[Arena]The Infernal City

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[Arena]The Infernal City


Post by Blazenoda » Tue Mar 24, 2020 3:29 pm


In the deepest parts of hell which was brought to ruins by the Wrath of Ancient ones. The land where demons reside A place an unnatural flow of energy .It burns with raging flames of hell flowing with lava beneath its ruins and the Sky a never ending storm Lightning and thunder resounds the air but still the wind blows ever so calmly
Demons live here if we interrupt the peace they are most likely to attack us.
Demons like
Lava houndsImage
The Beast which sleeps beneath the City
The Dragon Cerebus Imagecenter] Dragon Cerebus



Strength [C+]

With every step I grow that much stronger. I could seriously hurt those weaker than me without even trying, while those of similar constitution would take care not to eat too many of my attacks. Those above me would have to think twice about taking something like a raw punch. Throwing something as heavy as a car could be effective in combat, while my attacks could punch through even thin layers of steel.

Durability [C+]

I've become a being of considerable resilience. A hardened soldier of the capable of surviving significant blows from all kinds of beings. Though still below sitting just below the elite,I remain a hearty individual to be sure.

Endurance [C+]

A bit above your average cut in terms of endurance. I could try to last the night but I'd likely tire out in the final hours. A moderate level of high intensity actions would feel draining unless I could have a moment to catch my breath.

Zanjutsu [D]

As a casual user of this art, I have learned enough of the basics to use it competently in most instances. My techniques have power, accuracy and balance, but I still lack confidence in my skill. This leaves the application of my techniques to be unimaginative and cautious. I probably will miss openings and am likely to be drawn in by a gambit. At this level though, I'm not the most likely to engage in sword combat, but it is a valid option if absolutely necessary.

Hakuda [D+]

While still unlikely to engage in hand-to-hand combat,I have learned all the basics and can confidently apply them, with occasional variation. I have trained enough to be able to think on their feet to an extent. Outside of what I have learned and practiced, however, I should still be cautious or risk getting caught in a bad situation.

Hohou [D]

As this point my skill is developing as fast as I can move now. At this stage I can perform quick movement techniques and can maintain my pace for a short period of time. Somehow it seems I'm only taking a few steps to bridge what would normally be a large distances. At this stage, me and my peers commonly use our knowledge of Hohou while engaging in combat to close the space between combatants, or make quick retreats when needed. However, should we maintain these high speeds for too long we tend to become winded.

3 headed fiery roar

A fire breath from the 3 heads

Lava Eruption

Lava erupts all around it

Hells Jaws

Its fangs become covered in flames and increases its biting force

Fiery Claws

Claws of flame
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[Arena]The Infernal City


Post by Blazenoda » Thu Mar 26, 2020 1:16 am

Heaven in hell, thats what the Ancient ones called this city but only a few are aware of its existence. Its never ending thunderstorm and constant raging of flames, lava flowing in and out around the city tends to keep those who are weak minded and scared of death away. In truth the city only displays that as its exterior but within it is infact peaceful dwelling despite its look.

"Dont judge a book by its cover isn't it?"
On the tip of one the giant pillars around the city this one located at the center of the city 15ft tall and as wide an arena, A man lays down as he gives a comment with a smirk.

The clouds which shadowed the mans face pass by and reveal the man to be the Demon, King Zero Umikaze. He opens his eyes which shone a bright gold color, He's dark hair with golden striped highlights on the hair, wearing a black short sleeve button shirt opened revealing only his chest , ¾ black trouser with wooden slippers. He sits up and crosses his legs in a monk style, A dark blue kimono jacket with black flower patterns on it is hung from his shoulder.

Drifting and staring of into the storm filled sky letting out a sigh of relief
"The only place i get away from any disturbance" he's tone then changes to a worried one
"Not quite sure It was the right thing to invite the kid here". He said to himself with uncertainty referring to the New Demon Spawn who had requested a duel from him.

"This is trouble some" He continues as he scratches the back of his head with his right hand with the left hand on the ground as he sat there regretting the fact he had brought someone to disturb his peaceful sanctuary.

King after letting out a big sigh reaches into his Jacket and with a big grin "At least i still have you.."
Behold he brings out a bag of chips rips it open (crunch) takes a bite before letting out a reaction
King happily eating his bag of chips then changes his expression to a tired of waiting look
"I wonder if the Kid would have the strong sense of mind to ignore the outlook of this place and come in" he says to himself knowing how other who have never been in the infernal city look at it

"Please hurry"
King closes his eyes and his fingers crossed
"I hope you bring some snacks too". King thought to himself in hopes that the young demon would bring something for him to snack on.
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[Arena]The Infernal City


Post by Itsu » Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:22 am

Been newly recruited into the profaned army of Antithesis, Klaüs was ordered by one of the Profaned Deity— Amayael to prove his worth by clashing horns with a fellow demon. A demon of greater power. Left with little to no choice, Klaüs set out to rendezvous with a Demon name 'King'. Was it fate or probably just a name, for a demon who bears 'King' as a name may some day become a 'Demon King' or maybe not.

Klaüs, a Lesser demon with no place to call home here in the kingdom of Antithesis, hung around the streets until he could some day earn an apartment of his own. But on this day, he found himself walking in the ruins of one out of several other parts of hell. Clad in his favorite black V-neck shirt and Jeans, coupled with a pair of black Air-force sneakers to cushion his feet. The demon always loved to appear on Casual attires, keeping things simple as possible. From where he lived before now, many said they noticed he doesn't like Cooperate, because at every point of his life he cut ties. Been the type that doesn't condone the company of friends, keeping friends was no where near his agenda. Even those who got close enough were later left behind.

By alternately setting each foot forward with at least one foot on the ground, Klaüs majestically walked on the floors of hell. The atmosphere was densely hot, magma flowed through some cracked openings in the ruins. The wind susurrated gently but had a sultry feel to it. Finding one's self in such a terrain would've been really unbearable for non-demons, for the temperature was oven-like.

It didn't take long before he felt the presence of a fellow demon. Unlike the other beastly signatures he had perceived before getting to this point, this was different. It came from a tall pillar situated at the heart of the city at about 50 meters away from his position. He didn't budge, neither did his movements stopped. He approached the Reiryoku signature, postulating it to be that of the supposed King.

It was when he covered a few more distance that Klaüs got a vivid ocular view of the person sitting at the tip of the pillar. The person's attire carried same colors as that of Klaüs but had a different fashion all together. Klaüs raised a brow after briefly scanning the demon in sight, but as means of confirmation, the person would find a ball of infernal energy in his line of trajectory for Klaüs launched a hell-ball towards him that threatened to blow up the pillar along with him as he sat eating some sort sachet snack. That was Klaüs's way of validating who the person actually was for the response would reveal that to him, so he thought.
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[Arena]The Infernal City


Post by Blazenoda » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:36 pm

As King sat atop the pillar he grew impatient of waiting but he soon sensed the Young Demons presence in the Infernal city but what really caught his attention was not soon after he sensed the Demon the young one launched a Ball of flame straight at King.
"Hell ball huh..?" King says with an unworried expression on his face before the ball of flame is seen to hit him and the pillar.
The smoke and dust clear up and King is not seen anywhere around the pillar.

"That dangerous you know...?"

The voice of a man in a low tone
King is seen sitting on a building behind The young demon. He opens his eyes and a spark of lightning shines but for a moment in his eyes and on his body before disappearing to thin air.

King sat on the building crossed legged and resting his jaw against his fist looking down at the young demon before him.

"Here i was feeling this worried for you are a little one but you seem to have fight in you.." With a sinister grin on his face

"I like that"
he complimented the young demon for his earlier effort to try and surprise him.

"But though we are demonic beings of hell one must still have proper manners"
King with a serious and a deadly vibe showing in his eyes corrects the young demon for though he found the attack quite promising and worthy of a demon He found it quite rude to someone he just met for the first time.

"one must first introduce themselves to one another before any further activity is to take place isn't that right young one..?".

King talks further.

"I am The King of the dragons Lord of the skies and the earth And clan head of the once great Umikaze clan, The Storm dragon, King Zero Umikaze"

King tells the young demon who he is with excitement in his eyes and a smirk on his lips for he felt that he would enjoy this battle.

"Now tell me your name young one.."
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[Arena]The Infernal City


Post by Itsu » Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:03 pm

The top of the pillar blew up when met by the convulsive ball of flame dispatched by Klaüs in a bid to affirm a couple of intel. Just as expected from his superior, King evacuated his position in a momentum that was slightly difficult to trail, leaving only a gust of fine particles of smoldering materials in his wake. He was fast, but Klaüs's perception managed to trace King's change in motility to some certain degree.

''Behind me,'' he said to himself inside his head, drawing his attention to the figure in his rear. And then he slowly made a right-about turn presenting his front for King to see once more. Klaüs made use of his right hand to gently clear the fringes of hairs that fell across his horns during the time he slightly bent forward in an attempt to fling off a condense ball of flame like an athlete tossing a shot put . As he did, the demon that settled up on the building kept on ranting back and forth about things that didn't matter to Klaüs.

The most shocking part of King's utterances was when he began to don himself with so many titles and appellations that didn't ring a bell to Klaüs. He wondered the reason behind the grandstand display of renomination by the lad in black button down shirt. Was it an act of self-glorification? Or he was just been a proud flesh? The young demon contemplated briefly. As things went, Klaüs was sure the demon sitting above him knew his name, because before Klaüs set out to prove himself by clashing horns with a fellow demon, the unknown messenger that delivered the information gave a run down description and name of the demon he was going to face, so Klaüs conjectured that the same feat must've been done to King. So as the greater demon asked for his name, Klaüs was left standing on a thin line between perplexity and vehemence.

However during the period when King rattled about his names, Klaüs used those moments to chew over King's superior speed. And so he dummied up, eyes strongly fixated on him, refusing to utter a single reply to king for he found no reason to do so. Neither did he attempt to attack, because he knew doing so would only be a reckless feat that might become detrimental to his person.
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[Arena]The Infernal City


Post by Blazenoda » Fri Mar 27, 2020 1:07 pm

"Hmm cant speak huh..?" King said in a low tone as The Lad stood there and gave no response to him

Tension filled the air
"I see" King gives off great pressure and raises his fist

Then bring his fist down and hits it ontop his palm.

"You're dumb,aren't you..?"
Suddenly the once intense pressure and tension suddenly disappears as King drops a weird question with a jokers expression is eyes like dots and a smile on his face.
(Like anime scenes when someone says something stupid in a serious situation)

"No thats not it..?"
King immediately turns his head to his right side and starts stroking his chin thinking to himself if the lad lacked the ability to speak.

"Aoshi never told me anything like that... Hmm what was the kids name again..?"

Kings thinks real hard then dives into a flash back


"La la la"
King walking happily through the hallways of his castle and with bags of chips in his hand heading to his room on cause he had just arrived from the Ruptured Dimension and was anxious to get back to what he was about to do before he was forced into that battle.
"La la l-"
King suddenly stops and his happy expression changes into an angry one for he had sensed someone watching him. His aura changes and he releases his sin energy around him like to threaten something before speaking.

"Come out"
From the shadows a skeleton faced figure rises up and kneels before King.
"Greetings Lord Umikaze"

"A messenger soul huh...?"

King recognized the figure for it was a messenger of hell.
"What bring you here...?"
King asks the Messenger

"Forgive my sudden intrusion but The Demon King Aoshi sama has a message for you..."

"Aoshi..?" King says in his thought wondering what message the Demon King might have for him..

The messenger continues
" He says that there is a new born who requires grooming and he wants you to take care of it"

Silent awkwardness fills the air
"Huh..?" King gives a childish reaction "why do i have to do it..?I decline you can go now"
King behaving lazy and waves his hand shooing away the messenger trying to ignore him.

The messenger continues
"He says its an order"

"I'm not listening..." King still behaving childishly uses his fingers to block his ears and turns his back on the messenger.

"The Demon King also mentioned you might decline and said that if you dont do it he would strip your priveleges of using any gehenna gate and you won't be able to get your snacks anymore" The messenger finally drops a threat from Aoshi...

King has depression lines around his forehead for the order now became a threat to him
"N-No more sn-snacks...?" He stuttered as tears filled his eyes
"Curse you Aoshi"
His eyes with rage King biting down on his shirt to hold himself back. Short while after throwing tantrums, King calms down
"Not like i can disobey him anyways". King says for he knew this was an order from the demon King himself
"But to threaten my snacks... He really is the Demon King!!"

King turns to the messenger and asks for the information about the new born whom he was supposed to take care of.

"Klaus Wilhelm huh..?" The name of the new born.
"What else do you know about him...?" King asks the Messenger

"It seems like a lost one and also a lonely one at that"

"Lonely huh...?" King says as he stares of into the sky
through the window close to him thinking to how similar the kid might be to him before letting out a smile
"Maybe taking care of a kid wont be that bad" King turns to the messenger
"Tell the Kid to meet me at the Infernal city"

"The Ancient City i see i will pass this to him then my lord.."

The messenger slowing sinks into his shadow and disappears from Kings presence.

"Now then lets get going shall we" King disappears from view.

*Back to normal time*
"Klaus so thats your name huh...?" King finally remembers the kids name and gives a soft smile.
"Well then Young Klaus you really don't have to keep quiet and be so cautious of me" King responded to the kid who seemed to be on guard and anxious to fight.

King lets out a sigh and stands up from where he was sitting earlier and looks down at the kid for he was standing at a higher platform.
"As much as i would love to avoid conflict it wouldn't seem fare if i don't respond to such fighting spirit"
The aura around King changes and King let his Reiatsu run wild as if trying to threaten the Young demon. A smirk on his face and his eyes filled with seriousness. "So here's a tip". King opens his palm and a fire ball forms in his hand.

"A Togabito's true power lies in his voice and also " With a cursed voice Smoke leaves Kings lips as he speaks these words in a low tone
"Infernal voice: Hell Torrent"

King gently blows the fireball at Klaus"Dont die on me kid" and it turns into a rapid flaming tornado that spread like wild fire which hurls itself furiously at Klaus.

King stood watching to see how the young demon would react to this attack had been aimed at him.
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[Arena]The Infernal City


Post by Itsu » Sat Mar 28, 2020 8:00 am

"Hmm cant speak huh..?" Were the words that broke the silence in the vicinity. The demon atop the building once again began to utter a couple of words which mostly revealed that he was in a state of soliloquy; dishing out rhetorical questions on a fly. Then his eyes suddenly had a stiff expression to it. Making Klaüs feel like a ghost with a stare that looked right through him. That prompted an involuntary action as Klaüs turned to check if the demon was actually trying to view something behind him. But nope, nothing significant was behind him, only several other buildings distant from the center of the area in which they found themselves. Then Klaüs returned his gaze to King, feeling a bit confused as to why his colleague fell into a pool of thoughts.
It didn't take long before "Klaus so thats your name huh...?'' fled the lips of the dark hair demon. The words were accompanied by a smile like someone who was happy to have remembered some sort of vital information that once slipped his mind. It further proved Klaüs's hypothesis correct for assuming the demon in sight knew his name all along, but for King to have earlier asked for an introduction, threw Klaüs into maze of deep contemplation. Soon after an inner speaking occurred in his mind.

''He's messing with me... .... .....''

At that instant came an unanticipated intensification in King's Reiatsu. It flared up in a fine-tuned frenzy of spiritual energy; violent yet stable. Klaüs would've been scare stiff if he didn't have a considerably equivalent sack of Reiryoku within his grasp. He didn't budge, not even the slightest. He continued to give off a cold gaze when King kicked off a lecture containing teachings of powers that lie within their race.

Upon discovering the garrulous attitude that King possessed, a mild but growing flame of bitterness had began to rear its head in Klaüs's mind before now. Then making him feel like a total stranger of the ways of demons by lecturing him on the basic techniques of Togabito was like allowing fire meet gasoline. The horned demon was newly accepted into the profaned army of Antithesis, so having knowledge of advanced rules, techniques and art of this new family were far fetched. However, simple and basic traits such as the one King introduced shortly was something Klaüs was aware of , because is a demon after all, and such knowledge had been with him over the years before signing up into the kingdom of Antithesis.

But before he could send off an expression of anger, in came a large chunk of flames dispatched by King to consume him. When the flash of annoyance came so did a bad ideas. Isn't it always that way? So in that moment Klaüs funnelled all his strength into his feet and used to dash to his left side which extended the distance between them by 15meters, thereby allowing the frightening torrent of flames swoosh passed him to scorch the floor that he once occupied.

Applying the brakes to his quick dash Klaüs's Air-force slightly screeched the concrete floor before brining his motion to a temporal halt. Not allowing his anger make the best of him was Klaüs's way of keeping his cool. That way he could stay composed while handling the tides of the battle in a coolheaded fashion. In an attempt to reel up King's mind, while facing his colleague, Klaüs slowly raised a clenched fist while allowing only the middle finger of his right hand to have a standing ovation. On doing so he allowed his Reiatsu to course through his entire body system in preparation for what may come after the disrespectful expression he displayed.
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[Arena]The Infernal City


Post by Blazenoda » Mon Mar 30, 2020 5:51 am

"Dodged huh..? Nice nice we off to a good start" King gave his comments to the young demon who beautifully dodged his attack but was that just it..?

"However" King continued "you need to watch where you step" King said as a light shone from Beneath the young demon

A large circle shaped seal forms on the ground around the Young demon as King spoke again with a cursed voice
"Devil Arts Fiery chains!"
Chains of fire similar to what binds demons to hell sprout up and surround the young demon to form a cage around him as well as to restrict his movements. King also uttered the words "Blaze & Follow" as an order with his infernal voice for the chains to increase its flames to resemble the torrent of earlier and to follow the young demon if he managed to escape the binding.

Though he had thrown different attacks King hadn't taken a step from the building he stood atop. The fiery chains of hell in active, King didn't give the Young demon a chance to take a breather and all in his mind that if he kept dodging and running or staying on the defense the young demon might run out of stamina.
" When i mentioned that the power of a Toga lies in his voice i know you must be thinking why i am going back to the basic" King continued his lecture as he then again activates another Hell fire technique (Hell ball) which hovers above his head.
"As a Togabito our ability to use our Infernal Voice and curse all is undeniably our greatest asset so to become strong one must first learn to have total control over their voice to push their powers to the fullest..."
The flame above Kings head then grows a bit larger to a medium sized ball before King yet again with His Infernal cursed voiced spoke again "Split"
The hell ball split into multiple pins of fire the looked almost like needles and small sharp and hot blades which numbered over hundreds and spread out and hovered around the sky and around king. King then lifted his finger and pointed to the sky causing all the flame pieces to float up into the sky which was in a constant storm Until they all disappeared into the clouds. Lightning sparks through kings Eyes as he smiles and brings his finger pointing towards the young demon then finally utters the words "Fall".

Immediately the flames which went up into the cloud begin to fall like rain but at a much faster pace cause King had Implemented flow arts to use the lightning in the sky to push down the bolts of Flames.

King would stare as it rained down rapidly causing chaos everywhere to the extent that the demons around the areas began to flee those who were weak got pierced through and their lives ended. In a flash King jumps backwards to another building a great distance away from his attack and stared at the destruction he had just released.
"Hehe Guess i went to far"King gives a chuckle while scratching the back of his head
"I hope this doesnt wake that guy up though" He stands ready to see how the Young demon would do at the same time worried about the fact that the darkness which slept below them might awaken.
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