[ The Reunion | Becoming Dust ] Emi Akino - Akutagawa Atsushi.

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[ The Reunion | Becoming Dust ] Emi Akino - Akutagawa Atsushi.


Post by PhoenixDayne » Mon Apr 15, 2019 4:03 pm

Whispers.... Glitters.... Cinders....
Retracing the precise date of the Great Cosmos is, factually, impossible. However, the remnants, distortions and this dim-lit environment was, and is, the proof one of the greatest cataclysm in the known universe occurred.

Conjectures, theories, guesses.... Researchers, and adventurers alike chronicled upon and made attempts to carve out the cause of such widespread effect, all proved futile.

To be noted, and during the period this occurred, several spaces-most likely, timelines, met at a singularity;this place, causing several events, people and worlds to be at the particular spot but all, to revert this event brought an even dreadful effect- The Sinking Sense Effect.

The Sinking Sense Effect led to the formation of this zone, a separation of our world, almost imperceptible until one ventures in.
In reality, the clash of two massive reproachful forces bore a hole in reality, across the quantum strings, through the World Of Living, Soul Society, Hueco Mundo and several other worlds. When it occurred, a star rose to the skies and dissolved into fragments, shooting at all directions.

The Sinking Sense Effect severed the link and collapsed the space. Those within the destination when it collapsed disappeared for all eternity. It expanded afterwards, existing on but outside the soul society, within another constantly active dimensional pathway.
What forces collided? Who caused the T.S.S Effect? Those within this destination, where are they? Are they even alive?

Well. . . This absurd environment is about to become another battlescene, since anything that occurs within it doesn't expand beyond its walls, it was perfect spot for the battle that was about to unfold. Surprisingly, it is cold, everything frozen by both frost and time, the warmth of anything wasn't there despite the trace of sunrays that peeked the clouds.

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