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In a realm known to be the destination where souls suffer for their sins before they can enter Heaven, a world whose existence crawl under a supernatural detriment of divine harm. It is known by many names, but dwellers of this place call it "Zygantre" a mysterious word for "Purgatory". The angry skies  revealed a blanket of red and yellow, like constant burning flames of hell. The high level of heat in the atmosphere speaks volume of the unfavourable conditions that came with Zygantre's curse as dehydration over time was an imminent fact. However that alone wasn't what made this realm a place of retribution. Finding yourself in this place automatically draw brutality from The Tharrans. Tharrans are 4 ft quadrupedal monsters lacking any visible eyes or eye socket but possessing huge talons and teeth which can easily slice through metals. Their muscular build varies by gender and age but are usually enhanced with combustion abilities, setting ablaze almost anything they make contact with. They are creatures that draw strength from any source of heat which in turn increases their physical parameters and also enhances their perception. Placed to torment, brutalize, get rid of weak souls, Tharrans roam across Zygantre in multitudes of more than a million dozen. A soul can only be set free if and only when the Keeper of Zygantre is defeated and the red gem on the top of his staff is used to make a wish, of which only one wish can be granted to whoever is in possession of the gem. A 7 ft celestial being named 'Arkchael' who sits in the angry clouds watching over the vast realm, overseeing the activities that transpire therein.

Monster stats

Strength [C]

I have no reached a level of power appropriate for spiritual beings. As such, the idea of being super human is no longer a question, it is a reality. I could seriously hurt those weaker than me without even trying, while those of similar constitution would take care not to eat too many of my attacks. Those above me would have to think twice about taking something like a raw punch. Throwing something as heavy as a cow could be effective in combat, while my attacks could punch through even thick concrete.

Durability [B]

I am now showing signs of being a defensive force to truly be reckoned with. Mid-tier attacks can be handled with relative ease, to an extent, while minimally impacting my ability to carry on.

Endurance [S+]

Most would suspect I am a literal machine. The stamina reserves I carry are so incredibly vast that none have ever seen me tire. No matter the non-lethal wounds , no matter the effort expended, I seemingly will continue to advance without end. It would likely take moving heaven and hell to tire me out.

Zanjutsu [D]

As a casual user of this art, I have learned enough of the basics to use it competently in most instances. My techniques have power, accuracy and balance, but I still lack confidence in my skill. This leaves the application of my techniques to be unimaginative and cautious. I probably will miss openings and am likely to be drawn in by a gambit. At this level though, I'm not the most likely to engage in sword combat, but it is a valid option if absolutely necessary.

Hakuda [C]

As an average user of this art, I have proven that I am well versed in not only the basics, but numerous variations. I can see and exploit openings, consciously cover most of my own, draw the opponent in, and usually resist falling for gambits. Application of what I have learned is confident and spontaneous. Use of hand-to-hand techniques becomes viable in almost any situation.

Hohou [C]

Entering the realm of average user, I can maintain fast movements for a lengthy period of time. I am now also able to apply my knowledge of Hohou while engaging in combat to effectively control my positioning around the battlefield and my opponent.


Strength [A]

For where I am now, my power can only be measured in extremes. An attack using strength alone could knock back a larger opponent by over great distances, with lasting, potentially critical damage. As of now my attacks have become capable of toppling large buildings. Obviously my attacks could drastically hurt those weaker than me, while those of similar constitution would take care now to eat too many of them either . While, throwing something as heavy as a building could be effective in combat. I've become strong so strong that even the shockwaves my attack produce can destroy large buildings.

Durability [A]

Growing stronger still, I find myself eating most attacks for breakfast. In fact, I don't even wake up unless it to face heavy blows. All else will likely just glance off unless reinforced somehow. Those fighting against me with strength alone will find themselves at a standstill unless they're stronger.

Endurance [S+]

Most would suspect I am a literal machine. The stamina reserves I carry are so incredibly vast that none have ever seen me tire. No matter the non-lethal wounds , no matter the effort expended, I seemingly will continue to advance without end. It would likely take moving heaven and hell to tire me out.

Zanjutsu [C]

As an average user of this art, I have proven that I am well versed in not only the basics, but numerous variations. I can see and exploit openings, consciously cover most of my own, draw the opponent in, and usually resist falling for gambits. Application of what I have learned is confident and spontaneous. Use of sword techniques becomes viable in almost any situation.

Hakuda [B]

I have now entered expert territory and have gained recognition as of of the most skilled individuals in this field. While not a master, an I am more than capable of handling myself in a physical altercation. My deeper knowledge of the theory behind the art and their capabilities allows for imaginative variations of basic techniques on the fly. My knowledge of anatomy allows meto selectively disable parts of my opponent's body. If I leave an opening, it is most likely a gambit to draw the opponent in. I have several advanced techniques.

Hohou [C]

Entering the realm of average user, I can maintain fast movements for a lengthy period of time. I am now also able to apply my knowledge of Hohou while engaging in combat to effectively control my positioning around the battlefield and my opponent.

Updates Made
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Post by XIII » Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:30 am

Once more, Emi found herself in a unfamiliar territory. As to how she got there and why were still complete mysteries. Her mind raced, trying to sort through the storm of memories in her head in a desperate attempt to uncover some shred of information. It was jumbled, hazy, the last few — days, weeks, longer? — were all a blur to her. Her concept of time, lost. Her sense of understanding, threatened. Her state of mind, disturbed.

There was a sharp pain both in her head, and in her heart. The memories were tearing at her soul like a lions claws into a gazelle. She remembered the world crumbling around her, a darkness, a light, shaped and sound that she couldn’t comprehend. They scared her. She then remembered her time when the Seventh’s agents kidnapped her, forced her into their their underground training program under false pretenses. She remembered the slaughter, not of the creatures she encountered in the desert but the slaughter of her closest friends. She remembered Solus, her hatred for him and all that he took.

The storm settled with the last memory. The pain in her head subsided, the haze dispersed and soon there was clarity. She remembered her father, the time she had spent with him at the forge learning from him. It was the only comfort in her time of anguish and confusion. That man was the only light she had in this dark place. But then remembered how she felt when she learned that his life was taken from him. She remembered the pain, the anger, the sadness, emptiness when she learned of the truth. She then remembered the dream, the lie her heart told her. A fairytale of the time she and her father finally had the opportunity to work together as a team.

Emi screamed. I was raw, visceral, deafening. Reiatsu flooded her surroundings, blasting away some of the burnt cars, dead treads, and the skeletons of houses that remained around her. For once, and only once in the madness of this whole event the real her shined through. That reiatsu, that dreadfully black power that consumed her the night her father died had returned, worse, it was amplified by the vastly more potent reiatsu she possessed now compared to back then. If Gotei knew what she was, what kind of darkness she had lying dormant within her, this bile, this muck that surrounded her soul... perhaps they would find her undeserving of her very existence. Solus, from day one of his Captaincy set out to find someone, something that could truly become a monster. In the end, what he created was far worse.

Emi’s reiatsu continued to flood the area. She hadn’t been able to regain control over it or the other nearly half of her remaining power. She didn’t need it though, the emotional cesspool that hand grown infected and allowed to fester over the course of decades had finally sprung a leak. The part of herself that was long thought to be dead and buried had somehow punched, and kicked, and clawed its way out to the surface of her being. It was ugly, no, hideous. A mistake left unseen by the Soul King, and one that should have never been allowed to exist. Somehow was able to curse the world with its presence.

The real Emi, the grotesque thing, that Solus has crafted her into was set loose. The wicked amalgam of sorry, and fury. A raw and unfiltered, unrestrained, and unrelenting outbreak of negativity. The world in front of her were the titans of eld, the dinosaurs that roamed free without contest and she was the meteor making its way towards earth. The nightmare begins now.
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One who calls upon the ocean never expects the tsunami.
For beckoning the rains, also tempts the hurricane.
When simple kindling begs the wildfire,
A furious inferno to devour the lands.
And to say a prayer is to provoke the wrath of God.
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The feeling of Nausea was quite compound, a very familiar one too. The same feeling he got at a former time. He remembers touching the trident and the light enveloping him.
Sir Eckhard!” Rèzîlyènt called out, it was an awkward calling out cause he didn’t know how to really address his superior, whether to call him Sir or Commander, he hasn’t had much orientation as he remembers his last encounter with his superiors, it was quite bad as the emperor took the situation towards a very negative turn.
Maybe this is punishment” he thought.
He looked around and tried to grasp an understanding of the environment, everything was red and yellow, while he may not have noticed it before but now the heat has his full attention. The he didn’t know if it was because he was tired from before but the hotness easily reached an uncomfortable point on him, he called out again but there was no answer, no return to his call as he stood in this blazing wasteland.
Well this is funny, From putting us in water to bringing us to a virtual hit pot” he said as he chuckled to himself, he touched himself as he checked for any of the physical aberrations that allowed him survive under water. While doing so he noticed his combat wear had gotten heavier. He check and found a scroll again like before, as he found an extra potion, he couldn’t question how they got there again as to the entire situation doesn’t even make sense. He remembered what was written on the scroll from before so he opens one of the he potion bottles, he drinks it and is immediately refreshed, his vitality, strength.
He hesitant to open the scroll as he assumed that the scroll would burn up again like it did last time. He assumed that the situation would be like the former and his superior once again was far away. As he was having his cognitive thought process, he heard what he could describe as the scream of a bird. He looked around as there was a huge glow coming from behind him, he turned back to see a huge bird made of fiery red, with a huge chain strapped to its neck, to Rèziléyent best description he would call it a Phoenix.

" I don't know where this is, but if a Phoenix is here then damn"
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Post by Nilgathor » Thu Oct 17, 2019 4:36 am

Ethririel woke up in discomfort and drowsiness fled from her expression when her brown eyes flew open. In bewilderment, she gazed at the city she found herself in and thought her kidnappers were sly oppressors. If they wanted to kill her slowly, wouldn’t repeated thrusts of a blade in her body or the classic move of breaking the bones in her body suffice rather than this cruel method of slowly baking her with the aid of the surroundings?

The temperature was oppressive in its intensity as it strived to match rage the burning skies seemed keen to vent on this world. The heat reached absurd degrees that Ethririel was a tad surprised because she half expected flames to appear all over the city and turn it into an actual city on fire. The hot atmosphere was not the only thing as the surrounding, which looked like a ruined human town from the material world, was desolate with wrecked buildings. Even the abandoned vehicles parked haphazardly on the roads within her view did not escape the burnt treatment, further enhancing Ethririel's opinion that a mighty fire might have consumed this district some time ago. On the other hand, all she saw could be mere fabrications of her kidnappers.

In the middle of the road where she woke up, Ethririel picked herself up and before taking any action, released Stellar Glare to float above her head while Forest Heart’s petals pulsed open. Only then did Ethririel check herself to see what tools she had. Just like the last time, she had a scroll and a medallion while her unused potion from the previous district remained corked. She wondered though, if the medallion she held was the same one she used to escape from an angry Zyrode or if it was another one.

Her hair was still in a mess as were her custom-made toga and boots, but Ethririel was never one to bother about her appearance when more important things were at stake. Things like getting out of this district, which prompted her to open the scroll without a second thought to find out about the things she might encounter her. As she read, still standing in the middle of the road, Ethririel frowned deeply. “First Astrans, and now Tharrans?” And over a million of them at that!

The sheer number was terrifying and even if she knew a dozen would not be able to keep her unchecked, what was she to do against ten dozens, fifty dozens, a hundred f**king dozens! Crap, I need to get off the streets first.

Quickly, with heart pounding, Ethririel dashed across the street, leaped over a vehicle in her path and smoothly dove into a house missing its windows. Inside, the house shared the tell-tale signs a hellish misfortune but to the shinigami, it felt extremely comfortable compared to the scorching heat outside. If she was going to face such immense numbers, she thought it best to adjust first to the environment and learn to pace her breathing to match the strain the heat exerted on her.

Ethririel sat down and crossed her leg in a meditative position, laying her zanpakutō across her thighs as she closed her eyes. While Forest Heart throbbed steadily, Stellar Glare watched the exit as she sunk into a cautious trance.

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Ethririel Quel'shu Pheles
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Post by Fluxarc » Sat Oct 19, 2019 7:10 pm

The instant she went through the Ninth District portal, Kara felt as though she'd dived into a vat of ice-cold water. Darkness pressed in on her, she felt her body seize up, as though trussed suddenly with invisible ropes.

Next, the press of acceleration. Kara was propelled forward like a bullet down a gun barrel. There was a sense of being stretched apart, and brilliantly colored streaks of light appeared on all sides as a strange, keening fry filled Kara's head.

And then- with a disorienting abruptness- the darkness receded.

Arms and legs flailing, Kara was aware of a redness around her, and a heat that was almost bewildering after the deep cold of the portal.

She was falling through the air, which seemed to shiver around her. Finally grabbing onto her wits, Kara gathered the air around her using her telekinesis and slowed her descent. She got herself upright and- as she slowly descended- let her eyes sweep over a new- and even stranger- realm.

The very first thing that entered Kara's mind as she took in this new realm was a book she'd read in the monastery. Dante's Inferno. She remembered reading of the flaming tombs of the Sixth Circle, Heresy. She wondered if the'd looked anything like this.

If the last world had been a nightmare, this was a true hellscape. Fiendish flames ran rampant, ravaging every blackened, disfigured thing within sight. And Kara could sense a deep, primal and mindless malevolence in the air, like a terrible bloodstained blade pushing into the base of her skull. She could sense the creatures that roamed this world, could feel their insatiable hunger for innocence, for light and all the things that scorned evil. Kara could feel them searching, and knew instinctively they would eventually find her.

In seconds Kara's feet landed on the top of one of the taller buildings. She stepped to the edge and looked around. Immediately Kara caught a massive explosion of reiatsu that she recognized almost immediately as that of Emi, one of the captains of the Goteijuusentai. Kara's face whipped in the direction of the rampant energy, eyes narrowed.

Captain Emi ...? The suffering ... A single soul?

Gritting her teeth- because her empathy made the despair of that wild energy resonate- Kara ripped off her haori and wrapped it protectively around her head, forming a kind of hood and half-mask to protect against the fumes and hot dust in the air.

Kara realized she had a scroll, potion and another medallion in her possession. Not ready to deal with them yet, Kara stashed the scroll and potion in her garments and decided to head down.

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Post by XIII » Tue Oct 22, 2019 6:21 pm

Black Birth

Emi charged forward, thrusting the entirety of her being into the world without a single care. Her stride was swift, powerful, but no where near a focused or certain as it was before. In fact, rather than running around buildings or even over them, Emi instead ran straight through them. Like a truck that lost control, the woman simply plowed her way through anything and everything in her path with no signs of stopping.

Most would’ve paused. Most would’ve at least taken the time to assess the obstacles in front of them, but none of it ever showed up on Emi’s radar. Instinctively she knew anything in this hellscape was long past its worth in salt. It was weak. The world was weak. The cowards that gassed and brought her here were weak. Emi could smell what seemed like an entire universe rife with weakness, and it excited her.

Shivers ran down her spine, goosebumps riddled her neck, sweat dripped down her forehead and chest. There was a twinge in her chest, a tingling in her skin, a quiver in her thighs and a pulsating between them, as her breathing and heart rate elevated. She seemed almost drunk off her emotions, pushing far enough to reach threaten a state of ecstasy. Her agony was morphing, unfurling, and molting into something new and sinister.

With each passing seconding that burden on her back was being molded into her greatest asset. Pain and sorrow were weapons. They were tools that once given direction and focus could be transformed from forces that break those that hold them, into calamities that could erase entire nations. Emotions were the purest, most destructive wildfires one existence. The end was always an obscure concept once the vehement blaze came alight. Wars, mass murder, wanton devastation, and much much worse could often be traced back to nothing but raw emotion.

As plain and simple as it was, enough passion was all it took for the body counts to wrack up. Of course, this was what emotion looked like unchecked and unrestrained. But with such passion there was never a controlled burning. No burn to prime and cultivate the farmlands, no burn to maintain and manage the forest, no burn to provide warmth for the winter. A wildfire was by and large a tremendous destructive force, but wildfires lacked intent. No matter how destructive raw emotion and passion could be, random destruction always had it limits. A wildfire would soon consume all that it possibly could and would burn out if given enough time.

But what happens if one could take all of the destruction a wildfire could cause and concentrated it? What would happen if that devastation could be sustained as Infinitum with the sheer force of one’s indomitable will? What then if one could give intent and purpose to abstract chaos? The further Emi ran, the quieter and quieter the storm became. Her reiatsu settled but continued to flood the space around her as it did in the desert. Perhaps the one and only mercy the world would know in her presence.

At first the changes were subtle. The stilling if the reiatsu storm, a slowing and tightening of her step. The slow fading of the sweat that covered her, and the more stifled and smoothed breathing. Then the changes became more and more drastic as Emi swallowed more and more of her emotions to state the flames inside her soul. Emi’s once fiery red and yellow hair became dyed a deep black as it reacted to the malignant change in her reiatsu. Following her hair came one long black marking that formed underneath her right eye in the shape of what could be best described as a sword to replace the stream of tears that had flowed previously.

As of now, the only thing missing from this sable oriented shift was goth-friendly attire, which sadly was lost to when she abandoned most of her clothing back in the desert. The bloodstained bandages covering her breasts would have to suffice for completing this new look for now, but of course aesthetics weren’t important now. Yes, her outward appearance had changed, but that was the least notable difference about her.

Internally, Emi relived through decade of repressed physical and mental trauma over the span of a few minutes, if that. The shock of it all eroded what few safety nets years and years of intense training and focus sought to suppress, but perhaps therein lied Emi’s single greatest mistake. For all anyone has known her since her assumption of office in Gotei, Emi has been constantly at odds with herself. For years, she’s been hiding, pretending, suppressing all of her pain, and installed bloodlust without ever once attempting to properly address it. Instead of it going away, it simply starved for all these years.

Part of that her slipped out in the desert, but back then it was different. Emi still had a firm grasp on the her she became for Gotei, even if it wasn’t real. Emi didn’t need to slaughter just to live, despite the sick pleasure she received from it when she did. At least that Emi still had some semblance of humanity left in her. But now? Now was different. The only thing separating the universe from this dark, and yet unnamed thing was for her inhibitions to die the grotesque and miserable death that they did. She was lost, and losing any hope of regaining what once was.

Big Bad Breakout

A few moments passed after the rebirth of Emi that had been lost after all this time, and then right on unfortunate cue, a threat appeared. Though this newborn creature hardly perceived it as such. Rather than the lizard-like creatures that thrived in the sands, the ruined city of flames played host to strange four-legged creatures. Those in the know referred to as tharrans, but Emi was none the wiser. It didn’t matter though, they’d all be dead in a few moments anyway. There were eight of them, for now, but she knew there would be more later on.

The first of the pack leapt forward, raining it’s right arm in attempt to claw at her face. Emi blinked, drowning the world in what seemed like an endless darkness for a brief moment before allowing the light to return when she opened her eyes. In that split instant, she had unsheathed her blade, swung it upwards at the create to cut into the soft armpit flesh and remove its arm. The creature yelped as it hit the ground and writhed in agony over its severed limb.

Then, both skillfully and swiftly, Emi caught the disembodied limb on the tip of her blade and then slung it forward at one of the creatures that decided to hang back. Before it even had the chance to react, the creature fell dead as the sharp talons of its maimed comrade’s arm plunged deep into the eyeless face and tore through its skull and brain.

The pack howled over the death of their ally. Despite being eyeless and apparently blind, she was surprised to see the creatures had realized what had happened but by then, it was already too late for them.

In the fervor, and the subsequent time it took for them to launch their assault on Emi, she had paced over to where the first creature had fallen and firmly pressed the heel of her left foot on its neck. In an instant, the creature went from squirming and struggling to a state of intense docility. Somewhere, deep down it knew it’s life was over the moment she touched it directly and it simply resigned itself to its fate in response.

As the remaining creatures came, Emi killed three more of them before they had the chance to close the gap. Just as she did either the first, she flung severed limbs from the downed vanguard as a means to remove its companions from the equation. I’m seconds the pack was reduced from eight to three. In the next moment, the survivors were upon her, or so they thought. By the time they reached where she stood, she dashed away using her shunpo which surprised and disoriented the creatures.

The tharran leading the pack caught a mouthful of its dismembered ally after failing to snag it target which sent it into a frenzy. The two beside it turned around hastily in response, forming what appeared to be a phalanx formation around the frenzied creature in a desperate attempt to ascertain Emi’s new position. Unfortunately for them she didn’t make it all that difficult, Emi was a few meters behind them brandishing a vibrant golden rope of concentrated spiritual energy. The pair charged at her, and Emi responded by hurling the rope forward which caught the one on the right around the neck. Emi have the rope a slight tug which lifted the creature off its feet and sent it flying off in her direction. She waited and positioned her sword to intercept and simply allowed momentum to do the job and slice it clean in two once it drew near.

It was at this point that the tharran still charging her realized just exactly what Emi was and what was happening. There wasn’t much hope for it, and it knew now that getting anywhere near her meant death. It froze, stopping its charge at about five meters away from her and lowered its head conceding to the reality that Emi was the dominant creature in this situation. It turned around slowly before making off in a sprint in the other direction back towards its frenzied friend which was now on a warpath towards Emi.

For a moment, she seemed content to just let the fleeing creature be and dispose of the last hostile creature before being on her way once more, but fate saw it different. Emi took up her blade, turning it in her hand and held it in a manner similar to how one would wield a javelin. Putting the full extent of her strength to use, she hurled it forward and the weapon sliced through the sky as violently as lightning. The blade ripped through the frenzied tharrans head and continued on it its path until it struck the fleeing tharran’s back, killing them both instantaneously.

As the skirmish came to an end with Emi’s overwhelming victory, she let out that visceral scream once more as a means of reminding the world that she was the the biggest threat there was. After the crescendo of emotions died down once more, Emi jumped forward to recover her blade and then back to the one tharran she ultimately didn’t kill. The creature was in bad shape, but it was surprisingly resilient given the fact that it hadn’t yet bled out. She picked up the panting, and somewhat whimpering creature by the neck and slung it over her shoulders.
Dead or not, it made a decent weapon thus far and Emi apparently still had use for this one, though for what couldn’t yet be seen.

With her new and unwitting companion in tow, Emi charged forward once more, leaving this minor inconvenience behind her in search of a greater for and possibly the something responsible for this. Whether she found it or not was a question still to be answered, but as time went more and more certainties became apparent. The first was that anything and everything that she met was assuredly fated to die at some point. The second was that Emi was long past the point of mercy. And the last, whoever, and whatever it was that got in her way would simply be overcome.
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One who calls upon the ocean never expects the tsunami.
For beckoning the rains, also tempts the hurricane.
When simple kindling begs the wildfire,
A furious inferno to devour the lands.
And to say a prayer is to provoke the wrath of God.
Know ye not your foolishness?

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Post by Zxanders20 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 7:44 am

It was a really crazy place as everything around them seemed red. Heaps of bones, dirt and what seemed like metal were around, lots of things out of the norm but nothing could compare to the heat he was under, everything around was literally steaming, the heat was nothing to joke about and yet nothing was either melting or burning, almost like the melting or boiling point of anything here had increased just to suit the ungodly heat, so that things won’t burn or be eradicated but its will make things beyond uncomfortable.
What place is this? how does anything even reside here? this must be hell” he thought to himself.
While he couldn’t tell where he was, he knew he’d have to face this thing if he were to live, he quickly wrapped himself in Rieshi as to be shielded away from external heat.
Kaaaaaawwww!!!” Again the giant bird cried out again, it looked very eagle like, elegant with pride and a dominant aura around it. It Readied itself to strike, to head into battle, prepared to dismantle and destroy the white haired man in front of him, it raised its body up as if to intimidate the Quincy but without a shadow of fear written on his face he stood looking straight at the bird with both his arms spread from his body.
“I survived a freaking Kraken, at this point it’ll take a whole lot more than stretching out to intimidate me”
The big red glowing bird seemed to have taken the words of the man in front of it to heart, immediately it spout fire from its mouth and as it let out its cry again, pouring nothing but elevated degrees of plasmatic heat, it did this for a whole of three seconds but as the fire when out the one would see that the Quincy had made a shield to protect him from the flames, a round construct to fully cover his body but blocked out air and any other thing that would try to get inside, almost like a pot place upside down to protect what was in it, but the effect of the flames made the insides very, very hot.
The Golden Eyed Quincy looked around as he quickly reduced the pot like shield to something that would block the only attacks come towards him from the front so as to allow the hot air out and cooler air in, though one would be confused in a place like this where everything was hot, he took notice that the bird had burnt the place around him to a crisp, he hadn’t even finished registering the thought when get noticed he was about to get hit, he opted for blocking since he was already in position, that immediately registered as a bad decision as he saw himself flying back, scraping all sorts of debris on the ground.
The angry bird had seen him survive its initial attack, it provoked it, it would seem that it was the Apex predator here and seeing something survive its attack to easily might have ticked it off, it decided to go at him, flying straight towards him with it’s beak.
“Strong… very strong, I need to rid it of its flight to take it down”
A Thought that was easier to conceive than execute as he seeked refuge behind one of the giant debris, the predatory bird had flown up again to set up another attack and its speed was no joke, Rèzîlyènt had to do something about it.
Rèzîlyènt puckered his mouth as it became more and more dry, that was the least of his concerns at the moment though, he had created his bow once a again and a soon as it looked like the bird was about to attack he side stepped as he shot it while the attack pierced its it continued to fly as if nothing had gone through, in fact if it had felt pain it would be oblivious to anyone at that very moment.
The Bird in air locked on its target again as he shot out flames again. He decided to try out the little trick he had seen his superior do about a while ago, the created a Rieshi string and attached it to his arrow, but added his own little variation to it by clipping his string to the ground close to the debris he hid behind. He had made sure to have enforced and re-enforced the Rieshi on both the string and the arrow, an act that felt very easy to do. The bird had taken to the skies to look for its prey and leaving it out in the open but one could easily guess that it would not have any care about that, Rèzîlyènt observed and found his arrow still at its belly.
“It’s a pretty tough one” he said to himself as he let out a little chuckle “It has an arrow and can still fly so well, not a sign of discomfort” , the toughness of this opponent seem to have intrigued him.
He readied himself as he called for the attention of the bird,
On notice it flew towards the direction of the sound as it deduced that would be where his opponent was, without need to aim much Rèzîlyènt shot at the bird again striking it at its neck, he did this while he dashed out of the landing point of the bird. He hid to observe how his plan went, he smiled to have succeeded at getting the bird down
The bird would try to fly but would only get pulled back to the ground, he repeated the process again as to be fully assured that his flying friend would leave him shocked, with two arrows in place the bird couldn’t lift itself above 10 feet from the ground.
The bird then stood and Gave the loudest scream The Quincy had heard from it, almost as if to signify that this fight was very far from over. Rèzîlyènt Chuckled again out of intrigue, it made him notice how that his mouth had gotten drier than before.
“Guess the water world would have left its mark on me though it would be good to get some water though” he thought to himself.
He was about to get blasted out of his thoughts as he saw the rush of flames coming towards him, he dashed to his side as the flames followed him, it poured on his trail as he continued to evade the attack. The bird of prey refused to stay dormant and it continued to Wriggle and struggle to get out of its shackle. Seeing that it was working, the Quincy had to do something about his giant bird friend.
He formed to of his arrows once again as he took aim.
‘Slit’ was the sound heard as both pierced through the eyes of the Avian predator.
“SkwaaaAAA!!!!!” It scream immediately in pure agony, expressing that it was going through severe excruciation. There was blood, or what ever the red substance that was oozing out of its eye where, reaching the ground painting it redder than before. “Incredible” uttered the golden eyed quincy as he saw the blood of the bird steaming up the ground, he created a reishi cup and scooped some from afar then placed it inside the potion jar from before.
Though he didn’t know if the jar could contain it he also remembered that the jar survived being under water and electro magnetic attackes by the kraken so it was worth a try. It worked. Now looking at it up close it had a bright red color to it and a radiant glow.
“I wonder if our research team can use this, wait do we even have a research team?” Rèzîlyènt wondered.
“KWaaaaAA!” the bird cried out once again, and now Rèzîlyènt began to question, if the bird had faced anything like him before if it had simply just dominated the area and all its opponents that had faced it, he was trying to gauge the power level of everything around.
Rèzîlyènt had resolved to walking away, he didn’t want to kill the bird seeing that it posed no real threat to him right now and also for the fact that he doesn’t know for sure if it’s a Phoenix or not, after all he had seen, nothing seemed impossible. As he walked away Rèzîlyènt decided to open the scroll to read, deciding to go against walking in blindly, thinking of how dumb it would be to do so.
Rèzîlyènt’s eyes widened as he read ‘Tharrans are 4 ft quadrupedal monsters lacking any visible eyes or eye socket but possessing huge talons and teeth which can easily slice through metals. Their muscular build varies by gender and age but are usually enhanced with combustion abilities, setting ablaze almost anything they make contact with. They are creatures that draw strength from any source of heat which in turn increases their physical parameters and also enhances their perception. Placed to torment, brutalize, get rid of weak souls'
It mean that his giant friend wasn’t down for the count and there were others around like it.
Another thing caught his eye as the paper burnt once again.
A soul can only be set free if and only when the Keeper of Zygantre is defeated and the red gem on the top of his staff is used to make a wish, of which only one wish can be granted to whoever is in possession of the gem. A 7 ft celestial being named 'Arkchael' who sits in the angry clouds watching over the vast realm, overseeing the activities that transpire therein.’
“What did that mean? that I would have to fight a celestial bieng? And was it only one wish that could be granted or on wish person? What were the limits to this wish?”
Aside from those pressing issues there were two things that caught his eye, ‘Purgatory', a spiritual kind of Limbo that helped him confirm that there was a heaven and a hell and the dehydration, that explained the dryness in his mouth, and it was going to get much, much worse.
“Purgatory?..... If this if the waiting room, then how the fuck is the treatment in hell? Damn, there are scary people and places to be explored” he said with genuine curiosity in his eyes.
He had made his resolve to leave, there is a certain kind of satisfaction that comes with knowing or grasping a bit of understanding about a situation, especially when it was his own. But something bothered him, there was no direction given nor headway or hint And he sure as hell didn’t want to get tagged by one of the roaming tharrans as they were called here coming for him, no that would be all kinds of disturbing and tiring.
Would the staff be at the center of this realm again? Or the skies since the celestial being is supposed to be there? If so then how do we get to the sky? Is there a tower? Hehehe Tower of God. But seriously though if there was wouldn’t it be written? “ Thought continued to jumble around Rèzîlyènt's mind.
“Well this is a challenge” He told himself. He picked up his act and looked up. He decided to follow Hus stealth training as he approached the city, from a far it had an old township feel to it, as he drew nearer he noticed that it bad roads and routes, either with pot holes it cracks, it even has incomplete tarring, since the tarred road ended in some places, with a lot of buildings around and like the shops, they were all misplaced either they where in a wrong place or they were too many in one place, the gutters where dry but they were filled with garbage and bones, there were random vehicles around, all broken down, everything was colored red and yellow. It reminded him of a town in a country called Nigeria except for some minor differences, the south of it that is, he had been there once before he became a Quincy, the people there are masters of the dark arts and other things of that like. They were relatively underdeveloped for a people or at least compared to Countries in the western or Eastern world.
There wasn’t really sign of personel being there, whether friend or for, Tharran or soul awaiting judgement, the place seemed quiet. He quickly moved into the town still trying to keep his presence relatively Unknown, though he knew that wouldn’t last long his lack of a medallion made him a living beacon, monsters would be drawn to him, monsters of the highest caliber at that. He knew he needed to get out of there, not just the town but the district, but he was looking for someone, he had hoped to find his Superior or something that would at least aid him, Upon reaching the town he resolved that moving from building to building would be his plan of movement to avoid further dehydration and see if he can get any supplies.
He continued to moved when he felt something, a different wave of energy or rather Aura he had never felt before.
“This doesn’t belong here” he thought to himself.
The Aura seemed troubled but was trying to calm itself. Clearly furious but was trying to exercise Patience and caution. In fact the faintness of it would tell Rèzîlyènt that the source of it wanted to his, only those with high level of awareness would notice.
“Hmm, it could be friend or foe though, do I take the chances?..... Then again I don’t really have a choice, tho I don’t think I can take another fight though, not without using the second potion” Thoughts that floated into his head as he stood to contemplate his chances.
“Ah well, that’s a risk I’ll have to take” he finalised
He streamlined to find the source of the aura in the building two blocks away, preparing himself for a fight if things where to go side ways when he got there, but upon his arrival he found himself in a situation he couldn’t have prepared for. He saw a beauty like none he had encountered before.
Though she was sitting down with her eyes closed Rèzîlyènt could see her face, the rugged look of her hair took nothing away from he beauty as he could see her oval shaped face and her milky white skin looked well taken care of. Her slim build was also noticeable. Not to mention a style of toga he had never seen before. She had boots to match too but everything was In rough shape like she had been fighting, then he considered that maybe she also came from another district and considering the struggles he faced its no surprise her clothes are in this shape, before he could make up his mind to approach the maiden he got shot in the face.
“The Fu-!!!!” he exclaimed…
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I sincerely apologise for the delay in reply, please.

Minutes passed and gradually over an hour went by. During the period, Ethririel finally managed to synchronise her system with the environment so that even as she sweated, she felt moderately comfortable in yet compared to when she first regained consciousness. At the moment, she felt it was time enough for her to get back into the streets.

Probably because she was trying to fuse with the environment and was succeeding, none of the Tharrans came in to bother her even though she heard them earlier seemingly searching for her. Recently, she had not heard any of prowling noises and was beginning to accept that perhaps she was the only living being in the block. That conviction lasted for only a short time as Forest Heart alerted her at the same time Stellar Glare attacked in the direction of whatever caused the former to react.

Ethririel heard the scream and broke out of her meditation with a crease between her brows. Immediately as her eyes snapped open, she already unsheathed her zanpakutō with a clear ring of steel being drawn and already poised herself to follow up on the Stellar Glare’s first shot even as she reflexively used the device to release about a dozen more thin beams of compressed energy at the intruder.

It was however, in surprise that she paused when she saw that it was no Tharran but an actual person. His white hair stood out first before her eyes as she confirmed that he truly not one of the monsters against whom she was contesting. Most likely, another individual captured and placed in this hellhole.

That does raise the question on if he’s an enemy or not though…

“If you take another step or make an unnecessary move, I will attack you,” Ethririel said even though she already did attack him with her device. As she spoke, Ethririel held her zanpakutō in her left hand and its sheathe in her right hand while above her head, Stellar Glare hummed in readiness to unleash another volley.
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The attack wasn’t strong enough to hurt the White haired man, it was the shock that came with it, he had thought that a tharran had gotten in while he was gazing at the beauty of the woman in front of him, he should have at least sensed it and what he see’s next explains why, it was an orb of some sort and the fact that it hadn’t attacked for the second time already was quite troubling.
“If you take another step or make an unnecessary move, I will attack you,” he heard a from a feminine voice.
He notice it was from the girl he had been observing from before and she was already in a battle stance, Sword in one hand, Scabbard in the other.
“Aye, Chill Chill, let’s not get all riled up” trying to calm the Lady in front of him.
“Nice orb you’ve got there, where did you get it? Is there light a department store I can get one of those?” he said trying to break the very thick ice and ease tension.
Um, I don’t know if you are here on the same circumstances that I am, My Name is Rèzîlyènt, Rèzîlyènt Fluer de Dragon by the way and I didn’t mean to Interrupt your….. What ever you were doing but you don’t seem to be mindless or full of killing intent, I was hoping we could come to an understanding” Rèzîlyènt explained to her, he may have not known her for long but her stance left little to no openings, she was an experienced fighter and if things were to go side ways he would have to battle for his life once again and he had already done that a couple of times before now, he certainly did not want to turn that into a habit.
He observed around to see if the Lady had anymore tricks up her sleeves, while the previous attack of orb didn’t cause him any actual harm he didn’t know if it had any higher level attacks that would cause more damage, he could also tell that there was another device around though he didn’t know what that one does. He immediately went into his minds hive again, multitasking, on how the scene was if a battle was to burst out, a small room with little openings in the middle of a town filled with tharrans a battle now would definitely call attention and they would definitely be swarmed in a matter of moments, he hoped that his counter part would atleast have thought of that.
And In a situation where she didn’t he thought of the strategies to pull, she was using a sword “Close combatant” he thought to himself
I could fight her long range though but I don’t know her abilities, and she really looks like a fighter, her stance screams experience “ he realized that he didn’t want a fight. All these where in his line of thought as he waited for her to respond
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A high wind, laden with ash and charred debris, swept across the ravaged landscape with a tremulous roar that rose and fell by the whim of whatever primeval evil ruled over this hellish plane. The wind stung, though Kara imagined it would feel much worse for any whose bodies were not as tempered as her's was by design.

Kara stood against the misshapen remains of a telephone booth, back pressed against the booth's rear. Her eyes scanned the area, which was a large plaza bordered by the smoking husks of what may have been high-rises of concrete and glass. Large debris driven by the hot wind scraped and rolled across the rotted concrete of the plaza, their grating noise mingling with the roar of the wind and the snarl of flames to create a nerve-wracking din.

Kara was thankful for the headdress she'd put together earlier. As strong as her body was against the raging heat, the acrid fumes and smoke would be a problem if inhaled excessively. It was difficult to train the insides as well as the outsides, after all.

Even as her eyes probed her surroundings, Kara's spirit senses continued to track the malevolent auras she'd perceived earlier, as well those of the other three spirits she'd picked up on. Two had converged, whilst the third- which she was certain belonged to the 13th division Captain- had engaged the evil auras, wiped them out, and moved on. Her fellow participants in whatever twisted spectator game this was had already gotten about the business of survival.

Kara ran a hand over her left side, feeling the strange items she'd stashed in her garments. A scroll, a medallion, and a container filled with an unknown substance. Given to her by whoever was pulling the strings? Most likely. Kara felt whoever was moving the pieces on this cursed chess board had to possess god-like powers, perhaps the ability to manipulate reality. She knew of some entities capable of this feat, but doubted any of them were involved in this.

Suddenly Kara became aware of several of the evil auras approaching. She quickly maneuvered into the bent up booth and crouched low. Unlike most spiritual creatures, Kara did not have to bother suppressing her reiatsu. She only needed to focus on the spirit pressures of the approaching creatures.

Kara sensed an almost bottomless evil in them. She'd never felt anything so absolutely dark and cold. How did a soul become this way? Kara's eyes swept over the desolate realm around her and she immediately understood. To be born into a world as endlessly forlorn and tortuous as this, to know nothing but torment and darkness from the very first spark of one's soul ... For a moment, Kara was consumed by pity and despair, but slowly reclaimed her mind. Feeling so deeply, as she did, sometimes came with too high a cost. Looking too deep into an abyss, one could get swallowed whole.

The creatures entered into Kara's field of view. They were dark-skinned and feral, with long, razor-sharp claws and glistening rows of sharp teeth. Six of them there were, shuffling and stalking, snarling and growling as they moved across the plaza in a manner reminiscent of wolves. Kara realized they were pack animal- hounds of hell, as it were. Perhaps the beasts who tormented souls unlucky to find themselves in this cursed realm, though Kara had yet to sense or see any such unfortunate soul besides herself and the three others.

As Kara, unseen, watched the creatures' progress across the plaza, a plan began to form in her mind. It would require speed and silence. A good thing then, Kara thought, that she was Captain of the division priding itself on just those two virtues.

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@Nilgathor , @Zxanders20, and @Fluxarc. As authorized by Phantom-T I am here to inform you that the first and last sections of my posts have the risk of affecting your characters. You all have the options to allow the described effects take place, or you may power through them if you wish.

Also please be advised that, Emi, in her current state is and will be a threat to anyone and everyone in this district and will attack indiscriminately and without restrictions. Perhaps a team up of sorts will occur / be necessary.

Also, I have received provisional clearance to use my Zanpakutou in addition to the changes outlined in this post, for the purposes of this event and the changes my character is presently undergoing.

Best of luck to you all in these dark and trying times. Let us hope the black beast doesn’t catch you.
Blackfall | Blackout | Blacksphere

For a while it seemed as if the storm was settling down but beneath the surface things were getting much, much worse. With each step the malignity radiating from her intensified and was rapidly reaching the point of becoming palpable. As time went on, the tharran on her shoulders grew more and more restless. At first it whined and moaned from the pain, but soon it’s whines became whimpers born out of fear.

Emi wasn’t just changing, at least not anymore. For anyone observing, or at the very least to the wounded tharran on her back, Emi wasn’t even Emi anymore. With things becoming more and more grim with the passing second, the reiatsu twisting; churning; spiraling into a new and wicked beast of its own, she couldn’t still be Emi. Was this pressure, this foul, spiteful, hateful, vomit-inducing miasma even reiatsu anymore? The overwhelming malice and ill intent emanating from the very core of her soul screamed, no howled, that Emi was dead and had been for a very long time.

With the woman dead, what manner of wicked creature happened to crawl into the husk she left behind? Where did she go? What sort of havoc would this unidentified being unleash upon the world and all those that inhabited it? It was hard to tell where exactly this whole situation was going. On the surface it seemed much too soon, but zooming out to explore things on a macro level, the warning signs were as clear and as bleak as ever. With a mass of dark energy forming an ominous cloud high above her head, something catastrophic was looming.

After having been left unchecked for so long and worsened by the negative emotion, Emi’s remnant reiatsu was allowed to collect and fester. It twisted, turned, coiled like a snake through grass and the clouds before the hurricane. With each step the fledgling maelstrom gained both life and energy.

Before long, black wisp-like orbs of smoke began to race towards the ever growing smog en masse. For miles on end, it would appear as if thousands, tens of thousands of souls marched towards their collectives dooms. Swallowed, consumed, drowned in the tempest. Minutes passed and then the whole of the sky turned dark.

Unable to bear the weight of her nigh incomprehensible power it began to fall from the sky. However contrary to expectations set by the clouds above, the vestiges of her unrestrained spirit came gently falling to the grounds like snow or like ash following a massive wildfire. Strangely it was as beautiful as it was haunting, but the beauty wouldn’t last long too long before the unavoidable darkness of it all became the prevailing force.

Initial exposure to the black snow would come off as unsettling. Extended exposure would then lead to an increased anxiety which would then morph into a sense of dread. By the end it would feel as if all the fears and nightmares the mind, heart, and soul kept locked away would all spontaneously manifest and seek overthrow their captors in the most violent of manners.

The now rampant power would move through the land, the bodies, and souls like an invader looking to conquer foreign lands. It would find their weaknesses and slowly pick, pick, pick, and pick at them until the incessant nagging became unbearable to the point where fighting back seemed to be the only option. In response it would back off momentarily before jumping back with more vim and vigor than what many would find feasibly possible for a force seemingly devoid of sentience.

With time and exposure the oppressive nature of Emi’s flood of reiatsu would grow to feel more so. While it wouldn’t come to harm those exposed to it, the tyrants will would bear down on them. It would raise its cold fingers to their neck and clasp firmly. Not enough to strangle them, but to stifle their breath just enough trick the mind into a panic. Then finally, once the strain of it all became to be too much bear the faceless force would take on an identity. As if speaking directly to the mind itself, countless voices, all expressing their unfathomable discontent, anguish, hatred, and sorrow. It would become a deafening cacophony of suffering worse than the moans and howls of those fated to burn in hell.

This feeling, this noise would burrow into them. Seeking to strip away any sense of comfort, to kill any memories of happiness and joy, to fill and infect their very being with the utmost sense of nihilism. It would seek to convince them that were worthless and small. Unclean, unloved, unwanted. It would seek to rob them of their very will to live, to breath, to exist as it dug deeper and deeper into their body and soul. It would show them the horrific images of crimes committed by man and mankind. The types of things that would make even the heartless sick to their stomachs.

That night, all those years ago this was what the former Vice-captain of the Seventh experienced the night Emi’s father was murdered. Now, as the titanic power Emi possessed was beyond her control, that disease, that dark entity’s will was allowed to spread through every last corner of the ruined city. Without question all would know that that malignant force was alive and was present only to make those around it hate anything and everything they could, and to forsake theirselves in the process. To trick them in to believing their own erasure was the only way out.

This feeling, this depression Emi’s reiatsu sought to force upon everything would feel like it persisted for centuries when it actuality only a second would pass. In the next moment, the mass of negativity would collapse upon itself and become a singularity of malfeasance that shot down at Emi like a bolt of lightning. This backlash of spiritual negativity was calamitous. In an instant a portion of the city around her equivalent of several blocks was blown away entirely, reducing it all to nothing but a crater and dust.

The event would cause a short-lived but fairly intense earthquake strong enough to potentially make those that felt it stumble and loose their footing. On the upside however, the sudden jolt would likely shake them free of whatever grip of despair Emi’s reiatsu would’ve had on them if it was able to take hold. But at the same time it wouldn’t come with the realization that something truly terrible was happening and Emi existed at the center of it all. Perhaps in the end, she was the realest threat roaming these lands.

Left behind at the epicenter of the blast was a massive black orb of reiatsu, smoke, and what appeared to be an army of souls forgotten, and souls blackened by the same kinds of feelings that Emi felt. Souls that, despite their grief, weren’t able to become hollow. Rather than eroding, their chains were tempered by their emotions and soon the strengthened chains acted like anchors that bound them where they stood. Instead of becoming hollow and passing on into Hueco Mundo, or being purified by Shinigami, these souls lingered indefinitely, plagued by whatever grudges they held.

These Jibakurei, as they were known had somehow been stripped away from where they laid in unrest and compulsorily made to gather around where Emi was stricken by the backlash. It was the perfect storm waiting to happen. This once sprawling city turned wasteland was the perfect home for souls that bore a grudge, and it was clearly a place not seen or simply forgotten by Shinigami. The hatred they must’ve held, the regret, the sorrow, all of it. For how long would they all have been left here to sit in their own filth of malcontent? And now, clearly responding to whatever happening was happening with Emi they made their new home within blacksphere.

Banished | Brainwashed | Beckoned

Inside the sphere was serene. Like the eye of the storm, a weird calm was allowed to thrive amidst a tempest of despair. Emu lied there, unconscious and unaware of the devastation and the uproarious concert of spirits gathered around here at a few paces distance. This sleep, this ignorance to the situation and how it had declined was perhaps solace being bestowed upon her.

Moments following the blast she awakened to find herself within the confines of her Zanpakutou’s inner world. A simple place. An old Japanese style mansion, with a small garden, koi pond, and stone walkway. Standing at the base of the steps leading up to the mansion’s entrance was Reijin who bore a stern, yet solemn look. The old man spoke.

“My dear child, my apologies. As a guide, mentor, master, and worst of all, as a friend I have failed you.”

The elder man began kneeling down in preparation to bow before Emi and fully express his disappointment with himself, but the woman stopped him before he could finish. Helping him back up, Emi muttered to him remorsefully.

“No, Master Reijin, this is my fault. I lost control of myself. After all these years of keeping that part of me locked away I just couldn’t handle myself anymore. I don’t deserve your apologies, let alone your respect. Especially not after all I’ve done.”

“You’re wrong. Men judge. God judges. A blade does not. I was created for war. I live as a sword does. I kill. It is why I even exist. A blade does not judge, it simply cuts what lies ahead of it. For good, or for ill, the blade does not judge. You make of it what you must.” He retorted, and his words, though dry and as cold as they came off, it was comforting to her. He was right. Why would he care? No matter how you looked at it, Reijin was ultimately a weapon, his very existence was a manifestation of conflict. Whether it was to create it or to end it, war and battle was always the most of what Reijin would be.

“I-I understand, but... what’s happening? I remember blacking out in the desert and now suddenly I’m here. Worse, I can’t feel my body or even wake up.”

Reijin looked down, his regret hadn’t diminished even though Emi appeared receptive of his apology. The impression he gave signaled to Emi that he was either truly responsible, or at least believed that he was to the point that his soul screamed out in repentance for its misdeeds. Emi leaned in attempts to console the elder man, but he put up his hand to deny her and stepped back. Reijin looked away and spoke in a sullen tone.

“This, this has only happened once before. That night your father died, your powers manifested in the most wicked of ways. You were never able to realize it after all this time as I’ve regrettably decided to suppress your power and hide it from you, but it seem I can no longer.

Your reiatsu, when you suffer enough emotional distress leans towards a darker affinity. With my power to amplify the fundamentals all things and draw power from that, we had inadvertently created a perfect storm of despair. However back during that night your power was still weak, unable to take the wretched shape it has now. By amplify the fundamentals of what a Shinigami is, and having that influenced by the darkness within your heart we forcibly drew malevolent souls into your being.”

Emi stared at him blankly. She had only partially understood what he was saying at the moment because it was to her understanding Reijin’s power only oversaw the fundamentals of swordsmanship and the blade itself. Now, having mentioned that this power extends to the Shinigami was perplexing. What exactly did that mean? How was this power even able to draw in malevolent souls in the way that he described, none existed in Soul Society at the time of the incident, and any such souls would’ve been bound to the world of the living, or Hueco Mundo.

“Your confusion and curiosity are louder than your voice. It is from those feelings that my regret is born. When we first met, I’ve instructed you that the truth of my power is to draw strength from the fundamentals of swordsmanship. It was through the use of the various core stances that you were able to call upon the greater extent of the power I lend to you. Then, as your Bankai awakened, I instructed that the fundamentals of the blade can be used to your advantage, and this Zanpakutou no Jinpou was bestowed upon you. However you failed to realize the other part of my power, the power to draw strength of souls long passed.

You had always assumed this was a result of my name and it’s literal meaning as Spirit Blade. However, this was a mistake. The crux of my power, our— no, your power is the power of the Shinigami itself. You, as extensions of the Soul King’s will, Shinigami guide the dead through the afterlife. This power you wield, extends this right to a greater degree than capable otherwise. With it, you may guide the souls towards your blade and from it gain the will and strength from the souls you e beseeched.”

Reijin turned back to face Emi and stared forward at her with a stern, yet remorseful face.

“This power... Having erred on the side of foolishness, this power that I kept hidden from you has lead to this calamity. You see, rather than guiding these souls unto your blade, they were instead taken into your body. Your mind, no... your soul has been pushed aside. Imagine that your voice emits a harmonious tone which resonates loud and clear. As a result of my blunder, the sound of your soul has been drowned out by the countless screams of sorrow and suffering the souls you invited.”

Emi nodded. She did her best not to speak, for fear of upsetting Reijin further. She didn’t quite agree that losing her body to veritable army of evil souls was his doing, but arguing that point wouldn’t exactly solve the issue either. Instead she looked forward to the future and inquired about how to set things right.

“I-I understand but what’s done is done. The only thing changing that now is how we act from here on. Master, please teach me this ability. How to control it, how to wield it properly. Help me reclaim my body so that we may finally end this nightmare.”

Reijin grumbled under his breath, his unsubtle reluctance spoke volumes of the situation and its severity. Something was wrong.

“Ahead of you lies the most difficult thing you will have ever done. The reason why I’ve kept this from you for so long... why I never intended to tell you about this power is... You. Emi, you never once saw me for who I truly was. It hurts how you never realized it, and it hurts all the more that I must tell you in this way. Regrettable as it is, that selfsame power you seek to gain control of, was something you’ve held from the very beginning.

Emi, your love... no... your yearning for your lost father drew his soul back to you. I... I am him. Idealized and allowed to live on as part of your soul for eternity as Reijin. You guided his spirit to mine and thus we have merged.

Though I have adopted this mimicry of his visage, your father’s soul slumbers within my breast. He awaits for you to guide him from this sleep, but to do so means allowing yourself to be lost in your desires and closing yourself off to me as I truly am. Emi, you will have to choose. Set your father free from this prison, or forsake me in exchange for his return. Though... in doing so, losing me also means loosing your mind and your body to those souls you’ve invited in.

Emi... my sweet little sparrow. You will have to let your father truly die. Plunge your into my chest and set him free... or... take my head and allow him to wake from his endless dream. You have to decide, forgive me for allowing it all to end like this.”

The tears streamed down her face. The ultimatum presented to her was beyond her capacity to accept. To think that the one thing she had wanted this whole time was right there in front of her but she had been blind to it after all these years. Then it hit her, the resemblance. She could see the two standing side by side.

Reijin was in fact her father, though the rose-tinted glasses version of him. Reijin’s head of hair was fuller, cleaner, and less dingy and gray than her fathers was. He lacked the distinct slouch her father had developed from the years of bending over an anvil. His skin was smoother, tighter, and glowed even. Her father was wrinkled and sagging from the old age and constant working, often without adequate sleep. The dark circles around her fathers eyes seemed as permanently fixed as the bags. His teeth were worn and jagged, and his facial hair was spotty from the combination of burns he’s received from bits of molten metal or hot oil, and simply being unkempt in his old age.

Now, being left to decide between the man she’d loved her whole life, someone who was taken far too soon, and herself. The choice was obvious too her. Gotei could replace Emi. Powerful or not, someone strong would be born eventually if they didn’t already exist. Someone would be just as capable and dedicated to bettering the world of the loving just as much as the world of the dead as she was. This place her now rogue body had been dragged to was doomed already. Allowing it to run rampant bore no real threats to anyone or anything except the monsters that thrived there. And if, or possibly when that was no longer a reality, Gotei would notice the threat her lost body had become and would put and end to her.

This sacrifice was all too easy to make. To suddenly have the opportunity to reclaim all the years with her father that she had lost, it was far too easy. And, for as much as she respected, no, loved Reijin, he could never match up to Emi’s father.

Her mind was made, and Reijin could see that. He wasn’t mad that she made the choice that she did, he wasn’t disappointed either. In fact, he knew from the very start that she would have reached this very conclusion. Somewhere, deep inside himself he was proud that she did. To, without hesitation or consideration, kill her father all over again would’ve been the sign that Emi was truly lost to her violent tendencies. The fact that she would choose him of Reijin was sign that she was still very much human at the core. That lack of true wickedness was as profound and as beautiful as the spring mornings of Mt. Fuji.

Reijin couldn’t help but shed a tear. Not because of his pride in Emi for hanging on to her humanity, nor was it because of the fact that he knew what her choice was. In the end, it was because he knew he could never allow her to make that choice. He knew that he would have to raise his blade against someone he loved and respected just as much as she did him. One he watched, guided, taught, and so much more over the years, would soon have to not only face the wrath of his blade but to have her heart torn asunder once more.

The elder Zanpakutou fought back his urge to weep, knowing full well of the catastrophic consequences his actions would bear. Reijin, drew his blade and readied it, much to Emi surprise and dismay. Her face scrunched you and was filled with sorrow, anger, and confusion at the choice Reijin was now forcing her to make. She wanted him to simply stand down and let things be the way they were meant to be in her eyes, but forcing a fight out of this was despicable.

Emi drew her blade in response and cried out with the force of decades worth of pent up emotions behind her. The sound was gut wrenching, but understandable. Never in her life was she able to truly express those bottled up feeling and now that she was finally able to set them free, the circumstances were the absolute worst ones possible. No matter which way this went, it would not end pretty.

Ethereal Locus Capter I:
Berserked Beast’s Bellow

Outside of Emi’s mindscape the madness continued. The black orb of malevolent souls has begun to recede rapidly. Moments later it had vanished entirely to reveal Emi, or rather the hijacked body standing as fine and fit as ever. Thiugh, the same could not be said for her tharran companion, which was reduced to a bloody pulp, flattened by the enormous weight of Emi’s reiatsu collapsing in on itself.

Aside from her body’s apparent fitness her eyes and especially the sword in her hand had turned as pitch black as the infinite void is space. Both, emitted a thick black fog of sheer and overwhelming rancor, signs of having somehow absorbed the immeasurable spite contained within the black sphere. Now, occupying this suddenly vacant space were thousands of souls left to steep in their own discontent for an innumerable amount of time, the soul were given free reign to act upon their unanswered, unheard, and unrecognized animosity.

With this much enmity condensed into one singular location couldn’t possibly avoid bear the excessively sinister effects that were presenting themselves. As such, everyone and everything thing would know their collective hatred, and would feeling it nipping at them either in the back or at the forefront of their minds. They would know that this hatred, while not directly meant for them, would be directed towards them without restraint or restrictions. It would devour them, if allowed, and spit them back out for the process to begin anew.

And so the prelude to the slaughter reached its climax with a roar backed by the unbridled bitterness of a thousand thousand souls capable of spanning the entirety of the district at large.
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One who calls upon the ocean never expects the tsunami.
For beckoning the rains, also tempts the hurricane.
When simple kindling begs the wildfire,
A furious inferno to devour the lands.
And to say a prayer is to provoke the wrath of God.
Know ye not your foolishness?

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Yeah right, Ethririel scoffed in disdain at the man’s effort to placate her. It sounded exactly like the kind of words a sly opponent would employ if he wanted her guard to drop somewhat before sneak attacking her. In response, she maintained her stance and only the small curve at the corner of her mouth indicated what she felt about his attempt.

His remark about her device made her eyes twitch and rendered her momentarily speechless before a light chuckle bubbled from within her throat. ”If there was such a store you’d be late to the sales because I would have emptied it and armed myself with an armada of them to deal with the Tharrans. It would desperately save up on my energy.”

Despite the seemingly light-hearted reply to him, Ethririel still did not relax her posture even when he took the initiative to introduce himself and had the gentlemanly decency not to insist that she told him hers. Ethririel however, kept quiet while she speedily thought through the pros and cons of the situation. As he appeared before her, it was almost impossible to glean how strong he was, but the mere fact that he made it to this district from whatever district he first found himself in—if his situation was anything like hers—said enough about his abilities in general.

There was no denying it; this human was strong. If she took his quincy status into account—for she could sense that fact from his barely emitted spiritual energy—then it became even more worrisome if he were a traditional quincy who battled best from a distance. While Ethririel was confident of meeting any foe in close range, save for the rare freaks of nature, dealing with someone who would fight from a distance would be migraine inducing for her. It was one of those moments she wished her fellow triplet sister had switched abilities with her. This was considering that Gwilwileth thrived against such opponents.

Nevertheless, if he was sincere about his words, Ethririel felt it would be good to have someone watch her back if she was going to fight against massive hordes of Tharrans. If he was going to backstab her, two outcomes existed; she died or he’ll wish his parents had controlled their urges those many nights ago when they conceived him.

Ethririel's deliberation lasted for some mere two seconds before she finally replied. “Well then, Rèzîlyènt -kun, what sort of understanding do you…” She froze with a frown and her gaze drifted off in thought as her brown eyes lost focus before she zeroed in back on the quincy. “Do you…” Ethririel raised the hand that held her sheathe, indicating with the index finger pointing up at the ceiling. “…sense that?”

Without waiting for his response, especially because the ominous feeling her intuition suggested kept growing and causing her heart rate beneath her breasts to rise, Ethririel dashed upstairs, flying past the rows of stairs until she punched through the ceiling of the fourth floor to jump out on the roof. The confusion on her face retreated, leaving only a stunned expression.

Among her strengths, Ethririel knew sensing spiritual energy beyond her immediate surroundings was not one of them. However, despite that fact, she could sense this one clearly. Even if she couldn’t, her eyes could see the consequences even more clearly in the distance. The burning skies gradually disappeared, displaced by an ever-increasing dark storm of appalling malevolence. Within the storm, Ethririel could only sense an immeasurable, baleful energy that filled the skies and dominated this hell they currently inhabited.

The spitefulness of the storm intensified upon throngs of black orbs ascending like an unholy ascension of antichrists like those that she had read about in a mission with her siblings to the human world. Ethririel felt her soul shudder in her being and horror crept into her eyes as a realization struck her.

“Souls…” She murmured in disbelief. “Those rising balls are friggin’ souls! Blessed demons… what is happening?”

The vortex of vileness consumed the black souls greedily, strengthening itself and expanding further until the entire skies, for miles on end, as far as her eyes could see, only reflected the darkness of the vindictive intent contained in the storm. The heat that previously reigned supreme gave way under the might of the heavy skies as it began to snow black drifting particles. Serene as it appeared after the build-up that led to its formation, the melancholy the descending black snow possessed frightened Ethririel in its portentous nature more than the army of souls did earlier.

Whatever made up the black snow, Ethririel did not intend to willingly let herself get exposed to it. Quickly she stepped back and dropped through the hole from whence she had climbed to the roof, all the while keeping a mental check on the quincy as she once again arrived at the ground floor. As she saw it, four floors of defence between her and the dark downfall should suffice to provide some measure of defence against whatever effects they brought with them, while she could safely look out the door and windows on this floor to see the black snow’s effects on the inanimate environment.

Their world seemed to become silent.

The previously scorching breeze blowing about, froze. The wrecked vehicle from across the street from where bits broke off, no longer had broken bits as it froze. Even Ethririel watching the whole scenario seemed frozen as the black snow unceasingly fell down. In those instants, it was as though everything in the surrounding—save for the drifting black snow—had gone still. But Ethririel knew very well that this wasn’t the case. It was the calm before the storm.

“This is…” Ethririel’s awareness was at its highest alertness and she mentally began thinking of possible defence from almost anything possible, seeing that the recent signs foretold that direct contact with the falling blackness was not necessary to fall under its effects. She never made it far in dredging up those defences though.

An incomparably powerful force instantly descended; an agglomeration of impacts amassed from throngs of darkness now haunting for victims. The force that gripped Ethririel caused her shake violently like a leaf caught amidst a blizzard with power enough to nearly completely suppress her. She felt like a sparrow in a massive hurricane, abandoned to the mercy of wherever the winds threw her regardless of how energetically she flapped her wings. The surge of power mentally assaulting her was that immense.

Depression consumed her thoughts, flashes of her days after awakening from coma and realizing what she had lost. The despair Ethririel felt then resurfaced, albeit more viciously than she remembered, and in anguish, the shinigami woman howled out loud. Her eyes flashed red as a sorrow so heart-breaking stabbed at her soul when the scene of that Bount’s sword piercing through her came up from the abyss she stored away her worst memories.

Before she could deal with the sorrow, anger replaced it as another memory escape its prison. This one showed Erynion’s torture and Gwilwileth’s rampage as the other triplets, for the first time in their lives, heard their brothers cry of torment…

Anguish took over. This time, the memory of their young lord losing an arm while fighting off the horde hell bent on capturing the group of four. Ethririel's anguish was because of how he had sealed the other two and teleported them with a forbidden spell and how he could have left with them but didn’t, instead, battling through to get to where she was stuck fending off the men who cut her off from the rest.

Choking helplessness raze her soul as the worst memory triumphantly resurfaced from the deepest trenches of her heart. His transformation and the falling of Lord Chain’s elders desperately trying to keep an unparalleled demon in check. As if it was happening all over again, Ethririel could once again feel the existence-shackling oppressiveness he emitted. She relived again how Velasco-nii went further than she had ever seen him as he tried to protect the triplets from their lord’s unbiased retaliation on every living creature.

No… no… not again… not this… please… STOP!

Her mind whirled about as these memories, among others, kept alternating among themselves with increasing vigour. Through it all, a small part of her mind told Ethririel she was under manipulation. Yet, she feelings, derived from her true experiences that spoke true about some of her worst fears and suspicions kept her from truly fighting back. Somehow, she felt it was her due punishment for being too weak to have allowed those events happened and thus, collapsed on the floor while clasping her head in her hands.

“No, this won’t do,” she cried softly to only her hearing and while still retaining a bit rationality, sent a thought with her mind and Stellar Glare shot a thin bolt of energy at her. In her defenceless state, the pain stung badly, but as she gritted her teeth while trying to act through the hurt, Ethririel managed to regain a bit more of herself and sat up, retaking her meditation pose of earlier that Rèzîlyènt interrupted.

Ethririel thus began a back and forth battle within, where the invading power tried to drag her down into despair and she struggled to hold on, never flinching on using Stellar Glare to attack her own body whenever the scales tried to tilt the other way. In this way, she fought until she destroyed the balance in what seemed like a long battle but took only a handful of seconds.

When she opened her eyes, it was moments before a shockwave passed through the land. Ethririel looked in the direction it came from and gloom settled in the pit of her stomach as she gave up caring about the consequences and retrieved the potion to drink. Could it be worse than the source of what just happened?

A burning sensation coursed through her body and itchiness spread through her wounds that rapidly healed and closed up after a painful minute. Ethririel did not mind it though, because her gaze never left the direction where the mass of vindictive intent gathered. If that was a fellow participant, then this whole survival game just got much troublesome than anticipated. If this was the ‘Arkchael’ dude the scroll spoke about, then it was good. Dealing with one king-class monster was better than dealing with two.
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Ethririel Quel'shu Pheles
-for when they cry peace and safety, sudden destruction will come
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Crouched inside the old burned out kiosk, Kara was ready to make her move on a pack of feral creatures- hellhounds, she called them- when suddenly a knot formed in her guts. Kara's head jerked upwards and to the right, in the direction of the familiar spiritual pressure of her fellow Goteijuusentai Captain, Akino Emi.

Earlier Kara had sensed the terrible despair radiating from Emi's reiatsu, and it had worried her. But then the matter of survival had taken precedence, and for some time Emi's darkening reiatsu had fallen away to the back of Kara's mind. But that had changed.

The darkness in Emi's soul that Kara had sensed only moments after entering this cursed firepit of a realm had deepened and metastasized, its malevolence now a mind-rending shriek where once it had been a low rumble. Kara could feel the darkness' evil intent reflected in her own soul, like a bloody blade slowly pushing up into her beating heart, like a nightmarish whisper behind her every thought, its words horrifyingly clear,


Kara, whose advanced reikaku senken- the ability to see into the essences of spiritual beings like herself- left her with a sometimes overwhelming empathy, felt a tremor course through her spirit, and a sharp pain in her chest. She hunched forward, eyes shutting, teeth pressed together.

Captain Emi ... This darkness ... How do you bear it ... How has it lived within you ... and why, now, does it consume you so completely ...?

A sudden searing of intuition caused Kara's eyes to spring open, and she directed them outside the kiosk, at the pack of hellhounds. The hellish beasts had become overly agitated, snarling and snapping at one another, perhaps in response to the seething, darkening aura emanating from Emi. Kara became aware that the reddish glow in the air had dimmed, and she looked upwards. A black, seething energy had spread across the sky, its center roughly over the exact position from which Kara could feel Emi's corrupted energy. Kara realized that the energy in the sky was also Emi's.

Her corrupted aura is spreading as the darkness' hold on her soul strengthens.

Was Captain Emi resisting? Kara couldn't tell, and was about to increase her focus when an object flew past above the kiosk, in Emi's direction- a black, spherical, strangely immaterial mass. A second later another similar object sped past high in the air, and then another at ground level ... they kept coming, one after the other, and Kara soon realized they were-

... Spirits!

Kara had not perceived any soul besides those of her fellow combatants- Emi Akano, the Quincy, and the other Shinigami- the hellhounds, and the enigmatic presence above the red-tinged skies. So where had these come from? Seeing as how they were all gravitating towards Emi's dark and rampant lifeforce, Kara theorized that the spirits, previously inert, had been quickened by the corrupting touch of Emi's flailing reiatsu. Now infected with the same dark despair, the spirits- thralls of Emi's tainted soul- raced towards their master, and Kara could feel the restless, bitter rage within each black wisp as it was drawn towards Akano Emi's chaotic lifeforce.

When the stream of infected spirits ceased, the dark cloud above, heavy with malice, yielded its essence in the form of a strange shower of dark flakes, which fell through the air with an almost hypnotic slowness. Kara could sense the dense, pulsating malice within each flake- she could feel from each dark drop an overriding impetus to corrupt and consume. Kara understood instinctively that she must not make contact with the dark flakes, or they would infect her soul in the selfsame way the parent darkness was now infecting Captain Emi and the awakened wraiths of this hellish world.

Kara looked back at the hellhounds, and their behavior- erratic before- had worsened. One of the hellhounds descended on another in a bloody frenzy of teeth and claw. Soon all the creatures were at each other's throats, snarling and shrieking, biting and slashing. Limbs flew apart, and bodies fell lifeless. The last remaining of the creatures scampered away, whimpering in abject terror, vanishing into the shadows at the edge of the plaza, leaving trails of dark blood and echoes of agonized cries.

They were hit with the black rain. That creatures so twisted in spirit would be so completely undone ... What kind of darkness has taken you, Captain Emi ...?

Even at this distance, Kara could feel the center of dark power pulsating unsteadily, growing stronger and denser as the spirit thralls drew into a dense ring around it. And then, from the dark cloud above fell a black bolt of incredibly powerful reiatsu. With an earsplitting, bone-jarring bang it struck the dark power around Emi, and the explosive energies released ravaged several hundred kilometers around the impact point in a searing flash. The ground heaved madly, and Kara pressed her body to the wall of the kiosk, ducking her head as waves of mingled dirt, debris and dark energy thundered past her refuge.

It was almost a full minute before the rumbling and ground-shaking stopped. To Kara's great surprise, the kiosk had withstood the shock waves, though she supposed it had something to do with her own weight.

The entire area around her was shrouded in dust. With no creatures in sight, Kara rose and exited the kiosk, training her reiatsu perception on Emi. The energy around her had strangely stabilized, as though the events up until now had been some sort of formative process, and now it had achieved its true form. The energy Kara sensed now was even darker and deeper than before, with a demonic malevolence that seemed to reach out with gnarled, shadowy hands into every nook and cranny of the apocalyptic landscape around Kara.

The dust around Kara was thinning. She shut her eyes and focused more deeply on Emi, past the shell of seething madness. Into the core of the soul within ...

And Kara sensed it. Barely a flicker, but it was there. Captain Emi Akano's light endured, an unyielding wisp agaist a merciless and unrelenting darkness. And if that light remained, then the Captain could be saved.


Kara's eyes slowly opened. The dust was gone, the hellscape now visible again.

Save her?

Kara's brow furrowed slightly.

She is a comrade, and battling against a terrible enemy. Why wouldn't I save her?

Maybe because you are in a battle of your own. How long do you have in this realm? What other dangers lurk, that you would throw yourself into a battle not your own? Captain Emi's darkness quite possibly has festered for years, and now has overtaken her. It is her burden to bear, her battle to fight. You must pursue your own survival. Take your medallion, seek out the power above the clouds, escape this realm and make it back to Seireitei, which you have sworn to protect ...

Kara stood there, in the middle of the desolate plaza, surrounded by the empty husks of buildings, a critical decision in the balance as her thoughts sparred.

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Again at @Zxanders20, @Nilgathor, and @Fluxarc my post will apply directly to you. Less so than the previous post however. You’ll find the parts applicable to you all at the end.

And Z, since you slightly disrupted the post order you’ll have to contend with both my recent posts.
Ethereal Locus Chapter II:
Baby Steps

Emi’s possessed body moved forward several paces, stopped, then turned to the left and paced forward again but more slowly this time. The husk stopped again, seemingly frozen in thought, or in time, before turning in the opposite direction and sprinting off that way. This strange ritual of dashing off in anyway possible, only to turn back and start the process again without making any discernible progress carried for at least five minutes. And then it all came to a screeching halt.

After shambling and stumbling along desperately trying to find the right pace and path forward with each attempt having been done so in vain, the stolen body froze. In less than a blink, the invaded husk was suddenly unable to progress forward. It was unable to blink, unable to see, hear, and even unable to breathe. The collective souls gathered in Emi’s body were in total disarray. As it would seem, none of them had any capacity for compromise. Much to their detriment, their unwillingness to cooperate was putting their pseudo-reincarnation at risk of being cut woefully short.

With such a dense collective of wildly different individualities, sentiments, and desires all clashing against on another, it was impossible for them all to come to any form of agreement. Their ability to exactly pinpoint what they should do and how to specifically meet those ends was well beyond their reach. While it was true that they shared the common goal of revenge and making the world pay for having forgotten them, the how and why were still a toss up. The devil was in the details, and almost literally so.

Emi’s body started to lose color and even involuntarily convulsed as it struggled for the air it could not take in. By now it’d been nearly a minute since her last breath and the signs were starting show. Things had become so dire so quickly, leaving the collective with barely any chance to accomplish anything that they’d be longing to accomplish. It had been years, decades, perhaps even centuries or more since many of the souls now possessing Emi had this sort of experience. Now after all this time, the opportunity was slipping away due to their overwhelming pettiness and ego. It was to be expected, however. No matter how much common ground any of them had with one another, ‘get yours and damn the world’ was the flavor of a lifetime. As one of the souls put it quite plainly amidst the internal uproar, “I couldn’t give two shits and a nickel about your moronic ideas.”

The in-fighting exploded into full-fledged pandemonium. Emi’s already unstable reiatsu spiraled out of even further control in response inward rioting. Black bolts of concentrated spiritual energy and even some of the spirits infesting it shot out from the husk in all directions, tearing up small bits of the earth on impact. As the conflict dragged out and the panic intensified, Emi sprinted almost impatiently towards death. A dangerous few moments later and tension began to ease. Moments later, the hijacked body gasped for breath and fell to its knees, causing Emi’s zanpakutou to fall free from the husk’s grasp and hit the ground with a clang to shatter a millennia’s worth of silence. The skies feel silent immediately after.

Then slowly, almost agonizingly so, life and color returned to the borrowed body. Then after, it stood. It was clear now that after the ensuing free-for-all, the husk’s movements had miraculously become much more steady, focused, and determined. After taking a second to get its bearing, the husk stepped forward and retrieved Emi’s blade and stared down at it intently.

First, a few sloppy swings. Next, a change in stance and posture. Third, further, and more intimate examination of the blade. Touching, licking, sniffing ever inch, crevasse and curve of the blade. A peculiar act all done to gain some obsessive and almost spiritual understanding of the weapon in hand. Another swing, this time near masterful in its execution. Another, and then another, another after, and more. Each swing more precise than the last, progressing to the point that even master’s would be compelled to take up their guard from the display alone. The body looked down, disappointed. Despite clearly tapping into Emi’s mastery of the blade, and having DOM so with such ease, the results clearly weren’t up to spec.

The husk exhaled. Emi’s dark Reiatsu stilled, and began flowing in and around the Zanpakutou causing it to pulsate. The stream of black aura flared up momentarily before setting on something more akin to a black ‘jet’ of what seemed like noxious gas. The husk smiled. Apparently this development was much nearer to its desired outcome, and at this rate it wouldn’t be much longer until it got there. And as it was to be expected, that moment soon came.

The husk swung once more, this time releasing somewhat of a localized hurricane from the edge of blade, carrying a long with it countless shimmering blade-like particles that both ripped and sliced apart the ground as it went. As the dust and Reiatsu settled, a scar spanning about 20m had been carved out ground like a great white would it’s dinner. The husk once again unleashed a series of masterful swings, turning loose a devastating burst of air and blades with each move furthering the mass destruction.

The husk looked down at the blade once more, reveling in the borrowed power and just how awesome it was at a glance with the “blasted-to-shit earth” reaffirming that every so slightly unhinged fervor. Concentrating once more, the black miasma radiating from the blade changed shape, becoming more like a billowing cloud of smoke this time. The husk swung once more and at first nothing seemed to happen. A split second later, a spectral hand manifested near the body’s left flank and repeated the swinging motion exactly. A few more swings followed, and the result repeated in sequence until five other spectral hands had formed, three each to both flanks.

Ethereal Locus Chapter III:
Born Speaker

In just a few moments, the husk had not only managed to pull an entire 180, but it also found some way to tap into Reijin’s power and nearly mastered it to a point beyond what even Emi was capable of. Judging by the looks of it, the collective had appeared to reach agreement with both lifesaving and world changing effects. Despite all odds, the bunch of souls looking out for nothing more than theirselves and their own self-interests had settled on mutually agreeable terms, but in the end they were still demons in all but name. Agreeable terms weren’t in any of their respective dictionaries. Rather, something much more sinister was at play.

Beyond the superficial veil, one particularly nasty soul fought its way into dominance after having devoured many of the others in the process. This, especially vile entity declared itself as ‘The Speaker’, and those it apparently spoke for helplessly stood by in coerced agreement to the Speaker’s will. It was either that or be either devoured or expelled and cursed to resume their wretched eternity once more.

In the following moments, the Speaker turned its focus on Emi physical prowess after having lost interest in her spiritually focused capabilities. First a light jog to get acquainted with her weight, center of gravity, and stride. Quickly, the body gained both speed and finesse as The Speaker came to understand the intricacies of Emi’s body. Before long it had broken out into a full blown sprint, pushing her still fairly remarkable speed to its upper limits. After sliding to a complete halt, The Speaker realized it could go even faster.

Like being in a body wholly its own, The Speaker could feel the motions burned into Emi’s muscles. The way they tensed up sharply, and then relaxed ever so slightly when she moved. The way her body leaned, swayed, and oriented itself through the motions. The Speaker could feel how Emi’s body knew it could carry itself vast distances in a brief moment, and in even fewer steps. The feeling was euphoric. The memories of that feeling of the wind tickling and burning the skin and it moved at hypersonic speeds. That brisk cold air brushing past the ears and throw her hair. The way the wind whispered, creating that signature swishing sound in her wake, rather than howling from the sheer ferocity behind the technique. From head to toe, Emi’s body quivered as it was reacquainted with the sensations of it all as if it were the first time. The freedom, the joy, the pain and bliss of movement.

With this re-familiarizing with the various senses, the Speak had discovered Emi’s ability to use Shunpo, and the fact that it could be employed at an expert level of degree at that. This almost invasion of privacy level of exploring Emi’s body and its abilities felt wrong even to The Speaker. It was beyond invasive, not just the act of being inside her, but the being able to feel everything thing that she did either presently, or from memory. All that she is and was belonged to The Speaker now, and for as wrong as it felt, it loved every last second of it.

By now the speaker was fairly confident in Emi’s ability meet whatever nefarious deeds it had concocted. It was as some war-crazed despot happened upon an abandoned aircraft carrying nuclear weaponry, in fully working condition, a near immaculate state of repair, and the keys were left inside the cockpit. Emi, this monument of hidden destructive power, now amplified but the mass absorption of souls was left perfectly ripe for The Speaker’s taking. A vast and mighty kingdom of flesh and soul unto its own. A fortress of wanton devastation just waiting to be bless with the opportunity to play with something more dispositioned to fight back. Even if it were for just a few moments before falling prey to its might.

Following it’s clearer understanding of Emi’s body and surface level ability, it was time to but the newly gleamed information to the test. The Speaker opened Emi’s mouth as if to talk, but ironically this was the one thing it was not able to accomplish. Rather than a voice, a booming static-like noise filled the skies with the power to mute the sounds of the world by comparison. Though the speaker ‘spoke’ on behalf of The Collective their voices joined in disharmony to create the dreadful sound Emi’s body now produced. This wretched roaring was onlh worsened by Reijin’s now presently permanent ability to amplify that voice.

Up close the noise was incomprehensible gibberish, but given distance and the ability to echo, the intent behind the forlorn clamor was clear as day.

It said,
Seek me, fight me, fall at my feet.
Grovel, beg, and weep for the mercy that will not find you. Or I shall, hunt you, haunt you, end you.
May our anguished souls feast upon you
In our time of famine.
May we dance in the warmth of your blood,
And revel in the way it clings to our skin.
It is time we make ourselves known
To the whelps that have forsaken us.
Bring me your all, so that I may leave you with nothing.

It knew there were others present within the district, it knew that everyone and everything in it would have a strong idea of where it was. It could feel them, vaguely. There were three hazy spots that The Speaker couldn’t see, but could feel them through Emi’s skin. It was a slight tingling that made her hairs stand. Like static electricity building before the jolt. Along the back of her neck, one of those tingles felt a lot stronger than the all the others. It was likely that this one in particular was near enough to die first.

Finding them would only ever be a matter of time. Hurting them would be a matter of time. Declaring an open challenge was merely a means to hasten that end. To save time and energy. The logic was simple. Why initiate a needless hunt the when you quarry could simply offer its neck? Why slaughter sheep and cattle, when you could feast on the pain of warriors instead? If they were fated to die in the end, the extra work involved in playing cat and mouse only delayed that final chapter. Above all else, The Speaker and The Collective all wanted blood. Hunt or now, they would surely have it one way or another. Either path inevitably lead to bloodshed. Whether that blood was willingly given or forcefully taken, The Speaker made its challenge and its threat known to the entirety of the Fifth District.

Ethereal Locus Chapter 死:
Bold Bloody Battler
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One who calls upon the ocean never expects the tsunami.
For beckoning the rains, also tempts the hurricane.
When simple kindling begs the wildfire,
A furious inferno to devour the lands.
And to say a prayer is to provoke the wrath of God.
Know ye not your foolishness?

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He listened as she made some snarky remarks to his previous statements, he was glad to know that she was at least able to listen to and reply him, it meant that even if they were not able to form an alliance certain compromises can be found, he saw that she hadn’t let her guard down at all even after she had made her remarks “A cautious one” he presumed.
During the moment his senses were going haywire as if to tell him something truly sinister had appeard, something that was menacing to its very bone, it’s very being in fact. “What could be of that much nasty nature?” he thought as all he could feel from the presence was purely baleful, not only that but it was rising by the second.
He looked at the female as she continued talking seeing that she had not yet noticed the ominous energy that had just appeared that Is until she pointed her fingers upwards as if to tell him that something was up there “Do you sense that?” She questioned all before she sprung up towards the roof of the building tearing through the ceiling.
The followed the impulsive lass as she burst up to the very top of the house construct they were in, Lo and behold the terrain he was greeted with was not the one he read about in the scroll, at least not like this, the scorching nature of the wasteland was changing. Starting with the skies, the sun that had filled the red skies with so much yellowish red color was gradually being overtaken by a strange dark storm and the bright skies followed it. In the middle of that storm he could feel the utter dread and fright emanating from it “Is that the guardian the scroll spoke of? He seems far from angelic to me” Rèzîlyènt had thought to himself.
He saw black orbs rising to the skies, to the center of the storm as he watched.
“Souls…” She murmured in disbelief. “Those rising balls are friggin’ souls! Blessed demons… what is happening?”
“Is that for real?” he wondered In Shock as she made that declaration, if that was so then why hasn’t his own soul been taken, was there a certain quota to be met or was he too powerful to be drawn too or maybe they both have resistance to the force at play considering that her soul was also not pulled out of her too “what is happening here?”
As he continued to look on the skies grew darker as those souls fused and forged together with the core in the center, the darkness had really spread for it was all one could see for miles upon miles, and all that could be seen was darkness. Soon after because of the lack of sun and the obvious storm the temperature of the scenes took a very huge head dive as it grew cold at an alarming rate, but that wasn’t the only change to the scenery as black snow continued to fall from the skies. “Interesting” he said as he reinforced the Rieshi he used to cover himself originally. He noticed the lady as she went back Into the house and he followed her In Since she might be the only help he would be able to find In this madness.
He noticed her do her reconnaissance as she looked outside the window “Quite the experienced lady” he thought to himself. He didn’t need to do much for he sensed that everything around them had ceased from the random walkabouts of the residents of this area or the insects and animals that would do their usual run around, there was either nothing In the plainest sense “Alive” or it was too dead for him to sense it.
He turned around to notice that the young lady was not herself or at least what he assumed her under a spell or illusion. She seemed to have been severely under as she screamed and pleaded for mercy. He didn’t know what she was seeing, whether it was a distant memory or a personal fear but it seemed very serious.
“I guess this is the effect if the new development huh?” he questioned himself.
“Well, it does looks like it” a familiar voice spoke.
“Hmm? Who? Wait I know that voice, And that French accent anytime ” Rèzîlyènt conformed.
“Of course you do, its me” the voice replied.
A bright light had shone before Rèzîlyènt could see a man with white hair sitting on a throng like chair, a very masculine stature, he wore white clothing from top to bottom and simply had with slippers at his feet, his eyes had a reddish but golden glow to them and his nose was quite pointed, on his face close to his lift eye was the letter V, but adverse to the gentle look he gave his aura spoke a bit differently of him, filled with vile yet peaceful darkness, there was some sort of Serenity to it, if one isn't careful enough one could make the mistake of thinking him divine

“Dad” Rèzîlyènt said with a little bit of distaste in his mouth.
“How are you boy? You seem To have made it to these ranks I see, good for you” his father replied. “But I don’t see a shcrift on you yet, not worthy I suppose” he said as he faked yawned.
“Argh, I don’t have time for this old man, what do you want?” Rèzîlyènt asked with a bit of force on His tone this time.
“Oh calm down, I just noticed that things were out of hand and I decided to come pay you a little visit, to see how things were going” he told Rèzîlyènt.
"Please don't tell me you are responsible for this, this shattering level power"....
"Nah, not my hand work tho, I just came to see how you are doing"
Well I don’t need you checking up on me, after all there is just gonna be another thing that pisses you off” The Quincy spoke with such affirmation.
Well, Well it’s not my fault you’ve been quite the failure all you life, we, me and your mother have really tried to put you at the best pedestals possible but you always seem to fall short” his father snorted
“Please and please leave mom outta this, you’ve just liked being a prick towards me”
Mind your language boy, its amazing they let you into the Quincy barracks, are they that desperate for members now”
Oh for fucks sake get out!!! Just GET OUT!!!!”
Ho~, ok then Ta ta for now my boy, but remember I’m always watching and also, if you ever want to find me remember to ask your superiors about the dark Quincies, they have some nice secrets to hide” the man said as he vanished.
Rèzîlyènt found him self breaking sweat as he returned to his sanity, he fell to one knee, he could feel the forceful effort of the Aura in the environment trying to suffocate his person, he mental state and very being, he fell to the conclusion that if this is spiritual pressure he would have to push back with his, while ot was no easy task he was abke to do it, before the aura would put him under another hallucination.
But what kind of hallucinations is that?” what kind of power is in this place?”
He didn’t know it would be possible to sweat In this cold. He turned to see his fellow participant and noticed that her body while quite raunchy and salacious was undergoing healing “Personal skill?” he questioned mentally until he saw the empty potion bottle with gave him all the answers he needed, she continued to stare in one direction as if to say “ I’m headed there and I’m not stopping till I take down what ever is In the middle of all this”
“Hey, before you rush in gunz ablazing, about that offer, would you consider it?”
Rèzîlyènt asked to know his footing as were both about to leave this place…..

As he waited for the Lass to answer him he noticed that far out, towards the core of this madness the disarray within one person, if such term could be used anymore to describe he or she, the collision of sentient personalities and ideas clashing against each other could be felt in the rietsu surrounding the entire town, then after a few moments had passed came the calm after the storm, the core had settled and instinctively Rèzîlyènt knew nothing good could come of that…. Moments later as he waited for his acquaintance to heal a voice came through to everyone's hearing, making it self known, making a declaration….

Seek me, fight me, fall at my feet.
Grovel, beg, and weep for the mercy that will not find you. Or I shall, hunt you, haunt you, end you.
May our anguished souls feast upon you
In our time of famine.
May we dance in the warmth of your blood,
And revel in the way it clings to our skin.
It is time we make ourselves known
To the whelps that have forsaken us.
Bring me your all, so that I may leave you with nothing.

It was clear that something or something’s sinister, dark and Malevolent was at work….
Once again he turned to the lady by his side
“I think that was a good enough speech to motivate you to be on my side right? Cause if after what you just heard and what you’ve been feeling you’d even consider to go solo then you’d just have to be the MVP of the Stupendously brave people”
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A racket rang through the skies, again, from the source of the earlier outbreak of nastiness. The sound was annoyingly grating to the ears but fortunately only lasted a brief moment during which words were still discernible from it. Ethririel merely snorted at the invitation as she turned her head to look at Rèzîlyènt, almost totally regaining her usual countenance. “I’m not stupid, Rèzîlyènt-kun. Why would I refuse your kind offer to attend me?” She asked him with a teasing glint in her eyes.

“However…” she started gazing outside, towards where their challenger was, her brown eyes shining with avarice. “That direction seems incredibly advantageous. I’m heading out.”

Without waiting for Rèzîlyènt’s response although hoping he entertained her somewhat impulsive behaviour in charging towards their dreadful counterpart in this survival series, Ethririel dashed into the streets. As she saw it, while hell was trying to recover from the disturbance of earlier, its effects on the environment was yet to reach its previous peak. It easily meant that in the window before that happens, she would encounter reduced resistance from the surroundings in every action she decides to take.

Even better though, was that the Tharrans with their lesser mental acuity would definitely require more time before they would pull through from the disturbing attack that had also affected her then. Upsetting as that being’s wrath on the world was, Ethririel was happily going to accept the gifts of handicapped Tharrans as an apology. You’re welcome.

She allowed Stellar Glare ascend even higher above the buildings, having no qualms about being seen from a distance as she used her mental connection to the device to gain a bird’s eye view of a wider range than she could sense. Within a heartbeat, Ethririel picked a direction and kicked off the ground to land upon a building from whence she saw a gathering of monsters, hundreds of them, and for the first time saw what the Tharrans looked like.

They were like mutated creatures lacking sight as from her vantage point, all their heads possessed were mouths filled with unnerving rows of teeth. Their bodies rippled with underlying muscles that spoke strongly of their burst might and the kind of power they could unleash were they inclined. However, for all their eerie scorching glory, the beasts currently were not as impressive right now.

Down below, the monsters were mostly all lying on their bellies, whimpering in their distress even as some of the bigger ones struggled to rise on their feet while pained growls escaped their dangerous mouths. Ethririel glanced to see if Rèzîlyènt came with her. If he did, she watch him with an intense look that carried the warning against any treacherous acts on her person. If he was going to backstab her, he had better finish it thoroughly, else…

Ethririel waved her hand to urge Stellar Glare forward while the mechanical flower in her pulsed rhythmically at the same moment she stepped into shunpo to appear in the midst of monsters. Her massacre began as with clinical precision, Ethririel ensured her blade took off a head for every swing, of which her excitement prompted her to unleash tens in the time it took sparks to glint off her sheath that she employed to ward off the claws of the few who attempted to counterattack.

By this time, Rèzîlyènt would realize that her target was not the challenger but the beasts positioned between them. It made perfect sense to assume that while the attack of earlier reached every living creature in these fiery wastelands, the monsters closer to the source would find themselves in worse straits than their counterparts further away. Thus if she was going to fish, why not take the risk and go deep sea than at the shores?

During the slaughter, it was easy to see that her device was too weak to harm them. Yet, carefully attacking the ground they balanced upon while combining the inflow of information coming from Forest Heart into her decision-making, it ensured that Ethririel seemed to effortlessly deny the Tharrans from ever taking the initiative in this encounter. Steamy blood sprayed all over and soon, the ground was slick with puddles of blood that matched the redness of the sky. In those times, she would vanish from the spot and reappear somewhere else where another round of killing would resume.

Unfortunately, her actions appeared to provoke the monsters out of their stupor and by the time nearly ten minutes had gone by in which Ethririel's kill count equalled three hundred and eighteen, the Tharrans regained enough clarity of mind to begin attacking fiercely. Now, fire blazed around her as the beasts tried to burn her whenever her zanpakutō touched them. Ethririel however, escaped harm coming to her sword as it swept through with its decapitation with a speed that demonstrated her mastery of swords.

Using flash step, Ethririel evaded the combustion of dying monsters as fast as they came while the carnage around her continued. Soon, the ground no longer slipped because of blood. Instead, a red haze rose from the evaporated blood and soon, with more than half the congregation of hell beasts now actively engaged in hunting her down, her killing pace slowed significantly. This became even more obvious after another hundred and three kills when Stellar Glare suddenly shut down in the airspace above.

“Crap, why now!” Even as she cursed, Ethririel's swings grew more savage, leaving nothing but death in its wake as she started giving up more of her consideration about her stamina that soon dropped low enough after flitting through the mass of explosive Tharrans. The fighting had since reduced Ethririel's clothes to burnt rags, which barely covered up to her thighs with a measly remainder managing to keep her breasts concealed… only barely.

Her skin showed obvious burn damage in a number of places despite the fact that she used Forest Heart to predict the monsters and tried avoiding their fiery attacks while bolstering her durability with her spiritual energy. Nevertheless, she continued a few minutes more during which time another shocking hundred and twenty-four monsters lost their heads beneath her bloodied zanpakutō. With depleting energy reserves, Ethririel began to back up, pulling out of the battlefield and edging quickly to the borders to gain respite.

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Ethririel Quel'shu Pheles
-for when they cry peace and safety, sudden destruction will come
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Ethereal Locus Chapter V:
Bleakest Birthday

Deep in the depths of Emi’s mind, the battle between her and Reijin raged on while The Speaker was allowed to rub rampant on the surface. Steel clashed again steel sends sparks and boisterous clanging to rip through the skies followed closely behind by a combination of blood, sweat and tears to rain beside. Despite his age, Reijin was no slouch. He was a much a master of the blade as Emi was, and his skill was too the point that his continuous assault on Emi was so precise that parrying his attacks left her vulnerable. Though she was quick to realize as much, and opted for other means to keep him from harming her.

“Emi, please,” the elder spirit pleaded. “The road you walk leads to nothing but sorrow. You cannot keep him here in the prison. You must let the past go!”

Reijin launched a flurry of slashes but each was each deftly intercepted by Emi’s blade. No matter how ferocious Reijin’s assault was, the woman vehemently refused to allow him through to her. With each blow she deflected, Reijin could feel more and more of her slipping away from him. She couldn’t see it, but the rift between them was growing larger by the second.

Even while Emi remained on constant defense, the battle remained incredibly intransigence. With each slash Reijin unleashed a torrent of shimmering blades at her, to which she countered exactly with a wave of her own. Every attack Reijin launched, she replied with a perfect counter to it. She had progressed too far in her training to fall victim to any of Reijin’s attacks, even now when mental stability was in question. She knew everything he was capable of, and had transformed his teachings into techniques of her own in order to transcend her former master. Reijin wasn’t much of a match for her anymore and they both knew it.

Yet still, they pressed on without signs of slowing. To Emi, it was clear what Reijin was trying to accomplish. This relentless, almost over the top assault on her was a tactic to provoke her self preservation instincts and force her to actually attack back for a change, but she wouldn’t budge. He was desperate. Though both knew that Reijin almost paled in comparison to Emi now, he was far from allowing the odds dissuade him.

In fact, as time went on Reijin forsook more and more of his honor as a Bushi, soon resorting to more underhanded tactics. From kicking up dust, attempts at hair pulling, to relying on deceptions and even attacking below the waist. This was now war, and all bets were off. By the end of it, Reijin had adopted an approach to battle more akin to that of the Shinobi, even employing various ninja tools as a means to gain the upper hand. All attempts of course, ended in vein. Emi was the wall Reijin simply could not climb. She was an impassible obstacle backed by an even more obstinate will.

It was the hard pill to swallow. Despite the Zanpakutou spirit’s merciless push, Emi was able to keep Reijin at bay at every step. When not matching his techniques with equal if not greater opposing force, she was simply and subtly stepping out of his attack range. The results lead to dramatically reducing the force behind every last one of his attacks. She made it look easy, the way she managed to keep the match to a perfect stalemate. And in what felt like an instant, little over an hour had evaporated.

Reijin had toiled on with nothing more to show for it than a sweat drenched body and a broken heart. Emi was lost to him completely. The years they spent training, talking, being such close friends and more meant nothing to her now. Emi was so stuck on holding onto something she barely had and would so willfully throw it all away for her father. Even knowing full well that her very existence would be forfeit she carried on stubbornly and without hesitation. Then, a dark thought crept into Reijin’s mind.

Looking at the sorry state of things, Reijin was beginning to wonder if the two of them ever connected at all. While Emi never outwardly noticed that Reijin wasn’t truly who he was meant to be in her eyes, he began to suspect that her heart knew that the man before her was in fact her father. Whether it was the idealized version she saw when dealing with the spirit, or a feeling in her soul that allowed her heart to recognize that her father had been slumbering within Reijin’s soul this whole time was unclear. Nonetheless, the results appeared to be the same. Emi never saw Reijin, and quite possible he never even existed to her.

The woman’s loss and subsequent longing were so great that it metamorphosed into a twisted obsession. She’d spent years, decades moving through the motions of life carrying the void left by her father’s murder. Now, when suddenly given and then just as suddenly having to give up the one and only thing she had that could fill it, letting go presented itself as something truly impossible. After this long and drawn out battle, Emi only showed that she would sooner damn the whole of the universe than forsake her desires. She was as selfish as she was stubborn, but in this case, could anyone blame her?

To have spent years serving an organization that did nothing but conspire and plot against you before you even had the chance to interact with them. To be taken away from your home, only to be told that your one and only living and closest relative was killed in a tragic accident. To spend your following days, being beaten to the brink of death and then have the closest thing to a new family taken from you. And then finally, to have lived your life having believed to have moved on from it all, only to learn later that it was all a part of some grand scheme. And for what?

The one and only think Emi felt like she had any genuine control over, and it was just as cursed as everything else that lead up to this moment. It was the wish from the monkey’s paw that she never made to begin with. It was the wish that continued to take, and take, and take from here but never give. In the end, all roads lead now to the insurmountable distance growing between her and her closest companion.

Enough was enough. Reijin himself couldn’t reach her, not physically, not emotionally or beyond. She had completely sealed every last bit of herself off to him and cast the keys into oblivion. He knew she was stubborn, but this was so much further beyond that. He knew that even for being as hard-headed that should could be, she still wouldn’t ever allow herself not to do the right thing in the end. But now? It was time for a new approach.

Reijin jumped back. Unsure of what exactly the elder spirit was planning Emi kept her guard up, but Reijin seemed to have lost all his will to fight. Looking down and his own sword with dismay and then back to Emi he let it fall. Before hitting the ground the blade turned tip down and slowly melted into the ground. Soon the world turned black.

“If I cannot not reach you... then perhaps he can.”

The blackness became like tar. A thick, heavy and all consuming force that swallowed and drowned the two of them. Even when resorting to less than reputable tactics in battle, Reijin knew even then that he was being too permissive. The only way to reach her now, to end this charade was to hit her where he knew it would hurt her most. In order to leave this tragedy and force her to move forward, not just as a means to better herself but the bonds between them as well, Reijin had to tear her down.
Regrettable as it was, she had left him with no choice.

An eternity later the black pit belched Emi out into a new setting. Here, in this dank looking cave the peaceful looking mansion was a distant memory, and memory was here the pain hid. Emi had been dumped back into the Seventh Division’s Pit of Beasts. In the distance she could see Solus kneeling over what appeared to be a corpse, pummeling what little was left of it into paste.

Emi stood confused to find herself and her former so-called leader here once again. It was surreal jumping back into a time that she considered one of her lowest points in life. Plain as day, as if the moment truly were right now, Emi remembered down to the exact moment that the day she destroyed the Seventh and moved to change the course of the Seireitei forever. Why would Reijin bring her back here now?

The woman moved to get a batter vantage point and find out who or what Solus was attacking. Creeping off to his left a short distance it all became clear. Emi fell to her knees both horrified and disgusted as what she saw. It mad her sick to her stomach, but Emi was woefully placid in her response. Laying just a few feet away from here, torn apart and mutilated was her father. But barely a reaction.

It was almost too hard to take in, sure. But she knew this wasn’t real. She knew exactly how her father died and this wasn’t it. This was a trick and Reijin was responsible. Emi was not falling for it. She couldn’t allow herself to be tripped up by the falsity of it all. And so she forced herself to remain as calm as she could.

“Oh, no good? Then allow me to interject.”

A shadowy figure appeared behind her and leaned down as if to whisper in her ear.

“You see, Reijin isn’t here anymore. He might’ve gotten lost along the way, or most likely he gave up on you. That said, I can assure you that this wasn’t what he wanted to show you. In fact, this is not a hoax. It’s real, and you know it’s real.”

The figure massaged her shoulders, pretending to console Emi in her time of weakness.

“Why else would I be here? I am your voice of reason. A Speaker, so to say. Seeing as you’ve lost your way, I’ve come to guide you back to the proper path. You see, that man murdered your father and is now dancing in his remains with such elation. If you don’t stop him, everyone and everything else you held dear will die too.”

The shadowy figure wrapped its harms around Emi and soon after melted into her. Emi stood, her Reiatsu and and anger boiling over to the top. Drawing her blade she jumped into action, but her actions failed to match the emotion.

“Solus! I cannot allow you to lead the Seventh. I cannot allow you to to keep killing people you think are inadequate, attacking other Captains and their divisions. Banishing people! You’ve lost your mind, you’ve lost your way, you lost yourself!”

The world flashed, resetting itself to just before Emi jumped into action. Her voice echoed out, but this time her words were different. Her voice was more agitated and unhinged. Speaking now with more hatred than an apparent sense of justice.


The world reset again, this time not as instantaneously as it had done so before. It was a struggle even, like the entirety facade was trying to self-correct from some terrible error. For now, it seemed to be successful.

Solus stood, strong and stark. Their towering stature, dark skin, toned body all radiated with fierce energy. Their reiatsu surged to a level most would struggle to even understand. It hit Emi like a tidal wave, forcing her back from where she stood a short distance and bore it full weight upon her.

It was absurd. His spiritual presence was so dense that she could swim in it if she tried. It was hot, and burned her throat every time she inhaled. It was suffocating, crippling, paralyzing. This unbearable force wasn’t anything like how she remembered. How could she have forgotten a power this terrible?

The whole of the Pit trembled in the wake of this insane power and for a moment it seemed as if Emi would fall to its might. Then her own reiatsu came pouring out. It was black, spitefully twisted. It coalesced around her and fell like snow, freezing the ocean of power Solus had summoned around her. The meeting of the m two titanic forces threatened to tear down the Pit, and possibly even the rest of Soul Society. From the girl that barely graduated form the academy to the woman who was one of the few that could not just stand against Solus, but also something that threatened to be something far far worse than he was. Emi had transformed entirely.

The contempt and disgust in her eyes was incomprehensible, but somehow she found it in herself to find restraint in this moment. She stood, studying everything about them, and they studied her in. Their breathing, their collective stances, the beads of sweat forming at their brows, even the movements of each other’s eyes as they tried to assess each other. Master carried on as they had always done, while student had followed on her teachings through and through. It could only beg the question, was she able to surpass them, or were they still firmly deserve every of the title.

Emi’s thoughts raced, somehow untainted by her rage. Somehow every passing second was starting to feel like an out of body experience. Even her thoughts didn’t feel like her own. The lacked the intensity, the overwhelming feeling that welled up within her breast.

“He’ll wait at least until I make the first move. He knows I’m a threat now and he’ll be waiting to see how I handle the initiative before I act. I know he will stay close at first. I can’t compete with him hand to hand so he’ll try to push in too close for me to react and respond. I have to let him in. The moment he does I’ll force him back and force him to respect my space.”

Emi’s heart roared and the world reset once more.

“This isn’t right! I should rush him down, take his head as soon as he twitches! I will not give him an inch to move or even breath. I’ll crawl so far down his throat I’ll suffocate him with my very existence!”

The world reset again, once again with signs of struggle. The scenes, perhaps as if they actually occurred played out once more.

She reached back with her right hand and drew her blade, shouting the words “Kirisuteru Reijin!” and as soon as she finished, Solus exploded forward at her. She knew exactly how they going to react but the ferocity with which they moved scared her. Even now. It wasn’t enough to force her to freeze but deep down knowing that now this fight was real, that he would truly stop at nothing to put her down, was terrifying.

Despite playing out almost exactly as she remembered , this didn’t feel right. Yet, Emi wasn’t able to respond to the situation in the way that felt most appropriate to her in the moment. As it was, she was merely a passenger on a ship trapped on journey of her own memories. All the while, her heart raged knowing that this man had taken her father in such cold blood and couldn’t do anything about it but helpless watch as things played out.

Swallowing her fear as her blade was finishing its transition into its Shikai form, Solus manifested in front of her throwing their left fist forward. With beyond decisive force, they threw a jab straight for Emi’s face. She, however, would have none of it. In response she pointed her left palm Solus and shouted “Sho!” which forced them backwards ever so lightly. Just as Solus moved, her stance changed. Emi’s left foot shifted forward and held her sword pointing upright, to position hilt is shoulder, and the blade should leaning slightly to the behind her head.

With Emi adopting her Gyouten Shisei, Solus immediately knew what was coming and shifted their hands over their chest in front of them to block the incoming swing, but as Emi sent her blade forward in downward diagonal motion, starting from the right and heading left she cried out “Suimei!” Hundreds of shimmering blades flowed from her blade like water. Instantly they cutting and ripping away at Solus’ flesh, with the metal of her blade hit the metal at the backs of her Captain’s gauntlets.

The Pit’s floors cracked beneath the both of them as droplets of Solus’ blood began to stain the stone. Her blade flashed then a mark in the form of a four-pointed star burned itself onto the right side of her sword near its base. At that moment it became clear to Solus that Emi wasn’t only prepared to face them, but that she was just as strong as he was physically. Yet even more so than that, she was smart enough find ways to attack them though their defense. A mistake they would be resolved not to make a second time.

Emi moved as if to push the blade further down and into the Captain’s left shoulder, but by the time her blade even made it an inch down Solus had simply vanished. For a moment, Emi considered pursuing as pressuring them in much the same way Solus often did would keep them on edge and unable to think about defending theirself , but the moment her eyes caught them again she knew it would’ve been a mistake.

Solus had solidified their defenses, having crouched lowed and tightly wrapping their spiritual energy around theirself. They were expecting her to follow them, and if she had, she would have died in that instant. The blood soaked man forced a toothy grin. Bright yellow fangs shined from beneath the blood, and they laughed. It was a weird mix of a deep belly laugh and twisted cackle that seemed more like barking than actual laughing. The Captain was elated.

“So! The dog does bite! Excellent! It seems we’ve taught you well.”

Their first words to her we both a compliment, and their arrogance shining through. She paid it no mind and kept her stance firm as she observed and waited for them to leave enough of an opening for her to approach, but he continued.

“And here we thought we would simply remind you of who we were, and yet there you stand... so full of conviction, so intense! Your heart is actually in this!”

Solus stood. By now they were no longer projecting thei reiatsu. Instead they pulled it back towards them, consolidating their power. The smile faded, their demeanor changed. The joy was dead and now something much more severe had taken its place.

“We acknowledge your intent. However this is a mistake we will not allow you to make twice. Allow us to face you in earnest.”

The world froze. The shadowy figure returned, this time to face Emi. He shook his head in disappointment.

“This wasn’t how went. This isn’t how you remember it. You’re fighting the past and you know you can’t. This rage, this helplessness you feel, that’s what really happened. Give into to that. Let the real you out of this jail you’ve kept it in. Let the one that hates him, the one that wants to kill him take over.”

Emi nodded, and time returned but she was still reluctant to give in to it all. Not yet, not now.

Solus inhaled, and then exhaled slowly. It was time for them to awaken.

“Complete me... Zetsriel.”

That terrifying reiatsu exploded forth again, but this time it didn’t reach near as far as it did previously. Instead it flooded into the space directly around them and formed a dense sphere of flames, darkness and sinister power. Slowly the orb of blackness contracted around them to become skintight. The darkness swirled and slithered around their body almost aimlessly until they realized their purpose and found their way while the flames cauterized the wounds and halted the bleeding.

The shadows crawled to each of Solus’ hands and legs and quickly hardened into the flexible shells that made up their Shikai. Fists, lined with spikes. Hands and feet both clawed. For the master of the fist that Solus was, these were the perfect tools to let the beast inflict immense pain to those that stood against them, and there she stood. The foolish, rebellious Vice-Captain they had trained to replace and and surpass those that had come before her would now fight this grotesque figure Solus had now become. Armed in pitch, covered in scars and minor burns.

All of their effort, all of their work and she stood to turn it against them in this one defiant act. She was cursed. Cursed to be the one that both Solus and Zetsriel together would have to extinguish once and for all. Cursed to have taken the greatest title that the Seventh could have bestowed and thrown it all way. Cursed by whatever madness she was clearly suffering from that moved her so strongly to challenge Solus in earnest, something that none had done before. Be it out of respect, or fear, or even utter contempt and the dislike of interacting or even being near them. Emi moved in error.

Solus Solaris was at the forefront of Gotei’s Power whether one acknowledged it, or rejected it. The truth was that they had long cemented themself as one of the greatest warriors ever born, one of the most powerful fighters to have taken on the Captain’s mantle if not the most powerful. They were everything Emi wasn’t. Solus was string at birth, strong as a child, and strong even in his adolescence and beyond.

They were living achievement, far surpassing the accomplishments their father, who was the Vice-Captain before them even before stepping foot on the Seventh’s grounds. Yet Emi had the audacity challenge all that they were with such sincerity, with such conviction of the idea that she could actually defeat them. Nonsense. The notion and it’s absurdity haunted Solus, yet even as they were now. Beyond capable of subduing even her, she stood their unwavering.

“She’s arrogant. No, ignorant. Not once has she seen what we were truly capable of. This is the only logical explanation for this. We raised her to fight alongside us, to become the same terror to of our enemies that we were. Yet she seeks to discard that all. It’s time we end this.”

And with that thought they approached her once more. This time, however, they held nothing back. Unlike before Solus was now moving far faster than earlier and the strength behind each step was so incredible that the ground beneath them exploded behind them.

Yet before fully closing the gap, which would’ve happened in a mere instant, they pointed their blackened hand forward as if to release the full extent of her terrifying power at her and began to roar ‘Therava-‘ they cut off just as it became clear to them that Emi was preparing herself to defend against what was one of Solus’ more terrifying powers, and suddenly changed directions. They sharply cut to the right and then cut back towards Emi, approaching her from her left side rather than directly in front of her.

Solus right fist shot forward just the same as it did before just as her blade came down and caused the ground to break up. “Chikyuu Nikushim!”. Emi’s words hit the air as Solus stumbled as the earth beneath him shook, all the while the rock suddenly jutting up from the ground not only served to deflect the Captain’s attack but also surrounded Emi on all sides. Reacting quickly, a wave of flames shot forth from the selfsame hand that Solus had used in attempt to punch Emi into oblivion. They curirled up and around her earthen barrier in order to bathe her in the dark fire, but this attempt too was a failure. Well before the flames had reached where Emi would have been, she had jumped up straight up and out of the path of the dark fury Solus had set forth.

It was then that Solus realized that Emi challenging them wasn’t an act of hubris, she was in fact truly prepared to take them down. They had trained and sparred together countless times by now. Solus simply believed that she was merely eager to grow more powerful, which in some regard was true, but her ulterior motives had become clear now. She had been studying them this whole time. All their habits, their tactics, strategies, abilities, mindset. Everything she had long since been taking into consideration and used it to develop this grand scheme to defeat Solus for good. And yet, this would inevitably be her undoing as far as Solus understood it.

They had failed up until this point by allowing themselves to be so predictable. Emi clearly had a plan and she was executing on it to near perfection, but now Solus held the cards in their hands. Her whole since of reality at this point would soon no longer be valid as the beast within had taken over. The true fight would begin now.

Up above Emi was looking down, hands pointed towards the ground and ultimately at the Captain. Her reiatsu was surging all around and within her body, something massive was coming, or at least that was what she wanted Solus to believe. As per her expectations, he pursued, leaping up at her with such force that he blew away the upturned earth Emi had brought forth. The rebellious woman, ready and awaiting her master’s approach had willed a spectral hand into existence from her chest, which shot down in a trusting motion to intercept Solus as they shot up. The blade flashed once again, forming a crescent moon between the four-pointed star and tomoe symbol that had formed after she had used Chikyuu. Yet, much to her surprise Solus stopped mid air well before the phantom blade could meet them.

In all her calculations and planning she had never expected Solus to accomplish this. Then it occurred to her that his psychic influence over Zetsriel applied even to the shadows he had worn on his body. Using that, the blackened shells he wore as armor were holding him in place. By keeping them held in suspension, and by being attached to his being, he was able to indirectly allow himself to levitate. Typically Solus rode atop or within the palms he summoned but never did it occur to her, or perhaps anyone else, that he would accomplish a similar feat using the very shadows he wore.

She was stunned initially, but it wasn’t enough for her focus to break. Emi too reacted quickly and forced her spiritual energy into submission. Hastily she molded her power and projected it forth in an impressive torrent of cerulean flame. The words she called out to summon forth this incredible power was lost to the roaring energy, but it was clear that she had called forth Sokatsui. This was what Solus wanted.

The sheer size and scope of the blast was far too great for her to maintain a line of sight with her target. Additionally the force of the blast would soon prove to have the unfortunate consequence of keeping her aloft as Solus reached out with their right hand, uttering the words ‘dark mantra,’ which caused their hand to grow to extreme proportions. With ease the now colossal shadow hand had grown large enough to shield Solus from the burning tidal wave, a fact Emi had come to realize almost immediately but she was unable to stop it.

The captain had pushed through the blast, reaching out to grab hold of the woman and clamped down to crush her in the palm of their hand. Her body was strong, and her will even stronger. Though the pressure within Solus dark clutches was immense, Emi refused to let herself be squeezed out of existence so easily.

Pushing back with all her strength she found herself beyond capable of keeping the Captain’s crushing grip at bay, but of course this was the least of her troubles. By the time Solus noticed even the slightest bit of resistance they had begun flooding the palm of their right hand with their own dark flames. The temperatures were extreme, easily reaching their 6000° peak.

The large swathes of flesh and most of her clothing were immediately torn from her body, even despite the initial protest of her rieiatsu. It was strong enough to help mitigate some of the blow, and her body was fairly sturdy as well, but still the blow was critical. Moreover, however, even that was not the end of her suffering. As Emi struggled to deal with the pain of Solus’ attempt to cremate her alive, the Captain had taken the opportunity of her slight show of weakness to send her plummeting toward the pit’s hard floor as she screamed the whole way down.

She hit the ground with such an impact that the ground beneath her exploded, sending bits of stone and dust flying in each direction. Emi had fallen into it now. Even then Solus wasn’t finished, for the moment she hit the ground Solus shouted the words ‘Theravada’ sending a hefty beam of darkness wrapped in the same flames they used to singe her flesh down at her. Another explosion, this time it cleared out the smoke and dust of the last one and replaced them with scattered flames and lingering reishi particles from Theravada.

Looking down Solus could see a crater, with Emi knelt down using her Katana as support to her herself up. At this point she was in the same sorry state he was in, if not worse now. Her half naked, bruised and blistered body was painted disgusting mix of dark red black, from the burned and charred skin. She stood. Surprisingly quickly, but her balance seemed a bit off. For as much damage as Solus had apparently done it clearly had gotten to her almost immediately. Another assault like that and she’s be finished.

Oddly enough Solus didn’t press the offensive. Instead they waited for her to get back up before summoning the rest of their arsenal. Four shadowed hands just like the one they used to both crush and throw Emi to the ground appeared. The hands began to orbit the Captain as they slowly floated back down to devastated Pit floors. Solus roared, triggering a massive shockwave of reiatsu to explode from their body. It was no wonder they didn’t press their offense, Solus had lost themself to the thrill of making Emi suffer and asserting their dominance as the superior being.

It was a brief respite, but one nonetheless for her. However it didn’t last long, Solus charged forth yet again. Before long they were upon her unleashing a terrifying flurry of punches, now with all six hands, each following one after another. Their speed and power was impressive, almost to the point that Emi was nearly overwhelmed by it all but almost miraculously she managed to keep pace.

She swung her blade to deflect the disembodied hands into each other while the spectral blades she summoned behind her own strikes helped keep Solus theirself at bay, but she was fighting a losing battle. Solus and Zetsriel outnumbered Emi and Reijin, and worse the hands were able to quickly recover and resume the attack. There was little room for error and keeping up the defensive agains this type of assault was futile. At first, Solus managed to push her back. Before long, a few glancing blows started landing with increasing frequency. Each blow sent sharp pain amplified by the already hyper sensitive flesh from her burn resonating through her body and only served to slow her down.

Glancing blows soon lead to a few solid hits, and those would’ve turned to finishing touches if not for a very risky gambit. Emi fought off the assault for as long as she could, taking advantage of Solus’ singular objective to inflict pain upon her. As they broke down her defense and gained confidence in their attack, critical openings were left behind in the wake of it all.

Emi took advantage of them. First, utilizing the equally disjointed nature of her own disembodied hands. Through wielding ghostly swords attached even more ghostly hands, she found herself successful in piercing through Solus from behind. The phantom blade shot through right side of his chest before dissipating. Blood sprayed forth as Solus’ onslaught came to an immediate end. They stumbled back writhing in agony as Emi stepped forward to deliver a slash from Shinten Shisei which severed Solus right arm from his body. Immediately after another phantom blade mirrored her actions on the left side and rendered that arm free from their beastly master.

Then, while Solus continued to reel from being so cleanly dismembered Emi slashed forward again, while screaming “Suimei” with all of her soul. Hundreds of blade spewed forth from her Katana as it cut into Solus’s chest, serving to not only cut away at him countless times but also blow him and his arms away in the process. A patient blade would stand to be the victor even it if cost them their flesh and blood. However even after all this, Emi’s counter attack would not be as decisive as she would have hoped.

While Solus howled and roared in pain, they found it within themselves to carry on in their attack. Again, a barrage of all six arms, rushed Emi down once more. This time mixing in blasts of flames between the strikes. Emi dashed about the Pit, dodging what she could and deflecting and repelling what she couldn’t using a mixture of Anbu Nikushimi to upturn more of the Pit’s floor, and projecting her own massive reiatsu. Again she was fighting a loosing battle, and at her present rate she probably would’ve ended burning through all her energy, especially with Solus slowly but surely regaining their composure.

“Reijin, I can’t,” she though as the combination of arms and flames pushed her into one of the Pit’s corners. With literally nowhere left to run, her options were dwindling. The visage of the old spirit appeared to her for a brief moment and suddenly her resolve came surging back to life.

“Bankai...” she whispered, and her reiatsu exploded outward once more. This time it was different. Not determined, not angry, nor scared, but instead it was gentle and reverent. As the truth of her power came to being, she found an unusual calmness, and clarity in it. Aside from that almost nothing else changed. She had found harmony amidst the chaos.

Her ascension to Bankai was subtle if not understated. Emi herself only seemed to gain a necklace with what appeared to be holding a handful of ceremonial coins. Then, in almost a bizarre turn, Reijin had become damaged and rusted, in stark contrast to the rather ornate looking blade he was previously. This was Tenka Reijin, the Peerless Spirit Blade despite the looks.

The mysterious shadow figure sat atop a rocking outcropping, looking over the events occurring. It was still disappointed to see that Emi hadn’t yet succumbed to her darkness but there was still something to be gained even despite that. Until just now the shadow was completely unaware of anything beyond Emi’s shikai, but now something much more powerful in the form of Bankai had presented itself. Taking her body was only part of the plan, crawling through and corrupting her memories. Finding more and more of her power, wresting control of it and her body was another.

Though she held many other memories s the shadow could have delved deep into, but this particular memory was special. Emi was at her most vulnerable here. She was at her lowest, aside from when her father died. The sin of killing another officer of Gotei, justified or not, and then purging the entirety of Central 46 on top of that weighed heavily on her. This regret stayed with her, and to the shadow it stuck out like a tasty morsel ripe for the taking. All it took was the right moment, the right push to send her falling into to the pit and refusing to sell her the ladder out. The clock was ticking.

Just as the shadow fists had closed in on her four of the ten coins around her neck turned to dust. At that instant the gentle reiatsu swirling around her condensed around her body and dressed her in the Daimyou’s attire, while Reijin was restored back to a state of fitness. Emi shifted into Muuten Shisei, a stance not recognized by Reijin but a firm stance regardless. Blade held in both hands in front of her, right leg slight forward, with both shoulder width apart to form a rather standard stance. This was enough however as she smoothly, in a manner befitting her mastery of the blade, swung forward. The blade pulled the full extent of her strength and focused it as she swung before manifesting it in a massive shockwave.

The shockwave not only served to blow away the oncoming hands, and the accompanying flames, but also blow a massive hole straight through the ceiling and floor of the Pit of Beasts, turning the affected stone into dust. What hope Solus had of winning against her now had surely drifted away. Reijin, especially in this form was a lot like Zetsriel. With Emi having embraced the Daimyou’s Soul, Reijin was able to act as conduit for Emi’s own massive physical strength, contrasting where Zetrestiel stood as a conduit for Solus’ immense spiritual strength. In the end they weren’t so different, except or the kind of power Emi commanded wasn’t anything Solus seemed capable of dealing with.

This was not the first Bankai they had faced, especially not while he himself apparently lacked one. Yet, Emi was on an entirely different level of power and skill in comparison. Getting near such raw destructive potential was a lot to ask for, even for them. It was as they had been asked to fight theirself, something Solus always felt incapable of accomplishing successfully. These odds did not stop them from trying, however.

Unbeknownst to Emi in her desperate struggle to fend off yet another onslaught from Solus’ personal strike team, the master behind the shadow hands had been gathering and storing their power in preparation for their ultimate attack. The flames that had been scattered everywhere by Solus’ pained frenzy, and Emi’s efforts to keep it all at bay came crawling, then jogging, sprinting, and leaping back towards their master to coalesce in this massive inferno of dark flames.

The concentration of heat and reiatsu, not just around Solus, but within the entirety of the Pit had grown incredibly intense. By now the walls, parts of the ceiling not destroyed by Emi, and the floors nearest to Solus had turned red and even white hot in some places and then started melting. The temperatures kept rising higher and higher as Solus’ spiraled out of control and soon the shadowed hands clawed their way into them. Without ripping apart this flesh, they burrowed deep into Solus, becoming part of his existence and transforming him as they did. The Captains Reiatsu exploded, reaching that monstrous peak once more, and now it seemed as if the world was catching fair.

The transformation was unbearable even to him. His whole body burned with both Reiatsu and flame. He fell to the ground, roaring, belching flames, writing in apparent agony with the sounds of cracking bones filling the air alongside it all. And then it all stopped. Solus stood, his brown skin now a red so bright it almost glowed. Horns had sprouted from his head and his long white hair coiled around his neck and shoulders, becoming like a lions mane. Finally, not only did the arms he lost miraculously grow back, he gained a second set. The Asura was born.

Inadvertently, by pushing Solus into the corner like she did, the Captain was able to achieve what was thought to be impossible. Rather than releasing the power contained inside the Zanpakutou to its fullest, Solus took it into himself. By merging his own fractured existence with that of Zetsriel’s the two were able to become the complete being they never were before now. But, this process was incredibly unstable. The amount of heat coming off of Solus only continued to rise, but it was faster now. Before long it would become unstable. He was like a nuclear power plant rapid approaching the final stages of a meltdown and the blast to wipe out the world was just around the corner.

Solus stepped forward, and with it came a gargantuan wall of flames that threatened to engulf the entirety of the pit behind him. He turned, again, his movements causing yet another wave of flames. Emi flicked her wrists, moving her blade just enough to create a shockwave strong enough to keep the inferno at bay. Yet, in the back of her mind Emi knew that even with the power of her bankai, the monstrous Captain’s newly gained ability to create these massive bursts of flame with even the simplest of movements were a problem.

And then without warning, the flames of battle were set alight one more. Solus exploded forward once again, his step a bit slower than before but the tenacity behind them was higher than ever. Behind him, a wall of flames so vast and all encompassing the world seemed not to exist anymore. He closed in viscously, bearing the full force of his being upon up with such ferocity that Emi was startled into retreating. The flames followed her, being flung forward with a impressive amount of momentum as the Asura came to a halt. Emi slashed, once again using the force behind her swings to keep the flames at bay, but what little that did.

While she could safely keep the fires from touching her, she couldn’t avoid the heat. Simply being with in proximity to them was enough to sear away her flesh. The situation had become dire. To approach risked being consumed in the sea of flames, keeping her distance not only limited her options but she burned anyway. Worse, the fires were only growing hotter by the second.

The decline of the situation didn’t stop there. Aside from the absurdity of the heat, the flames were completely unnatural. They were blood red and weirdly heavy. By blowing back the flames, Emi noticed that the fell, or even gravitate towards the ground and other objects and seemed to stick to them. The flames even ate through the ground and even the walls and ceiling of the cave.
Somehow it was if the abrasive, beat everything to death nature and attitude Solus had became the flames. The propensity to create widespread destruction with no concern for the consequences or the casualties left behind in his wake. It was all his was plus a dash of pure destruction and chaos made fully manifest. The flames were merely the disguise it wore.

Perhaps it had all come full circle in the end, however. Long ago in his youth Solus bore the ‘Crimson Catastrophe’ moniker. A foreboding title that paid tribute to his dark red locks of hair, a trait born from the fact that it remained near permanently stained with the blood of his enemies and the fact that every field that Solus did battle in had its entire landscape restructured. Even several divisions were leveled when Solus entered the fray. And now, history would repeat itself once more here in the Pit. Collapse was imminent.

Having frozen, Emi allowed Solus to take the initiative and keep up the pressure. The Asura changed at her relentless, throwing fists and flames at every chance it had. Emi was barely able to keep up, and the heat coupled with the constant dodging was making things worse. Exhaustion was quickly setting in. It was hard to move in this heat. Her body was becoming heavier, more sluggish with each passing second. It got to the point where even swinging her blade felt like a chore, a reality that forced her to employ the use of some rather high level barriers just to help stay safe.

It wasn’t a sustainable strategy however.
The flames weren’t just burning the world, but almost literally everything both physically, and metaphysically. Her Reiatsu reserves, burned. Her stamina, burned. Her flesh, burned. Her resolve, burning. This was the end. Her whole reason for joining the Seventh. The years of training, pushing her body to the brink of death over and over again. Amassing all the power she could find in order to avenge her father and the friends she’d found along the way, and those lost to Solus’ fury. All of that baggage she carried, everything leading up to this point went up in flames and things were only getting worse.

Moments passed and the temperatures nearly tripled what they started out as. Instead of radiating flames, Solus was now emitting this blinding aura of light. It was bad enough that the heat was tremendous, but now being unable to directly look at him was making matters that much more hopeless.

The game of cat and mouse carried on with Emi managing to land a few glancing blows here and there, but nothing on the scale of damage she was taking just by being near Solus. Yet, neither was able to land the finishing blow. Despite that, the battle was leaning heavily in Solus’ favor. He was perhaps minutes away from reaching critical mass, and the battle would be decided then. Whether she, or Solus survived the impending cataclysm would decide it all, or so she surmised.

But then out of nowhere, the world froze once again. The shadowy figure appeared, making an somewhat of a triumphant return with its flamboyant manifestation. However this time there were three of them. The shadow sighed exasperatedly in response to Emi’s apparent lack of impetus in this situation. She was a caged beast, but wasn’t able to break free and be the her she wanted to be. The events that played out were more akin to a battle of attrition between them but in actuality...

“It was a slaughter wasn’t it? You remember the fight between you and him being completely one-sided in your favor. He never stood a chance against you. Hate him. Let that anger speak for itself. Do not fear it.

This man not only killed your father, but many of your friends, and countless other innocents. Take that, use it. Break yourself free from this lie. Let’s show our audience what really happened, shall we?”

The figures faded away one by one, and the world reset to just before the battle began. Emi spoke but her voice was devoid of all life, all hope, devoid of anything really. She was broken. The man before her had taken everything and she was past the point of anger. Emi had fallen into despair and was now about to wield it as her greatest weapon.

Her Reiatsu flowed out, taking on that dark and wicked nature that appeared every so often. It reached out to Solus, gripping him by the neck and choking him, and in doing so suppressed Zetsriel. Solus was alone. It was now just him, and Emi. As more and more of her despair seeped out into the world, the nastier her Reiatsu became. Soon it had grown to the point that tears ran down Solus’ face.

He was afraid, alone, and sad all at the same time. As Emi’s vile energy gripped him tighter and tighter, a life time of inadequacy and failed flashes before his eyes. His fear of being weak, unloved, and unable to control himself to the point that he lashed out at anything and everything he could confronted them all at once.

The souls of the dead, the deaths he was responsible for appeared before him. Each of them professed their woes without end. The noise, the wretched screeching burrowed into his mind driving him mad almost instantly. Emi could feel every last second of his suffering as if it were her own, and only served to strengthen her malignity.

Solus fell and Emi approached him slowly. She drew her blade, and with a single swing she removed his right foot. With a thud he hit the cold hard ground, screaming not in pain, but in fear. With each show Emi cut away more and more of him.

First the other foot, then up each of his legs in sequence until she reached his thighs. The poor soul was cursed by his own Reiatsu which had flared up to cauterize the wounds in a sad act of self-preservation. This would only add to and prolong his suffering, and Emi knew as much. She knew exactly how miserably resilient the Shinigami body was.

Emi knew he would eventually die, but that death would take some time before it could reach him. In the meantime she could take her time and make him pay in blood for everything he had done. So slowly, and so she spent the following moments cutting a small piece of his flesh away and watching as the wounds burned themselves shut before repeating the process again and again.

To make matters worse, Emi didn’t even find any pleasure or accomplishment in tearing him apart like this. No joy, no relief, or anything in that vein. One could argue that it only made her feel worse, but even that was hard to see. She continued on because she felt compelled to. The sensation was addicting, and there was a morbid interest in seeing how much of him he could carve away before he finally gave up. It appeared as though that, and only that would drive her on.

Eventually with each additional piece of Solus she cut away, a black flake almost like an infected scab appeared somewhere on Emi’s body, both real and in the mindscape. Having delved deep into vulnerability left by her anguish, The Speaker found a way to take advantage of it and place its thumb on the scale. With each piece of flesh Emi took from Solus, The Speaker took a small portion of hers.

The Shadowy figure returned once more, and for what it hoped would be the last time it needed to finally push her over the edge. Now grinning ear to ear the figure gave a hearty applause before speaking to her.

“Now that’s the way. A criminal is all you see, and as harbinger of Justice it is your duty, no your right to inflict it upon him. His suffering is only a fraction of the suffering dealt to the countless others. When there is nothing left of him, behind the cycle anew. He must suffer for eternity with you acting as the judge, jury, and lost important of all the executioner.”

The figure snapped and vanished in a flash. The world reset once more, but not by the shadow’s doing this time. Her Reiatsu flowed out, taking on that dark and wicked nature but this time it was far worse than it had ever been. It was viscous, black and heavy, becoming like the tar that brought her to this never-ending cycle of suffering.

It reached out to Solus, dripping and leaving a trail of unfiltered obscenity behind in its wake. The transformed Reiatsu slithered its way around Solus’ neck and gripped it firmly. Now not only did it choke him, it burned him with all the fury of the sun at the same time. It seemed now with each new loop things would become much, much worse. Time went on, and eventually younger loops would lead to different methods of torture and deaths that Solus was subjected to.

As the loops grew in number, so too did the complexity of Solus’ manner of torture and eventual death. Eventually they reached the point of almost Rube Goldberg Machine levels of over-doneness where in something as benign as flexing one’s fingers followed down a slippery slope of odd conveniences that lead to Solus’ bones being ripped out of his body through his flesh. Another such occurrence began as a routine patrol and then ended in Solus suffering from a mental break that caused him to shoot a stream of flames down his own throat. Before long the loops resulted to less and less and involvement from Emi and more focused around Solus experiencing more and more bizarre or gruesome deaths. All the while Emi remained just as trapped as he did in the fantasy of his suffering. It all played right into The Speakers hands, no matter how the trip from point A to point Z occurred.

With each reset, more and more of Emi became covered and infested with darkness. She was now truly a slave to her own darkness, and now The Speaker’s influence beside. The more of her that was lost to the darkness, the stronger The Speaker and The Collective became inside her body. There was no turning back now. She was in too deep, and the lust for making the one responsible for it all was just too great to turn away from. Letting go just simply wasn’t in her nature.

Outside of Emi’s now cursed mindscape, The Speaker stood ready to face the world. Emi’s body was now almost entirely covered in the black scabby growths. They dripped and oozed with the same tar-like substance that swallowed both her and Reijin only moments prior. Coinciding with this descent into a bow physically manifesting disease of unbridled impurity was the new now now profoundly amplified wave of antagonism radiating from her body.

The miasma had now grown so thick it was becoming hard to see her amidst it all. The noxious emanations slowly rose, forming a dark and thick cloud of enmity above her head, threatening to bring about another cataclysm. However, the world was spared that event, for now. Instead it would act as a beacon for those brave or foolish enough to approach the whatever the hell was happening.

Having now wrested what appeared to be last vestiges of control from Emi, it was now able to access the full breadth of her abilities. All it needed now was a proper target with which to test them on. The Speaker could sense that a rather massive gathering of Tharrans had formed in response to the rather grandiose display of evil. They were clearly fearful for what may happen if left unchecked, but they were too stupid to realize how utterly hopeless they were in this situation.

Emi was bad enough on her own when tainted by her negative emotions, but The Speaker was a brand new breed of evil. Something that delighted in being what it was, simply because it could be as much and there wasn’t anything around to stop it. And so it was, a veritable army of Therrans and poor, hopeless, helpless, and slimy Emi standing there waiting to be devoured by then all. However the hero, the dull and ever inglorious Speaker was there to save her from this massive threat.

The Speaker paced forward glee fully, placing itself firmly in the heart of the army before they even had the chance to realize it. When they did, they swarmed like wasps on a threat to their nests. Tens, hundreds of them piled on to The Speaker, giving it the improper burial it never was allowed to have. Most would’ve been crushed under the weight, but Emi still had a fair amount of her physical strength left over which was also bolstered by her Reiatsu. Simply crawling atop of the stolen body wasn’t enough to end it.

Of course, however, this was exactly what The Speaker wanted. Small blades, blackened by the discontent literally jumping off of the speaker began to rain down upon the piled on heap of weird mutts. One by one, the ones on the surface perished and rolled off the heap. Before long the pile shrunk in size and all that remained was the speaker, still surrounded by hundreds of them still, and the now countless numbers of their dead.

Being witness to the effortless massacre of their comrades, the living tharrans were now spurred into action, now with more enthusiasm than they would’ve showed otherwise. However, it was futile. The Speaker swung Reijin, once again releasing that localize hurricane. It swept up a sizable portion of the lifeless corpses surrounding it, and hurled them at the charging Tharrans. Yet, this wasn’t particularly what The Speaker had in mind. Coinciding with the massive wind force was an ungodly concentration of blades which reduced each of the bodies tossed in the wind into a combination of pulp and red mist.

Meanwhile the blades continued on, spiraling out of control as each and every last one of them found a Tharran like a soulmate and burrowed its way though it’s companion’s head. The blades drilled through them, churning the insides of the Tharran army into a slurry if bones and entrained, before exist them to leave behind a nasty exit wound and a trail of Tharran slushy. In two shakes, the army perished like it was nothing.

At first The Speaker was disappointed. For all its posturing, and making as much of a scene as it possibly could, the turn out was a bit... lacking. Despite that, it found some solace in the fact that it was so easily capable of spreading such widespread destruction and death. And so for the next few moments, The Speaker spent its time rolling and and sliding through the death as a pig would through the mud and filth.

There was nothing human about it. Not to take this much pleasure in the brutality. It was now clear that the thing, the whatever that made Emi love the act of killing as much as she did wasn’t her. The glimpses of wanton chaos and callousness were none other than this Speaker entity, who had been residing within her for who knows how long, waiting for its chance not to shine but stand in the spotlight all the same. This grotesque facsimile of a person without inhibitions, taken to the most disgusting limits was this.

The Speaker had to be put down, but none would know it, or even why. All the witnesses were dead. Or so The Speaker thought. The hero, not the one The Speaker believed itself to be, but rather one more uncanny. It appeared from the sky like some sort of bird or plane landing after a long flight. Up close it felt like a pretty gnarly creature, but amidst the red smoke and dust it was hard to make out any discernible features. But, The Speaker knew plain as night that this thing was far above the rest of the class.

Unbeknownst to the evil invader, it had inadvertently drawn the ire of the so-called Zygantre. Whatever it was, The Speaker had made a real mess of its territory and enough was enough. One of the big bads felt it necessary to deal with the threat itself, and now it showed up to do so. Sensing it’s unruly presence, with the tingles now like teeth biting into Emi’s flesh, The Speaker hopped up from the pool of soupy entrails. It slowly wiped itself clean, and then turned to more properly face this much more noteworthy threat.

“Finally, a proper meal. I would likely to thank you for attending our lovely feast. To the guest of honor, a good and vicious death to you. Oh how blessed you must be.”

The Speaker frowned. With more control over not just Emi’s body but furthered dominance over The Collective, The Speaker was able to more directly speak to the world and for itself. But the act of doing so was a bit disappointing. Before, its speech drew in the wills of the Collective, and thus helped it to shape the sinister and foreboding message left previously. But now, The Speaker was troubled by not being able to strike the appropriate tone for what it was. Though adding to The Speaker’s dilemma was the fact that it didn’t quite know who or what it was, nor what it wanted to be.

Yes, The Speaker wanted blood. Yes it wanted chaos. Yes, it wanted destruction. And yes it was more than able to revel in it all. Though, it doubted such pleasure was its own doing as opposed to the influence of The Collective. But why then? Why did The Speaker delight in all those things? Why does it want to engage in those things? There were all those questions and more that it simply didn’t have the answers to, at least for the moment. But then realization set it.

From barely being able to walk, to almost mastering the art of moving, then mastering Emi and Reijin’s power. It was clear that The Speaker was evolving. Not just in mind, body and spirit, but as an entity. Each iteration clearly became more dangerous than the last, and it was now just starting to reach its climb towards the pinnacle.

At the rate it seemed to be going, where the The Speaker was headed is what life would’ve have been had it began with humanity as opposed to single-celled organisms. The results? Not quite to the point to threaten deified entities, but clearly it was on the very of transcending the well established concepts associated with spiritual beings both good and ill. It bore the body, and soul of a human or at least a human-like entity, but its mind was in a different dimension entirely. What it was, what it could do when back by that mindset was what was truly dangerous about it.

It wasn’t about power. If it were, it was only about half as strong as Emi was at her fully strength. That was without consideration for what Reijin and Tenka Reijin we’re capable of in tandem with Emi. One’s potential for greatness wasn’t or isn’t always measured in strength along. Part of it involved skill, experience, knowledge, wisdom, and capacity to grow or chance. Any combination of these things could produce a person with unspeakable potential. But for what the speaker was, human constructs and conventions no longer applied. Humanity’s realms of reason and understanding had their very clear, and very finite limitations. Humans could never make sense of pure randomness and chaos, no matter how smart they or technology became. The only thing more outside their reach was idea of God and what it is or could be. It was starting to appear that one of these things was what the Speaker was becoming.

Emi’s body stood upright. Her shoulder straightened, and her face produced a sly but toothy grin. From uncertainty to an overwhelming confidence, The Speaker changed. None of those questions it asked prior mattered. Their answers mattered even less. There was only one reason thing that fit, and it was the most logical conclusion that presented itself. The truth of itself became unmistakably clear to it.

The Speaker wasn’t a person. It didn’t need a reason for those things, nor did it need much of an identity or a tone to match said identity. Instead, The Speaker understood that it could not be associated with humanity or even the lack thereof. The Speaker was neither good nor evil. Hero nor villain. Moral or Immoral. It was simply was. Neutral, ambivalent, amoral. Not a man, not a god, not monster nor animal. It was a force of nature, something like a tornado, an earthquake or even a plague. It killed not because it wanted to, or because it could. It killed not because it made the decision to do so. It killed because it was bound to happen. The inevitably of its behavior was all the justification The Speaker needed. It didn’t cause death, it was death.

By simply being allowed to exist, things would die. Much as the volcano would claim the souls of many, so too would The Speaker usher in a state of non-existence. The Earth was simply in the way of the asteroid that The Speaker was, and all the living things just so happened to be the dinosaurs that roamed it. Was it planned? No. Divine will? No. It was all just an unfortunate set of coincidences that just so happened to lead to an even more unfortunate set of events. Even if that meant an extinction event ensued. This was The Speaker, the incarnate of the next extinction.

With this newfound knowledge, The Collective ceased to be. There was no longer any point in keeping around a cacophony of voice from things beneath its plane of existence. They were all dead weight on a journey to a destination none of them could ever reach. And so The Speaker devoured every last one of the remaining souls, and rid itself of all unnecessary burdens.

Thus today marked the birth and creation of a new type of being. One where the concepts of Shinigami, Arrancar, Quincy, Togabito and more no longer mattered. It was an entity that associated with none other than itself, and itself alone. It was born because fate saw it fit be be cruel, and it lived only to do whatever it felt like in the heat of the moment. Like a hurricane, it would simply travel ther Earth. Whether it encountered souls and swiftly ushered them into the afterlife, or quietly passed over the ocean without harming a single thing. This was the nature of The Speaker. It could only destroy or not destroy. There was no in between, no gray area. Things were as black and white as black and white could be. It was either the saddest, or happiest of birthdays.

The blood and smoke began to thin, and more of what what lurking inside of it became clear to The Speaker. Though with the developments surrounding this malevolent manifestation, whatever remained hidden among the veil would likely be trounced as hard as the Tharrans were only moments prior. As it had been made agonizingly clear, Emi was dangerous. When letting go some of her inhibitions that level of threat grew exponentially. But what happens now when those inhibitions no longer exist? When, restraint isn’t a concept any longer. When there is no will, no preconceptions, no concerns. What if her power could exist in a pure state, a vacuum, where it was other made manifest or not? What if her power could exist in a state where it was either eradicating something, or not?

When people acted, there was always some part of their psyche playing its part. Whatever thoughts and emotions happened to be floating around in their mind space at the time influenced each and every action they performed, and how they performed it. So what if those walls didn’t exist?

What would happen to the power one wielded when left in the hands of nature where it could act with true randomness, with true indiscriminate force, and with true lack of concern or care for the consequences. When the tsunami sweeps through the ocean, there is no mind behind it to hold it back. It destroys whatever is in its way, or it dies without having accomplished nothing. This was the binary world The Speaker existed in, and the powers it wielded from this realm meant true ruination lied ahead.

“I consume, therefore... I am.”
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One who calls upon the ocean never expects the tsunami.
For beckoning the rains, also tempts the hurricane.
When simple kindling begs the wildfire,
A furious inferno to devour the lands.
And to say a prayer is to provoke the wrath of God.
Know ye not your foolishness?

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@ Nilgathor

As the female shinigami known as Ehthririel retreated to the sidelines, Kara would appear suddenly at her right side in a quiet flashstep. Knowing the female shinigami would likely not sense her, Kara placed a reassuring hand on the shinigami's right shoulder, and spoke in a low, calm voice.

"Peace, comrade. I'm here to help."

Even as Kara spoke, her eyes and senses were trained on the two figures in the distance- the being that had once been Emi, and another powerful entity that had appeared to confront her.

Kara had watched from the shadows as events had unfolded, had felt the many shifts and eddies as Emi's soul had been more and more transformed by darkness. And now Emi's form stood in a macabre heap of scattered flesh and entrails, staring with open cruelty at the newly arrived being.

Help her ...? Kara thought.

Some obscure instinct told Kara that this infernal realm was teetering on some edge, drawing to some end. And yet Kara's deep sense of empathy would not let her easily abandon Emi. Or the others caught up in the dark ebb and flow of the evil force that had possessed Emi's body.

Slowly, Kara would turn her gaze to the female Shinigami. She noted her energy level, and the injuries she'd sustained.

"I am Kara Masters, Second Division Captain." Kara calmly said. "Who are you?"

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He chuckles as he recollected his earlier statement…. He then proceeded to saying to himself “She isn’t stupid, she is damn well crazy” as he saw her fighting against tharrans, hundreds of them in fact, she had dashed into the streets as he followed right behind her, he didn’t feel the need to rush he felt like to observe the lady in front of him, his sudden interest In her surprised him, but why she chose to attack the tharrans attracting numerous foes to herself eluded him but she would be no help to him if she was dead or hurt, either of the options looked highly unlikely to come from the hands of a tharran considering how she was slaughtering them and evading attacks, countering as she moved each step “Scary” he whispered under his breath but then who knows when what ever would show up “That damn bird still gives me chills though”. He thought about her actions as he followed into an attack and support stance “Maybe if we eliminate enough tharrans they won’t be much of an issue later on, though that’s a huge assumption, it doesn’t seem like a good time to attack them, there are powered down and there isn’t any sunlight to back them up now…. Good thinking assuming that’s what she thought in the first place though
He took notice of her sword technique hardly as beautiful as her but good anyway, he opted to attacking from range as it would seem like the best and very efficient plan of attack. He proceeded to going on the attack, firing hundreds of arrows by the second going for the heads of as much as possible, he remembered watching the Avengers movie where the antagonist made it clear how lethally dangerous it is to not strike a lethal blow when the chance arises, all attention was already on his highly esteemed partner so he damn well had more than enough time to eliminate a mighty chunk of enemies around her, the skins or outer layer of their bodies where tough, but it was nothing a few concentrated attacks couldn’t solve, barrage after barrage, wave after wave he continued to attack on and on, with his level of skill didn’t have to bother making any effort not to hit his teammate he knew what he was doing, every action of his wasn’t wasted in attack or support, his heightened abilities, capacity and capabilities surprised him more and more, “So it’s possible to have this Level of skill, just how powerful are the Stern Ritters then” he worried in his head. Within the first 13mins he had made a mental count of about five hundred and eleven kills but he had noticed what his Battle hungry partner would have noticed by now, the tharrans are getting less dazed. He proceeded to increasing his kill count over another six Hundred and seventeen as about half of them had divided their attention towards him.
Four Hundred kills later and his body started telling a little toll on it But the opponents seemed to be endless, things got worse as he noticed the lady slowly getting overwhelmed, things getting worse for her as her tot in the sky turned off, the blazing glow of the enemy flame attacks got to her leaving her clothes like that of burnt rags, she could barely cover herself as she held on, she had some few burns hits on her body but nothing lethal or very significant.
He chuckled a little as he saw her retreat, not as a sign of mockery or any of the sort, he just thought to himself “So she does have limits”, he followed her back after he threw the last barrage of attacks, a few arrows that caught 30 opponents at least as he rushed towards his damsel, as he got close to her he tried not to state or awe at her exposed skin, her shape, she may have had a few damages made on her body, but she was beautiful. He pulled of his Top offering it to her still trying his best to make his gaze less obvious than it already was, he offered it as cover since it would prove difficult to try and fight like that, unless she was one of those anime characters who was not scared or ashamed of showing skin, apparently to them it was a more efficient get of for battle freeing them up for better movement. Of course this would leave him with his black Tank top.
Well that turned out to be a bad idea, but hey who am I to judge?, I thought it was a pretty slick move too but atlas, nothing of the sort” he said trying to get a few laughs in.

Anyway we need a plan for whatever is creating that darkness, but then I think it would incredibly hard to fight it on our own, so I have 2 ideas…. And hear me out here…. The scroll I read and I’m sure you read too spoke of a divine being living in the clouds called Arckheal, what if we triggered him and he decides to fight, he won't be fighting for us but he won’t be fighting against only us, that ball of dark energy would be restrained a little and what ever out come from that battle would leave the one standing out of stamina and vigor giving us a chance to attack, or we could try and find the other participant convince him or her to join us for the big fight or we could do both, what do you think? And please think fast we don’t have that much time, things seem like they can only get worse” he waited for her reply though he wonders how the last person here was dealing since both of them found it hard to be here in these circumstances.
He sat down to rest himself, cause soon they’ll be on the move and it might be non stop depending on how things go, he looked at her again, waiting for her answer
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When her comrade did not respond, Kara gave a slight smile. Perhaps she was simply too exhausted, or a little startled.

Just then, the other soul- a Quincy- appeared alongside the battleworn shinigami. His manner of speech and attitude were odd to Kara, but she made no comment. As the Quincy took a seat closeby, Kara turned back to the battlefield, zeroing in on the possessed Emi and the powerful entity that now opposed her.

With her connection to the quantum realm, Kara felt a small thrill, almost like a low-ampere electric current up her spine. She took a deep breath. Something was wrong. Something beyond the scope of her advanced spiritual awareness.

There's one way to find out ... Kara thought. But I haven't used that power in ages.

Taking her hand slowly off the female shinigami's shoulder, Kara took a few steps forward, then stopped, shoulders squared and head level.

But ... If I stand any chance of helping Emi and also escaping this realm, I need to dig deep and use that ... There's no other choice ...

Drawing in a deep breath, Kara plunged deep into herself, unlocking a power long dormant. Immediately, Kara felt psionic energy flow from her center in a single, concentrated vein, splitting as it reached her head and infusing into her optical nerves. A shock went through her, and Kara gasped as she let her eyes spring open...

Kara's psionic-energy enhanced vision turned everything she could see into a kind of intense, neon rendering, with every detail reduced to intensities of criss-crossing lines. It was the quantum matrix, the framework of space and time that formed reality. Kara had to steel her mind as she felt it seize up. Viewing the quantum matrix set an incredible load on the mind, and it took every ounce of Kara's training not to be overwhelmed by the experience.

Breathing deeply, Kara shut her eyes shortly, and when she opened them again, she was in complete control.

Immediately, Kara noticed the farthest parts of the matrix shimmering strangely. She had never seen this before. And then, they faded slightly. A flash of intuition turned into strange certainty.

This realm was collapsing.

This was the cause of the odd feeling she'd had earlier. Did it have something to do with Emi's dark, explosive transformation? Or was it just another part of whatever bizzarre sport she'd been forced into?

There was little time to consider. At the present rate of decay she could observe, Kara believed the entire realm would be gone in under three hours.

Kara turned to the female shinigami and the Quincy. Her eyes- which had transformed, her pupils becoming rings of piercing silver against black sclera- came to rest on the female shinigami.

"Forget the four-legged beasts," Kara said, referring to the tharrans, "and get away from here. This realm is falling apart, and probably will be gone in two hours. About three kilometers ahead and four-thousand feet up is probably the exit. It should be unguarded now, so escape should be easier."

Turning away from the two, Kara refocused on Emi.

"This is an order from a Captain." She said to the female shinigami. "And concerned advice for you." She said to the Quincy.


With that last word, Kara dropped into a crouch and launched high up into the air with great force- in Emi's direction- creating powerful gusts of wind outward along the ground.

She would use every ounce of skill she could to help Emi, but she couldn't let her path end in this realm.

There was way too much at stake.

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