The Hellforge

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The Hellforge


Post by XIII » Sat Apr 27, 2019 3:13 pm


As beings surrounded by endless metal flames the Togabito learned to harness these vast resources and refined the art of metallurgy. In time they became Master smiths, unrivaled in the art of weapon and armor crafting. This forge was built in the heart of hell where the flames burn at their hottest the sins are the darkest. Using this they craft the finest weapons to expand their arsenal or draft contacts to make the full use of the demonic powers.

For crafting weapons, please use the following form:
Name of Weapon:
Weapon Grade:
Weapon Type:
Weapon Description:(If there are any important details)
1★ Weapons will require the following materials:
  • Chain Fragment: 1x
  • Soul Essence: 1x
  • Hellish Ember: 1x
2★ Weapons will require the following materials:
  • Chain Fragment: 2x
  • Soul Essence: 2x
  • Hellish Ember: 2x
3★ Weapons will require the following materials:
  • Hardened Chain: 1x
  • Soul Essence: 3x
  • Hellish Ember: 3x
  • Antithesis Remnant: 1x

For contracts, please use the following form:
Demon Name:
Demon Rank:
Contract Type: (Summoning, Influence, etc.)
Contract Terms:(List desired abilities, traits, or stats to be used).
Signature:(Your name here)
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