle.
  • T - Tear: This is a curse that actively tear things open. Normally dull objects, surface area and basic elements quickly becomes edgy and sharp against the skin of the victim.
  • H - Hinder: This curses a sharp pain in their body, hindering their movement. With each movement they make, they feel their body being wrapped around thorns or strings.
  • O - Obstruct: this is a curse that momentarily blocks off an opponent’s path, robbing them of both sight and distance, as if wrapped in a cocoon of thorns or blocked by a wall or a thick forest of it.
  • R – Recoil: This is a curse that momentarily forces a target backwards as if smashed by a dense wall of wind pressure equivalent in strength to the driving force of their physical attack on impact. Once invoked, an invisible line is drawn between the moment of initiating an attack and impact, calculating the amount of force exerted and imbued into said attack at break neck speed. This is then dished out in equal proportion as dense wind pressure when attack becomes imminent. Targets find it hard to move forward at this point and are either forced to withdraw or are smashed back if they cannot handle the strength of their own attack.
  • N – Nawa: This curse arouses states of shock and confusion. Targets find their accuracy on projectile attacks dulled on intervals, leading to either slightly missing their marks or blowing their attacks way off proportion.
  • When letters of these alphabets are applied in the opponent’s speech, they unknowingly induce effect on themselves, increasing its influence with each consecutive repetition.
  • Activating a lettered curse sparks up blue reishi lines similar to that of blut, along Eckhards skin.
  • Eckhard cannot actively apply more than two effects at one time, and as such would wait two post before changes can be made.
  • passive effect no matter current active curses, holds true effect anytime the target invokes it on themselves.
  • By cloaking oneself in visible reiatsu when saying the words, target can mitigate or totally nullify the effect of the curse.
  • However, Candidates a level lower than Eckhard in Reiatsu control cannot manage this.
  • Eckhard range of influence extends over a 300 meter radius.
  • Curse N,
    • Effectiveness is determined by the amount of control one possesses over his reiatsu.
    • Notable passive effect: blurred vision during aim and release, hastened release, unsteady hands
  • Curse H
    • Notable passive effect: When invoked, regenerative reishi vines wrap around the targets limbs, rendering him immobile at one point. Targets who put up resistance find themselves moving at the cost of impaling themselves with ravaging wounds.
    • When severed vines attempt to quickly reconnect with the host until opponent is out of reach
    • Notable active application: By wrapping his fingers into a fist reishi vines protrude from the earth or close environment, wrapping themselves around the target. Vines restricts target to a point and tightens with every extra effort Eckhard puts into his squeeze.
  • Curse T,
    • makes most dull objects Razor sharp in nature.
    • Targets personal belongings and clothing are safe from this effect.
    • passive effect: volatile wind easily shreds through targets clothing and can have his/her skin slightly severed at points of contact. Bigger and more solid materials leave a little more than a scar.
    • active application: Through contact, sharp constructs become extremely sharp and dull ones sharp enough to cause a tear.
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Re: Eckhard Staudinger Thorn [Elite Sternritter]


Post by Phantom-T » Sun Jul 14, 2019 3:48 pm

[Battle Summary]
RankSoul Level
Elite Sternritter40
The Curse
Powers & Abilities
Reiatsu [ S ]

I as I am now, I sit in a realm thought to be the pinnacle of spiritual power. This power is so immense that even Captains feel small by comparison. Titanic would be the best to describe my spiritual strength, where even high-level spells feel almost inconsequential to use. At this point, my full power would be oppressive even to those at a great distance. It would take significant suppression efforts to prevent my presence from being known to all as soon as I appeared on scene. With enough control my reiatsu alone is could used to near lethal effect when focused, without control my presence alone is enough to cause significant harm to anyone unable to resist it.

Blut Arterie [E]

Unfortunately I sit a level indicative of someone who does no physical conditioning and not much of anything else. The concept of blut is totally non existent to me as I could be described as physically frail. Moving anything other than myself is a struggle. An attack using strength alone might knock down someone who is much smaller, but the damage would be minimal. Throwing objects in combat, while still being able to cause harm would be limited to something like a fist-sized rock.

Blut Vene [ B ]

I am now showing signs of being a defensive force to truly be reckoned with. Mid-tier attacks can be handled with relative ease, to an extent, while minimally impacting my ability to carry on.

Endurance [C]

I exist at in the middle of the road in terms of conditioning. Trying to last for extended periods of time would prove difficult as exhaustion would surely set in before long. A decent level of high intensity action wold feel draining unless I could take a moment to catch my breath.

Reiatsu Control [S+]

I can completely hide up to S+ reiatsu.
Reaitsu channeling can produce full strength blasts with long range, using much less reiatsu in making them.
Blast strength is perfectly controlled.
Reishi Channeling is accurate, with excellent control and long blasts range
Can cast:
  • Shinigami:
    Kidou: 1 - 99 with incantation
    Incantation Abandonment: can cast Kidou 74 to 99 at reduced power
    Mastery: can cast up to Kidou 73 at full power without incantation
    Two-Fold Incantation: can cast two kidou at the same time, at full power, by mixing the incantations
    Double Casting: can cast the same kidou at two targets at once.
  • Arrancar:
    A Novice Cero (Adjucha-power)
    A Normal Cero
    A fully-loaded Cero
    Twin Cero -- one Cero per hand, both at Normal Cero power.
    Twin Full Cero -- one Cero per hand, both at fully loaded Cero power.
    Bala -- 20 times quicker than a Cero, especially in the load time, but weaker in effect
    Bala Barrage -- to devastating effect
    Cero uses much less reiatsu to make; strength is perfectly controlled.
    Cero techniques may be modified on the fly with full effect and are always stable.
    Regeneration is instantaneous (at the detriment of one durability stats).
  • Quincy:
    Channeling arrows now ranges 1-100 at a time
    Sankt bogen unlocked for users
    Arrow strength is fully controlled
    Arrows can create 5-15 meter wide craters
    Arrow form can be modified
    Spell casting is done at standard ginto cost
    Blut use is simultaneous
Weapon technique [A]

Expert no more, I am now recognized as a master of weapon's art. Masters are the best-trained with weapons, it's hard to grasp the concept of their feats. In fact, masters are so well versed with any kind of weapon combat that most moves can be executed to devastating effect, leaving little option for defense to any who are not at least equal in skill. They need only to pick up a weapon before they instantly become proficient in it. The first time they pick up a weapon, they can spar with masters, the first time they use a bow, they can hit bulls-eyes. Even magical, or other weaponry that they should not understand comes naturally to them. All of the basics and variations are applied with reflex-level spontaneity. Their understanding of any weapon allows them to wield it to a greater extent than even their bare arms. Even a miss comes with enough precision to graze the opponent's flesh. They know all of the art's theory and probably all of the advanced techniques, and begin to experiment with concepts to advance both. Their understanding of time, zone and balance allows them to attempt and recover from techniques that would leave a lesser artist dumbfounded. The opponent's anatomy and movements are an open book, with long range weapons they can hit smaller and distant targets as masters can instantly tag 3 rigorously running bush rat simultaneously half a city away while being blindfolded. With mid range weapons, they have complete control over how much force is used.

Hakuda [E]

At this level, I show a total lack of knowledge. I have no idea what I am doing. Any attack would be based on instinct and guesses. If a punch or kick landed, I would not be prepared for the impact and might sprain or break something. A miss would leave me off-balance or on my face. When only using this art, a return attack will almost always cause damage, because I wouldn't know how to defend myself. Hand-to-hand could still be used in desperation, but the damage to myself is likely to be as great as, or greater than, the damage to the opponent. Assuming that I can even land a hit.

Hirenkyaku [E]

In this realm, I have no knowledge of how my environment works when it comes to high speed movement. I might be faster than your average human but it's hard to tell at this point.

Zanpakutou Mastery [D]

First Release (Shikai/Res/Epithet) unlocked + 1 ability.
word count: 990

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