Central 46 High Spec Training Facility: Omni

The heart of Gotei and it’s Governing Body. Home to the Central 46 Compound, Central Great Underground Prison,Daireishokairou and more. Access to the inner areas is forbidden without prior authorization.
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Re: Central 46 High Spec Training Facility: Omni


Post by Aegis Raiu » Tue Apr 02, 2019 9:00 am

He stood, eyes burning with an impregnable steady gaze, darting towards the portal to catch sight of the slender death god whom just traversed into their foreign ground on which he stood. Watching closely, he felt a bit nostalgic hearing the man's voice as he asked what was going on, and in response, Ghost quickly gave his thoughts on their purpose here, surely the big man couldn't agree more with his choice of words, but a better explanation was bound to come upon her arrival, the lady in charge of these thresholds.

And just as the thought of her zoomed across his mind, she made her entrance from the bright light, sealing shut the portal as she did. First she was happy, acknowledging ghost's earlier answer but in little time her tone and steadiness shifted, as though angered by the thought of something. Then she spoke, telling of the 7th's beast, Solus Dextera with reverence in her conflicting tone, a mythical being who indeed existed even in a time he knew of, but luckily the beast had been absent from Soul Society long enough for new peace to reign unperturbed, for his presence demanded fear and reverence. Still, to think the lady standing before them was trained by Solus, demanded quantifiable respect in itself.

Moments after, she clarified their tasks and reason for coming here just as he thought she would, she snapped her fingers to initialize the prompt adjustment and materialization of an entirely new field as though they were now in a real world.

Before them were their separate tasks, but his was different, it was alive, humanoid in nature yet bore stark resemblance to a dragonfly with wings.
It paused briefly and gazed at the surrounding individuals present, then it moved, buzzing off at supersonic speeds as though trying to escape a hot pursuit.

Sovereign then spoke again, '”Your goal is similar. First make your codename known to us, and then simply capture the dragonfly... wherever it is now.'
This is a message that can only be understood by the user and targets of their choosing:

"Call me Assassin."

Briefly after making his codename known he charged, descending his bulky figure towards the ground he'd torn his attire on both sides of his rib section. His eyes were sealed shut and he began feeling out the presence of all within miles of his locality and soon enough he caught wind of something afar off, darting nonstop with the wind. "Very well." He said, as his eyes opened up he too darted off.

Amidst the vast field grew high reaching trees, effectively becoming a forest of sorts, and before long he had the creature in sight, but keeping up was something he felt all too confident about and thus hoped to test out the theory. Inches behind the winged monstrosity with left arm stretched ahead, and without a moment's notice it had zoomed to the left and thus eluding the hefty man.

Moving through series of thought processes, he called forth the name of a spell craft, "Bakudo #9 - Horin." From his left palm a hue of yellow tendril darted forward, and wrapped around a tree slightly positioned to the left and as he moved past it he swung himself around to the left with the accumulating momentum of turn given that the other end of the tendril was strongly held by his clenched fist as he did. He had employed this to enable him keep up with the sharp turn exhibited by his target, it was all too clear he couldn't achieve the capture of this target simply by being fast.

In response to this, he called out again "Bakudo #26 - Kyako." Bending the light around him to become invisible, Darius hoped to apply stealth to soothe his endeavor.

Still darting in the direction of the fast paced creature not too far ahead, he knew he had to slow it down for proper capture to be possible and as such he pronounced yet again "Bakudo #1 - Sai." A low level binding spell which has proven to be quite effective throughout his years as a spell loving Shinigami, the fluttering wings of the creature had moved in place behind it, causing the man-sized dragonfly to plummet to the ground being unable to maintain continuous flight, it stood as it struggled, shaking its head off the dusty forest floor. It came to it, three rods of energy from what seemed to be nowhere, smashing the creature into a nearby tree behind it in a perfect shape of triangle. An effect of Darius' final spell "Bakudo #30 - Shtotsu Sansen."

He had captured his target at the cost of a torn costume, he watched the wailing creature and grunted in anger as he backed it and uttered the word,

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Re: Central 46 High Spec Training Facility: Omni


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'Why do you think I chose this trial?'

Were loud and bold words spoken by Sovereign, drawing Assassin's attention towards her as she addressed them. He'd been so busy with his trial, he'd failed to notice her displeasure with one of the individuals, or perhaps her anger was meant for all of them, only focused this time. And as she spoke some words, the dragonfly came to life once again and zoomed off as usual, yet he listened to her words carefully. She spoke of the 7th's ruins and the monsters that dwelt therein then and who it was that moved them here, she said, 'Our real mission is hunting them... To the rest of you, take pride in your work. Any half-hearted attempts beyond this point... will be corrected.'

Moments later, she commanded all three trials to appear around her in a 10m wide triangle formation. Assassin observed as much as he could about her at this moment, her stance, her controlled breathing, her concentrated gaze upon the now fleeing dragonfly, the solid block of steel and the fully charged canon. And as the unruly wave of destruction exited the canon's mouth piece, she struck its balance with a charged Shakkaho, causing it to miss her and find the metal block instead, now shattered, it spread to all corners of the vast field, locating and striking down the winged creature as it did. She_Sovereign, had completed all three tasks with a single kido in a timely fashion, causing Assassin to rethink his methods and realize there were indeed a few things to learn from this master of Kidou.
"2nd trial

Turning to face his own trial once again, the dragonfly appeared, looked around and darted off. And just like he observed the kido master display, he too focused his gaze upon the fleeing creature, it lacked any patterned movement and possessed swift and accurate turning speeds and agility, yet he was determined in his quest, calling forth a single word from his lips, “Sokatsui.”

A single blast of blue searing flames erupted from his left palm unto the forest trees from the left towards the right in front of the creature, he'd hoped to influence its motion towards the right as a result of the forest flames due East. And as he predicted, it took a sharp right turn, “Got you... Sekisho.” As it turned to the right, and at full speed, it collided against the transparent wall of energy placed before it as a result of the second spell uttered by it's hunter. With mangled wings and unconscious from the colliding force, Assassin had succeeded in capturing the creature without moving from his initial spot.

Defiance had seemingly been the outcome of events behind him, an encroachment of disaster brewed when he felt the aggressive spirit pressure burst forth unto the arena. It was Sovereign, provoked and about to draw her blade from its sheath, yet suddenly it doused, and she let go her blade whilst she delved knee first to the ground before Ace, apparently in an attempt to prevent certain mayhem.

Ignorant of what may have transpired and glad that whatever dispute had been expunged, he_Assassin quickly returned focus on his prey and continued.

Once again it appeared, looked around and was about to take off, but this time was different, a red glow encompassed the winged creature the moment it appeared, stagnant and unable to move it struggled to no effect. Assassin had figured a loop in his hunt, the short curious search the dragonfly exhibited each time before take off, and this time it would suffer for its laxity. “Geki... Bakudo #4 : Hainawa.”

As it struggled, an energy rope erupted from beneath it to entangle and hold it in place. Assassin was done with his trial and snapped his finger to return everything back to emptiness. Turning his gaze to Sovereign, he witnessed her utter some words to both Ace and Ghost, not sure what it was he walked towards her in placid footsteps.
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Re: Central 46 High Spec Training Facility: Omni


Post by XIII » Mon Apr 08, 2019 4:19 pm

Time to have some fun. Forgive my arrogance •u•
“End simulation...”

In that moment, the world froze. The wind ceased to move, the birds stopped flying, the leaves stopped swaying and the whole of the earth seemed to become still. Then, bit by bit everything turned to dust, revealing more and more of the original training room as the time went.

In the back of the room the walls lit up to display each and everyone’s codename and a number next to it.

[Soverign:1...00...9...99...999999.... Error]
[Ghost: 70]
[Assassin: 90]
[Ace: 80]

“These are your scores. Each is rated out of a maximum score of 100. Your scores are based on your effectiveness and efficiency. A hell butterfly will deliver a slightly more in-depth analysis of your performance here. With the completion of this session we’ll be concluding out Kidou Corps activity for a short while. You’re all free to return to your original posts. However if you feel up to it you may check in on things in the Underground Prison, and payroll the grounds. Otherwise I’ll be summoning you for your first real mission assignments later on. There are a few preparations that need to be made before that. Or...”

She paused....

“We could continue the training excercises, this time with something a little more...fun. A bit of dueling, should you find yourself interested.”
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It would come in a blur, and seek to lay waste to them all.
In a flash, the beast sought to let loose a calamity crafted by its own hands.
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Re: Central 46 High Spec Training Facility: Omni


Post by Akugaranwa Itachi » Fri Apr 19, 2019 4:12 am

Forgive my long absence, just completed a long and exhausting Exams and while I am free I am still pretty much exhausted and I assure you as I type this, I type it with half closed eyes.

Once all was said and done, With Assasin completing his task Sovereign rounded up everything and moved to speak to those present Ghost included. With his attention locked on her, He listened as she called out the scores, it appeared he was ranked last and that was no surprise to him.

His effort had resulted to that score and for which he cared little for. However what peaked his interest was Sovereign’s saying something about dueling..... Now that should be much more interesting than this or whatever this was....”Now you have my attention, I am interested” Ghost said with both hands tucked into his pockets like he was searching for something.
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