Central 46 High Spec Training Facility: Omni

The heart of Gotei and it’s Governing Body. Home to the Central 46 Compound, Central Great Underground Prison,Daireishokairou and more. Access to the inner areas is forbidden without prior authorization.
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Re: Central 46 High Spec Training Facility: Omni


Post by Aegis Raiu » Sun Jul 21, 2019 12:12 pm

Continuing his keen observation of the events that played out before him, Assassin watched the clone burst into white smoke before him and the man named Ghost seemingly entrapped Ace in a barrier of bluish energy whilst erupting a black box to also cage in Assassin alongside. However, before the big man could move in defense, all conjured effects Ghost performed quickly disintegrated into nothingness. Then the lights in the room turned red and a special spot light focused on Ghost, as a loud sinister voice echoed the words "player eliminated."

Moments later, the score board updated to reveal their respective scores and Sovereign spoke words of encouragement to the three individuals, insisting they assess and think before they act. Words that inspired difference in the way they executed their devil spells, however it appeared that Ghost was no longer capable of participating, leaving Ace as Assassin's only opponent.

Turning his gaze to meet Ace in preparation for another confrontation, an even louder voice than the first interrupted, "Ahead looms calamity.
Throw wide the gates, that we may pass and spread our plague to every innocent soul beyond.
Throw wide the gates, that we may pass and usher in damnation to all realms abroad.
Hear my voice and tremble, for we are coming."

Unfamiliar with the meaning behind the message, Assassin would pause and look towards Sovereign who seemed to possess as much confusion as he, denoted from her serious tone of voice. "Everyone, group up now! We need to figure out what just happened," she said.

Now Assassin was intrigued, and simply walked across the distance separating him from the lot. Hopefully, either Sovereign or Ace would provide a better explanation of what just transpired.
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Re: Central 46 High Spec Training Facility: Omni


Post by Phantom-T » Tue Jul 23, 2019 4:39 am

Focused on his next task, Hazuki paid little attention to what happened around him, allowing his thought settle in a calming flow. The edge of his eye’s quickly picked up on pathway torn open to reveal a slender figure step through it. Who it was really mattered at this point as it was clear to him only members had access to such secure location.

His thought remained sterilized and settled till a thunderous voice quaked his very form. His gaze quickly shot up and at the roof and then to his side hoping this was not another trick set up by the commander. However, he’d find everyone as shocked as he was causing him to pay more attention while he tamed his shoulders.

“Throw wide the gates, that we may pass and spread our plague to every innocent soul beyond. Throw wide the gates, that we may pass and usher in damnation to all realms abroad...”

“Hear my voice and tremble, for we are coming.”

"We?" He muttered trying to figure out the message and destination. He'd almost find himself lost in thought till the familiar voice of the commander tugs him back.

"Everyone" she'd called asking them to pull together.

"Who was that?" he'd still ponder, walking silently forward to join the commander, hopping this wasn't what he feared most; ruckus at the prison she once spoke about.
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Re: Central 46 High Spec Training Facility: Omni


Post by Samuel_Carter_Awakening » Tue Jul 23, 2019 5:40 am

Thankful to the clay entity which forgave his mistake and shew him the way to the training facility, he could very well feel the reiatsu signatures of multiple warriors oozing out offensively. Taking three steps forward, a voice which packed authority came forth causing him to halt speedily, shooting his gaze at the entity before him.

Hirāzakurā bent low his head as she spoke, but before she could complete, a more thunderous voice called out.

"Ahead Looms Calamity"

Hearing this, Hirāzakurā arched his right eyebrow upwards and raised his head, his gaze moved back to the lady, he could feel her reaction. Just then, as if struck by a bolt of lightning, his oculi dilated, his mouth opened, but all were masked by his facial covering. What could this be? Even for someone like him with oceanic spiritual wealth, he could feel the might that accompanied the voice, forcefully letting down a lump of saliva through his throat.

"Throw wide the gates that we may pass and spread our plague to every innocent soul beyond. Throw wide the gates that we may pass and usher in damnation to all realms abroad.."

This could only mean a thing, "destruction", since the lady who seemed to be in charge was also in shock and wasn't the one who originated this. Hirāzakurā drew in air immensely and let it out with a sigh. Kito already wrapped up and shivering in fear. Hirāzakurā took him within his arms to calm him down.

Immediate silence seeped in without invitation, the lady snapped her fingers and things changed. Alas! The battle was kind of a simulation but the voice wasn't. Pondering on the matter, he felt bad he didn't have his own battle session before this rude interception.

"Cause my sense of direction", Hirāzakurā lamented.

The lady urged everyone to group up immediately to try to fathom what happened and get to the bottom of the unruly occurance. Hirāzakurā moved hastily towards her, tho, sparing the other individuals a glance while moving to her.
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Re: Central 46 High Spec Training Facility: Omni


Post by XIII » Wed Jul 24, 2019 9:20 pm

”I... I-I don’t know what that was.”

She stammered as beads of sweat had begun to forming her brow. Of everything she had trained for, all the various kinds of situations and events that she had either drilled for or had been beaten into her, nothing prepared her for it. It was unsettling to say the least. Had it have been an explosion, or a massive surge of reiatsu, or even the sounds of panicked voices and screams she would have known what to do instantly. In fact, she wouldn’t have even hesitated and jumped into battle immediately. But this? What was this? A voice from... where even was it from? How do you, or anyone for that matter, respond to a voice from nothingness declaring to spread some sort of plague?

She exhaled. It took a moment, but she found her calm. Sovereign remembered that if thentruky unexpected were to happen, the first step would be to stop, assess, and then respond. The sudden panic had cause her body and soul to want to jump to the last step immediately, which lead to her trouble with dealing with what had happened. As her mind cleared and her thoughts slowed, the path forward opened itself for her.

“Never mind who or what that was or where it came from for the moment. We can find that out later. First, what we do know.”

She said matter of fact my; a clear sign her confidence and composure had not only returned, it had grown beyond what it was before.

“It said ‘throw wide the gates and allow it to spread some sort of plague and usher in damnation.’ Then, ‘we are coming.’ Clearly it is an enemy, but not one that is an immediate threat. As it would seem, this entity, or entities are either trapped somewhere, or is unable to reach the Seireitei otherwise. I will try to find out what this is later, but for now back to the matter at hand.”

She turned to the group and fact them with an intensity that could be seen through her mask.

“‘...that we may pass and spread our plague to every innocent soul.’ I cannot conform it, but to be sure I want to act accordingly. You, recruit, I want to you track down the Caption of Division Thirteen and have him prepare for some sort of biological or chemical attack. If we are to take this line about a plague literally I would prefer that we be prepare and if possible preempt any attack of that nature.

I know it would be difficult to develop exact countermeasures against an unknown disease or toxin, but at the very least having measures in place to prevent unwanted exposure, and having the science division on standby in case will grant us priceless response time. Knowing in advanced is critical here.”

She turned to Ace.

“Ace, if you can focus on fortifying the defenses here and in the rest of Gotei, as well as in the Rukongai Districts. I would’ve preferred to have tested your barrier expertise a bit more before sending you off on such a critical mission, but there seems to be no choice now. This is a mission of the highest level of importance, failure could cost the lives of innocent people as well as your fellow comrades. Act as if everyone’s lives depend on it.”

And now to Assassin.

“Unfortunately your set of skills, as well as Ghost’s set of skills aren’t particularly useful in this first response phase of things. So, instead I want the two of you to gather intel. It’s possible that this event outside of the Central 46 area. Perhaps someone saw something, or there was damage done, or anything else that may be significant. I want you both to sweep through as many locations as possible and provide me with a detailed sitrep as soon as possible.”

She paused.

“I’ll remain here and make adjustments to to the main barrier of the Seireitei and take further measures to understand the nature of this treat, if not outright identify it. If you encounter any of the other Captains while you’re out, I would like you to approve them of the situation and have them meet me at headquarters if and when they’re available. I will permit all of them temporary entry. This is to be considered and order of the highest authority, as directed by Central 46 itself.”
Though it is a bit early (since the quest system isn’t fully finished yet$, the orders given here are to be considered a part of a quest issued by me. You will be rewarded adequately based on how you approach and complete the objectives presented to you. If necessary you may create your own NPCs and use them in order to complete those objectives (provided it all makes sense to do so in the end).

Furthermore I have made preparations for some of these objectives and will continue to leave... things around Gotei as part of this quest line, and to help further your objectives.

For you Phantom, if need be you can also create a thread (and actually even a whole forum section to represent the Rukongai.

Welcome to the first parts of this lil side event I’ve got going on.
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