[5th Division] Shadows of the past, Captain's Might.

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Re: [5th Division] Shadows of the past, Captain's Might.


Post by Phantom-T » Wed Jul 03, 2019 3:44 pm

Sorry for not reminding you earlier, I'm glad you could join.

At the fall of the beast, the earth took in darkness like a Marijuana addict taking in fumes. The might of the origin beast still undisputed had momentarily robbed the earth of its colors and for Hazuki, his favorite shadow beast, equivalent to an 80's kido spell went puff without a wave of goodbye. However, none of this fazed him the slightest not when there were more things to consider.

Shadows quickly cast aside into the corners of the field, while the beast stood heads high as if he’d just won a bone.

Fastening the grip on his blade the captain focused his gaze on the monster, awaiting any sudden move which may impede the goal of his partner below.

However, it seemed the fiery captain had plans of his own, allowing the monster no chance to move or defend itself.

Blades of flames quickly tore through its chest and without delay the final blow came soaring through, carving a huge hole through its open chest. Quickly the monster coiled up in pain and soon gave in. Its breath drained away while its massive size crashed into the earth, shaking it's with all its might.

It was done Hazuki thought, slightly tilting his head to the left to have a good look at its hideous faces. “What do you think?” he whispered, referring to his Zanpaktou spirit who uttered no words in return. The captain quickly felt Shisou was not in the mood for chats and quickly let him be.

Adjusting his head back in place, he moved forward to join the fiery captain. However, an explosion halted his movement halfway, tossing a cow sized boulder his way. Thanks to his basic reflex, He raised his blade against its width, parting it into two equal halves which sent them both smashing into the earth at different sides of his rare. His eye furrowed in anxiety, concentrating only on a spot where an unidentified figure stood confidently within the body of steam smiling dubiously with eyes of daunting red. Soon enough another figure caught his gaze and attention this time with a kido hurled at the first to pin it to a wall. Recognizing him to be one of gotei 13 leading figure, the captain of the 13th division, Hazuki slowly dropped his guard, deciding only to watch and see.

Successfully the weird man smashed into a wall few meters to his left, with waves of purple rod’s embedded into his body to keep him steady. However he didn't seem disturbed rather it almost felt like he was expecting it.

Hazuki called wondering what he was doing here at such a time. However before he could get any other word in his eye spotted a child, no two children hanging on top the rock he had just patted mid way with his sword.

"Shinigami" it spoke, the children spoke and from every corner of the field it echoed yet its mouth remained motionless where he hanged. "Shinigamis" it continued with the resonating source now multiplied in number, trooping in from every corner of the arena all inform of children none more than 5ft tall. "You shall all know your place" they all uttered in perfect synchrony, causing Hazukis heart to sink a few depths.

Immediately It's daunting spiritual presence came barring down on the arena once more, this time opening up a pathway to hell where swarms of children numbering in100s came gushing out consuming the building holding their master with share numbers.
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Re: [5th Division] Shadows of the past, Captain's Might.


Post by Aegis Raiu » Thu Jul 04, 2019 1:40 am

Glad you could join us bro, welcome

Stabbing his 3m long tail into the earth beneath_he slowly pushed himself up and unto his two feet. Now it became clear to the big Captain that the creature had numerous forms which they could witness by simply damaging it to a certain degree, but how many underlying forms the creature possessed was still a mystery. Yet, he knew that such regenerative capabilities and transmutations were not limitless.

And as a thousand thoughts raced across his mind in a bid to fully understand this calamity, he failed to notice the arrival of a third party, only noticing when a blueish thick rod of kidou buzzed through the air towards the man in the shadows and pinned him to a nearby wall. Causing Darius to turn and sight them, Hazuki and another Shinigami who boasted Captain level resonance, and seeing how he appeared to be on their side, Darius would assume he had been sent as aid or possibly possessed more understanding of the creature than any of them.

However, amidst the mind boggling situation, child like beings appeared on both sides of the shadowy Captain, uttering the words Shinigami repeatedly, then the resonance multiplied to fill a large portion of the field. To the big Captain this was all a distraction akin to the minotaurs of its previous form, and as such only one opinion was left, defeat it as a unit or be defeated.

Returning his gaze on the man shaped creature who was being freed by a nigh limitless number of demonic teenage beings, he would give a new purpose to his Reiatsu, spiking it whilst he descended the lower parts of his massive size to the ground as a stalking wolf would. Tail swirling upwards and left arm claws stabbed into the earth, a circular white light would begin to glow just beneath the suspended demon man.

Now free of the bind from earlier, he was detached from the building's walls and made a stomp on the earth as he landed on the glowing white circle, and just at that instant, the crouched Darius sped off in a single speed boom, sucking in the surrounding air into his previous location and causing the earth to submit into a cratered ripple. He was inches before the demon man with a pulled punch ready to pulverize his current target, but the demon was quick to react, sending a right side kick to meet the Shinigami Captain's waist who had an incoming fist, but that was not all.

The earth instantly exploded upwards[1] to the effect of a hadou 33 kidou, sending forth massive shards of hot white stones to smash into the two combating beings from below synchronously. Then it happened, the explosion had sent countless shards of hot stones into the demons feet and the Captain's face, yet the kick also smashed into his rib section, sending a devastated Captain acres away and back from whence he came, while displacing the demons footing in the process.

While all occurred rather timelessly, those who claim to be the progenitors of speed would clearly see through this gimmick. The propelled Captain would disappear in a poof of smoke to reveal it had been a speed clone from the beginning, whereas the real Darius would materialize from the left side of a dislodged demon man at blinding speed, grabbing him by the waist in a bear grip as they both dashed 25m through the field akin to a bullet and into a massive metal bell amidst an abandoned religious building in the distance.

With the demon's knees and hands placed on the floor in an attempt to rise, Darius would relentlessly smash his right knee into its skull, further colliding it into the bell to give off a second loud ring. Then attempting to lift it by the shirt would not go so well as the demon grabbed unto the big Captain's right arm and tossed his back against the bell, and with a powerful right kick, sent the Captain flying a couple of feet outside the building in a blocking stance. And just as his eyes were raised above his blocking arms to see through the rubble, the massive bell would come out of the resulting veil and smash against the Captain, sending him off once again as it was tossed by the demon.

As the Captain moved horizontally through the air, suspended with face pointing toward the sky as a result of the smash, he would look up to find the demon man right above him with an outstretched right fist motioning to hit him into the earth below, and instinctively Darius would motion his left knee towards the man's skull in tandem. While both strikes connected, two powerful ripples were crafted from the two contact points, sending Darius crashing into the earth beneath and the demon crashing forward across several other buildings ahead.

[1]Element: Earth & Phoenix fire
Ability 2: Explosive disks
Description: When this ability is used, Darius creates 3 intensely heated discs of earth that glow a white light and are each in constant rapid rotation as they revolve round him. These earthen discs are special in the aspect of their combustibility(as they can explode) and concrete durability with edges as sharp as any knife, allowing them to physically interact with equal sword-wielding opponents. They are controlled telekinetically and move at the same speed a Shakkaho would.
•Upon Darius' command or their destruction, they instantly explode to effects comparable to a full powered Shakkaho.
•Each disk is 3ft in radius and diameter.
•Darius can make more than 3 discs at a time but chooses not to as successfully controlling more would require his full concentration.
•The Reiatsu cost for each explosion is the same as casting a full powered level 31 Kidou.
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Re: [5th Division] Shadows of the past, Captain's Might.


Post by PhoenixDayne » Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:29 am

Though his assault worked, he didn't want to indulge far too much, however, he'd exceedingly planned out his supportive sequences and felt more like he needed them all to work off this creature, hand in hand and in conjunctive formation.
Cutting a corner glance at the 'Shadow-Monarch'; the 8th division Captain, shortly after receiving the blaring scream, but before he'd even process and respond, two child-like figures drifted into his perception, far off and atop a rocky platform while they uniformly yelled 'shinigami!' not once but twice. Each time they spoke, it appeared as if the world was together with them, each space, corner and cardinal recollected and responded in unison.

Space bore open, the children rallied others in from a displaced location, filling every tiny space with horrendous and obscuring amount of child-like figures, trooping in thousands and perfectly in sync with every speech and movement. With sheer number, they'd slowly free their master from captivity by jawing down on the building he'd been pinned into. His eyes caught the motion of the flaming Captain's clone, rushing in without any hint of doubt and he- the captain himself rolling in to take on the monster that led these demon children.

"Hey! Shadow monarch"
Screamed Atsushi, commonly referring to Hazuki due to his current appearance.
"Once I say Link, you'd respond with Amaterasu, I need you to trust me on this one."
He pleaded, stretching his ashes far and wide, rushing at and scorching the myriads of trooping children into cinders from inside out through their breath; they'd inhale the ash that occluded their path and feel their breath steam up before bursting into explosive vortex of incinerating flames.

Totally up to the shadow monarch to respond, he at once spoke out, whilst he cushioned Darius crash by vesting his body with durable yet light-weight ashes, armoring him up like a typical samurai attire.
He wished for Darius to listen to his plan but he's had his plate full already by attempting to deal with the monster all by himself.
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