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[Runic Zone] The Fobidden Lost Texts — Sor Antithem


Post by XIII » Thu Aug 29, 2019 10:49 pm

Here in this thread, all things rune and rune related will be handled here. Whether that’s craving runes into weapons, tattooing them on oneself, or even learning new runes it’ll all be handled here. Simply fill out the new forms. Note: The price for Runic translations and Runic Infusions is tbd.

For adding runes to weapons (Runic Infusion) use the following form:
Name of Weapon:
Weapon Grade: (1★ , 2★, 3★)
Runes to be added:
Runic Effect:

For using runes on one’s character use the following form:
Name of Character:
Soul Level:
Runes to be Added:
Runic Effect:
For requesting Runic translations use the following: (One word at a time)
Word to be Translated:
Runic effect: (Leave blank if you want the effect to be assigned automatically. Note: Runic assignments are permanent and final).
*Not all words will be translated. Certain words will be reserved by me for predetermined purposes, or will be refused for (potentially) being too powerful. Translations are on a first come, first served basis. If two people submit the same word for translation only the first submission will be processed unless the desired effect is rejected. 
For purchasing preexisting words:
Runic Word:
Runic Effect:
Runic Price:
word count: 202

One who calls upon the ocean never expects the tsunami.
For beckoning the rains, also tempts the hurricane.
When simple kindling begs the wildfire,
A furious inferno to devour the lands.
And to say a prayer is to provoke the wrath of God.
Know ye not your foolishness?


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