[Storytelling] Fragmented hopes.

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[Storytelling] Fragmented hopes.


Post by VonJay » Wed May 15, 2019 8:51 am

"Heyyyy! Heyyyyyy!! Heyyyyyy!!!"
Bawled heavily a stranger's masculine voice, stressing figuratively at the sprinting man.
Akashi, just arriving barely moments ago, cut back a glance to view the uncurling scenario trying to fathom the underlining story behind it.

Akashi whiffled nasally. A crimescene?
Listening earnestly to the screams of the stranger, it played into his curiosity to ask but then, it maybe too late if the man flees.
He took to his heels and snatched from the ground, a palm-sized stone.
Halting midway through a dozen steps, he sent the stone bustling speedily at the far-spanned man; whom continued scurrying.

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