Overall Battles and spars forfeitures.

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Overall Battles and spars forfeitures.


Post by PhoenixDayne » Mon Mar 04, 2019 5:25 am

 ! Administrator Message from: XIII
While it’s not exactly how I would have stated it, I actually agree with this message. If your opponent GMs in any form, that will affect them negatively. Remember the fight isn’t about winning the actual battle, as all fight judgments are score based. However I will take this judgment a whole step further and say that any injuries sustained as a result of GM will be reversed/healed at the end of the battle should one consider doing a gauntlet run (fair injuries will not count). Additionally, an extra reward of 100WP will be given to all combatants that face opponents that GM.

For now, however I won’t yet consider any WP reductions as penalty for GM just yet but if the problem persists unchecked I will consider that or the possibility of automatic forfeiture for those who GM. Otherwise I am open to alternatives, which you can send me via PM.
While I don't like the idea and haven't had a conversation with the respective admin(s) and overseers of this forum on this particular topic, I feel I should just let y'all know in his stead.

Forfeiting because of your opponent's actions such as godmoding and metagaming wouldn't hand you the victory or put you on the safer side or even guaranteeing a reward or whatnot. Yeah, I know, I can't deal with GMs though it mayn't be intentional in some cases. Either you direct your claims of such actions to the mods/admins/overseers or patiently wait and keep doing your thing fairly. By the time it is reviewed, the godmods will be taken into account when passing verdicts.

So forfeiting and stating your reasons isn't really anyone's business. In the end, you chose to forfeit.
While it isn't a major concern or a reoccurring event, I wouldn't want anyone to do such a thing when these errors from their opponent draws them closer to victory.

Have a lovely time, y'all.
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