Race Expansion and Additions Project HQ Created | Lost Trials Update

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Race Expansion and Additions Project HQ Created | Lost Trials Update


Post by XIII » Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:22 am

This is a big one, as the results of this project will probably fundamentally change how the RP works moving forward. Anyway, I’ve created a project HQ that will be dedicated to expanding the current races we have, as well as adding in the ones we don’t have yet, and even divining into the process of creating all new races entirely from scratch. This will be an open project for everyone to throw in whatever they have so check out this thread for the full rundown and jump into the conversation at any time.

Additionally, I will begin moving forward with the creation of the Lost Trials (with or without help). Those wishing to voice their ideas, make requests, etc. should aim to do so as soon as possible. Though it will take me a while to complete things, I do aim to lock down a lot of, at least my own, ideas and details fairly quickly. If you have anything to add that may differ from my current vision and goals, etc. it is IMPERATIVE that you speak up sooner rather than later. This kind of thing already caused some issues with the coliseum and the repercussions of that are still on-going. I would really, really, rather not see that kind of situation happen again, so please don’t hesitate to contribute. You can find that thread here.
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