[ 8th Division ] Mayatsumi Griffin

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[ 8th Division ] Mayatsumi Griffin


Post by Eduardo » Sat Dec 22, 2018 1:53 am

Name : Mayatsumi Griffin
Age : 56
Height : 5.11
Weight : 75kg
Hair Style / Color : Light Grey
Eye Color : Grey
Attire: Mayatsumi wears a normal kimono. The arm of his kimono halts at his elbow joint revealing the many bandages that wrap his arm from his wrist upward.
Personality : Mayatsumi's a very cunning shinigami, someone who enjoys the pain of others with pleasure, apart from that he smiles a lot and is usually open to those he loves. He's also very lazy and hates to do things that are stressful but other than that he's playful.

History : Mayatsumi lost his mother during childbirth and as for his father, he had disappeared even before Mayatsumi was born. He was raised by an orphanage ever since. Mayatsumi was the only name that his mother spoke of before she passed on but the name Griffin was only given to him as a sort of nickname from his peers. For some reason, , Mayatsumi held on to this name as a somewhat valuable treasure cherishing it as he continued to grow.

Combat style : Kido user. Also Zanjutsu novice although his sword arts continue to grow as he fights.
Division : 8
Rank : 11th seat

Name : Gazelius
Inner world:Image
Release command : Light up the way, Gazelius.
Release mechanism: Upon releasing his shikai, a tornado like wind energy surrounds [50m omnidirectional ]and it expands thus demolishing everything it hits or blasting it far away.

Spirit appearance:

Element : Wind manipulation

Bankai:none thought of yet
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Re: [ 8th Division ] Mayatsumi Griffin


Post by Eduardo » Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:07 am

[Battle Summary]
Eighth Division
RankSoul Level
11th Seat17

Powers & Abilities

Reiatsu [C]

As of now, I am at average level of power among experienced spiritually aware beings, and can stand against similarly powered individual with no question at all. As such, performing a notable number of low to mid-level reiatsu skills is a simple task before exhaustion takes over.

Strength [C]

I have no reached a level of power appropriate for spiritual beings. As such, the idea of being super human is no longer a question, it is a reality. I could seriously hurt those weaker than me without even trying, while those of similar constitution would take care not to eat too many of my attacks. Those above me would have to think twice about taking something like a raw punch. Throwing something as heavy as a cow could be effective in combat, while my attacks could punch through even thick concrete.

Durability [E+]

Even at this level I'm still hardly capable of sustaining damage for even a short amount of time. However, I can take a a few blows and keep fighting on.

Endurance [E]

At best, I'd be able to manage in short skirmishes before passing out. Anything too intense for too long is bound to ruin me. I'll have to be really careful as a being of such poor condition.

Reiatsu Control [D]

I can fully control up to D reiatsu; completely hide up to E+; partially control D+; cannot control C or higher, unless I use a special device.
  • Reiatsu channeling is somewhat accurate, but lossy and weak.
  • Reiatsu A+ and up: Reiatsu channeling is inaccurate and very lossy.
  • Can cast:
    • Shinigami:
      • Kidou: 1 - 19 with incantation
      • Incantation Abandonment: can cast Kidou 1 -9 at reduced power
    • Arrancar
      • Novice Cero (Adjucha-power)

Zanjutsu [E]

At this level I exhibit a total lack of knowledge and or skill. I have no idea I am doing. Any attack I do would be based on instinct and guesses. At best swings are imprecise and leave many openings for counter-attacks, parries, and the like. Even a solid impact might knock the blade from the my hand. It's almost a wonder that if I would be capable of buttering toast. Of course, someone a bit more knowledgeable would use a butter knife.

Hakuda [E]

At this level, I show a total lack of knowledge. I have no idea what I am doing. Any attack would be based on instinct and guesses. If a punch or kick landed, I would not be prepared for the impact and might sprain or break something. A miss would leave me off-balance or on my face. When only using this art, a return attack will almost always cause damage, because I wouldn't know how to defend myself. Hand-to-hand could still be used in desperation, but the damage to myself is likely to be as great as, or greater than, the damage to the opponent. Assuming the I can even land a hit.

Hohou [C]

Entering the realm of average user, I can maintain fast movements for a lengthy period of time. I am now also able to apply my knowledge of Hohou while engaging in combat to effectively control my positioning around the battlefield and my opponent.

Zanpakutou Mastery [D]

First Release (Shikai/Res) unlocked + 1 ability.

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Challenges come and go, but what counts most is that we stand head strong against it regardless of the consequences
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