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Re: Race Expansion & Race Addition HQ


Post by XIII » Sat Feb 16, 2019 4:31 pm

•-• so I have some bad news and some bad news.

The struggle to find good words in Italian is way too real. Everything is way too straightforward / doesn’t quite have the sexy flavor I’m looking for. This is a shame...

Also Latin hasn’t been bueno either. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we may need a newer, sexier flavor for our Togabito friend. Was thinking Norse but that’d probably be better for... other stuff.

But then again, those Norse guys had a lot going on in Hel(heim), and the come complete with all their own set of nasty demons etc. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo maybe???

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr any other region of influence that may be... easier to find cool sounding shit for •-•. Gods please send help.
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Re: Race Expansion & Race Addition HQ


Post by Potato » Sun Feb 24, 2019 10:55 am

It is probably not my place to post, but if you are looking for inspiration for names, how about considering some fictional languages?

~a Potato
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Re: Race Expansion & Race Addition HQ


Post by XIII » Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:51 am

Forgot to post this earlier but I was thinking at work... as I tend to do a lot more often than usual now (aka it’s boring as hell there and I don’t have anything better to do)... so to kinda? Solve the issue with naming stuff I though why not abandon the usual trend and go someplace else entirely?

I mean we’re trying to add more and more of our own flavor to things. So I was things something a long the lines of Sound/Music based rather than basing things on a specific culture or language (also because it’d be easier).
Part of the idea came from the idea that we’re mixing in some Jojo with this, but also because I’ve got some neat concepts (IMO) regarding all this.

So for the first level releases I had the idea of calling them echos, as in Sin Echos. I kinda based this off of the idea of “saying bad word” or cursing, both in that sense, and in the sense of actually cursing someone (verbally). So I was thinking what if sins/curses gained power from vocalizing them or giving them sounds? I mean everything is Bleach is all about that right? You call the name of your zanpakutou to awaken and release it’s power so why not apply that to sin?

So why it’s called echo. Well that’s because echo implies a rather weak or fading sound. But it also has a significant symbolic meaning. If one was to say “you’re an echo of your former self” it means you’re not as strong as you once were, but at the same time it alludes to something much more powerful. In this sense it mirrors Shikai in the sense that it’s literally translated as “first/beginning release”. Though in this case echo is a little bit deeper.

For the second release I’ve been really flirting and basically settling on Resonance. As in Sim Resonance. Part of my reasoning can be traced to the simple dictionary definition, being “the quality in a sound of being deep, full, and reverberating“, which is exactly what should describe a second level release. But also it works because it just describes power, and loudness. Yet also on a symbolic level Resonance means being in sync or in perfect harmony with things. In this case being fully in touch with one’s truly evil or sinful nature and gaining the fullest effects of that in return. So in a couple ways it’s kinda like resurrecion where for arrancar it’s regaining their hollow form.

So there it is. The basis for all Togabito power centers around verbalizing curses or sin. By literally speaking evil, they can become “stronger”.
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It would come in a blur, and seek to lay waste to them all.
In a flash, the beast sought to let loose a calamity crafted by its own hands.
Its sole purpose to leave nothing but charred remains and ash...

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Togabito Outline


Post by XIII » Tue Mar 19, 2019 12:15 am


@PhoenixDayne & @Fluxarc since y’all are the main ones on this train aside from me. I’d like your input. Godspeed those there’s def a lot to unpack. & @Kira-duh-savage if you’re interested too, your comments would be welcomed. Think that’s everyone. Sorry if there’s someone else interested in this race that I missed.

gonna try to to map out like... well everything togabito related. Due to time I’m going to do my best to jump this whole part of the project ahead a few light years.

For the sake of keeping things clean, and this post fairly well organized I’ll be placing all the extra beefy content into spoilers. Also the formatting is a lil funky as I’ve been working on this from mobile over the course of several days. I will be cleaning this up later.

The Basics
  • Tigabito are the official Hell Race of the Bleach Verse
  • Obviously the reside in hell.
  • Hell is reserved for those who have committed crimes (sins) in their human life rather than in their spiritual life (like hollow), and have had Konso performed on them by Shinigami.
    All things after this point are considered tentative
  • Togabito will pull strong/demon devil influence (perhaps even moreso than in the canon).
  • Togabito will break the mold and use a sound/music them rather than one centered around a culture or language like other races.
  • A such, the core of demon power comes from their chains, and their voice. Using their voice, Demons literally speak evil to manifest it as power, a power simply rerrered to a cursing.
  • Hell will be based either on the Hel(heim) of Norse mythos or (Dante’s) Inferno.
  • They will have abilities unique to them, such as summoning hellfire, and contracting with demons which they can either summon or “merge” with.
  • Togabito power is centered around the manipulation and manifestation of sin.
  • They can do so by embracing their true evil nature or the essence of their sin though techniques called Sin Resonance and Sin Echo which resemble Bankai and Shikai respectively.
  • Using either ability breaks the otherwise unbreakable chains that bind them, allow them to unleash their full power.
    Additional points to be added
If I left anything out or needs to be changed the list will be adjusted accordingly.

Togabito Ranking:
Togabito will be ranked similarly to those of all the general demons of hell. Unlike their Shinigami and Arrancar counterparts there are only 6 major ranks of the Togabito’s Demonic Army.

The Fifth Circle: Lesser Demons These will make up the bottom echelon of the Togabito Army. Essentially they would be the status equivalent of those considered recruits and going up as far as the 16th seat.

The Fourth Circle: Greater Demons These will make up the lower echelon of the Togabito Army. Essentially they would be the status equivalent of those considered 15th seat and going up as far as the 12th seat.

The Third Circle: Major Demons These will make up the middle echelon of the Togabito army. Essentially they would be the status equivalent of those considered 11th seat and going up as far as the 7th seat.

The Second Circle: Demon Lords These will make up the upper echelon of the Togabito Army. Essentially they would be the status equivalent of those considered 6th seat and going up as far as the 3rd seat.

The First Circle: Demon King This denotes the Togabito Army’s second in comman. Essentially they would be the status equivalent of those considered Vice-Captain.

The Origin: Demon God This denotes the Togabito Army’s supreme ruler, and hell’a ultimate authority. Essentially they would be the status equivalent of those considered Captain.

Togabito Stats
Of course Togabito stats will play a major part as with all races thought there will be a few minor differences.

All things after this point are to be considered tentative

Demonic Authority: This will replace their reiatsu control stat and become something much more fitting for their identity. As status and renown are staples of the underworld, the Togabito’s ability to make use of their spiritual energy is a reflection of such status. Togabito do not control reiatsu, they command it. Where control implies some level of restraint, command projects the idea of unflinching power. This stat will govern the types of demon contracts they can forge, as well as the power and type of the hell fire they can summon.

Immorality / Sin Mastery: This will essentially mirror the zanpakutou mastery stat that Arrancar and Shinigami have. This of course will not only govern how much command they have if we their echo and resonance forms, but also the number of abilities they can make use of. Of course, reflecting what Shinigami and Arracar are capable of. Where things differ is that this power is not like forging a bond with a blade, or reconnecting with their true nature. Rather this is a reflection of how truly evil or malevolent a soul is. The deeper into the lord of sin they are, the stronger this power is.

Note: Any other changes to stat names are up for grabs.
Togabito Abilties

All things after this point until the end of this post are to be considered tentative
Abilities & Techniques Overview:
  • Standard Combat Abilities:

    Defense:The core of Togabito offense will be refres to as “Heavy Metal” or just “Metal”. This technique revolves around using one’s binding chains as their primary form of defense. Togabito particular skilled in this ability can wrap themselves in the chains of hell and wear it like armor. Those particular skilled may reshape and wear their chains like skin or even infuse the chain into theirselves in order to bolster their resilience. No matter method the effect is the same.

    This is partly for funsies, but if you guys are up for it as much as I am, then so it’ll be.

    As metal comes in various sounds and styles, each use of this defensive ability is unique to the user. Some of the various styles of this ability are as follows.

    Note: All various forms of this ability are all effectively cosmetic in nature, and only affect one’s appearance rather than the strength or properties of a Togabito’s defenses.
    • Deth Metal: The user molds and reshapes their chains and wears to wear it armor. This armor is as sturdy as their skill in this art would dictate, but also comes at the advantage of being fine-tuned to the user’s needs so as to not impede mobility.
    • Black Metal: The user molds and reshapes their chains to wear it like a second skin. This skin has an unmistakably black shading to it, that is said to resemble the darkest of voids. Despite this, this skin somehow offers no stealth benefits.
    • Metalcore:The user molds and reshapes their chains into an metalic liquid which they then inject into themselves. The Metal quickly spreads through their body, hardening in along the way, giving them a core of pure Metal. A style for those who wish to retain their purest of appearances.
    Note: if this idea catches on, additional styles of Metal with different sylistic influences can be added later. Anyway, as the goal for the Togabito is lots of space for customization and uniqueness I figured adding this in could help expand that.

    Offense: The core of Togabito offense comes in three forms. The first is their weaponry.

    Instrumental: As with Heavy Metal, Togabito are also capable or reshaping their chains to form weapons. These weapons can take on any form or shape to suit their needs, typically once a weapon is formed it tends to stay that way permanently. However, there are those that have adopted a certain style of the Instrumental, allowing them to switch seamlessly between similar types of weapons.

    Note: For the part highlighted in red it can easily be tossed out if need be, but I was thinking that users that choose either their own unique weapon or a weapon style. Going the unique weapon route would lock them into a singular weapon, but choosing a style would let you switch to any weapon relating to that style. Essentially shapeshiftjng weapons, but with some limitations to them. Perhaps maybe 2 or 3 weapons. Part of this came from the fact that they’re evil by nature. Literally demons. And switching weapons would be like an underhanded tactic in the bleach verse. Kinda fits in line with the whole demon identity.

    As instrumentals come in various sounds and styles, each use of this offensive ability is unique to the user. Though, not all are bound to these styles they’re merely ways to describe some of the choices made. Some of the various styles of this ability are as follows:
    • Acapella: A style forge by those who choose their own path and would rather curse the world with the power of their own voice. Acapella users craft a weapon of their own making however this style tends to be much more rigid, limiting the manifestation to a singular weapon.
    • Percussion: A style for those who like to get their own bare hands dirty, or the brutal feel of a thousand faces being smashed across their fists. This style focuses on weapons centered around the hands. From cesti, to knuckles and even claws all forms of hand weaponry are born in this style.
    • Strings: A style mostly dedicated to the pure demons at heart with a desire to conquer and lock down the short to mid-range areas. Strings users turn their own binding chains into weapons like whips, flails, and other chainlike weapons to strike foes from afar with ease.
    • Brass:Brass is a style that covers all manner of striking and slashing weapons. Swords, staves, clubs and more. If you can swing it and hurt something in the process, it’s almost assuredly a brass style weapon.
    • Wind: While not an element, the wind style definitely leaves that impression. Wind users focus on the use of projectile weapons, and send arrows, bullets, cannoballs and whatever else hurtling towards unfortunate souls.
Demomic Echo and Demonic Resonance
Demonic Echo: A technique centered around giving voice to one’s original sin. Through this delicate employment of “cursing” one is able to partially able to break their binding chains are attain a form that echoes their true evil essence. This ability if is similar to both that of Resurreccion and Shikai.

Demonic Resonance: A technique where one exhibits true mastery of cursing speaks a language most foul. This causes resonance with their truest and most evil nature, and ballows one to completely, abeit temporarily, break free of their binding chains to attain a form befitting such malintent. This ability is similar to Bankai.
Perhaps the most signature of the Togabito’s techniques, and the the purest representation of demonic power. These flames do not burn like any other, for they are born and fueled by sheer hatred and malice and exist only to destroy. These flames will not be easily extinguished, especially not by simply using wind or water. Perhaps they aren’t even flames at all, but simple the form the malevolence takes when unleashed. The flames can be summoned and commanded in various forms and colors to suit the user’s needs, preferences, and authority. While all forms of hellfire are equally viable, as their strength depends on the user’s ability to command their might, some forms are clearly superior and thus require great authority to utilize.

The variations of Hellfire are as follows:
  • Lesser Hellfire: ( E-D+)
  • Hellball: The most standard and easily applicable form of Hellfire, where the user molds the hellflame into a tightly packed ball of the infernal energy and hurls it forward. The impact is followed by moderately explosive results.
  • Infernal Voice: The ability to curse the air itself, turning their very breath into a torrent of Hellfire.
  • Jet of Chaos: As the name implies, chaos can only follow the use of this ability. In mere moments, the user can create large waves of flames that scorch the earth and immolate the weak.

    Greater Hellfire: (C-B+)
  • Gate of Hades: The simplest form of demonic excellence. Through this ability, the user channels a gate and directly taps into the flames of the underworld. This allows them to summon portals capable of spewing streams of the infernal flame, or large fireballs from anywhere within a short distance of themselves.
  • Dirge of Cerberus- Sinister Crown:: Part of one of the most versatile and destructive forms of Hellfire. Channeling the use of this ability allows the user to manefest left head of the great demon, after which it surges forward with immense ferocity and seeks to breath the full might of its fangs upon the target. As one would expect from a bite of a flame beast, multiple intensely searing deeply penetrating stabs.
  • Dirge of Cerberus- Dextral Crown: Part of one of the most versatile and destructive forms of Hellfire. Channeling the use of this ability allows the user to manifest the right head of the great demon, after which it will remain at the user’s side for a short time, ocassinally spitting flames in the direction of the target. At most the head will only ever act three times in total before returning to the underworld.
  • Dirge of Cerberus- Focal Crown: Part of one of the most versatile and destructive forms of Hellfire. Channeling the use of this ability allows the user to manifest the central head of the great demon, after which it releases a great roar that causes a pillar of flame to erupt around the target, trapping them inside. Shortly after the pillar will collapse on a central point with explosive results.

    Major Hellfire:(A-S+)
  • Reckoning of Abbadon: The peak of hellflame. By channeling into the deepest and darkest pits of hell, one taps into the very essence of one of the great Demon Kings. The result is almost meteoric in effect. A massive ball of flame defends emerges from a hell gate and fall from the sky at an alarming pace. Upon impact widespread destruction follows as the explosion sends flames out in all directions.
  • Pit of Belias: One of the most frightening forms of hellfire. By channeling into the deepest and darkest pits of hell, one taps into the very essence of one of the great Demon Kings. The result is almost fathomless in effect. The earth begins to crack around the target before submerging benathe the surface as if to attempt to literally drag them to hell. There, flames begin to pour in from all directions before exploding and sending the target skyward.
  • Diablo: The most sinister form of Hellfire. By channeling into the deepest and darkest pits of hell, one taps into the very essence of one of the great Demon Kings. The result is almost volcanic in effect. The ground begins to rapidly heat up beneath the target before exploding with tremendous force as magma begins to spew forth and form a light rain of lava. The lava will stick to anything any everything it touches, leaving a lasting effect of pure agony before hardening and becoming a burden to any unfortunate souls.
  • Additional hellfire techniques can be added.
Movement & Transportation:

Apmplifier: As with the other races, so too do the Togabito practice the use of Hohou. Unlike the other movement techniques this technique represents the purest essence of demonic power. Using the power to speak curses and capitalize on its power, the amplifier technique seeks to make that voice louder. By doing so, the user rides the sounds waves of what seems to be a hellish scream (think metal growling/screaming) to their destination. In short, it amplifies both the sound of one’s cursing, and speed for a short moment.

Gehenna Gate: Perhaps a loophole or a back door to the laws forbidding the Togabito from Ever leaving hell. This gate is of demonic design rather than the actual Gates of Hell that the Soul King forged to keep them there. This gate, almost similar in design to the Garganta the hollow use, allows for travel from Hell to any of the outside worlds.
Demonic Contracting:
This one is going to be a thing.... here goes..

The final and perhaps the greatest pillar of Togabito combat is the ability to forge pacts, with demons and call upon their powers in battle. However first before accomplishing this task the rules must be known. Before even having the thought of signing a contract, one must have gained enough Demonic Authority. Demons are a prideful bunch and will not simply allow themselves to be bossed around by just anyone that sees themselves worthy. However, this is a mere prerequisite.

Respect: The true potential of a contract lies in how much Respect one has earned from a particular demon. While demons simply acknowledge authority, they in no way respect it, and as such respect must be earned. The more respect a demon has, the more of its power it will be willing to lend you. Respect is gained through conquest and displays of strength. Gaining victory in battle is one way of earning significant amounts of respect from any particular demon, however making valiant effort or even great displays of strength will earn respect as well. Additionally some level of respect will be earned simply through rank alone, but only up to a point (tbd). Respect will be given in the form of points (RP), which will be rewarded for various things.

There are 6 levels of respect:

Contempt (0 RP): It’s a wonder that this demon even forged a contract with you at all. At this level a demon will do nothing but curse your name should you try to call for its powers, leaving you with nothing in return.

Ambivalence (1-10 RP): The manifestion of a demon’s indifference towards you and your authority. Needless to say these demons with such little respect will offer only a sliver of their power.

Recognized (11-20 RP): You have gained at least the demon’s recognition as a living thing, with some form of authority in the demon world. Still only a fraction of their power is available to you.

Trusted (30 RP): You have gained a demon’s faith in your abilities, which, for a faithless being should literally be impossible. Despite that, they respect and trust you enough to lend an even greater portion of their power.

Respected (40 RP): You have not gained a demon’s unwaiverjng respect. Your authority is now fully recognized, yet a demon will only offer you most of its power in return.

Honored (50 RP): A true rarity in the demon world. So few hold anyone or anything in such high regard. This is the ultimate level of respect that can be earned, and as such demons will actually show some pride in speaking your name and serving you. The fullest extent of their powers will be lent to you without restrictions.

Note: TBD Respect will determine how many ability slots a demon can have, and how long Demonic Influence, Presence, or Possession can last.

That said, while most demons will entertain contracts with just about anyone with enough authority, there are some that will refuse all contracts with those outside of the absolute elite, and their respect after that is even harder to gain as well. Yet, in turn their power is above all others.

There are several classes of demons that can be contracted (default respect levels may be fine tuned later on).

Lesser Demon: A step above fodder, but only a step. Despite that, even lesser demons can make powerful foot soldiers or allies in the right hands. Though the weakest of the bunch means their cabilities are limited, they are by far the easiest to gain respect from.
Minimum Contract Requirements: D Level Authority
Rank Respect: Lesser Demons will fully respect Demon Lords and higher by default.

Greater Demons: Greater demons are some of the most well known names in terms of causing chaos and destruction. These great beast offer superior strength when compared to their lesser companions, though respect is a bit harder to gain from them.
Contract Requirements: C Level Authority
Rank Respect: Greater Demons will fully respect The Demon King and higher by default.

Major Demon: These are the demon elites. There are rare, but strength is conslidated in their rarity. As such, they boast tremendous potential yet are hard to impress. Reaching the full potential of contracts forged with Major Demons will take time, but the benefits of commanding their great power are almost essential.
Contract Requirements: B and B+ Level Authority
Rank Respect: Major Demons will fully respect the Demon God by default.

Demon Kings: Demon Kings are the examples of what true demon power is. These are the rules of their own corners of hell, and as such their power is nigh incontestable. They are easily capable of creating widespread destruction and chaos, however a King kneels for no one. Gaining their respect will take a king’s effort.
Contract Requirements: A-S+ Level Authority
Rank Respect: Demon Kings will partially respect other Demon Kings and higher by default.

Demon Gods: Demon gods are the supreme authorities of the Demon race, or at least they were until usurped by the new rulers— The Togabito. Their disdain for their usurpers is enough to last an eternity and as such gaining their full respect will require a prayer. Going beyond that they won’t even consider forging a contract outside of the First Circle and Origin. Their truly frightening power is unmatched by those of other demons.
Contract Requirements: A+-S+ Level Authority, and at least Demon King rank.
Rank Respect: Demon Gods will partially respect other Demon Gods default.

This unusual approach to battle comes in four main forms.

Demonic Summoning: Those who forge this type of contract will be able to a portion, or even the entirety of a demon’s might to aid them in battle. This immensely powerful form of contracting, however, does not come without a cost. The manifestation of demons outside of the corners of Hell they were banished to is no simple process. Doing so breaks the very laws set in place by the Soul King himself. As such, accomplishing this task comes with several caveats.

The first is that the manifestation is temporary, though time can be extended though forging stronger contracts. However, doing so requires a significant amount of respect. While demons that facing harm poses no threat to the summoner, the second caveat is that summoned demons are vulnerable to having their essence destabilized. Demons that suffer the attacks of enemies will have the duration of their manifestation time shortened. The last cost is is the highest and most severe of the tree. After suffering too much damage, their essence can be fully destabilized. This prevents them from being summoned again until after their essence is given time to reconstruct itself.

Demonic Influence: This arcane form of contracting allows one to offer theirself to the demon they have signed a contract with and becomes a host for that demon’s essence. Doing so allows one to become a minor representation of that demon and gain their traits and strength to add to their own. This goes so far as to physically alter the form and figure of those to undergo this demonic influence. It is possible, however, to suppress the physical changes and call upon them on demand if so desired.

Demonic Presence: Another arcane form of contracting. Identical in nature to demonic influence, the user offers theirself to the demon. However rather that becoming host for the demon’s essence they become a conduit for that demon’s power. As a result, the host is able to make use of the demon’s abilities as they would their own.

Demonic Possession: A middle ground between Demonic Presence and Demonic Influence. Possession is the complete surrender of one’s self to a demon, in exchange for gaining both the traits and the abilities of the demon they have contracted with. In essence making them an avatar for the demon. However the full potential of the traits, and abilities can not be realized in this manner. Nevertheless application of this ability is equally as frightening as the others.

Demonic Stability, Abilities and Traits:

All forms of demon essences, abilities and traits fall into one of three categories or levels. Lesser, Greater, Major.

Demonic Stability: A demon’s stability refers to how stable the demon’s essence is when summoned outside of their home world. Going beyond that, it refers to how long they can remain manifested if left unharmed.
  • Lesser Stability: A demon of lesser Stability is able to manifest for a maximum of 2 posts.
  • Greater Stability: A demon of greater stability is able to manifest for a maximum of 4 posts.
  • Major Stability: a demon of major Stability is able to manifest for a maximum of 6 posts.
Demonic Abilities: Demonic abilities are the purest essence of a demon’s offensive capability. However, some abilities require more power than others. As such only certain number of abilities can be manifested when summoned, or when granted through the use of demonic presence or posssesion. The total number of abilities available at any given time and for each level of respect will be unique to each demon.
  • Lesser Abilities: Are a demon’s weakest but most readily available abilities. These take up only one of the slots a demon will have available for manifestation.
  • Greater Abilities: Are a demon’s core abilities. They are quite powerful, however come at the cost of having much more limited availability than lesser abilities. These take up two of the slots available for manifestation
  • Major Abilties: Are a demon’s grandest display of power and exist in a category very unlike the previous two. These ultimate level abilties come at the cost of all available ability slots and can only ever be used once after manifestation. It is impossible to call upon these abilities through the use of demonic possession.
Demonic Traits: Are the unique charateristics and traits of any particular demon. These traits can be aspects of their physicality like horns, their size and sense of smell, and even things like their strength and agility. How these traits manifest is a matter of the demon, the contact, and the one manifesting this power.
  • Lesser Traits: Refer to the unique charaterics of a demon. These are often things like horns, tails, claws, sense of smell and the like.
  • Greater Traits: Refer to the unique characteristics and properties that demon’s might display when taking action. These are often things like increased destructive potential when punching things, or setting the ground ablaze with their step.
  • Major Traits: Are the direct representations of a demon’s physicality. These are often things like a demon’s strength, or skill with a blade. These traits manifest as enhancements to the host’s own abilities. It is impossible to access these traits when using demonic possession.
All demons will have a variety of traits, abilities and level of stability.
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It would come in a blur, and seek to lay waste to them all.
In a flash, the beast sought to let loose a calamity crafted by its own hands.
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