[8th division] Kin Ryuu

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[8th division] Kin Ryuu


Post by Phantom-T » Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:21 am


Name: Kin Ryuu
Race- Shinigami
Age- 150
Birthday- 10th October
Gender- Male
Height- 6ft
Weight- 189Ibs (86 kg)
Reiatsu Color- Gold

Kin is an olive skinned shinigami, standing over 6ft tall with a hairless oval head, which has 9 nicely patterned dotted tattoos stamped over it. Weighing over 86 kg, Kin is neither skinny nor fat but instead has a moderate body built stature wrapped up under his monk robes, beads, sandals and bracers. His eyes are hazel in color with a nicely carved black eyebrow stationed above them.

Kin is a hardworking, well reserved person, who spends most of his time mediating and training. He values personal hygiene and also show respect to those who keep it. Hard-work is a brand on him and as such doesn’t tolerate lazy people around him. However, exceptions can be made if he acknowledges the person’s efforts. He’s also a quick thinker and occasionally carries out his activities in an unconventional manner, and after his ordeal as a human he really gives into his emotions.

Born and Raised in china, Kin Ryuu never had any sibling, at least none that he knew of other than his brothers which he grew up to know at the monastery. Left behind as a baby, Kin never grew to know what family was all about other than that of the bracket of boys which surrounded him. like most children out there, kin suffered a rigorous child hood being worked to the bone for every meal he had. This to the monks was a way of life maintained the dignity of man.

Kin at the age of 10, became accustomed to this mode of life and quickly grew interest for their other practices which involved martial arts, Healing and Meditations. However, when put under the mantle to prove his worth. His skill and endurance was found lacking.

Being the only student from his set who didn’t make the cut, Kin was sentenced to an extra 5 years of manual labor under the supervision of the “sun god” (Monk senshi), who unlike all other high classed monk was fun to be around but was also a bit lazy. His method and choice of chores though a bit unconventional and quite tasking came along as fun for kin who enjoyed every moment of his stay with him. However not long after his 5 years with him, Senshi was reported dead. Killed and butchered during a spiritual battle one which lower class members like him were still un-aware of.

With his trial period over and his rightful place and seat bestowed to him. Kin began training himself in all martial art, with a drive to seek out the cause of his true master’s death. He quickly excelled over all his class mate and finally made a rank only one badge short of a master.

At the age of 30 he was called out for the title of master, and although his skills and achievements were outstanding, His journey was still incomplete.

Tasked to embark on a self-realization journey, Kin left his brothers and masters behind in search of his origin. His journey led him all the way to japan where he found out he was truly alone as they were both dead. A death which took their life on his day of birth, rescued and brought to the monastery by monk Senshi.

Kin dug in further into Monk Senshis personal journals and found out the identity of his parents’ murderer. A beast which Senshi himself had tagged hollows. Unaware of these new spiritual beings and the concept of their existence, Kin quickly sort them out mostly on the drive of revenge and came to realize in the pool of his own blood how stupid he had been.

Following the instructions on Senshis journals, Kin had managed to conjure a few of them using his well-honed spiritual presence gained through years of meditation. However, a few turned out to be too many for him to handle.

Following his death, Kin was graced by the presence of a few shinigami who had come to contain the outburst sending him to soul society in the process. With his knowledge of the spiritual realm a bit better than the rest, Kin immediately sort out the Shinigamis for a chance to redeem himself from the terror he had unleashed on the living.

Professional Status
Affiliation-Gotei 13
Profession- Shinigami
Position- None
Previous Position- Vice-Captain
Base of Operations- Soul society

Personal Status
Family- N/A
Friends- N/A
Enemies- N/A

Shikai/Ressureccion- Unmei no Bizu
Bankai/Segunda Etapa- N/A

Current Events-
Re-Birth of Seireite (Dawn of the new age)- although not part of the last great war fought against the Quincy race which threatened to end the world. Kin came to know the new world were peace had come to reign and quickly became part of its build up with the hope for a better tomorrow.

Apart from his Zanpaktou, Kin carries around a golden staff which works in conjunction with his Reiatsu and Zanpaktou, allows him to channel his kido/energy based attacks through it.
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Re: [LockDown] Kin Ryuu


Post by Phantom-T » Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:29 am

Zanpakuto appearance: Sealed in the form of a prayer bead, the beads of faith are worn around Kin right hand and unlike other beads is quite impossible to break.

Inner world Appearance: A field of bamboo stick lined up along an endless pathway.

Spirit Manifestation: Takes the form of a warrior monkey.

Zanpakuto’s name: Unmei no Bizu

Release command: Dictate
Appearance: Once activated, 5 marble balls the size of a grown human’s fist manifest above Kin Ryuus head with each Marble baring a symbol and a number (#1 to #5) which signifies their purpose. During activation, the orb in question glows golden and remains golden till a deactivation of the shikai as a whole is forced.

Additional Information: Each of these balls are automatically activated in an arranged sequence over a giving period of time. That’s to say the orb with the Kanji number #3 cannot be activated before #2. Previously activated ability retains a constant effect even if a new ability is due for activation. Kin can however decide to end the Shikai before a full trip can be made. However, re-activating it also means the procedure reboots and starts its journey round from the first marble orb.

Element Type: Buddha Blessing

Name: #1(shield)
Type: passive/active
Class: Shikai
Description: Once shikai is activated. The first orb with the kainji Shield quickly emits a golden glow, bestowing upon Kin the ability to ward off most physical and energy based attacks by emitting kinetic discharges, strong enough to throw a full-grown man a reasonable distant backwards. This is however dependent on the person’s durability and strength as an equally durable person can be thrown 5-10 meters backward while a lesser individual suffers more of its effect. This ability can also be channeled into his staff allowing him emit such charges through it in any manner he sees fit.

Name: #2(sword)
Type: Passive/active
Class: Shikai
Description: Following the post activation of ability 1, the second ability unlocks, lending the second orb a similar golden glow as the first, bestowing upon Ryuu the ability to control surrounding Reishi as an extension of himself. As he swings his Zanpakutou(staff), he emits finetuned razor sharp golden waves in the direction of said swing, capable of reaping through concrete hardened objects with ease. This in effect requires little to no charge up time, and can be positively influenced by a spiritually rich environment.

Name: #3(Cloak)
Type: passive
Class: Shikai
Description: Following the post activation of ability two, the 3rd orb activates resonating a golden glow, too bright for the eyes to stare at without shrinking in submission. This glow resonates throughout the entirety of kin for a brief moment before drowning down to reveal a yellow aura radiating around him like a man clothed with golden garment of fire. This aura aids his movement and maneuver allowing him extend it outward like an extension of himself or levitate off the ground when need be. His reach with this ability is limited to a distance of 15m as he can easily extend outwards an aura representation of his palm by simply doing the same with his own palm. The projected part of the aura cloak can be 4 to 5 times more expansive in size when compared to his actual human parts, making it durable enough to interact with physical matter. With the extensive part of this aura being rock solid in nature, physical impacts backed up by kin's innate strength are quite formidable. This cloak dormant/non extended part however, retains its none durable form.

Name: #4 (Companion)
Type: passive
Class: Shikai
Description: Following the post activation of ability 3, A 4th orb adopts the golden glow in a similar fashion, but unlike the rest a Buddha statue is made visible around the Shinigami for a split second before draining into his shadow. During this period projected non kidou attacks made by the Shinigami tends to reoccur in a split seconds making it seem as if such attacks had a shadow attack following it or as if one attack were carried out by two people simultaneously. Defensively, The companion goes all the way to ward off blind spot attacks within the power range of (Kidou no 1 to 33)/ (Enhanced level attacks) on its own by taking physical form to either repel or tank such attacks at great speed, In a case where the shinigami is left totally Restricted/immobile/ vulnerable, the manifested Buhdah shadow would tank even higher level damage attack reducing the damage level of such attacks before deactivating for the rest of the battle. Its offensive effects also deactivates during this period. The damage reduction it can induce is only proportional to the amount of damage it was initially built to repel.


Name: Katsuryoku no Bizu (beads of vitality)
Element: Wu Xing
Release command: BANKAI!!!

In this form kins eye assumes a bright blue glow, with strands of hair returned to his head at a low cut level. His golden balls which once revolved above his head quickly settles into his neck in the form of a golden necklace linked together by a golden brace. His attire takes a whole new look with a white blanket like jacket wrapped around his shoulder while his monkish robes adjusts to a body fitted black and golden robe. the Wu Xing symbol which normally takes the form of a geometric star, detaches itself into two golden triangles, etching itself into kins palm. A third symbol appears above his fore head with a flame little golden flame within it.

In Bankai Kin masters the act of balance using his link to Buddha to unlock the flow of the five elements (Wu Xing) within him. This allows him break body limits and connect with his environment in the most genuine way. The five elements of Wu Xing (Wood (木 mù), Fire (火 huǒ), Earth (土 tǔ), Metal (金 jīn), and Water (水 shuǐ)) all acts as a point of awakening, allowing Kin not only open his chi points but also the ability to channel and control energy flowing through these elements. by so doing Kin can revitalize a dying leave or quicken the pase at which it withers. His ability however doesn't give him explicit control over the physical manifestation of this elements as he can only influence their flow, revitalize or erode them once certain conditions/sacrifices are made.

Ability #1: (木 mù)
Stance/ Activation mode: Automatic
Description: Once bankai is activated, Kin opens the first gate (wood) within him.
Element Description: This element represents all the activities of the body that are self regulating and/or function without conscious thought; i.e. respiration, heart beat, basic metabolism and other muscular function. This returns vitality to the individual thus the physical changes which are noticed in kins body.
Application: Kin becomes very flexible, physically adapt, eliminating sickness poisoning, and aeging to a degree. His athletic capabilities improves greately. Making it possible for him to jump the size of skyscraper in one or two simple leaps or swim across the ocean for long hours with minimum dependence on oxygen. His vision sense of smell, sound and touch improves exponentially making it possible for him to see energy signatures beyond the natural human scope, hear heartbeats miles away and feel vibrations even through the air.

Ability #2: (火 huǒ)
Stance/ Activation mode: A prayer pose with both palms facing upwards
Description: At the second mastery of his bankai, Kin opens the 2nd gate (Fire) within him.
Element Description: Fire is associated with dynamic, energetic, passionate, enterprising energies. Fire is the symbolic of combustion and this represents the functions of the body that have reached the fleeting moment of maximum activity; indicating that decline is then inevitable.
Application: At this stage Kin breaks his limitations (Speed/Strength). The monk can choose one of the above per spar, breaking his limits by a level and sometimes up to 3 levels at the cost of total body shutdown. At one level the monk bare little strain to his body thanks to his first element but an extra level takes a huge toll on his body forcing a shutdown after 3 to 5 post.
  • Kin can also open a third level but can only maintain it for a single post after which he totally loses consciousness and left for dead.
  • Opening the second level requires being in a state of calm with both palms faced forward for a period of one post
  • Opening the third level requires being in a state of calm with both palms facing forward for a period of two post if Kin is transiting from stage one to two and a period of one post if he's moving up from the 2nd to the 3rd level.

Ability #3: (土 tǔ)
Stance/ Activation mode: A prayer pose with both palms locked against each other
Description: At the third mastery of his bankai, Kin opens the 3rd gate (earth) within him.
Element Description: Earth’s motion is patient, reliable, logical, governed by service and duty to others, militaristic, stubborn, very energetic.
Application: In this state Kin activates a link with his environment making it possible to receive and redistribute energy through matter, see through the eyes and ears of nature and other living organisms, while also capable of extending the reach of his abilities without depending solely on his reiatsu. In this mode a simple punch could constitute a gale release, while a boulder would weigh less than its normal weight.
  • He becomes physically aware of the natural energies around, making it possible to influence and absorb them for personal use.
  • He can incite the flow of the wind by purposefully pushing natural energy into its path creating a more offensive use of it.
    • This he can only achieve with wind as any other more physical state of mater would require physical contact to move beyond its natural flow.
  • By creating a link with a nearby bird/other animals, Kin can see through the birds eyes for as far as it can fly but at the cost of shutting down one or both of his eyes if they are more than one.
    • Once opened this link disperses and a new link will have to be created before connection can be returned.
    • Creating a link requires only hitting the animal with a triangular wave emitting from his palm.
  • By placing same palm on a tree he can discern the possible route to travel or the situation of an event happening a mile away so long as the tree roots are connected in one way or another.

Ability #4: (金 jīn)
Stance/ Activation mode: A prayer pose that end with drawing the triangle symbol midair or on a surface.
Description: At the fourth mastery of his bankai, Kin opens the 4th gate (metal) within him.
Element Description: Metal represents forceful, strong, unyielding, self- reliant, reserved and sophisticated.
The symbol of metal is one of a cutting and reforming action, but it is also regarded as a solidifying process.
Application: In this state kin control or commands that which he has lost or is far from him. His limbs his blood, his sweat and even materials which he had marked(with his blood/ the symbol in his palms) beckon to his will, reacting despite being out of his reach. This is limited to sentient beings as he cannot influence a person or parts of a person to move against their will.

Ability #5: (水 shuǐ)
Stance/ Activation mode: A Prayer pose that ends with drawing the symbol of yin in the air.
Description: At the fifth mastery of his bankai, Kin opens the 5th gate (water).
Element Description: Water’s motion is downward, fluid, secretive, intuitive, compassionate, sensitive, gentle and creative.
Water is the ultimate yin; quiet, cold; representing the resting time of winter.
Application: Kin can influence the rigidity of an object via simple contact or with the aid of his reiatsu waves. This indices matter to lose rigidity in its physical structure, transforming it into loose pile of material with various states of solidity. In biological organisms, this ability can incapacitate or kill targets within. He can channel the full force of his strength to attack solid state matters like bones or organs without damaging the surface area of the body or an object where contact was made.

Ability #6:
Element Description:
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Re: [LockDown] Kin Ryuu


Post by Phantom-T » Tue Sep 18, 2018 1:41 am

[Battle Summary]
Eighth Division
RankSoul Level
Umino no Bizu

Powers & Abilities

Reiatsu [A+]

I have now reached a level where my reiatsu can be understood as truly enormous amount of spiritual or even oceanic. I've become so spiritually impressive that surpassing the realms of Captain is something very few could questions. As of now using even mid-level techniques has become inconsequential, and high level techniques can almost be used in excess at this point. Furthermore my power can be felt over vast distances, even when slightly restrained. With enough control I could pose a significant threat using my reiatsu alone, without control my presence alone would be enough to cause moderate harm.

Strength [C]

I have no reached a level of power appropriate for spiritual beings. As such, the idea of being super human is no longer a question, it is a reality. I could seriously hurt those weaker than me without even trying, while those of similar constitution would take care not to eat too many of my attacks. Those above me would have to think twice about taking something like a raw punch. Throwing something as heavy as a cow could be effective in combat, while my attacks could punch through even thick concrete.

Durability [D]

I've reached average durability of the souls inhabiting the Rukon districts. Still quite as capable of taking damage as an Academy graduate, but capable of taking a few blows of moderate strength before falling.

Endurance [B]

Being well above average in terms of endurance, I could definitely last all night long before breaking a sweat. A moderately high level of high intensity action would most likely slow me down.

Reiatsu Control [D]

I can fully control up to D reiatsu; completely hide up to E+; partially control D+; cannot control C or higher, unless I use a special device.
  • Reiatsu channeling is somewhat accurate, but lossy and weak.
  • Reiatsu A+ and up: Reiatsu channeling is inaccurate and very lossy.
  • Can cast:
    • Shinigami:
      • Kidou: 1 - 19 with incantation
      • Incantation Abandonment: can cast Kidou 1 -9 at reduced power
    • Arrancar
      • Novice Cero (Adjucha-power)

Zanjutsu [D+]

While still unlikely to engage in bladed combat, Il have learned all the basics and can confidently apply them, with occasional variation. I have trained enough to be able to think on my feet to an extent. Outside of what I have learned and practiced, however, I should still be cautious or risk getting caught in a bad situation.

Hakuda [D+]

While still unlikely to engage in hand-to-hand combat,I have learned all the basics and can confidently apply them, with occasional variation. I have trained enough to be able to think on their feet to an extent. Outside of what I have learned and practiced, however, I should still be cautious or risk getting caught in a bad situation.

Hohou [S+]

At this level, I have gained a deep and very intimate understanding this are. Comprehending movement in all forms is astoundingly clear to me now. The extent of my capabilities is so great that most movements become a chore to keep up with, even for some masters of hohou. Furthermore, after ascending to this level I am now capable creating at most 10 clones of myself at once. These clones are indistinguishable from the my true self, mimic my movements, and are capable of lasting for an extended period of time.

Zanpakutou Mastery [C]

3rd ability unlocked, 2nd mastered.
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Re: [8th division] Kin Ryuu


Post by Phantom-T » Wed Jan 23, 2019 10:45 am

[technique]Gentle step 1,Hohou, By tuning into his/her innate speed i.e. A+ and above, the user can project optic resemblance of himself by doing as little as initiating a step in a particular measured pace. Appearing to be reflections of oneself, the user can perfectly align his motions to appear before or after him once movement is initiated. These after images hold no tangible presence but can be seen adopting multiple posture or position including mimicking injuries, exhaustion, and to an extent heat and reiatsu signatures if only measured by extra perceptions not requiring physical contact. The user's footsteps become none existent as if he too were part of the reflection. After images can be aligned in different patterns and form but cannot extend beyond 5 meters of each other. Once motion is initiated a sudden change in pace quickly nullifies its effect and as such the caster must carry on with the initial pace and gradually increase over time. Reflections doubles after each mastery, with two images being the best a novice i.e at 1st mastery can achieve.,0[/technique]
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