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Post by Itsu » Fri Oct 11, 2019 11:04 am

A district flooded with Mechanical Artificial Intelligence, also know as; 'Mai'. Mai are robots programmed to flush, kill, or apprehend any living organism found within it's territory. The whereabouts as to how they are been created is an utter mystery left to unfold only to the brave. District six is highly protected by thousands if not millions of Mai of different variation, ranging from; Mai-Humans, Mai-Animals, Mai-Drones, etcetera etcetera. These mechanical soldiers can record, analyze, and adapt to the workings of a target, applying the knowledge they've experienced to further improve their defense, responsiveness and how they approach a threat. On encountering a target, the rest of the Mai in that district auto upgrades their natural functioning stats to the received data, eliminating any weaknesses they might have possessed before. They also grow limitedly resistant to the element or hakuda skill used on them. So also they can quickly rebuild and reform their body parts if not totally destroyed and have unlimited fire power with varieties of ranges.  Amidst an army of Mai lies a Portal. A portal situated right in the center of a Kratom Crazy Sprinkles Cupcake vending machine resting idle next to an abandoned coffee shop. The portal will only reveal itself by flashing on and off a blue light at regular intervals if a medallion gets 3 meters to it's proximity.

Base stats

Strength [C]

I have no reached a level of power appropriate for spiritual beings. As such, the idea of being super human is no longer a question, it is a reality. I could seriously hurt those weaker than me without even trying, while those of similar constitution would take care not to eat too many of my attacks. Those above me would have to think twice about taking something like a raw punch. Throwing something as heavy as a cow could be effective in combat, while my attacks could punch through even thick concrete.

Durability [B]

I am now showing signs of being a defensive force to truly be reckoned with. Mid-tier attacks can be handled with relative ease, to an extent, while minimally impacting my ability to carry on.

Endurance [S+]

Most would suspect I am a literal machine. The stamina reserves I carry are so incredibly vast that none have ever seen me tire. No matter the non-lethal wounds , no matter the effort expended, I seemingly will continue to advance without end. It would likely take moving heaven and hell to tire me out.

Zanjutsu [A]

Expert no more, I am now recognizes as a master of the art. Masters are the best-trained in Zanjutsu. In fact, masters are so well versed in sword combat that most moves can be executed to devastating effect, leaving little option for defense to any who are not at least equal in skill. All of the basics and variations are applied with reflex-level spontaneity. Their understanding of the blade allows them to wield it to a greater extent than even their bare arms. Even a miss comes with enough precision graze the opponent's flesh. They know all of the art's theory and probably all of the advanced techniques, and begin to experiment with concepts to advance both.

Hakuda [D]

As a casual user of this art, I have learned enough of the basics to use it in instances where I lack a weapon. My techniques have power, accuracy and balance, but I still lack confidence in my skill, so application is likely to be unimaginative and cautious. I will miss openings and am likely to be drawn in by a gambit. I am not the most likely to engage in hand-to-hand combat, but it is a valid option if absolutely necessary.

Hohou [C]

Entering the realm of average user, I can maintain fast movements for a lengthy period of time. I am now also able to apply my knowledge of Hohou while engaging in combat to effectively control my positioning around the battlefield and my opponent.

Updates made
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District 6ix


Post by Aegis Raiu » Tue Oct 15, 2019 11:49 pm

That single jump into the portal, though not familiar with where he'd end up next was better than being lost at a spot. Now he was carried through countless ripples of fine wavery colors towards a bright light at the end which caused him to squint his eyes in an attempt to adjust to the new environment.

Upon re-entry into a desolate office like locality with broken glass structures and the painful gaze of this dimension's version of a sun. A lot appeared different from his last stop, and quickly he randomly moved his feet a few steps as he remembered the crystallizing effect of where he had left, trying to ensure it wasn't the same case for this seemingly modern world. Seeing no such thing take place he once again resumed composure, held tightly unto his sealed zanpakuto and walked over to the window to get a better glimpse of his current predicament. 'What happened to this place? Who the hell is doing this and where is everyone?

As frustration once again began to take over the young lad, it birthed even more anger towards whatever brought him here. His gaze caught sight of a moss encompassed city with dilapidated structures and immobile machineries littered across the plane.

It was morning and the sun's rays reflected on nearly every shiny surface, thus brightening the glass building and all within it. He'd stare around him to see if he could find any clues as to where this was or at least what time and year it was, for even those long since eluded him.

Soon, he'd found a drawer by the left section of the office which he walked to and opened, the first of 5 drawers was filled with countless files possessing names of workers and company policies. 'Oscorp corporation?...' he wasn't done thinking out loud when he heard a noise in one of the drawers behind him. 'Who's there? the little man inquired, drawing his zanpakuto with his right arm. Suddenly, a small hand sized metal creature shaped like a spider quickly exited from one of the drawers and jumped once, attempting to latch unto the boys face but would be cut in two with his blade before contact could be made. But even more confusing was the way the two separate bodies hit the floor and suddenly began emitting a purple gas and a high frequency pitch sound as though trying to alert someone or something of the boy's presence and current location.

Nothing made sense to the young boy named Killy, he swiped his knee length cloak to the side as he tried to block his nose with his left radio ulnar, unfortunately he already inhaled a good portion of the gas. He grew anxious and instinctively attempted to exit his current proximity. Looking around to grab whatever clue he could find, he picked up a rusty metal briefcase laying on the office table and ran toward the door, opened it and looked down the flight of stairs to sight gunned metal men race up toward the office.

'What? he questioned before running the opposite direction and through the broken glass windows. And out of the insanely tall 200 storey building, placing the metal briefcase beneath his right biceps as he landed with his right side, with it acting as some form of cushion against the fall, but even more so was his equally insane physical conditioning which kept him unaffected.

Picking himself up and taking off before the humanoid metal soldiers would pick up on his location. He was gone, at least behind a small abandoned car for now, small blood droplets exited his nose and unto his white Nikka, he was bleeding through the nose, probably as a result of the gas he inhaled earlier or the fall.

Desperate for solutions, the boy quickly searched his breast pocket for the purple potion he picked up from the crystal plane, but before he could fully open it_it slipped and fell. The glass bottle broke and spilled over several broken shards and the concrete floor. Still, the boy took a small portion left on the broken shard and gobbled it down, hoping this liquid he'd kept for so long would come to his aid somehow.

Nonetheless, he remained desperate to survive and attempted to open the briefcase for anything he could find, this was because he'd never seen his own blood since he became a Shinigami and the feeling was slightly unsettling, especially in this uncanny situation.

It opened and from it fell a large number of paper sheets that flew to the wind, a scroll and a purple potion, reflexively he caught the potion while the scroll fell unto the wet floor, 'Great, another scroll and potion, he said, and before long, the grounded scroll glowed a sudden brightness which called his attention.

Intrigued, the boy picked it up and viewed its content which read ...Admist an army of Mai lies a Portal. A portal situated right in the center of a Kratom Crazy Sprinkles Cupcake vending machine resting idle next to an abandoned coffee shop. The portal will only reveal itself by flashing on and off a blue light at regular intervals if a medallion gets 3 meters to it's proximity.
Additional info due to potion: Head North where the sun is always brightest.

Before he could finish, he noticed he had stopped bleeding and wondered if it was a result of the potion he ingested, either way that liquid became a prized possession for him if he wished to survive this madness.

He thought about what had just happened with the scroll and wondered what would happen if he used more of the liquid on it. And so he did, not caring what the repercussions might be, he emptied the new potion on the scroll. 'The route to a secret pathway is South, away from the sun's blessing and beneath a large school bus, the tunnel that was built beneath the big city for those seeking refuge from the chaos above, BEWARE, even beneath_death lurks.'

When he was done going through the letters, the scroll remained steady while the boy assimilated what he had read, now with a better understanding of at least his current task and what was required of him. He would then decide what route to follow while avoiding attention as much as possible.

He chose South and just like the last realm he was sent to, he kept his eyes peeled for other combatants and any possible surprise attacks from the terminators, a name he felt befitting for their outlook.

Stretching his hand to pick up some pieces of paper that exited the brief case, he tried to understand what was written therein but couldn't, it possessed analogs, anagrams, catalogs and other foreign languages unfamiliar with the boy, and to avoid further confusion he tossed the paper to the side and focused on what he knew best, stealth and assassination.

In a sonic burst of shunpo, he hoped to get passed a few grounded drones that headed his way from the near distance. Unfortunately, having stepped out of his hiding place, he soon realized his current speed proved futile against their dead shot precision.

It sounded like a whistling pitch in his ear resulting from the blast, one which sent dust and debris into the air. He was blasted a few meters away and into a small hall regardless of his shunpo transition, his head pounded and his eyes tried to adjust to the clouded room. From the hole in the wall thus created, a couple of robotic gun men stepped into the hall, unloading nearly countless fire which Killy effortlessly evaded with some sort of forward advance, evasive speed dash till he was face to face with the first and slashed it diagonally from bottom right to top left, but this time it would hit and give off a clang sound, signifying no apparent damage was dealt to the machine man, as metal came in contact with metal. 'What?' he wondered in astonishment, it was either these versions had far thicker skin or zanjutsu was completely useless against them or perhaps he simply needed more power. For now, he quickly retreated with a couple of summersaults while trying to avoid as much incoming bullets as possible.

Something was different with these three, they felt nigh infallible but even that was hardly so, Killy was simply being careful considering his first experience with machine in this realm. They moved in coordinated steps as they dropped their guns and dashed towards Killy in a speed equivalent to the sonic level[1] he had used before them earlier. They were adapting fast but the little boy was still oblivious to this, though he had his suspicions. Their steps were planned and they all moved in tandem from his frontal and both sides they approached and landed a few sword strikes and stabs themselves unto the young lad. With power lacking in their strikes,[2] thus, left Killy completely unaffected as well. However, it was the utter shock from their sudden change in tactics that delayed the young boy enough to get hit and now he began to pick up on traces of what was going on, he felt they were gaining knowledge of his movement speed and battle prowess by sight alone, adapting and gaining the capabilities they witness. These were the thoughts that raced along the boy's mind as he regained full understanding and control of his mind, body and the severity of his current situation. 'They're getting better with time... Tsk, I have to leave this place or device a means to destroy these pesky robots.'

Now he was being careful with showing any new skill nor moving passed the speed level they were currently used to and utilizing, and for that he had second thoughts towards calling forth his zanpakuto for assistance.

They paused, only to assume thoughtful strike positions and spring forth towards the boy once again but this time with a unison stab towards his torso, of which he assumed a much faster shunpo step of the super sonic[3] range to sidestep and unleash a dazzling bright beam of intense hotness[4] from his left eye towards the three heads of the robot men, effectively frying their inner electrical components and leaving most of their bodies unaffected.

They emitted black smoke that smelt like burning wire, but that was not enough. He thought of what to do, peering through the small hall, much less a restaurant, and as a result, Killy unturned every gas cylinder, allowing them to leak completely while the grounded machines struggled to regain locomotive capabilities.

The scarred young boy simply lit one of the burners and instantly exited the restaurant at full shunpo burst to about a few blocks away, waiting for the predetermined explosion to occur, and without warning, the building exploded in its entirety, releasing ghastly fumes and tossing aside broken glass and debris at full speed. The building crumbled and the three terminators were dead and buried for good...or so it seemed. Killy was still yet to begin his journey and he's luck already exposed this much to him, perhaps even luck alone can suffice for now.

Even more so, he spoke too soon as hundreds of robotic bats ascended from beneath the collapsed building and some other buildings close by. 'Suddenly, rotten luck huh? I guess I don't have a choice... Make them understand, Sakenomi no Arashi' he yelled, and as the horde of mechanical bats swarmed against him, he lifted both palms and erected a dome-like forcefield over a 30m radius, burning away as they came in contact with the erected barrier.

Still, they pestered and kept falling till the boy dematerialized it and instead released a full body blast of electrical pulse which deactivated and fried the pesky creatures within a 40m radius completely, they were all dead, numbering close to a hundred and fifty at least.

The city was scanty at but slowly became alive with machines of different forms. Then suddenly, the earth quaked, and it did so again. 'What now?' he asked as he turned to sight what it was behind him and lo, a gigantic mechanic scorpion with rapid fire ammunition at different parts of its body. Killy knew taking on this would only lead to attracting more as all his previous battles have all seemingly attracted danger to himself. He chose the wiser decision of pursuing the way out with all his guts and gusto, swearing to engage only those who get in his way with destruction and utter decimation. He was provoked now more than ever, he no longer wanted to think nor understand, but simply kill anything that tries to stop him. Effectively, he vanished from sight at the top of his Shunpo speed, leaving behind a puff of smoke as he dashed South.
[1]Sonic level speed here refers to speed stats level A

[2]Here simply meant the robots already started gaining Killy's stats and by so doing also inherited his poor strength.

[3] Super sonic refers refers to A+ speed.

[4]This intense hotness is Killy's eye beam gadget shooting forth a hadou 35 blast.
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It was hot air that woke him up with the stench of oil and metal oozing. Aoshi opened his eyes weakly and slowly as his senses returned to him slowly. He sat up, taking in his new environment while looking around half surprised and half aware of the situation on ground hence the next move he was to take was already obvious.

Aoshi slowly rose to his feet, he moved both his legs to return them back to life for they were half dead since he had laid at a single point for long time. ”This again? A new dimension(location), new surrounding and probably new threats.”

Aoshi thought for a moment. When he was sure both his legs were alive did Aoshi check his body for possible items, he used his last experience in the previous Wasteland to know that he most have been gifted something as usual. Inside the left side of his cloak he found a potion and a scroll, the right side of his cloak was his previous healing potion he had decided against using in the last trial, his Medallion was gone, used at the portal when he left the previous wasteland.

With the routine check complete, Aoshi rolled up the scroll, letting the bind loose to gaze on its content. ”Mai Robots?” Aoshi sighed wearily.

It only took a moment to take in the information, he came to an understanding that he was not the only one in the district, the land was ruled by drones, Mai Humans as well as animals. His eyes widened at the last bit ?Millions? The shear bewilderedness that struck him was as sharp as a lightning coursing through his body, numbing his nerves as he became disillusioned at how wicked the perpetrators were.

”It looks like I’d have to fight who holds the Medallion on top of that an insane amount of enemies? Curse you Mongrels!” Aoshi bit the lower part of his lip at the realization of how fucked he was.

At the moment blending in and going incognito was the best way to avoid confrontations, he ran, the Togabito Head ran stealthily making sure to avoid getting noticed as his primary aim was to get a _Medallion._
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District 6ix


Post by Danty » Mon Oct 21, 2019 6:02 am

Waking up to loud buzzing and whirring sounds, yagami opened his eyes to sight birds and flying insects hovering over him.. Ugh, my head, where am I? he said as he tried getting up to his feet. What the hell!? seeing hundreds of ants binding his hands and legs and crawling up to his neck.. Closing his eyes, he gathered and released reiatsu from his body, pushing the ants off his body and burning them. Opening his eyes, he saw a bird diving towards him, quickly, he did a backward somersault away from his previous position making the bird strike the ground. That was close... real close. he said in shock, seeing a wide hole made by the bird's attack.. Standing from his knees, his keen ears caught a sound from afar coming nearer. In a haste, he gripped his zanpakuto by the hilt from behind him and pulled it from its scabbard. Split seconds before he could pull his zanpakuto out, the bird wooshed past him and crashed behind him..
With his eyes wide open in shock, he touched his left cheek with his right hand and with his thumb, wiped off the tiny drop of blood there. Fast.. How can a little bird like that be that fast.. I could barely see it coming.. I couldn't even dodge it completely... Turning his head to the bird, he saw that the bird had crashed into an anthill. Hmmm, judging from the way it crashed, it seems like it can't control its speed.... he said to himself. As the bird fell, insects began crawling out of the hole and rushing onto the bird. Are they eating it?! he thought, well, I better head home... I wonder where I am by the way. Haven't been here before he said as he walked.
Onda de negacion:(Reitsu Control Stat: D–D+)("negation wave") The user gathers their reiatsu before jutting it out of their skin, pushing into existence an onda de negacion wave surrounds that user from as close as 1 cm to the user to 5 feet. If the user is strong enough it may stretch farther and it surrounds the user for about 5-10 seconds seconds while it is spreading acting like barrier. It burns and negates anything that touches it if made strong enough.
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Back at the earlier structured restaurant which suffered a wicked explosion that leveled its once stoic appearance, something crawled out of its hopeless nature. A metallic arm from beneath the rubble and fallen debris. It slowly gained strength enough to push over the stone slabs and iron bars that rested on it as a result of the devastating blast. Soon, it stood to reveal a full humanoid shaped metal entity that clawed away at other surrounding rubble as though searching for something, and then it was clear what it sort, two more like it were also beneath the rubble.

Giving off screeching sounds of damaged machinery attempting to communicate, they struggled to get to their feet and tried even harder to stay on their feet. Yet, in minutes they were almost fully recovered, as they grew back lost, broken and mangled metal parts. "We are back," were the words spoken in unison by the robot men...or otherwise, terminators. They had adapted to even human speech now, and soon all machines in the area would gain the knowledge as well.

These terminators had regenerated from the explosive damage they received from their last encounter with Killy, and now all they sort was to see his end. To achieve that, they dispersed in three ways, hoping to cover more grounds in their search for the young death god.

Meanwhile, Killy was only a few blocks away from the school bus stated in his map, but he remained motionless within one of the nearby buildings while some floating drones flashed a spread out green light into the compartment from the outside in a scanning process. Just then, a rat ran across the room but couldn't make it to it's destination for the drone had instantly dashed into the building and blasted it with some sort of miniature explosive and needle eye precision.

He had no further options than to put the hood of the knee length tall cape_over his head and apparently become invisible from physical perception. He picked up a rod stuck to a thick concrete slab to make it appear as a mace of some sort, and before much could be said, he moved in and plowed the drone as hard as he could, descending it from it's position and repeating the pummeling as many times as was needed to shut it down. The lights on the machine went off and it became silent, especially after he_Killy had struck a green board situated within the drone. It was probably something important but even more so was a protruding black chip which Killy extracted and zoomed off once again.

This time hidden in the safety of a well functioning invisibility cloak, he moved quick as usual but not with shunpo, his innate speed movement was well above sufficient for covering ridiculously lengthy gaps. This he'd done to not give away his current position by means of the swish sound given off by the shunpo technique, this was the techniques only flaw. He moved closer to his target and met a cratered demarcation, one so deep and large it demarcated a great portion of this area and the only way through was an overhead electric cable.

He stepped into the building and moved up the stairs to get to the top from whence he'd board his flight across the crater, and so he did. Half way through_the cable cargo stopped, the machines in the area had come to inspect what it carried but visibly found nothing as the young boy remained quiet and motionless under his cloak. Soon they left and the cargo continued to its destination across, and there it was, a yellow school vehicle parked at the center of an open space. It all appeared too easy for the death god and that alone made him uncomfortable.

It was now bright as day for the sun had completely risen, it's brilliance radiated warmth and reflected itself from countless glass buildings. Looking up to where a sudden sound came from, he sighted a flock of flamingos travel above the city but before long, they had been shot down by stationed war machines at the top of various random rooftops, they scattered in distress when one of them had fallen but same fate befell the rest with pinpoint accuracy. 'This is a messed up world,' Killy said as he thought about why all lifeforms were seemingly under threat in this bizarre city.

More drones shaped like giant birds and two-legged machine heads began flooding the city streets as though they heard a wake up call, perhaps daytime had set them back in motion, but do machines even sleep? Is someone or something controlling them? These were unanswered questions that probably raced across the boy's mind.

He'd seen enough not to be shocked by much anymore, he was brought up differently from a time like this, still he was smart and knowledgeable with a few modern devices. He was a killer of flesh with the blade, he was silent as the dead night, he was the dancing silhouette in darkness, he was... An Assassin. These machines will know his name, perhaps after he's accomplished his goal here.

The space between the surrounding buildings and the school bus was large, and looked too easy. First he picked a stone from behind the shade he stood and tossed it toward the bus but it was destroyed mid flight, then being invisible he attempted to step into the empty space but also received hostile gunned assaults which drove him back to the shade after a few successful evasions.

'Oh crap, they have motion sensors... They leave me no choice,' he said before calling forth his Zanpakuto for aid. 'Make them understand, Sakenomi no Arashi.'

He jumped unto a constructed electric board and zoomed in towards the center just to identify whence the fire assaults came from, and that he did, countless bullets fired at him whilst he changed direction some degrees to his right to meet the first drone, their bullets bounced off an electromagnetic forcefield around him. On reaching the first drone, he instead smacked it with an orb of electric goodness, with enough electromagnetic pulse to fry its circuits and shut it down. They were machines and therefore possessed a motherboard or control system somewhere within their structured layout, at least the boy knew that much. However, what had made him keep his distance was the adaptive capability he noticed from his first experience, and their sheer number. And he would continue down this path, but for now, death and destruction was his message for this lot that stood in his way.

Approaching the second drone, he released another orb of lightning and stopped it, but soon realized the other floating drones had swarmed up on him. 'Be gone,' he yelled as he released a full body pulse of lightning over a 30m radius, causing the surrounding machines in the area to drop to the ground fried and motionless, the key was the complete destruction of their control system but he wondered how long even this would work.

Now with a slightly clear pathway to the school bus, he darted in that direction and entered the stationed vehicle, and at the center floor was a door which he quickly descended. Yet in that same second a bomb was sent from the multiple arriving drones in a bid to stop the boy's descent but they were a tad late, only blowing up the bus and filling the entrance with dense rubble and debris as though a fatal accident had occurred.

Meanwhile, a desperate Killy found himself in a well lit tunnel filled with brilliant lights and an eerie emptiness. He walked to the far distance and met a descending staircase filled with water up to a point. From the look of things, Killy would have to dive down into the water and swim his way to the promised destination which bothered him, for now he was left with no options. Looking into the greenish water, he saw a croc shaped shadow swim across in the deep, 'this only gets better huh?'
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On his way as he charged towards the soul wielding a Medallion he longed for, Aoshi made a mistake. He overlooked the idea of a trap, or the locals setting out security grid over the area he was headed and before he could realize his mistake, he felt his leg sink deep into the earth as it became hollow from his weight making his fall faster.

He had fallen into a six feet hole before he realized his fatal mistake. It was too late to correct the mistake for he had played into the enemy’s hand. An Alarm went off as soon as he hit the bottom, it signaled the Mai Robots, Mai Humans that a rabbit had entered the trap and in that very instant, Aoshi saw several Robotic eyes gazing down at him lacking expression.


The worst person to encounter had set a trap for him, the worst possible outcome had occurred and the gravity of that revelation descended upon him like an elephant would on an ant. Aoshi was dragged out from the pit in chains that restricted his sin thus rendering him temporarily powerless without having a means of an escape.

He was brought in chains to a square where most of the Robots gathered. This included the civilians, military Robots, and Mai Humans.

”You dare put me in chains? Who gave you the permission to put a King in chains?” He asked while considering a plan. It would later be known to him that there was not a plan that existed where he could escape.

”Silence....You we’re caught trespassing in a place where no living being should be found breathing. If you are not like us then you are an enemy.....Having taking us quiet some time to eradicate this world of all that breathes having one walk around is a taboo we cannot overlook. You and the other soul that narrowly escaped using a gas explosion” The Mai Robot said talking much the same way Aoshi had thought a robot would. Since he was the one to address, Aoshi reasoned he could be the leader of that particular area and just like that a light bulb appeared above the Togabito’s head.

”Are you the leader here? You seem like a reasonable Robotic man so I’m going to ask you this. Do you capture and execute any and every being you meet without the chance of a fair hearing? Or at least to know why after the so called purge you suddenly find a living being....aren’t you the least bit interested as to how that came to be?” Aoshi asked, desperately trying to reason with the artificial intelligence even if it meant buying himself some time to think of a plan.....any plan, he was scraping the bottom.

His question seemed reasonable and as well a situation the Mai Robot had not considered before for all it was concerned with was eradicating all Virus’ and to the Mai Robots all breathing things were virus’ corrupting their circle of life. Still, The Mai Robot felt the need to ask, not that there was a need to since at the end the result was not going to change but it need to at the very least know the origin source and getting that information meant they eradicate the source to prevent further invasions. He will bite the bait.

”Your argument is indeed correct and one which I find no error in. Then, let me ask you How did you get here?” It asked, and Aoshi was going to answer as honest as he could for an idea of how to get out of his present situation had presented itself and he was going to make the best out of it.

”I was brought here against my will” he started, making sure to describe vividly the situation as it was, starting from the time he was at the palace to his first appearance at the wasteland, using the Medallion as a source of exiting the wasteland, finally his arrival and waking up in the present location as well as his quest to find a Medallion to exit the realm. Aoshi narrated the whole scene to those gathered as well as those that kept him captive.

”How many of your race are here?” The Mai Robot asked with the same lack of expression and the same robot broken voice he had from the very beginning of Aoshi’s captive.

”To the best of my knowledge there about 50 of us here in your lands” Aoshi said with a stern face meant to conceal the lie he had just told. Everything he told them was true except for this one lie. He said so being confident of not being found out for the only source of evidence to expose his lie had turn to ashes a long time ago. His scroll that revealed in details the things to be found at the district as well as the number of people playing the stupid game of survival, in an easy language to understand, there was no way to prove Aoshi’s words to be a lie. Aoshi knew that which was why he had made the lie and his true intentions for that lie was to be revealed soon enough.

”50 huh? I see....which would explain why of your race had engaged in a fight with a Mai and escaped. I have listened to you and now you do know your life is forfeit?” When The Mai Robot leader asked the Mai citizens present all chorused ”kill it! It came to hunt us down! We cannot let his kind live!” It was then Aoshi decided to play this other card.

”Before you have my neck, may I suggest another Alternative?” Aoshi interrupted the crowds cries for blood. The Mai Leader looked expressionlessly at him as it waved its had for him to get on with it.

”50 participants were sent here to end all life just like they did in other district they have been to before now. Which is safe to say that the next on their list is Mai Land. Me, I just want to get out of here as possible because I have no interest in their objective seeing as I was forced to play against my will so getting away would be the best option for me. However, I can only leave with a Medallion and only one individual possess it.” Another lie. He had no way of knowing if the being who had fought with them had a Medallion on him or not....still, he had to find of for sure and the key out of here was based on if the Leader bites the bait.

When he finished the crowds became more enraged, stating it was a ploy for him to warn the others while he escapes. The Mai Leader listened to their cries and came to a decision.

”Is that all? I have listened to you and now I am going to tell you my decision. We are a race powerful enough to sustain ourselves and reproduce effectively, we possess more intelligence than any thing can boast of. The mere thought of an invasion is something to laugh at because we are more than enough to put you out of your misery as you have come to realize just how powerless you are in my presence. Still, An order has been transmitted to all Mai Robots in the district to form a perimeter and the Soul which trespassed a secured area as well as the one that blew up a restaurant would be hunted down. I will allow you to go with a dozen Mai Robot to get you that Medallion this is in fact has been calculated to be the best outcome to for you to leave seeing as you are yet to pose a threat to us. While the other who blew up a restaurant is a threat which you and a dozen Mai Robots would have to end that is if you wish you leave here alive.”

”Hook line and sinker” Aoshi flashed a smile at the Robots word and he he knew he had taken the bait. The chains on his wrist fell off like it was ordered to automatically and he was free again. Without much word, Aoshi set out along with Mai Robots in search for the intruder. ”Wait for me Stranger”
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Walking with his sword rested on his shoulders and his hands holding the ends. Yagami kept wondering how the bird from before had such incredible speed. Few minutes later, he heard his stomach growl, putting his left hand on it, he said Yeesh, I'm hungry as heck, I haven't eaten for...... Ack, I don't even know what day it is!! there should be a café around....
After walking for a while, he stopped, closed his eyes, took a deep breath and tilted his head sideways, as the wind blew through his hair, he exhaled, opened his eyes, stared at the sky for a while then continued walking. This place is awfully quiet. Something doesn't seem right he said to himself before sighting a bar in the distance. In the blink of an eye, he appeared at the entrance of the building, a bell rang as he opened the door. Hello, anyone here?? he called out as he walked to the bar, placing his zanpakuto on the counter he drummed on the it with his hands as he waited for the bartender. Infuriated from waiting for a long time, he banged his hands on the table and grabbed a liquor from the shelf. About to open the bottle, a sound came from the back of the counter, hmmm, so someone was here afterall he said to himself as he gulped a shot of the liquor. He held the empty glass in his hand and raised it several inches away from his face, looking through the cup he sighted someone poking their head from the door leading to the back. He smiled, poured himself another shot, gulped it, flipped the cup in his hand then threw it towards the person.. He stood from the bar, picked his zanpakuto and walked to the person at the back. Seeing a frightened young boy on the floor with his hands over his head, he pointed the scabbard of his zanpakuto at him and asked Who are you kid?
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He once again sealed off his Shikai, and stretched out the full extent of his lungs with the air he took in before diving face first into the greenish water with no hesitation this time, perhaps what he saw earlier was merely a product of his own imagination...the shadow in the water. Or perhaps he was simply left with no options. Could his day get any worse he wondered, when all around him reeked of damnation.

He seized his breath as he paddled his feet to move forward in the murky water, and on covering a distance of about a few hundred meters underwater, he saw an ancient runic layout of bricks and secret pathways. Each branching out to create its own route, while others had walls and gates to give the impression of an underground prison.

A few blocks ahead, he came into view of a massive steel gate and a lever by the side which he quickly swam to and pulled. 'Ah, it's stuck' he thought deeply without disrupting his closed lip, then he noticed something swim past behind him and turned. He sighted a harmless man sized fish when he turned, and watched it take a right turn into a separate pathway. He_Killy, thought hard on what to do to overcome his limited time here, for he was beginning to run short of breath. And just then, he saw the same big fish or a similar one, appear through a path behind the giant steel door, 'There must be a second route then' he concluded excitingly. Taking the same route as the first fish that moved past him earlier, and there_was a second smaller gate with a functioning lever which brought him into the corridor initially sealed off by the giant steel gate.

Once in, he swam a little faster to meet a flight of ascending stairway which he followed to bring him out of water and back into a slightly brighter part of the unground tunnel. Emerging from the depths, he turned on his back and caught his breath for a short while.

However, knowing he had limited time and a whole lot still left to do, he rose to his feet after some hours of complete relaxation, and continued his journey further into the underground tunnel. Then it happened, the chip he had collected from one of the previous robot kills began to give a low, steady beep sound, accompanied by a pointy blue light that came on and off at five second intervals. Killy brought it out of his left pocket and gazed at it, only to witness a holographic manifestation emerge from it.

In shock, he had dropped it and dashed a few meters back in readiness for whatever it was, however it only appeared to be harmless bright images of warfare and destruction, much more like a video tape of past events witnessed by the robot that owned the chip. Killy witnessed in holographic images, the mass production of countless robots kept in a company store, the instructions given to them which read, "Destroy all living things below a level 15 pass." He also witnessed a beautiful city, vibrant and full of life get ruined when all mechanical creations matched into the city. As though looking through the robots eyes, he saw several buildings guarded by thousands of robots with several name inscriptions on them, "SKYNET." And on a good number of several floating drone machines were T-1000 etched on them.

He also watched thousands of robot variations bow down to an army of closely 100 human shaped robot men with T-9000 etched on them, and shortly after the chip began to malfunction and heat up like something about to implode. The death god didn't stand to watch this time, instead he reached the end of the tunnel and took the metal stairs attached to the wall in a bid to escape the promising explosion.

"Boom." The resulting explosion only missed him by some inches as he bursted out of the underground tunnel which looked to be a deep well.

The mechanical sound of moving machines approached in the distance from behind some of the many tall buildings in the area, and the boy knew not how far away he was from his goal, but he knew avoiding as much confrontation as possible was the best option he had.

And so, he once again placed the hood over his head and darted off to one of the nearby structures, employing the assassin art of stealth in his every maneuver to become noiseless while remaining physically imperceptible... Or so he thought.

Meanwhile, he felt he was being watched and simply gazed up towards the sun right above, whilst scanning his environment only to find a partially scorched human shaped machine look down upon him with a loaded RPG about to fire. 'Nani?' he exclaimed, as he darted off to about 20m forward to avoid the ensuing blast. 'How were they able to track me and so fast?' He wondered, when he remembered he'd spent some hours idly gazing at his surrounding as a form of rest.

This was one of the three robot terminators he encountered earlier in a restaurant and they obviously weren't destroyed. The terminator jumped down the building and landed on both feet, leaving a cratered web beneath it's feet and amidst the scattering smoke. With a surprised look on his face, he darted his face from left to right in search of the other two robots.

Unable to locate them, he returned his gaze to the red eyes in the dust cloud, only to witness the torn flesh covering it's face return in some form of rapid regenerative manner, revealing the inscription T-9000 just beneath it's right eye. 'You got to be kidding me, regeneration...hardly destructible, and rapid physical enhancements? Who the hell created these things and worse of, dumped me here?' He lamented, remaining calm and observing his environment in search of the other two.

'Very well
he said in a relaxed tone, 'come at me with everything you got.

He stood his ground and waited for the T-9000 which already darted head first towards him, thinking he could halt it's advance, he was overpowered and was taken aback, with his legs off the ground, he was smashed into a store. Moments later, he looked up and realized it was a gun store, with a wide variety of weapons to select, he picked up a mini rapid fire ammunition with his right arm and darted back at the T-9000, jerking it with his left arm by the neck and smashing it to the ground, he pointed the gun into it's mouth and unloaded the full brunt of the gun's magazine into it.

It's face was ravished once again and was nearly unrecognizable but that couldn't stop it, as it grabbed Killy by the hair and tossed him away. Still mid flight, Killy tried to reload the spare magazine he had picked up.
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Flash Back To 10 minutes ago

This was before Aoshi set out on his way with the Mai Robots. The Leader instructed that he Aoshi be injected with a kill switch which can only be activated by a Mai at will. This was to ensure he be complacent to what was required of him regard. The kill switch, once activated, automatically shuts down the brain function of the individual possessing it and as such would result to an instant death. The kill switch was injected like a fluid in a syringe at the side of Aoshi’s nape and would become solid once it mixes with his blood fluid.

With the cuffs placed back on his wrist, his abilities shut down rendering him powerless, it became possible for the needle to penetrate the outer layer of his skin. ”Ouch” Aoshi minced in pain which was only for a moment. As quickly as it went in, the needle came out from his skin and a trace of blood stained the needle and also at the place it was injected.

”Know this. The existence of a race completely eradicated means little to us even if you Number a thousand. We are self reproductive and our numbers range over a million with our might and connected minds. Calculating and analyzing the information received from you, it becomes clear what the objective the intruders here have and therefore we will act according to the level of threats received. You will be monitored and any funny move you should have it in mind that we would waste no effort in activating the kill switch inside your neck.”


That scene played in constant repeat in his head as he dashed out with the super intelligent Robots. His moves were scrutinized and monitored constantly, he was like a fly buzzing between a large hand ready to clap at it at moments notice. For now, the best option for Aoshi would be to act accordingly and since it was much faster to locate his target with the help of the Mai’s Aoshi would more or less go with the follow. There was just one more thing he had to do.

”Echo of Sin; Ashes to Ashes”

In a terribly low voice with just his lips parting way and closing, Aoshi’s Echo became active. He had so much control over his heat such that instead of the heat to radiate outwardly towards the environment, he channeled the heat inwardly_inside his body. He reduced its radiation to a subatomic level as his innards became hot without giving him away, for he was pretty sure a Mai Robot could detect a change to his body heat if he was careless.


One of the Robots cried out at Aoshi signaling him to stop. Aoshi slowed down his pace first before putting a stop in his movement completely. He was tended for he had suspected the reason he was suddenly stop to his movement had to do with his internal body heat. ”Something wrong?” He asked trying his best to appear as calm as possible, if he was to conceal his actions, he had to keep up appearances.

”I noticed a change in your temperature for a split second I would like to perform a body scan so please if you could kindly stand still, this would only take a second.”

It would seem the Togabito’s actions had not gone unnoticed by the all intelligent Robots. Irrespective of the fact he had taken great care into concealing his actions as well as reducing the heat radiation to the lowest possible, for that split second his Echo became active the Mai Robots were alerted. ”How frightening.”

It took only a second for the Robot to scan through Aoshi’s exoskeleton with a blue ray of light flashing from its eyes all the while moving from his head to his toe. Heart beating and sweat gathering to his face and Aoshi struggled to maintain a straight face.

”Scanning complete.” It did not say a word on why it hard halted the Togabito and Aoshi chose not to press the issue.

To make the advancement faster, Aoshi was tasked to enter a drone owned by the Mai Robots. The clouds was clearly visible in the sky as the objects appeared small in his blue eyes, the cities geographic structure and frame could be seen. It was only but a moment they had picked up a disturbance from one of the Robots engaged in a fierce combat and it was only then did they change their course, employing the aircrafts speed to its fullest and in one sonic boom, they appeared before the Combatants consisting of Mai Robots and a boy wielding a machine gun.
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