CBS 1.6 (or 2.0?) Updates and The Future of the CBS

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CBS 1.6 (or 2.0?) Updates and The Future of the CBS


Post by XIII » Sun Apr 07, 2019 7:08 pm

As this will be a "massive" and ongoing project, I'll be making this a global announcement so that it maintains consistent visibility.This update has taken a very long time to pull together. What started off as simple additions in the way of the Kidou Builder, and the Cero builder, eventually became a massive rebuild and overhaul of the entire system. I've hit many,many roadblocks over the months and it has resulted in delay, after delay, after delay. As of last night I managed to solve many if not all of the issues that have caused said delays, and now I am ready to both announce and allow demo access for the Character Building System Version 1.6. Though, in all honestly it's much closer to a 2.0, and I may inevitably call it that when this is all said any done. This is how much further forward it is overall compared to the last version.

Before get into the meat of this post, you may find a preview of it here.

CBS 1.6 Changes:
  • First and foremost is the top to bottom redesign. I've completely overhauled not just the CBS's aesthetics, I've also completely redone the functionality. All of the various builders are now accessible all from one single page. Additionally, your build output no longer takes you to a new page either. It simply fills in all your info and places it nicely into a dedicated section for you to copy and then paste into your post. The biggest thing was that I wanted to make it not only look better, but also become easier to use.
  • Secondly is the addition of several new Builders in preparation for The Race Expansion. I've added Quincy, Fullbringer, and Togabito builders to the list. Furthermore with the Quest System and Lost Trials on the Horizon I've also added a Monster/NPC builder. It's still being worked on as of now, but this is make for an easier way to create profiles for monsters and NPCs.
  • Lastly, this version of the CBS will mark the start of granting the various races a bit more personality. As of now, the two races we do have "share stats", meaning all their descriptions and stat names are the same. Moving forward a handful of stats will no longer be shared between the races, and instead they will feature their own unique flavors. Effectively speaking, these will mostly be just renames for things. However, as the CBS is open for public discussion and development, this change is to pave way for deeper statistical diversity and customization. For example, steps are being taken to allow high-speed regeneration abilities to become possible. This change to stats would allow me to add these types of things to the CBS for a specific race without necessarily affecting the stats of the other races.
That all said, this will be one of the last major CBS updates. As of now, it's nearing completion in regards to what all can be built with it. Profiles, Stats, NPCs, Abilities. The next addition will be the Trait Builder and the Trait System but no details on that as of yet. The last thing I'm still planning to add is a Zanpakutou/Release Weapon builder, so it's much easier to create a nice and clean zanpakutou. However this will be another massive project of it's own, sooo don't expect it to come anytime soon. For the way I want it to work, developing it will take a good while. Aside from that, all that's left is just polish, and cleaning up things here and there. I do still someday intend for it to be able to calculate your levels and either distribute your stats randomly based on your level, and or limit what you can put in based on what level you are. I may also find ways to create specific character builds too. Would need to advance my skills even further to accomplish that so I can't put it on my definite list just yet, but I'm still studying and trying to learn ways to make these sorts of things possible. So if it does happen, you can safely bet that it'd be version 3.0.

So, why the announcement?

I do usually announce things like this. However this time is a little different. I do need help, and I mean it both very seriously, and somewhat desperately. While I've been able to handle the essential entirety of the CBS's development on my own, it has now reached the stage where I need to push public development and community contribution a little more now. The things I need aren't that big. Mainly it's potential new names for some stats, potentially some help making some new descriptions,and a bit of assistance with completing the new Profile Builder. I'll be cutting out some elements from what already exists, but locking down the rest and solidifying what will make up the profile template is something I can't do alone I would rather have a consensus on what will be finalized. Other things I could use is just ideas for other stat changes, more feedback, etc. Basically I want the CBS to become more a part of the on-going RP discussion.

I'll post a bit more in-depth info in the CBS Discussion Thread. Of course as always, people making contributions on announced projects will be rewarded. I won't get into the CBS rewards for it right now, but, those making notable effort here will be recognized in the Hall of Fame as a CBS Contributor, and may be entitled to something else significant as well. But that's top secret. If you're willing to lend your aid simply report in at that thread. I will likely be making a CBS team of the people that do jump in.

And for those that want to take a look, A demo version of the CBS is live right now. You may find it here. You'll notice a handful of unfinished elements, however I am still working to finish things up and am aiming to polish things off soon after. However I do need it to be accessible for people willing to help and I also need it to be open for public testing should anything go wrong.

That's all for now, catch you guys later.
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