These Lightless Hours

The heart of Gotei and it’s Governing Body. Home to the Central 46 Compound, Central Great Underground Prison,Daireishokairou and more. Access to the inner areas is forbidden without prior authorization.
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These Lightless Hours


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Poe’s Not Dead

Be it in your darkest days or darkest hours,
I will be there behind you.
When lost to the deepest pits and bleakest hollows,
I will be there beside you.
For when the light is powerless to find you,
And fear creeps up to bind you.
I will be your lead, your lightning rod.
I will be there to guide you back from the depths
And the brink of a thousand deaths.
For without the light, I your shadow, cannot be.

Be it in your darkest days or darkest hours,
I will be your shield.
When your wings have lost their flight,
I will be the wind that carries you.
For when the light is unfit to save you,
And when sorrow steps up to tear you down.
I will be your sword, your fighting chance.
I will there to drag you back from the hells you will face.

I am your shadow, your truest friend.
I am your shadow, your closest ally.

Be it in your darkest days or darkest hours,
When despair and impotence is all you know.
Be it in your darkest days or darkest hours,
When misery’s grip is at your throat.
Be it in your darkest days or darkest hours,
When the black and murky tars of self-doubt
Threaten to drown all that you are and all that you will be.
It is here, where I so vehemently protest.

For it is in These Lightless Hours
That shadows stand their tallest.

Soul Society — Kidou Corps Headquarters
Thirteen Months Prior to The Locus Incident

“Sovereign!” A stressed out Kidou Corps operative burst through the doors leading to Sovereign’s office apparently desperate for the commander’s immediate attention. Sovereign, who had been ruffling through piles of paperwork only moments prior calmly set down the stack and peered at the operative through her mask.

“Situation report,” the operative said, now calming down in response to her commander’s lack of alarm. Sovereign nodded and the operative continued. “Someone slipped through the perimeter detection seals surrounds the old Seventh grounds. ‘Non-combatant’, Captain class Reiatsu. However the rest makes no sense from there.” Emi perked up in her chair and leaned forward slowly. The last few lines about a Captain level Reiatsu suddenly appearing on the Seventh’s old grounds had her interest, but the last bit in particular had her attention.

“The Reiatsu signature is Shinigami, in fact it belongs to 15th Seat, 6th Division, Jousuke Kanno. He... he was registered as MIA... over five hundred years ago. C-commander, the—”

“I’ll go,” Sovereign said jumping up from her seat and dashing out the door. The rush of wind she left behind in her wake pushed back the operative a few feet, leaving her both confused and stunned by the commander’s abrupt leap into action and the apparent urgency behind it. The operative turned to see the commander off, but by then it was already too late. By her senses, Sovereign was already far from Central 46 Grounds and rapidly approaching Third Division Territories.

As the buildings blurred beneath her, Sovereign’s mind raced almost as fast as she did. Up until now things had been fairly quiet, then all of a sudden the most bizarre occurrence. From what she could understand this wasn’t an attack, at least not outwardly, but the circumstances were peculiar. First, a Captain level Reiatsu. Then the appearance on Seventh Division grounds, despite the fact that it didn’t exist anymore. Then finally a formerly MIA Shinigami not only spontaneously returning, but having done so whilst possessing such a powerful Reiatsu and returning to a lost Division all at the SAMs time was most peculiar. Yet, there was one other thing the operative neglected to realize.

This intruder had managed to go completely undetected up until this point. Shinigami or not, a Captain level presence going unnoticed like this is almost unspeakable, not without knowing some of the finer details of Gotei’s defenses. It was a point she made note of to address later on, but first things first.

Moments later Sovereign, who had now removed her mask and reassumed her identity as Akino Emi, appeared just outside of the Fifth Division. From there her Reiatsu signature fell out of existence, and her presence followed shortly after. Like a ghost, Emi proceeded forward without breaking pace, and seconds later she arrived outside of the Seventh Division territory. It was a sad sight to see. A vast wasteland as barren as it was depressing, an empty void disguised as vast stretch of land and earth. Devoid of life, devoid of content, devoid of Reishi even.

Returning here evoked a lingering depression within Emi. It wasn’t enough that the Seventh was gone or even destroyed. It was that after the incident following Solus’ removal from office resulted in what could only be understood as “all things Seventh Division being scrubbed from history”. It’s legacy, it’s members and their achievements, the barracks, the ruins, the headquarters. Miles, inches, years, days, people, completely obliterated in the fallout. It was as if they never were and would never be again. The void ahead of her was apparently all that remained, barring the unexpected visitor.

Emi stepped forward slowly. On the ground before where was a simple slip of paper labeled ‘abandoned’ marking the boundaries between the seventh and the rest of Gotei. There it also marked the beginning of perimeter detection barriers. While it wasn’t necessarily illegal for anyone to be here, given that the massive stretch of empty space made for excellent training grounds, entry was generally granted by Emi herself upon request, or at least her Soverign counterpart that oversaw the grounds. Of course, issues of legality weren’t on her mind at the moment, rather the mysterious nature of the intrusion and moreso the intruder that gave her pause.

Curiosity and duty dispelled any apprehension she was starting to form. As it were, there wasn’t any other Shinigami in Soul Society wielding the same level of power she did. Captain or not, the intruder couldn’t be much of a treat to her. The moment she crossed through the barrier seal, her Reiatsu exploded back into existence. In a of a hurry, this titanic force that towered over the world and threatened to trample it under heel showed its face and would spread out to the furthest reaches of Soul Society, even far enough to rouse the whole of the Rukongai in the process.

Her presence was both threatening and disarming, though mostly disarming. It was through this vast and overwhelming display of might that Emi sought to dispel and dissuade any concept of resistance against her and her authority, especially in this situation where conflict could devolve not to madness fairly rapidly. In the distance another powerful Reiatsu emerged in response. It came, not in protest but in defense against whatever chaos Emi set forth. Like a stone weathering the rushing rapids it held firm rather than being immediately, despite being dwarfed by Emi’s power. Formidable, but no comparison.

“I suppose that saves me the trouble,” Emi muttered as she slipped her mask back on and dashed off towards the source of the power. In just a few brief moments, she manifested near the source of the defiant power following a rather impressive Shunpo. The speed with which she moved so was great in fact, that the typic swish that followed the high-speed technique sounded more like a roaring gust of wind. Her target, this ‘Jousuke Kanno’ as he was called didn’t seem too startled by her sudden appearance and seemed almost welcome to her approach. Odd.

Being up close Emi was able to get a clearer look of this intruder. He wasn’t much. A man, perhaps mid or late-twenties, wild waist length white hair, and pale brown skin. He was thin, almost emaciated. There were dark circles under eyes almost burned into his skin, seemed he hadn’t slept in millennia. If anything the circles were probably darker than he was naturally. The contrast was astounding. Yet, most strikingly were the robes he wore. Nothing too fancy, but clearly the attire screamed that he was some sort of monk, at least outwardly.

“It’s not like a Shinigami to wear a mask. You’ll have to forgive m—“

After a second to take in his physicality, Emi was then able to notice that he was struggling under the weight of her Reiatsu, despite his attempts to play it off and act casually in spite of it all. Of course, she refused to let up. Instead she paced forward slowly, ignoring his attempt at friendly banter while also allowing her Reiatsu to intensify even further as she did. Seeing that things were quickly headed south, the invader reflexively retreated.

Emi, however was just as fast as he was and was easily able to give chance. Before he could get too far Emi jumped up into the sky above him. By now her hands began to shimmer as the power she radiated seem to reach a crescendo. Raising her right arm she maneuvered as if to throw a javelin, and cried out ‘bakudou 62: hyapporankan’. A single rod of pale blue of light flew forward for her hand and immediately split into hundreds of them. The rods fell like rain in a typhoon around the monk-like invader, to which the dodged the each of them rather deftly. However, catching him with them was not the point.

Each dodge succeeded on two fronts. The first was the fact that his forward progress was halted, and Emi had effectively slowed him down in the process. The second was to trap him in the aftermath. With the rods so firmly planted into the earth that simply moving them would be a mountainous task, and they were placed so strategically close together that moving between or around them was impossible, the only way out of this spell-crafted jail was up. Of course, by the time her realized as much and leapt upward, Emi was already on the course to intercept.

She fell down towards him with the palm of her left hand pointed down at the monk and muttered ‘kuyou shibari,’ which caused several orbs of black energy to shoot out from where she drifted down towards the monk. “Wait,” he wailed! But by the time he managed to get the word out it was too late. The orbs, precisely eight of them, slammed into the space around him, forming several black holes. The last hit near his chest and formed the final void there, and in that instant stripped him of all ability to move. Emi was not finished there, however. She then layered the spell by following up with “Rikujoukorou”, causing six rods of light energy to crash into his waist further binding him in place. Which then, then lead to the finale consisting of “Tozanshou”, a great inverted pyramid of teal blue energy that formed an encapsulating barrier around the now certainly imprisoned monk.

Emi landed atop the makeshift prison, opened her uniform slightly, and allowed a black butterfly to flutter out. “This is Sovereign, requesting an expedited Code Six prisoner transport,” she said to the creature, and off it went.

Ten minutes laters and about thirty doors of light opened up around the inverted pyramid and out marched numerous lower ranking Kidou Corps members. Like wasps they swarmed and surrounding the pyramid and began throwing an almost excessive amount of ‘ofuda’ or spell tags, etched with the word ‘doll’ at it. Once covered, the all began chanting in some indecipherable language in order to evoke the power containing within the tags.

Seconds later an enormous Matryoshka doll fell from the sky and landing with such an impact the ground beneath it exploded. Standing dead center of the commotion, the doll opened its head and began to inhale deeply. First the smoke and upturned earth went, then the ofuda, followed by the barrier, the binding spells, and finally the prisoner. The doll then closed its head and a trail of light raced around the seam, sealing in all that it had absorbed. Emi, who had been magically spared the effects of the doll was left to fall, and then safely land in place of the now fully captured monk. Then, just as fast as it came, the doll went. Shooting back up into up into the sky as of on a course towards the Soul Kings Palace. Before long it disappeared completely from view, and only the Kidou Corps agents and their leader knew where it went.
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One who calls upon the ocean never expects the tsunami.
For beckoning the rains, also tempts the hurricane.
When simple kindling begs the wildfire,
A furious inferno to devour the lands.
And to say a prayer is to provoke the wrath of God.
Know ye not your foolishness?


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