[Updated] Regarding My Activity and a Few Chanage to the Forum

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[Updated] Regarding My Activity and a Few Chanage to the Forum


Post by XIII » Thu Feb 28, 2019 12:56 pm

Sorry Phoenix, this one is big.

First before I get into things, want to apologize for my minor absence last week. Had some family stuff to deal with. Now that that’s settled, I will be making a full return to 100% activity. However that alone isn’t enough to warrant an announcement. So let’s get into things, shall we?

First things first. There a lot of projects going on simultaneously, and the sheer number of things I need to do has gotten beyond my ability to handle both competently and in a timely manner. This is something I’m willing to admit, because it is becoming a small problem especially now. And so part of this announcement revolves around me tightening my focus, and measures I’ll be taking to allow this, starting from next week on. Preparations will be happening over the rest of this week.

First things first is my immediate task list:

I have a handful of miscellaneous requests about various things from several of you in PMs. My immediate efforts will be devoted towards resolving those as soon as possible. This also includes wrapping things up in regards to setting up the Review Team for full operation. Just need to get the last couple of people approved to handle things.

However, after that point I won’t necessarily be taking on such certain tasks anymore (at least for a short while). This is to prevent any further division of my attention and time, so that I can concentrate on some of the larger projects that need much more of my time. And thus I will be passing authority to handle these sorts of tasks towards the “Overseers” group. (Which has one spot open PM me for details)

Who’s that?

Well, that brings me to the next point. Because we have an RP Leaders group, and we have leaders for the RP Leaders group, effective making them RP Leaders Leaders (which is very stupid, my bad) I’ve decided to rename both groups. RP Leaders will be renamed to RP Managers, which is far more in line with what they do. As they manage the divisions and to some extent the overall all direction of the RP. For the most part their powers will not be changing. The RP Leaders Leaders (¬_¬) (be glad this will be the last time I refer to them like this), will be renamed as overseers as they will be taking on a role closer to my own, which is to oversee and help maintain the entirety of the RP and the Forum.

With this change, their limited scope of power will be expanded from just deciding on new division leaders, but also to handle the various other tasks in my stead. This will include resolving conflicts, handling commendations and CBS rewards, implementing new RP ideas (which normal members and RP Managers would be proposing/developing), and helping to drive discussions forward where necessary.

In the end this isn’t a step just to allow me more time to handle the big stuff, but it’s also a step towards giving the forum the power to run and operate much less without me, and this will continue as things go on, until essentially I become just the guy that keeps the lights on and the doors open (and also the dude that fix the things that break, even though I likely broke them to begin with :] )

Now for my real task list (in order of priority):
  • Resuming (re)development on the Kidou/Cero builders as well as completing them.
  • Refining and cleaning up the current CBS version (details will come later in a separate announcement).
  • Creation of the Monster Builder for the lost trials.
  • Beginning full development of the Lost Trials.
  • Continued efforts on the race expansion / additions projects
  • Completion of the Quest System.
  • Anything else I may have forgotten right now (I’ll update this list to reflect anything I may have forgotten).
My task list largely consists of things I want to have done for the next major update to the RP, which I’m aiming to have done for summer (if not sooner, depends on how much more of my time I can free up). Kidou and Cero Builders, as well as the monster builder should come well before that.

Lastly I owe a small handful of people some replies to various things. Hopefully I’ll have expanded my time enough to get back to you lovely folks on that soon (relatively speaking) as well.


Forgot to include that in the future I would like to make recent chapters of select manga available here, as well as having disicussion topics surround those as well. Furthermore I want to get some non-RP related events going like monthly anime streams and so on.

Lastly there is a slightly secret project I’ll be building up on the side. However if you wish to participate in that, or helping me set up the other project, contact me as soon as you can please.
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