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District 4our


Post by Itsu » Fri Oct 11, 2019 11:16 am

Mysterious invisible forces wander about this zone in search of unfortunate souls to inflict horrifying cataclysm on. Beings with no tangible form but posses a core at the center of their essence which is said to be their life force. It is said that the only tangible parts of these forces are; their life's core and their 9 inches long steal hard claws which they use in killing victim(s). They tend to attack any living creature within sight, and extremely brutalize their victim(s) to the point of  unconsciousness, or maybe not. However, fighters must avoid coming face to face  with an entity that takes the form of whoever sees them, replicating their appearances, abilities, voices, and physical parameters such as speed, strength, durability etc. Whenever the forces are within close proximity, it's either nearby electric bulbs undergo fluctuations, going off and on in rapid succession, or a screeching sound of great magnitude floods the area. However, these forces that constantly move in pairs are strictly territorial creatures who can't go into another creature's territory in search of prey. So they keep a 4000 meters radius boundary withing the entire district, thereby making quite impossible for 2 pairs of these creatures to attack a target at once. Following the resonating sound of an undying horn is the key to finding the location of the doorway. Situated underground, after an almost never ending walk of, a dungeon will reveal itself. Guarded by an Akama, a demon, a beast of pure rage and strength, Akama will die before letting anyone get close to the doorway.

Monster stats

Strength [B]

I've now reached the start of the upper echelons of strength, and have become truly formidable. My attacks could drastically hurt those weaker than me, while those of similar constitution would take care now to eat too many of my attacks. One solid punch would prove critical if not mitigated. Those slightly above me would have to think twice about taking something like a raw punch or even taking my attacks in excess. Throwing something as heavy as a large elephant could be effective in combat, while my attacks could punch through even thick layers of steel.

Hakuda [B]

I have now entered expert territory and have gained recognition as of of the most skilled individuals in this field. While not a master, an I am more than capable of handling myself in a physical altercation. My deeper knowledge of the theory behind the art and their capabilities allows for imaginative variations of basic techniques on the fly. My knowledge of anatomy allows meto selectively disable parts of my opponent's body. If I leave an opening, it is most likely a gambit to draw the opponent in. I have several advanced techniques.

Hohou [C]

Entering the realm of average user, I can maintain fast movements for a lengthy period of time. I am now also able to apply my knowledge of Hohou while engaging in combat to effectively control my positioning around the battlefield and my opponent.


Strength [S]

Truly terrifying. If but to keep things simple, that would be the only way to describe my power as it is now. Feats like breaking down mountains, picking up giants, destroying sections of cities seems paltry now. I've gained so much strength that even meteors would crumble before me. I could reshape a landscape with a single punch, and would be questionable if any but the strongest could resist such terrifying might. Throwing something as heavy as the Antonov An-225 could be effective in combat, though almost hilariously easy.

Durability [A]

Growing stronger still, I find myself eating most attacks for breakfast. In fact, I don't even wake up unless it to face heavy blows. All else will likely just glance off unless reinforced somehow. Those fighting against me with strength alone will find themselves at a standstill unless they're stronger.

Endurance [S+]

Most would suspect I am a literal machine. The stamina reserves I carry are so incredibly vast that none have ever seen me tire. No matter the non-lethal wounds , no matter the effort expended, I seemingly will continue to advance without end. It would likely take moving heaven and hell to tire me out.

Zanjutsu [C]

As an average user of this art, I have proven that I am well versed in not only the basics, but numerous variations. I can see and exploit openings, consciously cover most of my own, draw the opponent in, and usually resist falling for gambits. Application of what I have learned is confident and spontaneous. Use of sword techniques becomes viable in almost any situation.

Hakuda [A]

Expert no more, I am now recognized as a master of the art. Masters are the best-trained in Hakuda. In fact, masters are so well versed in hand-to-hand combat that most moves can be executed to devastating effect, leaving little option for defense to any who are not at least equal in skill. All of the basics and variations are applied with reflex-level spontaneity. Their understanding of force and balance allows them to attempt and recover from techniques that would leave a lesser artist on their face. The opponent's anatomy and movements are an open book, and the Master has complete control over how much force is used. Even a miss can have enough power behind it to cause area damage. They know all of the art's theory and probably all of the advanced techniques, and begin to experiment with concepts to advance both.

Hohou [C]

Entering the realm of average user, I can maintain fast movements for a lengthy period of time. I am now also able to apply my knowledge of Hohou while engaging in combat to effectively control my positioning around the battlefield and my opponent.

Updates Made
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District 4our


Post by platinum6ix » Sun Oct 13, 2019 11:42 pm

The sun poured out it's brilliant hot oranges and reds into the horizon like a pot of molten lava all over the district, but he was under the shadows of tall derelict buildings.

In those streets he was the only beating heart, the only being of warm blood and flesh. The walls around him were doubtless home to many in the fairly recent past that was unknown to him, yet now it was still an unfamiliar maze to all. The light fell on the words that spoke to nobody, unaware that their audience had vanished, or that the streets lay silent beneath no boots at all, save his. All was nothing but pencil in the hands of the creator and It was as though the creator of had stopped time, removed all the distractions so he could see it for real, see how it really was, what it really was. And in that moment all the Arrancar wished for was another beating heart in this deserted city, another being of warm blood and flesh, one more pair of boots to walk next to his.
The street winds over the skyscrapers like a carelessly discarded belt, grey and cracked with age. On each side the houses are separated by little yards large enough to accommodate farm animals, but this was no rural district...atleast it wasn't even though it might have been more looking than this. The buildings were many times larger than even the biggest of families might need, yet in each must have been mostly parents with one child. To each dwelling there are more damaged sports cars than people...actually there was no one, and motobikes that cost more than homes at Karakura town just a block over.

It was impossible to miss the white bodies soared across the skies. The silver linings of the clouds were being sliced by vast, beautiful wings. Their figures stood prominent in the bright blue above, with only small pockets of clouds to hide them. They were birds in the sky. The birds flew through that ever developing canvas of the free dawn, as if their wings were fine quills, drawing such buoyant hues. Those wings in that sky became the colours of day dreams and opposite of reality.

The arrancar was yet in another foreign barren land. Just after securing a zyrode tube from the ruler of Astras, a portal surfaced which led him to a safe zone while Astras crumbled before his eyes. His energy he replenished before he approached this strange land. The city was no different than Astras except for the fact that he spotted normal creatures before they could bail off the vicinity. The arrancar was still tattered and clad in rags when a sudden light glowed from his little bag pack. There was a scroll and the set of portions as back in Astras.

“Following the resonating sound of an undying horn is the key to finding the location of the doorway. Situated underground, after an almost never ending walk of, a dungeon will reveal itself. Guarded by Akama, a demon, a beast of pure rage and strength, Akama will die before letting anyone get close to the doorway...”

He read through the scroll and assimilated the details within. At the verge of completing the last sentence, blue flame ignited at the center of the scroll and in no time he lost the scroll to the wind. Grey were his eyes, but not like those people from the Seam. They were very pale, as if almost all the color has been sucked out of them. He took only a step that marked the beginning of yet another journey. He will come to learn more about this new world.
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District 4our


Post by Samuel_Carter_Awakening » Wed Oct 16, 2019 2:08 pm

Rescued in the nick of time by the swirling of space and blue energy warping him away from the abominable jungle he had once traversed on. A safe zone he was taken into while the jungle was devoured by an unknown, and now all he could see when his eyelids gave way were the tops of several buildings.

His fingers came together to grasp what he laid on, greenish leaves that arose from nodes and leaf bases wrapping around the stem. His blue oculi surveyed the surrounding. He could clearly see tall buildings with medium sized panes and glasses, few broken while others intact. Water logged streets, abandoned Automobiles as well as stretched out grasses. Adjusting himself, sitting on his buttocks, he stretched out his right and left hands further away, closed his eyes and drew in several breaths, sniffing the air for reasons known to him.
Jolting back to his consciousness, he searched his pouch, he remembered the potion and scroll handed over to him during the last test, so it wouldn't be strange if same occurrence were to repeat itself. Rummaging the pouch, he withdrew a scroll and a potion, reading through the scroll gently, he hinted few words.

"Location of a doorway. A dungeon will reveal itself?. Guarded by an Akama? Akama will die before letting anyone get close to the doorway"

The young man folded the scroll immediately and placed it back into the pouch alongside the potion. Supporting himself to his feet with a rail, he got up, starring far and wide in search of soul reapers alike, or hollows if one had ventured in by any means. Before he could make his first step, brought before his mind scape, displayed like a movie was his spar with the most beautiful lass he had ever seen, "Ethriel". An Elegant name for the beauty of the Galaxy. He became cozy as his eyelids moved up and down causing him to blink affectionately. He wished he could cross paths with her one more time, but it didn't take long for this feeling of warmth and affection to give way.

Now brought to his mind scape was his bunny, kito. He wore a goofy face and hissed, but he still missed his bunny and above all, his tea. This strange mission had deprived him of many things, his morning tea, afternoon tea and the evening tea underneath the glowing moon which he believed to be his mother watching over him. Well, this was no time to reminisce over what was left behind, he had to face the future and that is clearly the dungeon in his path.

"Well then, no matter what happens, I must prevail like the last.

Boosting his self confidence by speaking encouraging words to himself, he regained his sense of responsibility and his focus on the goal at hand, taking his first step, he allowed his eyes wander about to find a better route. Deciding to take the one afore, he bent low, pressing his feet against the earth, he sprung into motion, kinetic motion, easily towering above a dislodged, abandoned, worn out Automobile and unto dry land, at least for now, he advanced further, setting his left hand on the tip of his sword's hilt, hoping to enjoy the adventure while it lasted. The sun continued to release it's Magnificent rays, letting off none except objects behind tall buildings, from its punishment, the soul reaper was no exception for he traversed underneath the oppressing rays, Alas! He had little to endure, thanks to the hat which sat on his head comfortably.
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District 4our


Post by Phantom-T » Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:10 am

Caught in a moment of uncertainty, Eckhard watched as the water before him faded into bubbles and then again colors before settling down to show him clear space, a land just like the one he knew before. His right knee pressed hard against the concrete floor signifying the full presence of his old friend gravity, while his eyes shuttered with brows furrowed, taming the ray of the sun from making him blind.

Where am i, he wondered feeling high pressed with the wind pressure bracing against his pale skin. The trident he once held in hand was no more and so was the golden medallion by his left wrist. However, before he could get to the reason why, birds quickly took to the open sky flying away as if spooked by his sudden appearance.

Still drenched in water, his eye shuttered a couple more times, removing water bubbles from his retina while he gazed suspiciously at the horizon not sure what to make of it. From his calculations he was about 20 ft high suspended on top the roof of a building where birds perked their day away. However going by the sight before him, it felt rather odd a dozen building lined before him yet he could barely hear the whisper of a man, the cry of a child or even more disturbing the noise their modern day technology generated.


He called turning back to see nothing more than lines of clothes abandoned to the scorching sun for god knows how long. He’d also see a broken doorway by the side leading into the building. Sighing to himself, he wondered why his subordinate wasn’t directly behind him, as he was meant to be. Also recalling his last command he was certain he was supposed to follow through unless? he paused, imagining the trident must have disappeared after he laid hand on it, just like his medallion which was now gone too.

"Tsch", he scorned attempting to stand to his feet when the pain on his right shoulder nudged him a painful brace, reminding him he was only human after all. Immediately he scorned again, forcing himself up while supporting his right arm with his left.

Grabbing a few cloths from the hanging line, he walked straight for the door kicking it down to spot a flight of stairs going down into the building and more birds flapping their way out of the corners.

Carefully avoiding each one of them he walked down the stairs and into the first corridor he would spot for the day. For some reason the walls inside was dark, a lot more darker than normal which he felt was odd considering the sun outside. However, not minding at all he staggered on looking for an apartment or a spot he could rest his back on.

Luckily for him he didn’t have to go far only covering a total of 5 meters to spot the first room. An opens space about 30 meters wide sat empty with nothing guarding the door or the accessories packed. By the side another door lay open revealing what seemed to be a corridor with a kitchen at the end of it. Not interested to go site seeing Eckhard moved into the living room with brown leather cushions a 32 inch flat screen TV by the wall, a broken glass table at the center and a line of medications scattered on the leo woven rug.

Resting on the tallest cushion in the room, he quickly pulled his jacket, being very careful as to not upset his hand. He caressed his left shoulder only to discover he didn’t have a broken hand. Instead it was only a slight dislocation which he should have known had he not been occupied with thoughts of the kraken.

Biting down on his robe he quickly forced the shoulder into place, which immediately gave him a certain relief. Smiling to himself on recalling how long he had felt pain, he’d almost applaud the hidden force taking him through this journey, knowing well enough they would pay with their lives should he catch up with any of them. However for now, where the hell was he.

He wasn’t in karakura for sure, considering the architectural structures of buildings he saw outside but then again was he really in the human realm he’d wonder feeling weird about the silence he felt outside.

Feeling relieved enough he’d pick up himself from the ground to gaze at a few pictures of a man and his two kids, and again a man and his wife. Moving down into the bedroom he’d see a box of clothes on the bird a short gun some clothes dark shades and even more some sort of weird currency.

Picking up the gun he’d dismantle it a few times before realigning it to confirm it was fully loaded with no bullet wasted. He’d toss it back on the bird before walking up to the wardrobe where he found nothing. Moving on he’d open the bathroom and there he spot a man and his two children gutted open with their blood spread along the walls.

His eyes barely widened instead squinted with confusion written all over his face. Quickly closing the door to leave it as it was, he moved out of the room and straight for the entrance of the house where he peaked out of the door to survey the corridor and its possible tenants. Finding none he returned back into the house, closing the door by its bolts.

He’d walk back to the bed, picking the gun up before throwing himself on the bed. Whatever it was that attacked the family would have to come and meet him here he conclude feeling too exhausted to walk back into the street as he was. His pocket weighed heavy but even that didn’t bother him not if this journey was going to be as treacherous as the last.

Simply laying there he slowly phased into a soothing mode, freeing his mind of all thoughts.
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Post by platinum6ix » Sun Oct 20, 2019 2:26 pm

With the city exactly as it was, just devoid of the warmth that made it worthy of that term. It was a collection of buildings, roads laid like a carpet for a queen that was never destined to turn up. Banners hung with slogans only to be read by the dust-laden wind. The side mini market was all set up like it awaits the stall holders any moment. The only sound was that of a black pigeon that cried as though it can bring back the people who left tasty scraps if only it calls loud enough. Against the wall of the old court house at north-east was a two-wheeled vehicle, the chain dangling on the sidewalk. Far ahead was the clock tower, forever stuck at half past noon. If Armani stood still enough perhaps time would have been indeed frozen, perhaps it was just his bones that never realized it.

More than an hour had gone and he was the only living being caught on sight. The water logs that remained stagnant and piles of green over the surface finally moved upon the disturbance from his each step he took, caressing cooly, eddying in their wake. Each steps he pulled, he watched the drips and found the waters strange, both transparent and opaque at the same time. They moved to a particular point; a center, as though it was under a force field or snatched by gravity to the saline below, haloed by ever-moving rings reducing in size as they reached a center point. In the breeze his feet was cold, yet his back was warmed by the orange summer sun. So far so good, if it was new threat, he was readily open for a challenge. Or perhaps, it was just a natural phenomenon.

It started when a little shadow was casted on him from high above before spreading as wide as 4m in a matter of seconds. It was already obvious that the atmosphere above him waited patiently for him to arrive that spot. A slight dash backwards aided Armani to elude a rain of massive cutleries. Axes, double-edged swords, tridents, chains covered in blades, all various forms of weapons one could possibly think of rained under the influence of gravity to impair and brutalize the arrancar. It didn't stop there. Just as he continuously dashed backwards switching between east and west, stagnant waters splashed in his wake and the cruel weapons disturbed the the same paralyzed water as the force at which they descended did nothing but pierced themselves stiff to the ground upon physical contact. A huge ball of metal roughly three times his own size descended and the vibrations shook the lands upon contact. A dip crater it buried itself, the massive metallic ball was tied to some sort of chain at the other end.

Armani lifted his eyes up to the sky only to find his gaze caught on multiple humanoid creatures that followed suite after the rain of machineries. They stood in packs, armed with blades, and different shapes of weapons. The wind was loud but silence was eminent. Half the size of humans they were, they also had bright green scaley skin, and tongues almost equal in length to that of a regular katanta. In that moment the quiet had become like an icy drips onto already cold skin. Armani paused to observe, but ears straining. The street was never so cold like it was, like some daunting drama set. He turned around, eyes taking in every detail, seeing things he'd never had the call to notice before. There were so many places these creatures and the likes of more gangs could possibly hide. Perhaps it was from one of the windows of a nearby building, and perhaps it was just as he had thought. A piece of blade clawed it's way tearing the very fabric of space to burst right through his head in a brutal hit. As a being who had transcended all forms of speed, he tilted only his head backwards with his gaze fixed on the blade as it passed right in front of his face. The sound of blade was at a high frequency to his ear drums before he placed the blade to a stop in a single catch. The arrancar wasn't dexterous in fist to fist, but all he could do was to apply sheer speed and tame with the wind.

“They look strange but not of same details as inscribed on the scroll. They must be of same breed with the creature of this district known as Akama.”

Armani assumed he had found the primitive thugs responsible for the current state of the city which he cared not. But having some goblins impede his way was never acceptable because time was of the essence. Armani had his arm suspended in midair where he caught the blade. Out of bloodlust, he pointed the blade to the armed green men few meters ahead of him. Not more than ten in number, but to the arrancar, that was good enough for a test run. His dexterity in reiatsu control has been noteworthy to the point where he could conjure an instantaneous Cero Oscuras if not restricted by the laws of hunt. In mere seconds, the blade he held firmly unto began to glow in pale whitish grey – a color akin to that of his own cero. It was the single flap of wing beat from a bird that ascended to the atmosphere after feasting on early worms that signified the command, “Go.” To the eyes of the strange green beings, Armani was still out numbered in their presence. Everything changed when one of the green men dropped to his knees, letting go of all weapons he had out of subconsciousness. The second green being had followed suite, dropping lifeless to the ground like a plague had fallen on them, but little did they know that Armani had left an afterimage in his wake to lure them into a sense of false security right from the start. It was the blade he fused with cero to enhance it's cutting power and critical burn damage that he utilized to decapitate all green men in a two flash steps. The first which he did to execute the task at hand, and the other step he took to revert back to his initial position as though he never moved an inch. All green men crumbled before him but it was a tale left for another day.

Armani's gaze coursed over to the dim light that oozed through a narrow gap at an alleyway. It was where the blade was launched in a sneak attack on him. The alley felt like an underworld of any town: gloomy and unpleasant. The vines that crawled up window sills and the crumbling plaster that enveloped the old stone bricks appeared fanciful at first but became less of a matter. It was broad daylight but darkness was lurking in every corner inside the labyrinth of the narrow passage and dead ends. Litter was dumped on the street and pigeons nested amongst the sprawling rot. It was at that time several troopers of green men stormed from distinct allies and the damaged and abandoned building with vines that ran up the walls. The green creatures assumed to be related to Akama came in multitudes - a ninty in number to say the least. Armani pondered what those creatures were capable of. He marvelled over the fact that a rain of lethal weapons came in from nowhere in an apocalyptic catastrophe that left the lands unrecognizable. The mystery was solved when one of the half sized creatures punched it's fist to the sky, conjuring a sword.

The glowing blade Armani had was fully charged. It was a single swing that projected a massive concussive crescent shaped cero energy. A shock wave, no...an apocalypse gushed louder than any explosion the lands have ever felt and the heat washed out several yards. It wasn't just the buildings that got taken out to oblivion, it was everything it could in it's path. In it's wake, most of the green skinned men were like empty jars on a shelf, still holding their physical stance but with nothing left inside. The aftermath left behind fainted smokescreens, but that didn't stop a few green men to attack blindly. Multiple conjured swords came for Armani...ten, maybe twenty in a speed to be noteworthy. However, sheer motion wasn't enough to impede the sonido user.

For he had a habit of using minions to do his dirty works, he summoned a gargantua to the field. Countless hollow-like blood-sucking annelid of class Hirudinea were released like bullets shot from several rounds of a recoiled gun. Aside from the surroundings, the organisms found themselves stuck on the strange green men. The clock ticked when Armani turned in 180°, and he left the behind series of explosions that wasn't a sight to see.
Hoja de Cero (Zero blade): (Reitsu Control Stat: B–B+)
User channels cero energy into their blade to heat it. Increasing it's cutting power and adding burn damage. This will let the blade cut through any solid object (except zanpakutou). While effective as is, charging the blade with cero energy is only the bases of this technique as it has an extension. The user can use the time of the cero sword to charge the cero energyinside it to the desired power and then fire it off as a cero blast. Or If the blade it swung while releasing the energy it will create a cutting effect much like the original effects, excepts this time if is in the form of a projectile.

Garganta Technique - Artillery-(Reitsu Control Stat: E–E+) Upon a garganta opening it shoots out leeches out that attach to anything they hit, making them extremely hard to get off. They explode after a set time. Power level of explosion depends on the user. Mid-leveled technique.
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District 4our


Post by Samuel_Carter_Awakening » Wed Oct 23, 2019 10:02 am

Ten minutes into the streets, or so it was, Hirāzakūra had lost track of time, considering the bewildering environment he found himself in. Strutting in a linear motion, his right foot trampled on a small branch from a tree, causing it to snap and out of its bondage, an insect crawled out, supposedly thanking it stars for freedom. Hirāzakūra followed it's movement by tilting his head towards the route it took.

Ten meters to his right, the insect had moved out of sight, the brute man scoffed, tilting his head forward to recommence his walk. Just then, the thought of no one else in this particular city crept into his thinking. Hard it was to believe not even a single soul was present, perhaps using his sensory perspective could shade some light on this mystery, but he had little knowledge of the mechanics involved. Looking over to his left, he sighted an automobile with two wheels, a glassy front compartment, and left in the keyhole, a key. A single leap into the sky brought the brute closer to the automobile. A smile brightened his face while he raised his leg over the seat towards the other side, sitting on it. Like a play, images raced through his mind scape, bringing to his remembrance a similar automobile he had once seen.

It was in Karakura town he had seen one, they called it "The Motorbike". Runs as fast as a cheetah, well literally. The mechanics involved was also viewed by young Hirāzakūra, for he was young when he had this experience, sitting on a tall building, watching three men bargaining over said Motorbike and an instructor, instructing them on its usage. Jolted back to reality by the roaring sound the Motorbike gave out, he had unconsciously tilted the key to his right to ignite it's engine. Setting both hands on the handle, Hirāzakūra pulled back to release the bike from its hold, making a quick turn, stepping on the throttle, sliding against the handle, making the bike zoom off, following the path the insect once treaded on. With the Motorbike moving at top speed, the wind forcefully pushed the coattails of the brute man's cloak, revealing his abundant chest, his hair also surfing on the wind as it moved haphazardly behind him. Twenty meters into the lane, Hirāzakūra wasn't sharp enough to notice a staff lunging forward at him, his chest region, sending him off the seat and into the air, the bike, into a door which led it into a building where it struck the wall and collapsed. Hirāzakūra maneuvered in mid air and succeeded in landing on one knee, his left, on bare earth.

Chuckles grew louder, laughter was abundant, whips lashing at the wind, and sound of footsteps approaching quickly from his left and right, leaving only three options for him. "Run forward, start the bike and zoom off, Go backwards from where he had come or face the monstrosity about to emerge from the shadows". Situations like this was not strange to him, he had encountered several situations were he had to make a choice, move forward and run away? cower in shame and retreat? or face the situation head on. Getting up to his feet, Hirāzakūra cursed the personality that brought him to this particular world without a jug of tea and a tea cup, he cursed with a loud cry, hoping the personality hears.

"Yo Bakayaro!! At least, Coffee would've been enough if not Tea"

Now, bending low a little, he let his left hand hold firmly his first sheath just at the left side of his torso while his right held firmly the tip of his blade, the whole lane became silent, the laughter seized, red eyes in pair of two occupying the dark places of the buildings, his eyeballs moved to and fro, left to right and finally forward, at the Motorbike which was turned upside down, the first wheel was still in motion, approaching it's stopping point. Hirāzakūra waited patiently as his eyes narrowed, legs apart tho retaining his afore stance. The moment the wheels motion stopped, The brute man made a 360° turn, as if already anticipated, during his circular motion, two spears emerged from opposite direction, whistling lowly due to them soaring through the wind, Hirāzakūra bent further downwards allowing both spears pass by and hit the duo who threw them, one in between his eyes and another directly in its neck. Head bent low with his hand still in their positions, falling forward from the shadows were two human sized purple personalities, each having red eyes, bald head and lockets around their neck with a Chinese symbol which read "Disaster". In place of red blood was green semi liquid which poured out profusely, the fall made the spears dig in deeper, and no sooner, their mass reduced.

Screeching noises became rampant as shorter versions of the two ran out from both sides. Hirāzakūra forcefully drew out both swords now, he had wanted to show off by using only one, but the situation at hand would definitely take more than that. Charging at the herd, one lunged forward at him with intent to pierce through his thigh, Hirāzakūra took a step to his right, evading it, then sinking his right sword into its right eyeball, three jumped at him at once with daggers in hand, hoping to stab through his though hide he wore as skin, but Hirāzakūra was clearly smarter than these creatures, dashing backwards with one leap, making it seem like their calculations were false, they crashed unto the ground allowing him dig his blades into their eyes the moment the rolled over. Not quite the swordsman, he had something which could spell victory for him, his mastery in the art of raw speed. Dashing forward, appearing in the midst of four, they all turned towards him to stab at him, but unfortunately, they stabbed deep into each other for Hirāzakūra quickly took to the skies upon noticing their intentions. Like swarms of locusts attacking a particular green life, they all moved in to attack, tho unwise like this brute, they had an advantage in number but Hirāzakūra had a greater advantage, well as of now. Already airborne, two rocketed their fellow members at him, each of the duo which were rocketed held firmly katanas, striking horizontally at Hirāzakūra. The soul reaper quickly positioned both blades vertically, four inches from his face, stopping their attacks from getting to him, but the force, being able to plummet him further into a building.

Was this fate? Or was this a coincidence?. Hirāzakūra landed directly into the building his Motorbike ran into earlier, standing upright, he looked forward, seeing the minions moving slowly while chuckling, all waiting for him. But something else caught his attention, smoke rising to the skies 70 meters ahead. This brought happiness to his being, Alas! A light shed upon this mystery? Another Being like me? Or Surviving Humans?. He had to find out, quickly raising the Bike, he mounted it, ignited the engines by tilting the key, stepping on the throttle twice, the Bike roared. Like the wind, he dashed out, lifting the front of the bike, allowing only the back wheel to roll on the road, the minions snared and charged at him, riding on a log which was dislodged thanks to his landing, the bike took to flight, several minions jumped at him, the ones from afore him were rammed by the front of the bike, the ones by the right hand side met the sharp edge of his blade, while one which was successful, managed to slice through Hirāzakūra's skin, drawing out only few droplets of blood for it nearly tore through deeply. Moving towards the direction of the smoke, he took an alternative route which he thought would lead him there, but little did he know destiny was about to play a trick on him.
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Voices whispered in a hallway behind the curtains closest to his room, he couldn’t tell who they were or what they looked like but their voices sounded familiar. Too familiar he could almost swear he’d met them before.

"We need to get out of here"
, a feminine voice whispered sounding desperate with a touch of fear behind her tone.

"We need to leave this place Dave, it’s not safe here".

We can’t Suzzy, not without it, not without dragon heart.

That’s right Suzan and Dave Eckhard recalled, remembering two caretakers who once served under his mother.

But,,, I don’t like it here Dave. The young master, he’s unwell, there’s something about ….

Suzan,,,,,,,,,,, Suzan,,,,,, look at me its ok, we are going to make it out of this alive.

We just have to remain patient till we can get our hands on it

But……. The feminine voice seized halfway, stopped by her partner who covered her mouth with his left palm.

Someone is here…..

His eye teetered open to see himself still lying on the bed with the light bulb on the roof as dark as coal. The ceiling fan also suspended lifeless with spider webs coated around it.

“A dream” he whispered under his breath, still too dazed to make audible sounds. Sweat ran down his skin to drench the bed and still yet he felt comfortable a little relieved to say the least. Suzan and Dave as he recalled, were two caretakers who had died by his father’s curse barely a week after being employed to the mansion. The two was known to be the fastest casualty the mansion had ever registered when it came to their employees. “But why two of them”, he wondered, why dream about people he barely knew or cared for. Their deaths he heard was tragic, a few whispers termed it demonic. “they deserved it” mother said, while tucking him into bed with a lullaby only she sang best.

Sitting up by the corner of the bed to assume a slightly hunched position, Eckhard allowed his two palms press against his face while his elbows sat on-top his ties. His white hair slowly flooded over his face and broad shoulders, as he drew in nerve calming breaths.

“Now where am I?”
he questioned referring to the situation he found himself in, not this world of humans or ghost town he was currently stationed at. The contents of his pocket quickly came to mind and quickly he emptied it all, standing up from the bed so he could take a good look at everything he found on him. A scroll, a potion, and a medallion he calculated, exactly like he had underwater when all this crazies started.

The scroll he remembered contained details, hopefully they all did but he was in no rush to confirm what was written within this. The potion he remembered was a weird elixir which at least wasn’t poisonous if not he’d be dead. “The medallion”, well that was important and had only one place it to be, around his neck.

Letting the scroll and the potion be for the main time he quickly went through the, room opening drawers, wardrobes and any other compartment he could lay his eye on. He was barely finished when a distant explosion rocked the building sending a docile wind pressure which came from the south. The cause of it was something Eckhard couldn’t say but it sure proved something big was out there.

Putting on a black long suit an Italian watch he found particularly fancy from a collection of 12 and a hair strap, personally made out of the lace from the bed sheet. He’d pick his scroll and potion and immediately head out of the living room, with aims of making it back to the roof while he at the same time indulged his thoughts with the contents of the scroll.

Mysterious invisible forces wander about this zone in search of unfortunate souls to inflict horrifying cataclysm on. ……………………………………………………………………..Whenever the forces are within close proximity, it's either nearby electric bulbs undergo fluctuations, going off and on in rapid succession, or a screeching sound of great magnitude floods the area……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Akama will die before letting anyone get close to the doorway.

By the time he was done he’d find himself standing on top the roof top where he first landed with the scroll finally set ablaze. Hes heart sank at the thought of what he had read. The death he had seen the sudden silence in the terrain and the darkness of the corridors, all now make sense to him, but nothing could explain the amount of confusion which riddled his thoughts. His troubles he imagined weighed in bags of gold had he not read the scroll before meeting any of the hostile mentioned within it. However he knew little of how much trouble he was in now.

He’d almost not believe it but just their and then the light bulb before him began to flicker and even though he hadn’t seen or heard anything he found his nerves rattled in unbelievable manner. It couldn’t be, he’d convinced himself and just then the door behind him swung violently blowing out of its hinges to slam into the concrete floor beside him.

He’d slowly tilt his face backward in search of what had done it, but all he’d see was a dark inner wall full with nothing but empty space in a monkeys brain. He’d almost relax his nerve when an enormous reiatsu. One rivaling his own tore into space, the earth he stood on. His eye quickly returned to the door way and within it now stood blue glaring filled with murderous intent.

The figure slowly stepped into the light revealing its clean white trouser and shoe, a black long jacket open in the center to reveal his perfect chest and a golden pendant hanging around his neck. His white hair appeared well packed with a few strand left to sway slightly in front of his left eye. Its reiatsu still reigned supreme causing even the water 20 ft bellow to ripple to the point they began to bounce off the earth surface acting as elevating rain drops. It couldn’t be Echkard would smile in disbelief, already off his game by a mile. He’d focus on him as if his life was dependent on it, observing closely as it took another step closer to him.

A third step, immediately caused the wind to tip at a volatile rate, while the roof on which two of them stood immediately blew apart crumbling down into lower floors. The cause of this being as a result of two hundred arrows released simultaneously by the two identical combat the moment the Impostor Eckhard had pulled his third foot forward. The two would be seen bolting down from two opposite ends with no shred of smile or emotion in their face.

“Tsch” Eckhard sighed putting his potion into his black coat to make use of both of his hand for this battle. He was in trouble now he could tell, and now his swords could be used against him.
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Zyodor, still with his mask on, got washed up into an entirely different environment. The scene felt abandoned, contaminated, brimming with vast electromagnetic pulse and radiation. No signs of lifeform within sight, cars were floating about, some crashed into buildings, otherwise, within the vast body of water.
The water surface shimmered with the sun's rising into the horizon-- this was the only thing eye-catching thus far.
On asphalt, he laid beside a broken car, fast asleep with both hands by his side.
The strips of light slid past the gentle morning winds, they flickered and refracted through the car window, barring down on his face and body. He'd feel his face smarting more and more but still his slumber had drunk much too deep to stir awake from that effortlessly. A loud thud submersed into the pud and spiralled ribbons of water over his face. It sent a piercing cold down his spine. And as adequate as that'd be, he leapt up as though he had been standing with a scream.

Zyodor, with haste, leapt up into the air and landed into knee-deep waters that occupied some part of this city. The skyscrapers all trapped by spiralling leaves and vines that were tough from the root. This felt serene, cold and lonely despite the warming light of the morning sun up already blossoming.

Messiah Sunshine stood, five paces or so away from Zyodor, and watched in silent as Zyodor leapt and straightened up.

"Haven't you caused an aberration?"
Hunching down at the short blondie, his eyes were rimmed with blood, dim with darkness and horrid with eeriness. His right arm crossed diagonally over his chest, bending over Zyodor as he spoke. Messiah Sunshine dealt with the morning but was a messenger of the undersea, the dark world that no one longed for. His appearance tied him with the infernals but no less could he disagree. He, Sunshine, wasn't a demon but a messenger, standing at an astonishing height of 9ft 5inches, he had an ax sculpted from the tooth of an ancient dragon with the soul of a fairy pieced in it.

Shocked and though aware of his new mission, felt estranged by the appearance of this wraith.
Messiah Sunshine, The Sun's Wraith Of Death. Unrivalled and without mercy. Brutal and unavoidable. He doesn't move, space warp at his command, so, obviously, you can't get a reading of his attack. What is such of thing doing here? Found? But no aberration had occurred. That Portal and My Animuxes! Must've resonated!
Zyodor couldn't locate his voice. Itd been clogged up by the fear that stiffened his body, it remained constricted even when he opened his mouth to speak. All he'd do was look up and glare into those eyes that contained retribution and agony.

"You've caused an aberration, Child"
With rasped, ancient voice, it resonated in multiple voices, pitches and tone. Messiah spoke like a legion, a colony of souls, bound together by one common goal.

From behind, a surreal manifestation wrapped her arms around Zyodor's neck and hugged him from behind. Her moderate breast squished onto Zyodor's back as she whispered into his ears "My love...." in a calm, alluring tone. It was soothing and freeing, Zyodor's eyes widened and afterwards, relaxed with his lips curving into a smile. She continued "...Remain brave" her tone now diminishing and reverberating, her form fading into incorporeality.

"Domeihigyo, Takemikazuchi"
Zyodor's eyes came off its face and stared at the ax strapped into a specially crafted sheathe by the wraith's waist. He grabbed onto his katana and arched it vertically across Sunshine from the left all over to the right in a sharp, fast swing. His hooded jacket flung and hung up momentarily as both feet spaced out from each other. However, Wraith had already taken up his ax and guarded against the sword assault by horizontally placing the ax before him.

(Currently, Wraith is wielding the ax with his left arm).

"You shouldn't have guarded, Sunshine"
Zyodor spoke in a low, humble tone that was opposite to his former arrogant self. Subsequently, a rift tore open over the chest of this wraith, knocking it back afterwards as it coughed out a greenish vile fluid from its mouth.

[Sunshine is pretty humanlike].

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Armani's journey continued persistently with nothing to hold him back...atleast not yet. According to the scroll, there were loads of criteria to be met before one could possibly think of scaling the second phase. The sun was still high up and the clock tower far ahead still indicated twelve noon as if time was frozen over there. It was the last step he took that he noticed a strange phenomenon. Deep freezing was the atmosphere...deeper than the annual winter but high above the clouds was the raging yellow celestial being, the sun. He kept moving forward until suddenly his gaze went south. It was strange when he found an old dilapidated house 10m behind him like a roadblock occupying the street.
“Hmmm! That wasn't there a few minutes ago.”He was certain he was still walking on the same path but the sudden appearance of the old tattered house was a puzzle yet to be solved. It was at the verge of directing his gaze back north that he noticed stranger things which of course never made him reveal any emotion. Same old house appeared in series on both sides of the street. It was a though he stepped on a different soil – a ghost town.

A gust of dry wind phrased through the maze of ancient houses where windows have long shattered in the weakness of their structures and rotting boards, some broken, others hung trying to cover the empty eyes of every abandoned home. Doors hung on the few threads of their hinges and groan with pain at every sway. Weeds socialized across the cracking asphalt of every road, gathering and laughing at the lone pedestrian, Armani, as they tried to weave around the catching fingers with every step.

The ghost town was out of place in the rolling hills of yellowing grass. The old road was barely recognizable through the flora that had colonized it and so the dilapidated houses that might have once fashioned a high-street had the feel of an end game. But that was not an attractive venture, they were tear-downs that no-one had any incentive to demolish. They were inhabited by black pigeons and probably sheltered wild animals. The occasional window was still in possession of it's glass but most had broken so long ago that there was no trace of the shards on the rotting plank floors. In most houses the roofs had partially caved in or at the very least they sagged like a disappointing soufflé. As simplified earlier, the only welcome was the howl of cols wind and the only future of the town was to be slowly beaten by the strange weather and eventually succumb to gravity without even a witness or person to mourn its passing.

At that time, sunset was fast approaching and the sky played it's own role in the mystery arc. The sun went down and darkness ate everything. It sucked the glowing marrow from the fireflies that hovered over yellow plants, plucked the stars from the sky as though the should never exist in the first place. Not even the sun was spared as it was buried to the ground never to show it's face again. The darkness came and brought with it the haunts and spooks that could gather at one's heart at night without pleading to be let in and only to strive chaos.

Armani was alone in the middle of darkness, the evening has just been over. It was a total blackout until small specks of light filled rapidly in the sky, shinning like a million fireflies. The blackness little by little fading, the moon had just arrived.

It started with a slight shimmer, as if the air in front of him was being warped and twisted. From the blackness came noises no living thing could ever make. It perhaps was once alive but rendered into a spirit that contorted with pain, anger, hatred. Then, in a flash of pale, silvery light, an undepicted figure appeared at a distance before him, an entity which he failed to recognize or even see. While green emerald glowed relentlessly on midair, it remained invisible to the eyes and he knew not on what was about to befall upon him. While the fainted color green glowed relentlessly, it was also impossible for one to spot the hazy visible claws suspended on both sides of the emerald. With five claws on both sides, other parts of the entity remained invisible to the naked. For the position of the claws and glowing orb, it was possible that the entity had a humanoid form. Levitating off the ancient rotting tarred floor the pearly-white translucent creature shimmered with a hazy teal green, but this phantom was close, very close. At first it's whisper was like the soft susurration of the wind in the lone street, then as the entity became a bit more clear, more sharply focused but not completely vivid, the whisper became an eerie rasping voice, moaning, groaning as it came closer while floating midair.

It wasn't just an entity that came out of nowhere. They gradually came in as they surfaced one after the other in a triangular pack of six (6). A phantom took the lead while two appeared behind, and another three came in last as they all formed a triangle. Lengthy claws they marked deep scars on solid grounds as they approached slowly, it was only chaos they preached.
“Here we go again...” Armani was used to the same old saying but killing a foreign breed was never old. He was tempted to enjoy painting pictures of blood stains, but how can these phantoms bleed in the first place? Not to mention he had no clue on what he was against. It was a question he might have dwelled on for awhile...for the little time he had. Just as all six phantoms attempted gaining in on him, they scattered in multiple directions. North, east, west and south, they all attacked with claws that could cut through thick layers of steel in a single wave. Mournful sounds by phantoms were heard as they gained in close range. One would actually believe they were grieving in pain or in lust for a soul to devour. All spiritual beings landed an assault in a swift motion. Though they were frenetic in their own way, but in the eyes of Armani there was nothing to see. Armani sustained bruises on his torso. bruises that tore through his worn out jacket left nothing but open wounds. However, Armani endured the heat for a sole purpose. He would have reacted blindly out of adrenaline or had left a false-image in his wake.
“So the phantom creatures make queer groaning sounds before they land an assault on their victim.” A sacrifice in exchange for the little Intel acquired was satisfying.

“Negacion wave!” Armani released an all-directional wave of his negative energy. For he had little or no time charge under stern pressure, the negative energy consumed not more than a 5m range. The destructive energy scattered as it burned and negated whatever it came in contact with and at that time, the six phantoms went with the wind.
“So deep down somewhere, they are vulnerable. This might take awhile to pinpoint their exact weaknesses.”
He was perceptive, but he never knew applying his dexterity in that field would be necessary. Armani continued persistently. He found himself close to a nearby dilapidated building and all he had in mind was to plan and strategize before kicking off on the journey again. He stumbled at the entrance of building which forced both his right arm and right knee to kiss the ground. He was completely wet as water persistently dripped from the ceilings as a result of water log, and multiple protected bulbs connected in series bickered in a set time interval. It was surprising that the building was actually powered by electric but it's source was yet unknown. Armani was already caught on sight and multiple phantom beings lurked in on the building from several sections. The same whispering sounds could be heard which meany they were close, bloodlust phantoms had stormed into the large building. Armani knew it'll be critical remain at the same location. The moment he dived through a shattered window to exist the building, he released a single bala. He didn't act blindly, nor did he release the red energy to scare off any entity that had gained in on him. The aim was targeted at a naked power cable connected loosely to the flashing bulbs at the ceiling. What occurred next was a simple phenomenon. The cable led loose electrifying all that came in contact with water.

Onda de negacion:(Reitsu Control Stat: D–D+)("negation wave") The user gathers their reiatsu before jutting it out of their skin, pushing into
existence an onda de negacion wave surrounds that user from as close as 1cm to the user to 5 feet. If the user is strong enough it may stretch farther and it surrounds the user for about 5-10 seconds seconds while it is spreading acting like barrier. It burns and negates anything that touches it if made strong enough.
Bala: (Reitsu Control Stat: B–B+) While similar in function to a Cero, a Bala is not nearly as powerful, but, thanks to its composition, its speed is 20 times faster, allowing it to be fired in quick succession. In addition, it possesses more concussive force than a typical Cero does. The overall speed and power of a Bala varies depending on the Arrancar using it; Some are powerful enough that they can blast large holes into an enemy's body.
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Post by Samuel_Carter_Awakening » Wed Oct 30, 2019 4:44 am

The roaring of the motorbike's engine refused to cease, the bike kept it's linear motion with increased pace as time went by. During its movement, buildings raced backwards like pages being turned speedily by the reader. Leaning towards his left, Hirāzakūra steered the Motorbike towards his left, down an alley whilst reducing the pace by pressing against the brakes gently. A miscalculation? Or as fate could have it, what laid ahead was a fence which proved impossible to bypass with the Motorbike. Applying the brakes speedily, the Motorbike tilted as If wanting to crash itself and Hirāzakūra's left side into the wall, but 2 meters away, it halted completely, leaving trails from the friction between it's tyres and the well coaled floor.

Highlighting from the bike, Hirāzakūra stood tall, gazing at the wall, slowly, anger built within him, his spiritual essence began to react to the dangerous sensation that began to rouse him. Veins bulged around his arms, fists clenched and soon began to glow. His intention, smashing the wall with a single blow. Just as he drew back his right arm, spreading his legs apart, with the left arm forward to give proper momentum for a well placed punch. His nostrils sniffed in fumes and a whistling sound found a path into his ears.

Deviating to his right, he saw a window with glasses pane, a door by its side and through the window, a kettle still left on a platform which supplied heat by little amount to heat up the liquid within the kettle. Said platform, judging from its appearance, converted electrical energy to heat energy. Tho Hirāzakūra wasn't interested, all he could think of was "Tea". The water had already attained it's boiling point, judging from the whistling noise and the fumes coming out from the long protrusion which had a hole in it. Hirāzakūra's eyes widened, his jaws dropped, mouth wide opened with saliva escaping before he could shut them back. Indeed, he wore a silly look, for Alas! "Tea is Ready"

"Oh my stars. Thanks for this blessing"

Hirāzakūra looked up, praying to who knows what. Quickly, he dashed in, searching through the cupboards for teabags, teacup and a jug. Opening the upper shelf in a jiffy, he rummaged it, only to find nothing. Slamming the door close, he bent low, opening the lower one, rummaging it, luckily, he found a teacup which had a teabag in it, unused. Hirāzakūra poured the water into the cup, moving to his left, he took two cans, opening both, he took a teaspoon fill from each, sugar and milk respectively. Mixing all in his cup, he brought it closer to his mouth by holding its handle with his left hand and bending low slightly his head to reach for it. Taking a sip, he decided to relax, three seconds after the sip. Growling became louder, and just then, Hirāzakūra figured he had visitors. Making a gentle turn to face the unwanted guests, he saw one five meters from him, another on a sofa which faced the kitchen and the last close to a flat screen display device. Hirāzakūra's eyes surveyed the room, looking for a plan, only for one to rush into his head immediately. Taking another sip, he counted numbers in his head, waiting for the one afore to take a single step forward.

"One, Two... Three......... Yosh"

Completing the statement in his mind, an onlooker would've noticed the movement of the afore monstrosity which bore purple skin, red eyes, bald head and a locket around its neck which bore an insigna "Disaster". His puffed up cheeks began to reduced as tea he refused to swallow was released before the being, creating a diversion, or one could say a sort of smoke screen to prevent visual prowess. One deed already done, three more to go. A flash step was all it took for Hirāzakūra to appear behind the being with his katana already drawn. Ricocheting off the door post with another flash step to the ceiling and then, down to the floor with his forehead kissing the wall. Just then would all three abominations of nature fall lifeless to the ground, green liquid spilling from their eye sockets and grey matter which was indeed their brain. Hirāzakūra had made use of a combo of "Raw speed" and "Zanjutsu". Tho not massively skilled in Zanjutsu, he had the strength to dig deep into their eyeballs to puncture the brain in just three flash steps.

"Easy.. well.. I need to find the objective"
Hirāzakūra muttered to himself, moving over to the counter table, making sure to avoid contact with the carcasses that painted the floor green. Grabbing his cup, he took in all its content —The Tea, in one gulp. Moving outside, he mounted his bike, igniting the engines, pulling backwards to reverse the bike's focus, he made a U turn and zoomed off from whence he came. Moving at top speed, he steered the vehicle left, down an abandoned street then right towards the highway. Time flew like birds rushing to their nests, the sun was about to go into slumber. The night drew near, and creatures of the dark began their cheerful excitement. Not too long on the highway. The Queen of the Night stood tall in the sky, blessing the inhabitants of the land with magnificent light. The stars, as numerous as the sea of sand occupied the sky. A shooting star, racing by due east. It was quite a beautiful view, only that, it lacked the right girl whose place should've been behind Hirāzakūra on the Motorbike. Getting to a large mini building with standing pumps outside and ever glowing white lights from horizontally placed cylindrical bulbs. The engine of Hirāzakūra's transportation device roared it's last and refused to move an inch further. Alas! It ran out of fuel, but Hirāzakūra was still not close to finding an escape route. Dragging the Bike into the building, he sought to refill it's fuel, but how?. The big question. Pondering on what to do, Hirāzakūra stroke his cheek continuously, and just then, the light bulb at his left side blinked thrice before succumbing to defeat, current supply seized. With this, the brute man had a hunch something was off, maybe those peasants came for more beating. Stretching his hand, he withdrew the hose from the fuel pump. About to pull the trigger close to the nozzle, his senses tingled. Making a quick turn, his eyes beheld something much more strange than the others.

"Nani?". He spoke out in a lowly tone. Claws, five in each sets, Ten in a complete set, at five different positions floating in the sky, making a sum of Fifty claws. Quite confused and shocked, how could claws float in mid air. His inquisitiveness urged him to stare deeper only to find five orbs between each set of ten claws. An Hologram? Or something else? Well, to know the truth, he had to put his hypothesis to a test, withdrawing his first blade. He held the hilt tightly while stretching out both legs, the first set drove straight down, looking for a clean attack by swiping vertically the first set of claws down on Hirāzakūra. Raising his blade in a horizontal manner just two meters above his head, Hirāzakūra stopped the claws right in its track causing a resounding echo of metals clashing against each other and glowing sparks. The left hand which held tightly the hose pulled the trigger as soon as two came from his left, positioned at them, liquid popularly known as "Fuel" rushed out from the nozzle, directed at the life cores, the force it generated from rushing out from that slightly small hole was enough to push it backwards. Drawing both legs backwards, he freed his blade from the claws of the one afore while darting backwards with two leaps.

"Swords may be useless now.. I need something to blow them up". Eerie sound filled the station. Another swiftly came in from the right, sending it's claws at Hirāzakūra, parrying them with a slant slash, the second attempt knocked his blade off his hand as two more rushed in to ravage him. Hirāzakūra made use of his raw speed to dark six meters backwards, making both set of claws slam against the earth, giving deep marks to it. The hose had reached its limit. Indeed, it was time to end things, Hirāzakūra couldn't play any longer, pressing hard on the trigger, he released the fuel at the floating entities which caused them to scamper. His eyes sighted his blade towards his left, six meters before him. Hirāzakūra dashed forward, like two bulls charging to ram their head together in a deadly duel. One of the forces charged at Hirāzakūra. Four, three, two meters before collision, Hirāzakūra performed a cannonball roll, avoiding the ravaging claws while picking up his blade, causing the claws to miss it's mark, instead taking quite a little amount from his white hair. Hirāzakūra turned towards his left, seeing a table. A chain lying down and a box of matches with several cigarettes at the other side of the road. Quickly, a plan was devised in his head. With a single flash step, it was as if he never moved. He was now at his original position with the matchbox, cigarette and chain, his sword back in its scabbard. They all rushed in on him, spinning round the chain, he swung it towards his left while ducking down to avoid two sets of claws, rolling over to stand at his right, he bent his hands, performing gestures thus controlling the movement of the chains. Hitting three cores, making them land on the fuel pool which was made minutes ago by pressing hard on the trigger for the nozzle. The last two dashed at him, making a leap, he towered easily above them, swinging the chain while performing a pirouette in mid air, smashing their cores and causing them to fall in the pool. Now landing six meters from the pool. He lit the cigarette with the matchbox.

"Yippee Kaye Motherfuckers". He spoke out before releasing the cigarette. Coming in contact with the pool, the inevitable occurred, flames ignited which caused the whole building to be devoured by flames and crumble to the ground. Hirāzakūra had already appeared twenty meters from the building, hanging his coat on his shoulder, with a cigarette in his mouth, already lit, bare chested, unharmed for he made use of "Shunpo" the moment the flames came to life. Walking along the path towards a place he knew not.
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Moments after the brief clashing of sword and ax, Sunshine forced backward motion came with a visible tear on his chest. Vile green fluid gushed from his chest, a void now in sight.
Zyodor brought the uchigatana before him and allowed its tip to touch down diagonally, crossing over from his right to his left -a matter of horizontal inches before contacting his left foot- while grasping tightly the haft of his uchigatana below his belly level.

Sunshine, despite human-like, wasn't composed of the same body materials as human's. His eyes shimmered briefly and blacked before faint traces of purplish reiatsu began oozing from his body as if they were steams. A mere flickering of his form abruptly saw Sunshine fizzle out of sight and then few inches away from Zyodor with his ax raised overhead and ready to smash through flesh. Zyodor's eyes trailed immediately and inclined, He stared intently at ax that towered over him and, without a moment missed, activated another zanpakuto. . .
"Kossetsu" He muttered lowly as he swept the uchigatana's edge along with sand particles, pebbles and sweat in one upward swing thaf he'd timed to match the descent of the ax onto Zyodor's right shoulder. Despite both being equally fast, Sunshine's ax met a sturdy defense while Zyodor's uchigatana hacked away the vile creature's head, however, the force from the swung ax wasn't something that a sturdy defense could account for. It launched Zyodor across the top of the waters and into a crumbling building, sending sloshes of water flying up into the air alongside dust and dirt from dying concretes and woods.
In actuality, what launched Zyodor far off wasn't the ax but the space that warped around the ax. Otherwise, he'd have crouched into the ground in a nigh dead state from the stroke of the ax.

Despite its head separated from its body, it still didn't deter its movement. It surged forward and followed with a gut wretching punch to Zyodor's midsection whom was barely out the building. This piece of Zyodor he saw bled momentarily as its arm dug through Z's belly. This gateway dispersed afterwards, leaving nothing behind[1]. Thanks to that little introduction of a decoy, Zyodor bolted off in a flash, leaving his trails unseen and unheard of.

[1]I utilized the false gateways there.
Pretty much intros, next roleplay features of everything else. Seems I'm slowing people down, Gomen ne
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Free falling from a towering height, his eyes caught on to a tiny ray of light brought into life by a blue bow similar in nature to the one he wielded. With the wielder blurred from view by numerous free falling debris and building block between them. The white hair quickly took a nose dive aiming for the ground in other to gain a head start against his opponent. His pose however was quickly intercepted by an arrow, forcing him to pull up with the arrow missing his head by the width of a goat’s mane.

Adjusting himself to his side to keep his body horizontally placed, he quickly released arrows of his own, sending two back the direction first came. His accuracy he trusted was spot on but what he aimed for escaped his scope considering the tall building which stood between them. However his opponent had managed to almost hit him through window cracks and rabbit holes which made it easy for him to chart a course backwards.

Smashing into the hood of a red 1996 ford mustang, Eckhard felt his muscles stiffen by pain however not so much he couldn’t roll away on time to avoid an incoming boulder. His feet drifted forward even before they could hit the ground, gliding on a Reishi platform which formed under him. Varieties of arrow quickly smashed into his six, causing a large explosion as both mud and flames rose to mystify the air.

It was relentless Eckhard noted raising a field of thorns around him to obscure the opponents view. His effort seemed futile at first however; his duplicate quickly came to realize the white hair had vanished leaving only puddles of destruction visible after he was done with is barrage of arrow.

His eye scanned far and wide yet nothing could be seen moving around. Eventually his eye met a slightly exposed tunnel lead which hinted he had taken advantage of the commotion and the underground tunnels to make his escape. Wasting no time the monster quickly blew open the lead and followed the tracks.

However, Eckhard waited only a few seconds before pushing a detached car door aside stepping out from a well hidden corner which he tempered to fall perfectly into the destruction it brought on the landscape. He quickly pushed the detached car door over the lead destroyed by his copy, blocking the hole before sinking multiple harmless arrows into it. The lead sat frozen stuck and never to be moved, at least by conventional means.

Looking up to the sky, he found the sun was almost snuffed out from the clouds with darkness seeping in from every corner. Night was the worst time of day to face himself he noted, moving away from the scenery in search of a mode of transport.
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Fourty steps down the path he chose to tread on, the young man withdrew the stick of cigarette from his mouth with his left fingers, puffing out a cluster of smoke, all while walking. Just then, moving in a path chosen for it, a metallic bat, about three times the size of the young brute swung horizontally from the left side of Hirāzakūra with said brute in it's trajectory.

Hirāzakūra had noticed this new occurrence, making a little leap backwards, he landed with both feet on the ground only to be driven backwards by the aftermath of the club striking against the earth, birthing debris and a mini shockwave which repelled everything in a 360°radius. Hirāzakūra had set both hands across each other before his face to shield himself from the calamity bestowed upon that area by the driving force of the club, his feet left a trail, from the position he once assumed and the newly attained position six meters away.

Of course, his eyes were shut, and once the awful display of power was over, he opened his right eyelid to reveal glaring blue iris positioned on the club like alike to a thread holding both in a linear motion. The darkness did well to cloak the soon to arrive abomination. Red glaring eyeballs bestowed fear upon humanity at large as it took its first step causing a large tremor, turning rocks in and out, raising them from their mother-the earth. Intense red bubbling aura shrouded the behemoth who took another step forward, and at his presence, the rocks dispersed to nothingness. Standing eye to eye before Hirāzakūra was his worst nightmare, a 9 foot tall brute with dark skin and a mark running across his chest diagonally. With all majesty, he withdrew his club, placing it across his shoulder.

"What are you?. And how dare you walk into my tuff". The behemoth thundered with an awful stench which could kill a fly.

"Oi oi oi.. Souka.. You're the leader of those peasants I suppose?......". Hirāzakūra wore a smile while speaking and while he was about to complete his statement. Sinister laughter overthrew his voice. Increasing by the seconds.

Coming to visualization, goblins, snaring as they moved forward with saliva seeping out of their salivary glands and wrapping around their red strangely long tongue, red glaring eyes and weapons of several sort, clubs, spears and daggers. Hirāzakūra smirked while placing back his cigarette into his mouth, puffing out smoke before shifting his gaze from the minions and back to their master. One ran forward in an attempt to clobber Hirāzakūra. Already in close proximity, reaching out his hand towards Hirāzakūra. The young brute kicked his head hard which sent it crashing towards the left and into an abandoned car, dead.

"Oh oh.. You're quite powerful. I hope you can entertain me more.". The behemoth thundered while grabbing a minion, snapping off his head and drinking fully the blood. As soon as he drained all the blood and swallowed it up, his eyes glared the more and the monument he wore glistened the more, revealing the insignia "Disaster" the more.

"Hmmm. So you get your strength from their blood?". Hirāzakūra asked.

"Ha-ha. Young lad. I must commend you for your reasoning for that. Well.. Their blood only strengthens me. I draw my power from my will to conquer.". The behemoth replied.

Now lifting his club, he channeled his spiritual essence into it and swung it at Hirāzakūra vertically. Seeing the impending danger, Hirāzakūra drifted to his left to evade the attack, and jumped forward while withdrawing a single blade which he used to behead two minions before landing in a crouched manner four meters away from the behemoth.

Jumping forward once more, he brought with him utter destruction in form of his blade moving vertically from above to beneath. In return, the behemoth who had retracted his club answered this move by swiping horizontally, making both weapons clash, producing a resonating effect and sparks, with several air ripples. Hirāzakūra was able to barely meet his chest for he stood on air at this point.

"Hirāzakūra Amatoyoshi, 7th seated officer of the fifth division. Nice to meet your acquaintance". Hirāzakūra spoke calmly.
"Ha-ha. Chief Bolvak. Sworn leader of the Goblins. The pleasure is mine". Replied the Goblin.

With the introduction out of the way, death was what loomed ahead for either of the two, or both. Hirāzakūra released his blade from its initial lock whilst jolting backwards in air with one leap. Charging forward again with a simple slash to the left torso, the behemoth hopped backwards, then positioned his club upwards to clobber Hirāzakūra. Hirāzakūra was quick to evade the assault by moving to his right and then pointing his left opened palm at the Goblin, then turning it that all five faced him, moving back and forth four fingers except the thumb, indicating that he permitted the Goblin to come at him which indeed it obeyed.

Dashing at him, the Goblin shot forward like a darting arrow, a mistake it made, for when facing a death god of Hirāzakūra's caliber, leaving an opening could spell defeat. The Goblin sought to take a bite of him with open jaws and dangerous dentition. Hirāzakūra sprung upwards a little, making a barrel roll and coming down with intense speed, sword first to pierce the nose of the Goblin while it fell to the ground. Hirāzakūra indeed injured the behemoth, but this stimulated its rage, making it growl, sending wind currents that pushed back Hirāzakūra. Now taking a boxing stance for his sword was sent away from him due to the currents. The other Goblins surrounded him, all ready to attack. Five dashed at him from afore and five from behind. Hirāzakūra leaped upwards, performing a quick barrel roll, stomping the air and jumping out of harm's way allowing all ten pierce themselves with their weapons.

Upon landing, two attacked from behind with kicks to the back of the knee, making Hirāzakūra bend the knee, and before he could blink, a punch met his left cheek sending him far into a building, the punch originated from the Chief's right arm which he pulled back.
Cluster of dust coated the building, and as it subsided, a figure sat in disarray, bruised and injured..

"Alright, play time's over". Hirāzakūra spoke softly while spitting out the cigarette in his mouth and watched the light die off. Making use of shunpo, he dashed at two locations, one, at his blade, grabbing it and the other, before the chief. Sending a diagonal slash at its eye, shutting it off for good for the blade made contact successfully. In rage, anguish and weeping, the behemoth swatted away Hirāzakūra into the heard of Goblin. Digging out one's eyes with his blade, and dashing forward again, striking the knee cap of the behemoth, he attempted a series of precise slashes at four different regions and a stab. The second knee cap, bringing it down to its knee, the second eye, blinding it totally, another around the neck for paralysis, and the last at the other part of the neck, and finally, stabbing through its open mouth. A minute of drastic confused movement, the beast fell on its herd, squashing all and finally giving up the ghost.

Hirāzakūra took the medallion, tied it around his back with a smile on his face, siting on the now silent street, trying to recover his lost strength. Several minutes passed, then began eerie resonating sound of an undying horn, and nearby automobiles flashing their lead light occasionally. Hirāzakūra got up, moving forward, taking a left turn, what met him was a path which led down, through the earth. Moving slowly with his heart in his mouth, the sound grew intense, he saw the doorway, the whole place being coated in red light, suddenly, an eye opened. An eye which spelt destruction and calamity. Hirāzakūra was now face to face with nature's abomination. The spiritual essence it oozed brought chills down his spine, if he were lower in spiritual essence, he would've been one with the wind as of now. But who knows if he could overcome the test of destiny.
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He had taken down more phantom beings than he could possibly noticed. In the darkness the whole district would have been better off completely blown away in a freaking storm. He could smell the vicinity as though it was wiped clean, as if all the green life was gone. His feet were almost bare, that's the only reason he knew the ground was still there. Everything else had dissolved like it was never there at all, like the universe never even begun, or perhaps it never was.

In those first few moments after the accident, Armani had all the emotion of hard concrete...emotionless as ever, his facial muscles just as loose. There was no anger, no sadness, no joy or resentment. The emotionless state remained. That's how he's been right from time, kill or be killed. He found himself in a different home...abandoned...dilapidated. The only thing left was for the building to crumble off it's foundation. He gained entrance into the building but was greeted by a sticky strands of spiderwebs that coiled up in his face. Still barely capable of sight but eventually, his left palm found it's way to his face and thus discarding the white threads. Furniture of different categories were laid off at several sections of the house. Judging from the interior setup, it was evident that someone had lived there...perhaps a very long time ago. His calculations were cut short when a blade was pointed at him from behind. Frozen in motion, his gaze coursed slightly to the left only to find a stranger he never expected. Amy, a feminine with long, almost waist-length light red hair and golden eyes. She wasn't further than that of an average height, being slightly shorter than him. Clad in a slightly worn out sleeveless black uniform with a high collar, gold trim, and some sort of badge on the left side of her chest. The lower end of the uniform divided off into four long pieces as though it was torn with brute force that nearly extend to the floor. He completely turned in 180° only to find an adorned black sash worn around her waist.

“Don't...move!” She voiced in a dominant tone while her 5" blade was still pointed at him. Armani had a habit of staring almost mechanically. He poured out his cold gaze as they both retained direct eye and contact. In a motion as quick as the blink of an eye, she redirected her stare to his torso only to find marks all over his chest. Armani's view caught sight of a red bandana tied to her upper left arm and underneath her outfit was a cropped sleeveless white turtle-neck and white boyshorts.

“Looks like we have another visitor, Amy.” From within the building, a voice spoke from the staircase before a man revealed himself. Clad in an outfit nigh similar to Amy, but had his red bandana tied to his forehead and black shorts that ran from his waist down to the ankles.

“You kind of look upbeat but we want no troubles. We're barely survivors.” The man said in a masculine tone. They had been in the ruins for almost a week planning and strategizing on how to escape the ruptured dimension.

“You should have strike when you had the chance.” Armani's response was vivid while he ascended the stairs at the far end of the house where he found himself in a spacecious room. In the light that flowed water-like through the windows of the old house, he stripped off his topmost layer. On each arm there are great purple welts that was visible like a birthmark. Against his pale-white skin they are grotesque, but he knew he was fortunate not to have any lethal wound that would ring any bell. He paused before he reached for a long sleeved top in an abandoned closet. Nigh-tattered was the long sleeve and he still looked as beat up as he did in his early days of training, sparring as an adjuchas with legionaries over twice his mass. He threw himself unto a soft, wide and flat piece of furniture where his gaze was then fixed to the ceilings. The air-conditioner mounted north-east was far more damaged than the shattered windows of the room. For the bed had minor holes like it was eaten by a mice, dissatisfaction never swayed his inner peace while he relieved himself.

Then came sunrise. He rose from the bed like a body would rise from the dead. He retraced his steps back to the ground floor only to find the strangers he earlier stomped onto. It was as though they never left the spot through out the night.
“You're up.”

“I was never asleep in the first place.”

“You can call me Amy and this is my partner, Baragan. We have plans that could aid us escape, or at very least survive this dimension if you're willing to cope with us.”

“Tell me something I don't know.”

She untied the scarf on her left arm to reveal a deep scar. “In appearance, the mark looks similar to that on your chest. I figured you must have come across them. Phantoms...call them phantoms. They attack individually or in packs. However they remain invincible to the sense of sight but they usually make a queer groaning noise before striking on their prey.”

“I said tell me something I don't know.”

“Aside these phantoms, there are souls in search of physical forms. They copy your every data upon sight and could be lethal when impersonating.”

“Not only did you prove yourself unhelpful, you'll also be a liability. Keep this in mind. Just as I do not consider you a foe, so I do not consider you a friend.” Armani voiced as his earnest stare coursed towards Baragan who sat comfortably on a wooden chair. Tall and slightly muscular was Baragan — his most notable feature was the double edged sword placed horizontally on his laps. Baragan rose to his feet only to slam his head against the long chandelier suspending from the ceilings. He fastened his double sided weapon diagonally on his rear as he took a deep breath and released colorless gas from his mouth.

The trio stormed out in pursuit of the quest. Amy had high hopes for survival. Baragan was loyal and hoped to see her achieve her dreams...so anyway she goes, he follows. And lastly, Armani. Peace was likely to reign if he never existed in the first place.
Can you ride, stranger? Amy was mockery as she got on a mountain bike. Baragan threw his left leg across another monstrous piece of machinery. The wheels were too big for it to be called a motorbike. They kick started their engines and disappeared in limelight. Armani preferred to do things traditionally, but he was tempted to ride with the modern world. He hot wired an abandoned motorcycle and gave a hard throttle to the engine. Smokey fumes filled the air as he drifted in 360° and zoomed off.
Though the street hadn't heard laughter for a while, there were still street-lamps stubbornly standing tall as though they would glow later at night. It was as if they simply wanted to share that amber glow, regardless of if anyone admired it. The road itself still had that well-loved appearance, the traffic of decades having passed over it. It was a street where real life might have been, the turning of skipping ropes and shrieks of children. Armani let his right hand make physical contact with the ground surface, perhaps its abandonment was a temporary thing in a negative way, that the universe wasn't bringing the joy back this place but calamity. The markings on the floor looked fresh as though it was recently scared. It was similar with the same mark on his chest and that on Amy's arm.

“Hold on. You hear that?!”Baragan voiced out of curiosity or probably based on a hunch. However, his sense of hearing was sharper than the rest of the team. In spite of his failed curiosity, his assumption wasn't wrong. A group of paranormal beings were actually lurking in the shadows and not close enough to land an assault. The ghosts voices were like iron nails dragged over rock. It rose and fell, never once making the words audible.

In the broad daylight, daytime was the swirl of pollution in the hazy sunlight. The air was barely fit to breathe and the streets were utterly deserted, only the litter moved over the grime. Armani's journey continued along with the strangers he encountered earlier. They had traveled more than nine hours and not a single paranormal being had engaged them. Armani wasn't much of a loquacious being. He kept to himself and unlike Amy, he never had anyone's interest at heart.

Sunset was upon them like any other day. The bright yellow being once again vanished from the sky as the moon gradually took it's place. The air had thickened, temperature dropped. The night was icy than usual and nowhere was there a comforting sound. If it wasn't for the moonlight, the night would have brought an unrelenting darkness that would wrap their eyes and mouths, burying them beneath a starless sky. They stopped to observe the vicinity.
Amy ran, bare feet gliding through the solid grounds. A swift wind blew her long, red hair out behind her like a cape. The eerie glow of the full moon glanced off the silver necklace that adorned her neck as she jumped onto the roof a rusty old vehicle. She glanced up, her feet never missing a step as she gazed at the night sky. The light of the stars was hidden by the shadows of the clouds. Adrenaline pushed its way into her veins filling her with the thrill of a beautiful adventure. 

Suddenly, to her left, something tangible but invincible clawed it's way through the very fabric of space as a phantom swooped down to fly beside her. Phantom beings usually make queer ill sounds before they attack a prey but before she could react to the sound of death, her left thigh was already bleeding. Baragan rushed to her aid as she screamed. Insanity stole into her mind like a deranged thief, taking what was important to her— her focus.
Armani remained calm and prestigious. Cold grey eyes coursed left, right, left once again, and the only pitch to his ear was the sound of the wind. “What a drag!” Armani turned backwards punching out his fist horizontally to the air. His fist made contact with nothing but thin air, but he did so out of impulse. Punching his fist into thin air made him release a single bolt of red condensed energy. Said to be 20x faster than a usual cero, the destructive energy cut through space and while in mid-air there was a blinding flash before an explosion as though the red energy made impact with a tangible object. The red energy met with a dozen of phantom beings who were slow to react. When he has learned, it's difficult for him to be astonished. From the sideline, Baragan and Amy's attention were stolen by the loud sound. They looked up to the smokescreen where Armani stood and they realized that the vicinity was safe no longer.

Armani couldn't sense what he was up against but judging from what he had observed; Amy been attacked by surprise, his bala reacting to invincible forces, it's vivid they had all been surrounded.
It all started when Armani felt a blow to the left side of his chest. The blow had a pinch as though he was about to be pierced. Any action wasted in time could be lethal. Be it adrenaline, Armani's left arm grabbed unto the tangible being like it had a mind of it's own. Regardless of that, his arm left behind an afterimage in it's wake as though it never moved in the first place. Grabbing hold on the tangible object that felt like a claws. He spread forward his right arm only to discover he grabbed hold of another set of claws. “Humanoid?!” Overpowered by the incredible strength of the phantom which pushed him backwards, his eyes glowed bright grey. It wasn't rage, neither was he possessed or consumed by any emotion. He only channelled a little amount of cero energy to his eyes which made them glow different and brighter than usual. Unlike bala, his cero was more fine-tuned and had a different composition to it. Pale whitish grey was the color to his cero. Like a cyclopes, he emitted the grey energy in form of a beam from his eyes. Disappointed when his beam relentlessly traveled horizontally over a distance without dealing damage to any other tangible part of the phantom being, he redirected the beam downwards in an inclined manner and suddenly the air was filled by the sound of shattering glass. And the phantom being immediately let go of it's grip. “So the life core is based at the center of the chest.” Armani had gasped the whole essence of what he was up against. Few moments ago, the moment he heard the shattering sound, he had already estimated the creature's arm length.

Soon Armani was greeted by another sorrowful groaning sound from northeast. The creature's were indeed slow. He released a basic novice cero from his right index finger that was almost never charged; saving him more reaction time. With the short beam pointed at the essence of it's existence, the phantom was silenced. From the blackness came noises no living thing could ever make. He was surrounded by multiple paranormal.
“El Ultimo Aliento De Los Hueco!”Though he was fast stead enough to attempt reacting against one after the other, but he preferred omnidirectional attack.
There was a calm in the storm. They took shelter several yards away. Barangan had little medical skills. He tended to Amy's wounds and used a worn out cloth to avoid exposing the wound to open air. For it took more than a week before she was able to recover, a scar has been marked on her physic.


Days passed, weeks passed, they found themselves in a strange land. The path ahead was a graveyard. Spiked, black fences surrounded the entire graveyard almost like it was a prison. They stormed in and the surrounding area was full of gravestones covered in some kind of slime. Rows of gravestones stood erect in silence to the left and right, in front and behind, like a sea of the dead. Mould covered the engravings dedicated to the dead, trees leaning towards the stones, branches reaching out to each other. The smell of old stone filled the dry air, weeds covering the graves of the dead. Some were crumbled with the weathering of centuries, some were smooth marble with new black writing and some were laid with floral tributes...if not vines. Most though, were overgrown and unkept, and ran up the walls of several gravestones. For now even the mourners of these tombstones had probably joined them under the clay soil. And at the far end North-northwest, a new grave had been dug to await it's new occupant. The black framework of wood placed over the tombstone slowly wended it's way down the central lane followed by a procession of black limousines.

The graveyard was spooky. Armani walked over a tombstone, roughly inscribed with the name, “Mavis L. Vermillion”. Truly this land might have once been habited by annoying humans. Gravel paths weave through the maze of graves, assumed to allow bypassers to pay their respects to the people lined up in the afterlife embrace.

There was a terrible rumble from deep in the belly of the ruined world that could struck emotion into every living being. Then the solid ground began to move as if it were a wave on the sea and tall buildings from afar that had perhaps stood for centuries crumbled into their own foundations, trapping their occupants to a grisly ruins by crushing.
There was a continuous whisper of an eerie sound of a horn, but then, the graves started to bulge and several tombstones sank into the soil. Armani stood firm until the moment he frenetically dashed backwards. A rotten skeletal arm surfaced from the dirt where he stood initially, and thus revealed half it's body as it struggled to rise from the underworld. Skeletons started to rise out of graves that have been dormant for years. Even strange bodies rose from graves only dormant for days or weeks not giving the corpses enough time to rot. They ran at the foriegners. Armani needed not to waste so much time at such a crucial time. “Artillery!” He summoned a gateway in the battle field. It wasn't a gateway to escape the land, neither was it a gateway to help the others flee. It was a gateway summoned to aid him more fire power. Like bullets shot from a machine gun, the gate released multiple hollow organisms which had the ability to stick to whatever they come in contact with. The organisms were more powerful in numbers. They stock on several sections of the battle field and most especially on the skeletons that came alive. Like a bomb set to detonate in a few seconds, the walking deads were greeted by several massive explosions. The organisms had the ability to explode after a set time.

Baragan on the other hand was noted to be good at the physical. He rushed deep into the graveyard to take down more skeleton beings. Whiteness gradually swooped into the atmosphere, freezing fog then wrapped itself around the entire graveyard like a blanket. The trees were veiled in the lightness of mist. In the blinding mist, Baragan's motion was hindered. His left foot got to something tangible. It wasn't natural, neither did he strike his feet against a rock. A skeletal being grabbed hold of his feet, dragging him down into the soil. Baragan screamed as several skeletal arms pulled him down against his own will until he completed vanished out of sight.

The mist came to a slight calm. The whispering queer sound that could be heard. Armani followed the sound, and traveled deep along with Amy but Baragan was nowhere to be found. The wind rose, undulating waves splashed perpetually within the vast space of the entire vicinity.

Armani believed he was alone with the girl, but that was short lived when they were both was greeted by another creature that rained from the night sky. Green skinned but muscularly built, Armani could only picture the images of the goblin creatures he faced previously. Despite the beast human size, it's roar released a great wind pressure which brought down weak pillars within range to the ground. The scroll never lied. Armani knew he was close to the star prize. All that was left was to overcome the obstacles.

“Stay back while I handle this. You might be a liability.”
Armani made himself clear to the girl and she never insisted. His arms reached behind his waist, pulled out a strange book and a dark ring from a buckled mini-bag.

“You must be Akama. I had practice with these, but I never thought I'd be revealing some of the cards so soon.” Armani uttered as he wore the black ring on his right index finger while closing the distance between him and the green beast. Before he closed the distance to draw himself closer to the green reptile, the strange book he held radiated an enormous dark energy. Glowing in the reverse-light, the book transformed into pure black energy and fused with Armani. Just as Armani absorbed the dark energy, some sort of demonic markings appeared on his forehead signifying a mode of new dominance. With Akama's mouth watering brute appearance, Armani presumed the creature should fall under the same category as Zyrode; ruler of Astras.
It was the sound of an enormous explosion from a nearby crumbled building that triggered the start of the duel. Armani dashed towards Akama, and Akama advanced from the opposite direction. However, they were not of the same class in terms of speed, velocity, and reaction time. With a brute force and strength that could easily destroy a mountain, Akama threw his fist in a critical aim for Armani's head. The Arrancar slightly docked in response as he saw Akama's fist coming in slow motion. Dodging the blow wasn't all that he did. Just as he ducked to evade the punch, he drove his left fist like a blade into beast's heart. However, Armani lacked the potential to scratch the beast or even deal any real physical damage so the aim all along was to take the green beast from the inside out. The power of the dark ring granted Armani the limited ability to phrase only a single part of his body through solid obstacles. This gave him the limited advantage to bypass Akama's virtue of hard steel skin. He didn't stop there. From the vivid markings on his forehead came the ability to release dark energy. He discharged an intensive bolt of pure black energy that did not only numb the sensory system, but also rendered the beast internals useless. The heart, the lungs, all impaired in the fatal blow. Armani withdrew from the green beast in a single dash. He watched in despair as the green fellow fell to it's knees. The eyes bled green vital liquid from the inside out and the beast breathed it's last.

She, Amy, had her eyes full in the whole scene. She wasn't surprised. While the district continued to crumble gradually, she managed to step forward with her right palm to her abdomen, covering up little bruises she sustained from the skeletons attack.

At that moment Armani slayed the beast, the grounds shook even more and a gigantic gate emerged from deep underground. In size, the gate was half the dome of Las Noches and a monstrous voice spoke from nowhere,
“Thy has defeated the guardian, Akama. Thy has one challenge left to complete. To easily get passed this gate, thy must offer a sacrifice.”

“Offer a sacrifice? There's no time to be fooling around.” Armani looked around the surroundings but there was nothing but graves. Breaking down the gate that somewhat seem resistant to the land's disintegration would be futile. What could possibly be offered, and at that moment, he figured it out.
Be it sonido, Armani suddenly appeared behind Amy. An assassination from behind, Armani twisted her head in a single attempt that rendered a dislocation on her neck. He quickly held her with both arms as she lost consciousness.

“Sorry! If I don't sacrifice for what I want, what I want will be the sacrifice.”

A horizontal large stone tablet emerged from the underground. Armani laid down her body on it and it sunk back to the underworld. The offer was made. It was in Armani's nature to sacrifice even an ally to achieve his goal. The gate opened on both sides, so wide anything could pass. So despite their tallness and the strength of the metal, it was a simple stroll to the other side.

–Amy (Stats unknown)
–Baragan (Stats unknown)

Novice Cero: Reitsu Control Stat: E–E+
This is a barely charged and is the weakest formof Cero, normally used by
the menos-class Hollow. This kind of Cero is dependent on the strength/
rank of the user, but is no doubt still theweakest Adjuchas can only fire the
attack from one area of the body.

Cero Cornea: (Reitsu Control Stat: B–B+)
By channeling a small amount of Cero energy into the eye, causing it to flash
red momentarily, the user can fire a small but powerful cero blast.The blast
is powerful enough to destroy boulders.

Bala: (Reitsu Control Stat: B–B+) While similar in function to a Cero, a Bala
is not nearly as powerful, but, thanks to its composition, its speed is 20
times faster, allowing it to be fired in quick succession. In addition, it
possesses more concussive force than a typical Cero does. The overall speed
and power of a Bala varies depending on the Arrancar using it; Some are
powerful enough that they can blast large holes into an enemy's body.

Garganta Technique - Artillery-(Reitsu Control Stat: E–E+)
Upon a garganta opening it shoots out leeches out that attach to anything
they hit, making them extremely hard to get off. They explode after a set
time. Power level of explosion depends on the user. Mid-leveled technique.

El Ultimo Aliento De Los Hueco:(Reitsu Control Stat: D–D+)("Hollows last
breath") User releases their reiatsu in sudden burst, causing wind to come
out spreading pretty wide depending on the user enough to push the
opponent away and cause small cuts, if the user wants to he/she can makeit
move a little at the cost of a little more reiatsu, low level technique.

Name of Owner: Armani La Vert
Name of Gadget: Book of Revelation
Current level of gadget: 3 star
Current special effect: It grants the user same powers of the
shadow hunters. Upon activation, the book glows in dark energy as
it is absorbed into the user's body. A mystical symbol appears at
the user's forehead. It grants the user ability to release dark energy
from the finger tip equal to kido #10. Effect last for 5 post.

Name of Owner: Armani La Vert
Characters Kill count:
Name of Gadget: Black Dragon Ring
Current level of gadget: 3 star
Current special effect(if any):Desired effect for gadget: When worn, it grants the user the ability to partially phrase through tangible objects and bypass most physical effects. This ability is applicable only to the user and only one part of the body at a time such as the arm while the rest of the body remains tangible and vulnerable to all forms of damage. While this ability is active, user is unable to utilize his resurreccion abilities or other abilities in his hollow arsenal. Can only retain the ability for not more than two posts.
word count: 4463
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Barely several meters down the street, Eckhard felt His hair lines tingle in excitement with the reishi particles around him felling windy and frequent as if drawn into a vacuum below. A bone chilling wind blew across the street relinquishing the loneliness off the night and the supposed emptiness of its street. "You don't get it" Eckhard uttered tuning to face the direction he once came from with a certain level of serenity in his pose.

At the distance, a few minions grey in color came trooping out, carrying spikes and rod on their shoulder as if auditioning for a movie titled the turf wars. A few among them, held more damaging gadgets like cannon launchers and and harmful flares and even something most people would consider energy guns. Everything they held had an element of crudity about it but still stood unique. An example of genius in hardship one could imagine seeing as they had achieved consistency with scraps.

Stopping midway after pacing down south, one of the 4 ft minions stepped forward, waving a wand or what one would call a high voltage taser at him, like a dictator normally does his choristers. However unlike the standard dictators his gesture came off violent and without pattern. He spoke in a language only his kind could understand as they rallied behind him, cheering in delight. The sudden silence of the white hair also aided to boost their confidence as they felt their terror pill had work, noticing he was only one wile they easily outnumbered tens. The white hair also knelt with his left knee caressing the earth with left palm which gave them the impression he was backing down. "Yeahhhhhhhhh!" they echoed raising their weapons to the air, only to abruptly stop after a few second on seeing the man stand back to his feet and reacting to their cheers as if they where not there.

Shifting his right hand to the side, a silver chain with a cross pendant at its tip dangled softly to the wind, transforming into a blue magnificent bow 4 ft tall. The minions out of instinct quickly retreated backwards, cuddling around each other as if to give themselves some sort of comfort. Had they existed within Eckhards scope the white head wouldn’t have bothered to stop and turn, their lives would have been forfeited long ago. However, they had little idea of what was to come and this more or less made them insignificant before eckhards eye. "I guess it has to be this way" Eckhard muttered once more disappointed with himself.

Bathing an eye the minions way Eckhard gave off a discriminating glare, unaware of what they had hopped to achieve with the little party they called outside. He would've wished they stepped back into the corners they came so he can use his space for what was to come but in the end it didn't matter. They were as good as dead to him but this was not in a manner of threat.

The leader of the pack having mustered some courage stepped forward once again swinging his little wand around. His posture full of confidence walked calmly towards the white hair threatening to poke him as he moved forward. His bald green hair nodded as he moved forward only to be found moments later floating in mid air with blood spewing out of his neck. a few more dropped behind him creating a straight line of flying heads and dropping bodies. The rest stiffened in fear, shocked and unaware what had happened. For the second time, Eckhard knotted his bow with a fast forming Reishi arrow this time at a pase they could see before pointing it up due east as if trying to hit a bird off the sky. The rest of the minions quickly took to their heels, running back into the holes they crawled out of without anycare for teir lost comrades.

The arrow quickly let loose flying into the sky till it vanished from scope. Retuning his gaze to face the tunnel he had just sealed. An arrow the size of a rocket tore through metal and earth like cake as it ascended into the sky. A second one followed immediately destroying what was left of the hole. A bird size view would reveal a giant hole in the ground similar to the shape of a cross; however the white hair needed no explanation to tell what stood before him.

The arrow he had earlier let loose quickly descended into the gaping hole to spike up an explosion, but its light got snuffed out midway at its entrance.

Blue pale elements of reishi glittered at its mouth as a figure dressed in black and white stepped forth from it carrying his arrow like it usually did. The two stood gazing at a distance taking in the few moments of they had. One of them was going to give up the light and this they both instinctively knew.

The calm knight turned on its tail when an explosion reared its head miles away. The sound seemed like something caused by a missile launch or maybe a gas station but bot combatant cared less, instated the presence of it though far away sent wave emotion running through their veins.

An explosion quickly reared its head miles away but neither combatant could tell what or who had caused and neither did they care. A 100 arrows rained down the street as both poured out their resihi attempting to snuff out every single cell in the opponents body. Their attack canceled each other out but this didn’t stop the wave of arrows wich sent sparkles of blue ligh large enough to illuminate the entire street.

More minions gathered in number watching from the comfort of their holes as the light show waged on.

“It”, being the impatient one lept for the sky shoting some arrows overhead which Eckard quickly cancelled out by rolling along the ground to his left before raising his hands against him. It landed swiftl on the opposite end of the street pathing his leg on the ground before obliterating every single form of metal and rocky obstacle which stood between him and his prey.

Using the opportunity Eckhard swooshed in to his left side releasing an arrow close range into its head. However, the replica had anticipated his movement bending down almost immediately to release two arrows which smashed into eckhard torso sending him smashing into a building. Eckhard stood up to find a golden shield strapped to his chest with cracks lined across it. It was broken but not by age instead by the damage it just recently received.

Turning hastily to his left side an arrow tore through the pillar he once rested his back as a few more followed it crumbling the pillar in effect.

Running out of the house shooting, Eckhard shot multiple arrows at different directions only to step out of the building with one aimed at his replicas direction. The replica on seeing this thought of raising his bow in counter but quickly decided against it only falling back to the comforts of his left side while squatting to avoid the incoming arrow(s).

The first came from his back and flew pass him in the direction his head could have been. The second and third also whistled by, travelling along the line his hand should have been had he decided to pull that arrow, while the last, the most obvious of them all traveled through his right side, deceending into his shoulder space but missing his ear by an inch.

Standing up almost immediately it couldn’t find the white hair anywhere in sight neither could it get readings on what direction he could have gone deciding instead to shot a peeping minion who he thought had been the white hair crawling in hiding.

Turning to his right he immediately let loose another and like before he found himself misjudging his opponent. Eckhard immediately released an arrow aimed for the fuel thank of the car closest to it setting off an explosion which he hoped would set him on fire and luckily for him it did, however the replica walked out of its flame as if immune to it before successfully burying one arrow into eckhards right shoulder which left him smashing into the ground in pain. A second and a third arrow came spiraling into the building but Eckhard had both pushed away at the utterance of the word “Repel”, a resulting effect of it left Eckhards eye glowing pale blue, signaling yet again the activation of another curse.

His replica on the other hand walked into the building still burning with an arrow locked and ready for release but on getting there saw his opponent dive into a hole after shooting a beam supporting the building. Blinded by flames around him he had neglected to spot arrow marks all over the building floor all shot at specific areas to weaken the foundation of the building. The building came crashing down on him destroying the whole essences of its existence.

Crawling out of another area of the street Eckhard had taken advantage of the tunneled holes the minion he saw earlier created. Utilizing its effectiveness for a victory, a gamble he naturally wouldn’t take.

Raising himself up from the floor, he rested his back by rims of a car before applying first aid to his wounds. He considered what to do next to stop the bleeding before he could possibly get a proper treatment when the potion in his pocket popped into mind causing him to dip is left hands into his pocket in search of it. His eye widened in shock when he saw it was no longer their and even more so one he saw a baby minion crawl up to him presenting the bottle as a peace offering.

Hesitating for a moment he wondered what they were up to but realizing it didn’t matter he took the potion and had his fill. Tossing the empty case aside to experience the miracle potion work, Eckhard sat still opening and closing his fist while looking up to the sky. In a matter of minutes his pain subsided and the blood stopped allowing him ease into a more comfortable, less grumpy mood.

He decided to seat out the rest of the night in the street seeing as his new found companions basically owned the street and dared not attack him at this point.

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