[8th Division] Hazuki Ryuga

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[8th Division] Hazuki Ryuga


Post by Phantom-T » Mon Sep 03, 2018 11:56 am


Name: Hazuki Ryuga
Age: 260 years
Appearance: Hazuki has the appearance of a middle aged man with light skin tone and a silky black hair below his shoulder lenght. He stands about 5 feet from the ground and is known to be very light on his feet. Hes usually spotted in the standard black and white kimono with a straw hat fastened to his head.
Height: 5 foot 10inches tall
Weight: 180 pounds
Hair Style/Color: Hazuki has a long black wavy hair, extending all the way to his back but slightly above his hips. He usually allows part of his front hair hover above his left eye.
Eye Color: Bright brown, rumored to glow in the dark
Attire:Hes usually spotted in the standard black and white captain kimono made for the Gotei 13. However, during his free time hes seen on a more casual brown kimono with black ribbons wrapped around his palms.
Miscellaneous:. He wields a double zanpaktou bounded together by black chains and is always seen with a straw hat over his head.

Combat Profile

Division: 8th
Rank: Captain

Combat Style: Not much of a Hand to hand combatant, prefers the use of his sword to the common hand to hand exchange to settle any dispute.
He is very swift with his movements and also proficient in the use of spells in combat.



Shikai: Shisou

Shikai Special Ability: Hazuki creates, shapes and manipulates darkness in its different form. The Dark realm exist as an extension of his sense and as such determines the fate of his actions.


Bankai Special Ability:
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Re: [8th Division] Hazuki Ryuga


Post by Phantom-T » Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:47 am

[Battle Summary]
Eighth Division
RankSoul Level

Powers & Abilities

Reiatsu [S+]

I have now reached the true zenith of spiritual power. This level is so overwhelming that on its own that it can easily become a threat to all but the strongest fighters when fully unrestrained, when concentrated it's power could be even deadly when pit against inadequate defenses. At this point it seems as my reiatsu reserves have become vaguely limitless as even high level reiatsu techniques have become inconsequential to use.

Strength [B]

I've now reached the start of the upper echelons of strength, and have become truly formidable. My attacks could drastically hurt those weaker than me, while those of similar constitution would take care now to eat too many of my attacks. One solid punch would prove critical if not mitigated. Those slightly above me would have to think twice about taking something like a raw punch or even taking my attacks in excess. Throwing something as heavy as a large elephant could be effective in combat, while my attacks could punch through even thick layers of steel.

Durability [B]

I am now showing signs of being a defensive force to truly be reckoned with. Mid-tier attacks can be handled with relative ease, to an extent, while minimally impacting my ability to carry on.

Endurance [B]

Being well above average in terms of endurance, I could definitely last all night long before breaking a sweat. A moderately high level of high intensity action would most likely slow me down.

Reiatsu Control [S+]

I can completely hide up to S+ reiatsu.
  • Reaitsu channeling can produce full strength blasts with long range, using much less reiatsu in making them.
  • Blast strength is perfectly controlled.
  • Can cast:
    • Shinigami:
      • Kidou: 1 - 99 with incantation
      • Incantation Abandonment: can cast Kidou 74 to 99 at reduced power
      • Mastery: can cast up to Kidou 73 at full power without incantation
      • Two-Fold Incantation: can cast two kidou at the same time, at full power, by mixing the incantations
      • Double Casting: can cast the same kidou at two targets at once.
    • Arrancar:
      • A Novice Cero (Adjucha-power)
      • A Normal Cero
      • A fully-loaded Cero
      • Twin Cero -- one Cero per hand, both at Normal Cero power.
      • Twin Full Cero -- one Cero per hand, both at fully loaded Cero power.
      • Bala -- 20 times quicker than a Cero, especially in the load time, but weaker in effect
      • Bala Barrage -- to devastating effect
      • Cero uses much less reiatsu to make; strength is perfectly controlled.
      • Cero techniques may be modified on the fly with full effect and are always stable.

Zanjutsu [A]

Expert no more, I am now recognizes as a master of the art. Masters are the best-trained in Zanjutsu. In fact, masters are so well versed in sword combat that most moves can be executed to devastating effect, leaving little option for defense to any who are not at least equal in skill. All of the basics and variations are applied with reflex-level spontaneity. Their understanding of the blade allows them to wield it to a greater extent than even their bare arms. Even a miss comes with enough precision graze the opponent's flesh. They know all of the art's theory and probably all of the advanced techniques, and begin to experiment with concepts to advance both.

Hakuda [E]

At this level, I show a total lack of knowledge. I have no idea what I am doing. Any attack would be based on instinct and guesses. If a punch or kick landed, I would not be prepared for the impact and might sprain or break something. A miss would leave me off-balance or on my face. When only using this art, a return attack will almost always cause damage, because I wouldn't know how to defend myself. Hand-to-hand could still be used in desperation, but the damage to myself is likely to be as great as, or greater than, the damage to the opponent. Assuming the I can even land a hit.

Hohou [S]

Now being recognized as a Grandmaster, I have transcended all formal understandings of speed prior to this level. In fact, the extent of my capabilities is so great that most movements become difficult if not impossible to comprehend without complete focus. I have also been known to be capable of creating at most 5 clones of myself at once. These clones are indistinguishable from the my true self and mimic my movements, but they do not last long.

Zanpakutou Mastery [A]

(Bankai/Segunda Etapa): 3rd ability unlocked, 2nd ability mastered.
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Re: [8th Division] Hazuki Ryuga


Post by Phantom-T » Mon Sep 10, 2018 5:28 am


Name: Shisou 死相 (Shadow of Death)
Appearance: Shisou is a dual sword set, comprising of a standard samurais katana and a kodachi. They both have wooden black hilts and a classic black sheath which shields their silver blades.
While Both Swords have extremely sharp cutting edge, The Katana is far reaching and carries more power thanks to its length of about 70cm (27.6inch). However the Kodachi is much faster and easier to use, with it reaching about 60cm (23.6inch) in length.


Release Command: Envelope
Inner World:

Spirit Appearance: Shisou maintains no particular form or shape and usually moves around like a cloud of black Shadows/smoke. It could also adopt the form of a deceased loved one as it is with the case of Hazuki.
Shikai Description: Once Zanpaktou is released, Shisou retains its original form with the only change to note being Hazukis dark aura which envelopes both blade. A thin line of Dark aura naturally envelopes Hazukis blade, making it appear as if covered in slightly transparent black flames.

Name: Obscure
Shikai Ability: By tossing his left Zanpaktou (kodachi) to the air while murmuring the word obscure, swarms of butterflies made purely of dark aura manifests, threatening to snuff out every ounce of light over a 10 meter radius. The paths of the butterflies are easily directed by Hazuki who controls them with his left palm.
These butterflies are solid enough to lift a grown man off the ground but lack the power to cause any significant damage even when conjointly working together. When swamped over Hazuki or an ally every hope of spotting Hazukis movement becomes extremely difficult as they tend to conceal his/her action, and would occasionally create silhouetted figures of him/her to throw of the opponent’s concentrations or sensory senses.
Other Workings:

●By destroying a huge chunk of the flies, Hazuki Zanpaktou returns to its original state at the hands of its owner.
●Once forcefully deactivated ability remains dormant and cannot be used over a period of 3 posts
●If not forcefully deactivated Hazuki can call back his zan and reactivate within a post interval.
●Hazuki can bypass the tossing ritual and only call out the ability to activate same effect, if zanpaktou is out of reach with its shadow reflected unto a surface.

Name: Formless
Shikai Ability: Hazuki can expand, stretch, solidify and shape his shadow over a distance of 5meters, this makes it possible for him to come up with intriguing 2 or 3 dimensional constructs or even an extra limb if need be. This ability is mentally controlled and can be called upon as soon as he thinks it.
Other Workings:

●Constructs are solid steel in nature and posses enough strength to cave a concrete wall.
●Shadows cannot be projected further than the 5 meter radius.
● Being an extension of his will, shadow constructs move two level lower than Hazukis natural speed but only a level lower if Hazuki should take control and actively manipulate its forms.

Name: Dive
Shikai Ability: Hazuki can sink into his or any other shadow not minding how big or small it may be. He can resurface from same or a different source of shadow as long as said shadow is within a 100m radius. While inside this shadow dimension Hazuki doesn’t lose sight of what’s happening in and around his environment and as such maintains 100% perception. Transition between shadows can happen at the shinigamis top speed or slower at a measured pace.
Other workings:

●He has a limit of 3 posts to remain in any giving shadow.
●Once any part of Hazukis body resurfaces from a shadow, He cannot re-submerge into that shadow till he’s completely out of it.
●If not resurfaced, Hazuki can change his destination from one shadow to another.

Name: Animation
[Shikai Ability: By Observing, stabbing or mentally commanding a shadow to rise, Hazuki Can give said shadow shape and form making it appear as a physical replica of its origin or an animated representation of common pets and beasts, all in shades of black. Being creatures spawn from darkness or shadow, these constructs maintain low physicality and as such tend to tear apart and auto reassemble when met with enhanced physical Impacts. However, being unable to physically impact their environment in a significant way, Hazuki can infuse shadows with explosive effects similar in results with his least to his highest destructive kidou spell under his Kidou Mastery category. With a target in sight animated shadows quickly engage in high speed pursuit till said target is within range for detonation. The shadows can to an extent mimic its origin in behavior and attitude as they carry out Hazuki goal.
Other Workings:

●Summoned shadows must be within 30m of Hazuki.
●With their Physicality in question, Animated constructs can only go as far as inflicting Scratch and bites when in contact with low tier durable surfaces.
●Infusing shadows with blast effect only occurs when shadows have been stabbed by Hazukis blade before or after animation.
●Shadows not explosive in nature can only interact with the environment based on Hazukis will, sometimes acting as watch dogs for the purpose of gathering intel.
●Their speed are no different from the natural speed of the replicated biological animal.
●Once created they independently seek out their prey, but cannot drift past 40m of Hazuki.
●Once Targets are determined any future attempts at hiding, from sight or any other means becomes redundant unless reiatsu signature becomes obsolete.
●Physical damage will only go as far as liquefying them causing a post to three post delay for auto reassemble. This is dependent on size of constructs as a bear sized construct will naturally require more time to reassemble when compared to and ant.
●They however don't do well against light or heat based Reaitsu backed attacks, as contact with those will have them releasing stored effect if any before disintegrating.


Name: Shisou Mokushiroku
Element: Darkness & Shadow
Release command: Pour forth from the depths of the abyss and consume the light which dwells within their hearts. Shisou Mokushiroku… BANKAI!!!

Phase 1: On activation, Shisou radiates a cold wind which shatters its constitution, disintegrating it into multiple shards of black glass which drops to the ground. These glass shards quickly sip into the earth inform of liquid matter while Hazuki suffers a deadly cause that riddles his hands with cut marks eventually bleeding him out from each.
Phase 2: A blood moon rises to the sky, causing darkness/night befall the entirety of the battle field for as long as his bankai remains active. From the risen moon, four samurai horsemen (War, Famine, Virus and Death) clad in all black would be seen and heard ridding down from the sky as they move to join their summoner Hazuki (the shadow of death).
  • Hazuki wounds are superficial and as such don’t hinder the use of his hands in any manner and/or form.
  • The bloods which drain out of the wounds are however not, and will remain constant, continuously dripping from him for as long as his Bankai remains active.
  • The Horsemen whom approach from the clouds are also superficial as they can only be seen & heard by those Hazuki considers foe, while they are only heard by others.
  • An interaction with the horsemen would have the opponent swinging at a body of dark cloud which retains its shape no matter the attack thrown at it.
  • They also cannot physically attack the enemy but they can attack Hazuki should he summon them without possessing sufficient spiritual wealth (A and above reiatsu).
  • 15 posts after bankai is activated, Hazuki drops down and collapses as a result of adverse blood loss deactivating his bankai in the process.

Appearance: During the rise of the blood moon, Darkness rises from the earth coating the shinigami with its essence to manifest the shape and form of a samurai armor usually dawn by samurais prepared for war. A giant curvy blade 3ft tall manifests behind the Shinigami with his face and hair covered from view by a samurai mask. His eyes also takes a new glow, changing from its black and golden nature to a daunting red glow. A black tarthered cape attached to the edges of his shoulder blade then hangs loosely behind him.

The horsemen adorn similar outfit while their horses appear heavily armored. Each horseman carries with them a unique tool of war, which they gift Hazuki when the time is right.
  • War carries with him a blade unlike any ever seen before
  • Famine carries with him a chain net with multiple layers which is hooked to his waist belt.
  • Virus carries with him a gas Bomb which seats by the two sides of his horses bag patch
  • Death carries with him a sealed scroll/book which has the seal of a skull engraved on-top of it.

On activation of bankai Hazuki gains 1+ to his durability stats, He doesn’t lose control of his shikai element but rather tends to intensify its influence over a wider range and with better power and speed. Bankai activation occurs within two posts and as such cannot be applied till the third post.


Death shadow: Apocalypse:
In Bankai, a talisman which has 4 missing orb appear at the base line of Hazuki’s chest on top his armor plating where it would be spotted engraved into its fabrics. These circular talisman acts as a hosting agent for Hazuki strength and a link between the Shinigami and the four horsemen.
The Horsemen act as Individual forces of nature which affects Hazuki’s skill based on the gifts they bare. This Gifts which is physically represented by the weapon they bare Transforms into circular orbs with distinctive colors which they stab into the Shinigami chest from his back. Once this ritual is complete the said orb manifest on Hazuki’s chest with the same glow it had after transformation, completing that particular missing puzzle in the talisman.
War: Red
Drought: Blue
Virus: Purple
Death: Black

Depending on Hazukis Reiatsu and zanpaktou mastery, the Shinigami can only Have 4 or none active at a time.
  • At full zanpaktou mastery
    A reiatsu: 1 orb
    A+ reiatsu: 2 orb
    S reiatsu: 3 orb
    S+ reiatsu: 4 orb

Any reaitsu lower than the above mentioned will result to a severe beating by the Horsemen, or an effect-less Bankai sealed for the next 4 summons.


Name: Blades of war [Sword]
Horseman: War
Element: Shadow/Darkness
Release Command: Behead
Description: Once activated, Hazukis control over darkness intensifies, giving him the ability to control, shape and manipulate darkness, blackness and even shadows in any manner and form he sees fit for defensive and offensive reasons.
Other Workings:
  • Hazuki can shape darkness into a particular form or weapon of his choice.
  • Darkness within 15 meters of him is easily influenced by his presence and as such can easily sprout into action if he wills them.
  • He could also Change the form of his blade, from a curvy 3ft blade to any other blade or melee weapon which he has seen that suits his fancy.
  • Without any existing darkness or shadow, Hazuki can manifest dark blades, dark orbs, or various other melee weapons from thin air over a distance of 5 meters around him, which he can project forward or cluster together depending on the situation at hand.
  • Manifested weapons can range from 1 to a 100 and usually materialize from dark portals made present around him.
  • His shadows are steel solid and laser sharp when retaining a particular solid state and can adopt other forms such as liquid and gaseous states which he can disperse over a 500m range.
  • Constructs made cannot move faster than Hazuki Innate speed whether physically or mentally manipulated.

Name: Death Trap [Iron Net]
Horseman: Famine
Release Command: Consume
Description: Blessed by the horseman of scarcity, Hazuki’ creates slime like or semi liquid bubbles, cube and cones of darkness which consumes and trap matter within its grasp, giving him the ability to restrain matter at a particular spot. This ability allows him reduce the speed of sentient matters exponentially or warp up this matter to a pocket dimension where it sits forgotten for all eternity.
Other Workings:
Death Trap naturally moves in a semi liquid state but can be applied to any liquid, semi liquid or partially solid constructs made from Hazukis Darkness.
[*]Based on the object of consumption, construct made from this ability consumes at a speed level lower than Hazukis and just as fast if only made to restrain.
Consumption & Restraining charts
  • None resihi or reiatsu based constructs are consumed or restrained on contact.
  • Low tier reiatsu based constructs/objects or matter are consumed at a speed level lower but retrained on contact
  • Mid level Reiatsu based constructs/objects or matter are consumed and restrained at a speed level lower
  • High tier reiatsu based constructs/objects or matter are restrained at two speed level lower than Hazukis base speed and can only be consumed if Hazukis is willing to pay the reiatsu cost equivalent to named skill or ability.
[*]Object restrained by this ability stay stationed at the point of contact for a period of 3 post.
[*]Restrained ability do not loose their ability potency but are rather stationed at a point of no movement,where a black slime like wave of reiatsu encompasses them.
[*]Object Consumed by this becomes the property of the horseman and as such cannot be recalled for the remainder of the battle. Zanpaktou and Sentient beings excluded.
[*]Sentient beings of equal or greater reaitsu hit by this ability experience a drag in their motion, resulting to a 1 level drop in their speed stats.
[*]Successive strikes multiplies this effect, further reducing their stats till they hit a resting point.
This effect lasts a period of
  • 1 post for those greater than him in reiatsu
  • 2 post for those equal
  • An extra post for every extra level in reiatsu difference.

This ability is extendable to his reaitsu and the 3ft Zanpaktou he wields
Name: Last breath [toxic bomb]
Horseman: Virus
Element: Shadow/Darkness
Release Command: Distort
Description: Receiving the Gift of chaos, Hazuki emits a gas of black fumes which withers and erode matter on contact, these aura kills the basic concept of sentient material, elements or concept returning it to a state of no effect or to a state of reduced effect as the case maybe. Hazuki can also emit this beam in a 15 meter radius and at 5 meter if concentrated to retain maximum effect.
Other Workings:
Last breath unlike Death trap, exist in a gaseous form but can be applied to all light and energy based constructs created by Hazuki.
[*]By breathing out heavily Hazuki can emit this gaseous matter through his mouth and nose over an area of 50 meters and can also emit it through his reiatsu at a 15 meter radius.
[*]This toxic gas unlike death trap doesn't aim to restrain or consume rather it withers and erodes object reducing them to ash or rotten matter as the case maybe.
[*]Reiatsu based constructs are forced to wither away or reduce in potency when exposed to its fumes while Sentient beings Suffer a diverse effect which Intercepts their reiatsu flow.
[*]Physical exposure reduces the effectiveness of any armor in use at that point while bare skin exposure could lead to skin irritation and eventually cell decomposition.
[*]This could lead to the person totally losing that point of contact if steps are not taking to sever its advancement.
[*]If inhaled, reiatsu and reiatsu applications become unstable and maintain reduced effect for a period of 3 post.
[*]Being a constitute of gas, Last breath is a fast reacting agent but can only move at the pase of the wind.
[*]Those with equal or higher reiatsu wealth can mitigate effect to an extent, but will still feel the skin irritation for a period of 3 post.
Name: Darkness reborn [Scroll]
Horseman: Death
Element: Shadow/Darkness
Release Command: Rise
Description: Gifted the book of death, Hazuki gains the secret written within it pages allowing him a change of power from simply animating his shadow to the point of summoning the dead to do his bidding. This like his animation detonates on demand but unlike his animation is not made purely of darkness and as such can be more flexible and aggressive in battle. However thanks to their none dark mode they also crumble under sufficient force and cannot be reassembled when totally destroyed.
Other Workings:
  • Summoning are of three tiers which determines the strength and capabilities of each type
  • Each tier hosts a unique caliber of the dead which can be summoned for battle.
  • Once a tier is conquered the name of the monster is ruled out from its pages and cannot be re conjured for the remainder of the battle.
Tiers are as follows
  • Tier 1: [low tier summoning, poses low durability and strength (E to D+)]
    Summoning: Skeletons can be summoned in their 100s
  • Tier 2: [Mid tier summoning poses mid level durability and strength(C to B+)]
    Summoning: Zombies can be summoned in their 100s
  • Tier 3: [High tier summoning poses high level durability and strength (A to S+)]
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Re: [8th Division] Hazuki Ryuga


Post by Phantom-T » Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:19 am

[technique]The Zone (yin):,Zanjutsu,A unique martial arts technique that allow Hazuki perceive everything within a twenty-five meters range. By emitting invisible traces of Reiatsu around him, Hazuki maintains a unique sense of connection with his environment, giving him the ability to sense any approaching attack(s), hidden or otherwise once they intercept his shroud of reiatsu. It raises the user's accuracy and evasion to the utmost limit but does not interfere with his speed.For each mastery Hazuki gains an extra 25 meters of influence. ,0[/technique]

[technique]The Zone (yang):,Zanjutsu,A unique martial arts technique which allow Hazuki perceive everything within the range of twenty meters by maintaining an invisible cloud of Reiatsu around him. Hazuki maintains a unique sense of command over his environment, giving him the ability to influence any projectile attacks, hidden or otherwise once they intercept his range of influence. This unlike his yin part allows Hazuki dull the speed of projected attacks by a 1/4 of their designated speed. Like wise Hazuki can alter the direction of its flow should they weigh a little more than the wind(i.e 0 gram) at no mastery and a bedrock(i.e 5000 gram) at full mastery. For each mastery Hazukis influence on objects extends an extra weight of 500gram however this is not applicable to reishi or reiatsu based projectile which he can only dull their speed in effect. ,0[/technique]
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