[The 13th Special Facility] Tech Facility HQ.

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[The 13th Special Facility] Tech Facility HQ.


Post by PhoenixDayne » Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:41 pm

Tech Facility headquarters acts as the centre through which the runnings of it's subdivisions are ensured. This tech facility supplies the whole of seireitei with lightbeads and at it's core the rei-core, research informations, war informations, technological modifications, etc.

• Primarily, it is the processing of all threats as data and dish out responses in the shortest of time. These responses are mostly solutions or preventions that'd help defeat the threat at hand.
• Another aim is to create parameters, accessories, technologies that aids one's combat capabilities, optimizing their reiatsu expenses whilst fighting at maximum strength.
• Another aim is to measure threats due to the presence of spiritual, energy and spatial waves using calamities. Calamities are scales which automatically assign a designated constant to the threat.
• Again, it is to oversee the communication and the technology & robotics, and Anatomy & Physiology Facilities, ensuring their smooth running.
• Finally, it is to spread information across and beyond the whole of soul society without any delay or jamming.

• Core Founder - Akutagawa Atsushi.
• Shadow - Kyoka Miyamoto.
• Shadow -

• Soul Society.
• 13th Division.
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