Soul Coliseum Rules & Regulations

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Soul Coliseum Rules & Regulations


Post by XIII » Mon Dec 31, 2018 11:59 pm


Here, combatants will wager parts of their soul for the chance to gain strength and glory. To enter the arena, participants must register here offer up one soul level which will be exchanged for a currency known as Warrior Points. In the beginning, everyone 1000WP. From there they will be able to issue a challenge, set a designated CBS Soul Level the fight will take place (20-45, higher levels may be possible later), and wager a certain number of WP in the process. To accept the challenge, the opponent must offer up the same amount of points and from there the battle will be arranged.

Battle Format and Base Prizes

All fights will take place in a pre-designed, neutral battlefield. New battlefields with varying field conditions will be added later on. Battles will be in a best of three, 5 posts each short format spar. Fighters may create one post detailing their introduction/arrival to the arena, which will not count towards their 5 post limit. However no combat is allowed during this intro post. Rounds will be judged based on creativity, quality, and how well their overall skill on a scale of 1-5. The first person to win 2 rounds takes the pot. Scores of 4 or 5 will count as bonus multipliers to your winnings, so it's best to aim for high quality RP at all times. In this case a score of 4 will gain you +4% of your winnings. Two 4s will be +8, and so on for a potential of +15% added to your total winnings for a flawless victory.

Gauntlet Runs and Prize Multipliers

After winning, each competitor has the option to continue fighting, and may issue another challenge for however many points they choose for a chance of double the total prize if they wins. However, competitors will not be able to heal from damage taken in previous matches. Additionally there are two other bonuses competitors could receive. By wagering the entirety of your WP, you will automatically gain a chance for double the the total winnings. However, the challenger only has to put up half the amount you did in order to fight you.

Fight Scheduling and Arrangements

All Coliseum fights will take place between Friday at 12:00AM (PST) and will end the following Tuesday at 12:00AM, regardless of post count. Any fight left unfinished in that time will be considered over and judging will begin. Challenges, not yet finalized will be arranged between 12:01AM Tuesday and 7:00PM Thursday. All challenges should be issued and accepted before the battle start time, otherwise they will have to wait til the next window before starting. All spectator bets must be placed on scheduled fights before 12:00 AM Friday. This is to make sure everything stays on the same schedule, and remains active. This will help things run smoothly and allow for spectators to place bets before matches begin.

Before matches begin, competitors must create their stats at the relevant soul level. These stats can be designed to their liking and differ from their normal stats. However, whether stats are changed or not, you just submit a stat list at the appropriate stat level and submit them to me (XIII) in a PM before the match starts (unless I’m participating, in which case further instructions will come from me directly). Submitted stats will be posted in the arena thread opening for reference.
Desperation Battles

All competitors will have the option to both issue and accept challenges to a desperation battle. A desperation battle is a battle involving anyone with 250WP or less vs. someone that has gone all in. To issue a desperation challenge, simply follow the desperation challenge format on the challenge board. To accept the challenge however, one must wager all of their current WP. Arrangements will be made following the challenge acceptance. However, desperation matches that do no get answered within one week will be considered dead, and the desperate must exchange another soul for WP. In the event that the fight does occur, if desperate fighter wins, they will receive triple the amount of the total pot. If the all in fighter wins, they will receive get 4x amount of the total pot.

Spending WP

After a combatant feels like they have earned enough points, they can cash out and trade their WP for CBS levels. Levels will be 750WP each. Simply refer to the prize exchange thread to accomplish this.

Running out of WP

In the even that one runs out of the required amount of WP to issue or accept challenges, and has failed to land a Desperation Battle, another soul must be traded to gain WP and continue competing in the coliseum. When trading a soul beyond the initial entry, competitors be only be given the difference between what they have remaining and 1000WP. So if you have 20WP and trade a soul level, you'll be given 980WP to bring the total back up to 1000. Or if you have 100WP and trade a soul level you'll be given 900WP instead. Combatants with 250WP or more cannot trade souls for WP.

Friendly Matches

Aside from the main event, there will be an an option for those to have a less intense, and friendly match. For friendly matches, the amount to put up is set and locked 250WP. Winner takes all. Friendly match wins and losses will not be recorded in the fighter roster. Additionally, friendly match wins will not count towards standings for tournament entry.
Spectator Wagers

There will also be an option for spectators to wager varying amounts of SP on which competitor they think will win. Giving people a chance earn WP even without fighting. However, the way the spectator's pot works will be different than it is for the fighters. Spectators will be given a percentage of the total spectator's pot based on how much they put in, and how likely a competitor is to win. The more WP wagered on fighter's likely to lose (or win), the bigger the potential winnings. The riskier the better, the better the prize essentially.
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