[0-100] The Antitower

Home to all of the various Lost Grounds
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[0-100] The Antitower


Post by XIII » Wed Sep 04, 2019 10:01 pm

On the surface, the Antitower serves as the home and base for demons that have gathered together in the pursuit of glory and treasure. But, in the shadows mercenaries, assassins, and other like minded individuals roam about. While some will wait for innocent adventurers to wander of into the wrong corners before making their attacks, there are also demons who welcome challengers of all sorts. These powerful demons are the Lords of the Grounds here, but also bare the additional distinction “Floor Master”. As host to 100 levels, floor masters exist on every 10th floor and are the 10 most powerful demons within Antitower. However, rumor states that the top three floor masters are perhaps the strongest demons in all of Hell.
Area Information:
  • Area Level: 0-100
  • Infernal Presence:
    • Lesser Demons
    • Greater Demons
    • Major Demons
    • Demon Lords
    • Demon Kings
    • Demon Gods
Entry Conditions:
  • TBA
Infernal Combatants:
Area Quests:
Area Rewards:
word count: 179

One who calls upon the ocean never expects the tsunami.
For beckoning the rains, also tempts the hurricane.
When simple kindling begs the wildfire,
A furious inferno to devour the lands.
And to say a prayer is to provoke the wrath of God.
Know ye not your foolishness?


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