[5th Division] Promethazine's Trials.

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[5th Division] Promethazine's Trials.


Post by Kira-duh-savage » Wed Dec 26, 2018 4:52 am

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Savanna stretched as far as the eyes could afford. Distinct ruminant wild life grazed in the distance amidst sufficiently spaced out trees, some of which seemed home to brightly colored aves. The brilliance of the noon sun was disturbingly intense but slowly weakening given the encroachment of cottonshaped clouds clustering overhead. Ambient airflow began to grow energetic inciting atmospheric turbulence. Gentle winds turned squalls which, in turn, became gales. The elements were restless, but perhaps their paranoia wasn't unfounded because, after all, one bearing enormous amounts of spiritual power had stepped foot on this land. For beings of such spiritual backing, regardless suppressing their reiatsu fluctuations to the barest minimum, phenomenons like this could not be helped. In a matter of speaking, they could even be called natural. The arriving Shinigami, Seraph Kira, annexed the environment with his awareness. ''Ahh, so I came early? he smiled. Dropping down to sit reclined against tree bark, the blonde Shinigami shut his eyes. Waiting.
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Re: [5th Division] Promethazine's Trials.


Post by Indra » Wed Dec 26, 2018 6:42 am

It's the D-day. The day Promethazine, the silvery haired recruit will make his appearance known to the shinigami world.His main ettle is to grow strong till he is stronger than what he had imagined.
He departed his abode with his popular adonement, hastening up his pace instead of his usual strutting. He wouldn't want to disappoint the Shinigami overseeing his training, first impression they say, lasts longer.
After journeying for half a stound , Promethazine reached his destination, a full view of the trophical grassland could be discerned, with crepuscule rays due to the constant locomotion of the cloud beating his fabrics.
Something had gone wrong, the usual disquietude and noisy umbworld due to the sounds of different creatures is now pacific.
He was about getting lost in thought when his telecenphalon got hinted by his sixth sense about the presence of another entity housing an enormous amount of spiritual energy in the environment. "He must be Kira"
This assumption later turned into certainty after Promethazine motioned forward having a full view of the entity. He is truly Seraph Kira,the man who is famous in the fifth division.
"Ohayo Kira-san, sorry for penelopizing" he bowed down to appease the Shinigami showing respect that matched his character. He is truly respectful, but won't hesitate to cut down anybody when vexed.
The amount of spiritual power lingering inside of this blonde haired shinigami is the testament to his rank, Promethazine guessed.
He didn't fidget,instead he let our words from his mouth with his stentorian voice and parted lips. "Supparu deska?"
"If we are going to test my vibrancy, mere apparition won't do" he added, concurrently unsheating his zan,he showed him the sharp side
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Re: [5th Division] Promethazine's Trials.


Post by Kira-duh-savage » Wed Dec 26, 2018 9:24 am

There's not much to say. You're all right. Good command over grammar, however, you should watch your punctuations. At several points in your post, you omitted commas. On the other hand, even when you used commas, you forgot to leave space before continuing. Next time do well to give a brief description of your character. Oh, I almost forgot. Here's an advice for you; There is complexity in simplicity.
The lid over his eyes lifted, enabling a pair of crimsoned irises to look upon this world. Aglow with vibrance, Kira's pupils snatched view of the long awaited individual but before they did, another sensory organ, a sixth sense, seemed to have already informed him of the recruit's presence. The lad bent into a bow, apologizing for his tardiness. Seeing the boy bow made the blonde Shinigami laugh to himself. So he's the polite type. He had the required mannerism for a recruit, certainly. But decorum wasn't what a combatant needed. Perhaps he had forgotten that their banter had started from the very moment he entered the savanna. You should never look away from an opponent because the most dangerous attack are the ones that go unnoticed. At first, the blonde Shinigami had thought to return the boy's greeting with a discharge of Shakkahō in sync with that bow, but perished the idea. ''Of course, of course. I understand.'' He said, lips curving into a smile. He later stood upright and began to stretch his limbs. Yawning aloud, he spoke ''Though, I'd have to admit sitting around doing nothing was boring.''

The boy did not hesitate to liberate his sword from its scabbard. Nothing in particular was wrong with the way he gripped the tool or postured while holding it. However, the blonde Shinigami couldn't help but feel that something was missing. From Kira's perspective, the boy's eyes were devoid of a certain glint. Extending one hand forward, specs of ruby red reiatsu gathered in his palm only to become a medium sized spherical mass of condensed explosive energy. To the Kidō literate, the spell in question was referred to as Hadō #31. Shakkahō. The blonde Shinigami aimed that palm in the recruit's direction, paused briefly for dramatic effect then discharged towards the ground a few metres away from the boy. Battering the ground explosively upon mpact, the flaming sphere gorged a mildly deep concavity into its surface just before rousing particles of fragmented debris, dust, into the air, inducing a smokescreen. You see- the blonde Shinigami was certain that the recruit possessed an idea of the spell's conventional application. Teaching hatchlings basic stuff like that was the reason Shinō academy was founded. What he sincerely doubted was that the recruit could make use of the spell in a distinct manner than he had been taught. It was essential for the boy to know that battles demanded spontaneity, and the ability to improvise was a skill every good combatant should possess.

Borrowing the cover of the massive smokescreen, Kira immediately flanked the recruit with a swordslash albeit performed at reduced pace, bidding to sever an appendage if permitted to connect. Having dwindled the intensity of his reiatsu fluctuations to far less than a whisper, the blonde Shinigami was expecting to see how well the recruit would do under the given circumstances; faced against an opponent he could neither see nor sense.
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Re: [5th Division] Promethazine's Trials.


Post by Indra » Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:00 am

Promethazine discerned kira's blepharon opened. The blonde haired shinigami widened his oculars making his sanguine irises discernable. The silvery haired recruit didn't flinch, instead he tightened his grip at the hilt of his sword,his black cape danced to the tune of the passing wind.
Kira raised his hand against promethazine, suddenly deep red reiatsu started to coalesce into what we can call mass of spherical condensed energy having explosive power, this type of assailment is not new to promethazine,he was taught all about Shakkaho in the academy.
Something suprising happened, there was a delay in the releasal of the condensed energy "This is pure underestimation, Kira can't be this lenient" promethazine thought. Well promethazine made use of the loophole.
A cessation of back flip, in a zig zag manner was all promethazine did, which was in tandem to the releasal of shakkaho.
This move seemed unnecessary when he noticed the attack wasn't intended to appulse him. But it also aided him in distancing himself from a portion of the smoke screen that consumed the whole area by now, which would have served as a decoy for the next impending assailment to occur espionagely.
Metres away, at a reasonable distance, Promethazine without reciting any incantation,released a concentrated bolt of lightning from his hand "KIDO 4",he later piroutted still maintaining the extended lightning in form of a spear to attack blindly in the smoke screen,it might eventually deliver a damage to the shinigami if not dodged.
Will he even be able to anticipate the incoming assault?the smoke screen reduced promethazine's discernability also, Promethazine failed to feel the blonde haired shinigami's spiritual pressure, meaning he already shut it off.unless he could feel spiritual pressure even while supressing his own reiatsu
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Re: [5th Division] Promethazine's Trials.


Post by Kira-duh-savage » Sat Dec 29, 2018 2:32 am

Possibly set on edge by Kira's aim, the recruit resorted to distancing himself using acrobatic measures. His movements were careless, flashy and unprecedented. If he wanted to avoid the Red Flame Canon, assuming he was its designated target, flashstepping would have been a better choice rather than physically exerting himself like that.

Between both combatants, shattered earth had blossomed into a rising, growing, billowing wall of dust. Lifting his leg, crimsoned energy gathered below the right foot, Shunpo became the blonde Shinigami's soles, and he flashed fowards. Vanishing into the smokescreen.

Following the sudden displacement, he heard a noise; thunder crashing in the distance. The recruit seemed to have discharged a thunderbolt. Kira inwardly agreed with the boy's notion. Wanting to deter his advance was a good plan, the right plan, but sadly poor timing had faulted its execution.

''Extending your arm and index finger out like that,'' He said, ''Aren't you just begging to be amputated?'' Appearing beside the recruit, the blonde Shinigami simultaneously slashed down, aiming to sever the limb at the junction between the upper arm and forearm. Blood flow imminent.
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Re: [5th Division] Promethazine's Trials.


Post by Indra » Sat Dec 29, 2018 2:57 pm

Well, there is a saying that "not everything end up the way you want them to".
Little did promethazine know about his flashy move being flautulent, he heard some words but not audible enough making it indecipherable to his encephalon. What happened next is the sudden appearance of Seraph kira beside him.The shock of the brute rapidity at which this shinigami moved and slashed his extended hands is enough to leave a shinigami of promethazine's calibre befuddled and disorientated, this calamitous occurence forced tears out of his eyes, he had to lose an arm today, is there really a way he could have prevented this amputation from happening? He was totally outperformed. The pain the blade cutting through myriads of epithelial tissues and bone marrow inflicted on promethazine made him ululate like a young child undergoing circumcision.
He yelled greatly, his state of anguish and disquietude was fully shown in his wail, although if a great pain is inflicted, the victim would be too shook to counter-react immediately.
This mattered not anymore,the thought of losing easily made Promethazine reflexively held his hand tight and flickered away from the blonde shinigami.
While panting with sweat beads all over his face,he used the weakened lightning bolt he activated a while back "Byakurai" to numb the pain of the wound tho with a low current.
This should however stop the bleeding.
He raised his head towards his previous location, by now the smokescreen on the battlefield is already waning.
Promethazine tore his fabric, i am not letting anyone crush my dreams, using the piece of fabric to tie his amputated arm, he stood firm with a stern look, he swayed his coruscating katana with the unaffected arm while the sleeve of the other arm danced emptily continuosly showing no arm is present.
He moved flittingly to slash through kira's oesophagus..
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Re: [5th Division] Promethazine's Trials.


Post by Kira-duh-savage » Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:59 am

Bladed steel confronted flesh and the collision yielded inevitable results; tendons severed, ligaments dislodged, musculature ripped apart, blood vessels disconnected, nerves damaged, bones fractured, an appendage split in half- bifurcation. The veins surrounding the amputated limb began to regurgitate their fluid contents in profuse amounts, squandering life force. The recruit gripped the remnant of what once used to be his left arm and groaned in anguish just before distancing himself from Kira. Something about the boy's wails were displeasing to the ears. Buried deep within those wails, the blonde shinigami could hear something other than intense pain, a noise; the resonance of weakness, the recruit's weakness. For the pain being felt, the boy had only himself and his inadequacies as a combatant to blame. There were several means to hinder the attack he had been assailed with and pinpointing the blonde shinigami's positioning using his voice was the most basic of them. Doing that would have bought him the few seconds worth of reaction time required to abscond from harm's way. How in the world Promethazine managed to neglect that obvious headstart given him evaded the blonde shinigami's understanding. The boy needed to up the pace of his reasoning if he wished to survive and the blonde shinigami knew just how best to kickstart those dysfunctional battle instincts into hyperactivity. Maybe his thinking would improve drastically after a brief journey near death.

Returning the sword within hand to its sheathe, the blonde shinigami inwardly concluded that sharp objects, blades, were beyond the recruit's capability to handle in the mean time. A different line of approach came to mind and he grasped at it. Something more blunt, more brutal, and far more painful, with preferably less amputation. The blonde shinigami drew in a breath of fresh air then exhaled outwards. He had to regain control of his strength, the opposition was after all just a mere recruit in training. Nudging the boy near death remained the set goal, not shoving him past it. He repeated those words over and over again until they stuck to the walls at the back of his mind.

Hmph? The recruit's spiritual presence had suddenly regained normalcy after a brief moment of instability, due to the lad's current physical condition no doubt. The screams had ceased. The blonde shinigami hypothesized that he had managed to stiffle the pain somehow and if that really was the case then perhaps he would have done at least one thing right thus far.

Suddenly, Kira perceived movement ahead; amongst the nearly thinned out smokescreen a silhouette matching Promethazine's physical dimensions motioned to bridge the distance between them. The blonde shinigami permitted the act, nonetheless being able to thwart it. Evidently sheer curiosity had outweighed the need to burst the recruit's bubbles. The anticipated attack finally came, presenting itself in form of one properly aimed frontal slash. However, catching wind of the impending assault, the blonde shinigami simply crouched down to avoid it with apparent ease then almost instantaneously followed up by thrusting the palm of his right hand fowards and towards the recruit's sternum, while deriving physical augmentation from a named kidō spell (Shō) to drastically empower the kinetic force of the jab to such an extent that should the strike connect an impact crater was bound to surface the struck region; underneath which few if not several associated bony structures (ribs) would have been broken. Eventually, the end result of the blonde shinigami's counter assault would have been the recruit's forceful displacement in an opposing direction owing to the sheer might of the open handed strike employed.

What Promethazine needed was time, more time to think on how to be less futile. Going around swinging snail paced swordslashes at the blonde shinigami from spots he presumed were blind spots was not the right way to retaliate after losing a limb, unless he wanted to lose another.

I will commend you for ameliorating blood loss and then going out of your way to numb the pain from the injury dealt. Though, your final actions were a bit anticlimactic. When faced against faster opponents, faster, more refined thinking seems to be a better option than simply employing speed, the very area of expertise in which you are lacking.

You did not even think to first make use of a binding spell at least before rushing in to pull a Mifune on my ass.
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Re: [5th Division] Promethazine's Trials.


Post by Indra » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:13 pm

The blonde shinigami crouched down,by doing so he managed to disallow the sword from connecting with his neck,eschewing the slash skillfully.
Promethazine slashed through thin air,
"I am too slow"
Retracting the slash move and Following his movement, the silvery haired shinigami could see kira's next move which is to punch him with his elbow with brute strength.
Before the punch could connect, a bellicose flair of spiritual pressure,cyan in hue, released from the silvery haired shinigami shield his person from the punch totally and furtherly aimed to knock kira away, concurrently to the shielding.
He would need great reflex and speed to escape such move which is at close proximity.
The pressure of his reiatsu spread far and wide,causing cracks in the earthing,giving him a heroic view.
Promethazine stood surrect in the aura wearing a stern look,tightening his grip on the sword.
"Since the beginning of battle,I am the one receiving damage,am i truly this weak? Won't my attack hit even once"
Promethazine thought

He suddenly felt paroxysm of extreme physical anguish on his amputated arm,
"Masaka,don't tell me-".

The after effect of the cut is setting in gradually
"Why now,whyyyy" Promethazine regretted being weak, tears rolled down his eyes
"What will I do?" Several thoughts ran through his mind
Tons of ideas,Within the short period of time,And all seemed futile to him
"Is it over for me?"

He hoped the first kido he did with one mind immediately after the flair of reiatsu will restrict kira irrespective of his reaction to the prior violent outburst

"Let me help you" he had already decided to give up when A voice called from within him
"Who's that?" Promethazine questioned, still from within.
The air around him changed, trees bent on bunches all at once as if kowtowing to the command of the gale. Clouds gathered rapidly in groups and the sky dimmed.
He stood dumbfounded
"Is this one of kira's scheme?"
But the voice kept on reiterating "let me help You,my name is sansei no unmei"
Promethazine had no idea of what's going on,this almost drove him crazy
"What the hell are you!,and how did you get inside my head?"
Promethazine questioned with such loud tone

His face looked troubled and his heart pulse became fast,like that of a rabbit that just escaped the jaws of a predator

"I am your zanpakutou and i've always been lying dormant inside of you. Call on to me and I will answer,cry and i will melt the whole world for you. Both of us could dominate the whole world,you are not weak,you are strong and dangerous,just let me in"

Suddenly raindrops began to fall gradually from the gloomy sky.
Thunder roared and lightning sizzled down from the conglomeration of clouds
Promethazine raised his head, staring into the sky. After raindrops hit his naked eyes like twice,he shut his blepharon closed.
Listening to the rhythm between the rain and the earth crust attentively.
Rain battered the ground continuosly,like an empyrean drummer is beating his drum belligerently.
Little or no time,the silvery haired shinigami is drenched.
Diluted blood flow down from his amputated arm in drops,with the fabric covering the opened tissues getting soaked.

"Zanpakutou,the power lying inside of me? How will i call on to it and what are it's perks" this lingered on Promethazine's mind.
He stared at Kira,if anything is done on his part to prevent him from getting drenched from this unexpected rain.

But as if a knowledge was bestowed on him,or he received epiphany,
he suddenly felt heavy,with outlandish knowledge about the zanpakutou plastering at the back of his mind like a car sticker,He now understand fully well what is zanpakutou his and the essence of it's existence(full awareness)

Promethazine yelled with great vigour and confidence.
His voice stentorianly roared through the savana like a lion seeking mate partner,this word can deafen a weak creature if not averted from entering through it's earhole

"Arigatou Kira-sama" he said with a fake smile to the blonde haired shinigami
Thanks to him,another power is discovered.
He turned promethazine into a monster

He strutted towards the blonde shinigami with the hope that they don't have to fight anymore
I think the training is over,I can't continue without my shikai abilities,which is yet to be approved.Thanks so much
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Re: [5th Division] Promethazine's Trials.


Post by Kira-duh-savage » Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:12 pm

Barely a needle's breadth away from achieving impact with the predetermined region, Kira felt something far dense than flesh should have been intercept the meat of his palm during the strike. Reiatsu itself had surfaced Promethazine's skin and condensed to provide it the cladding required to mitigate the jab or so the recruit must have conjectured_seeing as his efforts subsequently proved vain with a fistsized bead of glowing blue energy bursting forth from the blonde shinigami's palm then thrusting straight into that supposedly toughened sternal area having easily overshadowed the whiffs of spiritual pressure overlying it; In as much as using reiatsu to drastically harden skin was an easy means to defend oneself from physical attacks, when used against the wrong kinds (of physical attacks and opponents) it is simply a waste of effort. The blonde shinigami's spiritual strength had been made obvious from the onset, so surely there was no room for misinformation regardless the fact that he had suppressed his reiatsu to an extent. Promethazine had literally no excuse for not realising this.

Kira did not know whether to be be amused by the boy's maneuver or amazed by his misplaced belief in its capacity to succeed.

Seconds after blowing Promethazine away, body bound speedily for a large tree, the blonde shinigami would opt to approach the recruit in a most leisurely manner, the tempo and resonance of his reiatsu fluctuations building with each progressive step. In time an oceanic mass of bloodred energy would combust within the blonde shinigami's proximity, with the abrupt skyhigh release resultantly propagating a series of devastating circular shockwaves into the surrounding environment. At once, several dozen metres of solid groundbedrock collapsed into one deep concavity; the very ground detonated, spraying chunks and pieces of fragmented earth later induced to levitate into the atmosphere merely by the domineering might of the blonde shinigami's unhinged spiritual pressure. Nature cowered and her elements trembled as the world itself bore witness in utter dread the awakening of a vile force whose very presence seemed to threaten the existence of all that was alive. Behind the advancing blonde shinigami, crimsoned energy congealed, assuming the visage of one ghastly demonic apparition whose jaws dropped slack barring humongous fangs.

A closer look at the blonde shinigami would have disclosed that the black of his eyes (pupils) were absent, leaving only the white of sclera. The recruit may not have known but his actions had catalysed a switch in the blonde shinigami's persona, inciting a much darker and more sinister version of the man to manifest. Cocking his head sideways, the blonde shinigami's lips curved into a menacing smile and he spoke in a deep tone.

''Tell me, how does it feel?''

''This weight'' he said, ''The weight of YOUR weakness.'' Oppression. Dominance. Truth. The blonde shinigami's completely unleashed reiatsu would convey each and every one of these things to the recruit.

Unconsciously, Kira simply wanted Promethazine to get a clear understanding of the gaping void that would require his trespassing someday, but surely not today.
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Re: [5th Division] Promethazine's Trials.


Post by Indra » Thu Feb 14, 2019 9:32 pm

Indra wrote:
Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:51 am
Promethazine had thought flaring of his Reiatsu would help him reduce the impact of the impending jab,this is basically tanking,which Kira proved futile by increasing the power in his punch, which is evident due to the aureole blue energy that coalesced on his fist.
The silvery haired shinigami got blown away like a baseball hit with a bat,and his spine hit the tree girth with brute force.His heart skipped for a yoctosecond,his chest started moving nonstop,he tried catching his breath,the pain of the jab had left a miniature crack on his sternum.He managed to supress his moving chest and catch his breath.
He staggered like a toddler crawling whilst trying to balance himself surrect,the pain of being weak kept reiterating on his mind,and all of a sudden he started hearing voices in his head.
"Do you want power,all you have to do is acknowledge my existence" As if promethazine had received epiphany,he knew immediately that the voice is his Zan's.The voice kept on calling,but promethazine's sense of sight is becoming blurry,he managed to call out the name of his Zan with the remaining ounce of power left in him.He's truly tenacious,he should have pass out by now,his left arm is gone and he received a jab to his chest that gave him a near-death experience.
Now the Blonde shinigami is approaching with his reiatsu building with each step he took,while he's still at it,Promethazine was already having an inner dialogue with his zanpakuto, whose name is Sansei no Unmei.The decipherability of what Promethazine is feeling currently might be hard for the onlookers,but one thing is sure,he had already discovered the existence of the power that laid dormant inside of him all this while,with loud voices cumurring in his head,His Zanpakuto.
Suddenly the environment changed,a stare at Kira made it impossible to move a muscle,his Aura is so beastly,one could say he let hell loose,Promethazime trembled in fear he'd never felt something so powerful,this was giving him low current shock in his neural system,his head was expanding from imside out as if it would burst.
This is the huge gap between a recruit and a 3rd seater. Kira uttered some words that are barely audible to the slivery haired recruit. He couldn't move his tongue, one could say he was spiritually oppresed.The reiatsu was so great it could obliterate mountains.
But he could still hear the rather low-pitched voices in his head,
He couldn't stand,so he laid down there hoping kira would leave him anytime soon
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Re: [5th Division] Promethazine's Trials.


Post by Aegis Raiu » Wed Apr 10, 2019 2:11 am

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[Shikai awakening]Promethazine's trial

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