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Post by XIII » Sat Feb 09, 2019 12:05 pm

This posts comes as both a reminder, and as an attempt to get ahead of a developing situation so that things like this are a lot less likely to happen again, if not prevented entirely.

To remind everyone of the rules, at no point are you allowed to be disrespectful to each other, nor are you permitted to “bully” and or “harass” people, or anything that would come close to that I’m not saying this has happened specifically, but enough has come up and been made apparent to me that I feel this announcement is necessary. I want to make it painfully clear that at the barest mimium that you all have to at least be decent to each other at all times. There are zero exceptions to this.

As I’ve stated before in another thread:
If things turn bad, anyone and everyone guilty of anything will be in trouble for it, not just whoever started issue to begin with (I don’t take sides, I just enforce rules). I can assure you all that getting yourselves caught up in the mess is not worth the potential for facing the consequences.
Just because one person is acting out of line with the rules does not give you or anyone else the clearance to also ignore the rules. The rules are in effect at all times, for all circumstances, and in every case. Anyone breaking them is responsible, period.

So if there’s an issue do not get involved or contribute to it furher by posting a response or talking to whomever may be causing the problem. Simply report the issue and leave it to me. Even before something happens, and it looks like it could go bad. Report it to me. That’s it. There’s nothing else you need to do besides that. For your own sake, just stay as far away from any potential problems (or the chance for you to get into trouble as well) and leave the rest to me.
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