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[Arena #5]: Turn off the Lights

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 10:46 am
by platinum6ix

Under the empty heavens, the night rode on a horse of pure midnight velvet, beckoned by the stars under a the glow of a full moon. As the colours of the day rest, perhaps dream of the morrow, the view became its monochrome beauty.

Re: [Arena #5]: Turn off the Lights

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:44 am
by SlimJellal
The bubbling night life of the city, the pure blackness of the sky barring its stars and the full moon and the little light sources that proves almost uncountable in their sheer numbers all in a joint effort trying to provide illumination to the pitch black that would have otherwise swallowed up the city. The noise of car engines maneuvering to their various destinations,  loud banging music emanating from various buildings at various angles, seemingly huge number of humans of both genders and various colors walking towards wherever it is they heading to, few of their numbers walking in and out of every building around, some buildings more exquisite and extravagant than others but all a pigsty compared to the enormous castle of Las Noche. Smooth roads and traffic lights controlling and coordinating the movement of all vehicles to ensure free seemless flow, all in all this was the perfect synchrony of night life of a city in perfect beauty and in the middle of all these is a little boy

   A little boy of slim athletic build, three feet of height accompanied by spiky white hair that shares the same color with his eyes, eyes void of its iris and other features with the exception of its singular captivating color, small ears, slightly rounded cheeks and a "cute" nose all coming together to produce the embodiment of handsomeness in a child , only if this child was normal. Deciding on a mode of transportation for the purpose of moving to a location he would find conducive for the impending storm, laying eyes on a little kid gently peddling a green bicycle towards his direction, this "little boy" couldn't resist stretching out his hand just to deliver a slight push to the head of the incoming kid only to send him crashing to the ground. To everyone else it seemed like an innocent accident that led to another crashing into the bicycle and falling off his skateboard but only if their weak souls could visually register the presence of the white haired boy in their midst, none other than the cold demon of Las Noche known as Tsukane, a being of immense power compared to those of every human surrounding him. Taking advantage of the now vacant skateboard, Tsukane rides away from the crime scene to the despair of everyone seeing a skateboard move on its own, a sight that squeezed out a scream from anyone unfortunately enough to notice the rather strange occurrence.

   After moving for about five minutes a particular building caught the eyes of the white haired arrancar, this particular area would seem ideal for what was to come and the multiple floors of the building contained an impressive number of human souls. Finding his way to one of the upper floors, the little man makes his way into a room which was obviously the bar, he thought to himself "surely this would make for an interesting arena" the very moment he stepped in. Looking around to take in the surrounding, the red paint covering the wall and intricate lightings dangling from the ceiling with a massive chandelier hanging from the ceiling, dim lighting befitting a bar and a single speaker Tsukane failed to locate which was responsible for the sound music which could be heard all over the room. Sighting a remote on the table, Tsukane grabs hold of it as he was keen on playing with it while he sat to wait for his counterpart, of course locating him in this vast city would prove difficult and he had neither the patience nor will to wait for he was as lazy as they come,his preferred choice was to finish up on time and go back into isolation so he had no time to waste waiting to be found instead he let his massive spiritual power flow unhindered as every human around began dropping dead on the floor, bodies everywhere even before the start of anything brought a sadistic smile to the face of Tsukane as he paid closer attention to the remote he held in hand,

Re: [Arena #5]: Turn off the Lights

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 5:46 am
by VonJay
From the vast encompassing expanse of gloominess, furtively scurried a monster thereof. A reprehensible eerie obscuring aura circulated about him. Blaring honks and fluttering light specs beaming in the far off distance, encapsulated in a picture of utmost darkness. The sun had long been lost, however, life brimmed all over New Jersey, more alive than it was in broad day.
Garmented by darkness, his presence gave off the gloom within, even more so he read nocturnal from a glance.

Found on the paramount of an overly tall skyscraper, his right foot mounted on its ledge while peering, with body bent forward, at the myriad of humans strutting and scampering about, chattering and murmuring to themselves. Light sourced from both stars and illuminating buildings, they did well to succor Dio's visuality and as such, visioning his entire surrounding became relatively easy, grasping the tiniest of details.

Sharply, tingled his senses as though he had been tased mildly by an electrical discharge. In response to such, cornered his eyeballs, glaring edgily before averting away his eye-focus to the direction of this stifling and stinging reiatsu. The occlusive buildings did strand away his antagonist, however, that had been limited to his primary senses. Still, he perceived and comprehended the direction it came from, however, his skin couldn't withstand the chiding reiatsu that sent thrills down his spine and goosebumps across his person. He was forced to break into a cold sweat and gulping down whatever laid in his mouth. Presumably, the symptoms of fear had manifested and all were spawned from learning one's own inferiority against the countenance of true strength and dominance.

Leaping through buildings of varying sizes and structures, a building that the beast had settled in drifted into his line of vision. With shattered windows visible and coruscating glass shards descending about, he'd no more doubt his foe's whereabout as he had actually guaranteed that this'd be Tsukane's location.

Off, he went, falling off the ledge and diving down with both arms abreast his person to lighten and spearhead him into the building like an eagle on pursuit. However, after reaching a considerable distance towards the building, his right arm dragged and focused a black coloured reiatsu outlined with a red hue on its fingertips, which increased in its size overtime until a desired magnitude has been achieved. With the swirl of his left arm, the staged glasses were gotten rid of, making his entrance into the building even easier. Sighting Tsukane, he shot the cero at hand towards him, aiming to sweep him off his awareness.

Re: [Arena #5]: Turn off the Lights

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:48 am
by SlimJellal
Sitting comfortably on a little stool surrounded by a number of bodies lying lifeless, Tsukane inquired curiously the workings of the little remote control in his hand, looking closer at the black colored remote, spotting just 6 buttons with each holding a distinct function to the two major components in the room, the lighting and the speakers. His curiosity taking him a step further making Tsukane test out that which he held on his left, top 3 buttons controlled the lighting and the remainder was in charge of the speakers and taking the volume of the speakers to the absolute apex and muting the sound that came blasting out of the speakers, putting a temporary end to the rock  song coming out of the speakers before moving down to the buttons bellow and discovering the single one in charge of switching off the lights.

   Amidst his curious discovery, his spiritual senses picked up on a familiar signature off in the distance belonging to a member of his race. A smile creeping on his face as he sensed the energy getting ever closer to his location, letting his reiatsu flare uncontrolled had achieved the goal of giving off his location as the incoming menace seemed to have picked up on it, having no reason to let flare his reiatsu any longer, the dwarf recalls his vast and violent spiritual wealth back into his body. His pre fight laziness was not an issue this time with the dwarf itching to punish the incoming arrancar forcing a sadistic smile on his face at the thought of it, keeping his senses at alert as he would no won't be alone for long with the menace now just a few meters away from the building Tsukane was in. His senses picking up on little gathering of spiritual energy on a single focal point, the sensation of the all too familiar hollow signature technique known as cero, turning his face to catch a glimpse of the assailant just outside as he's jumping in through the window with a black colored energy outlined by a red hue already gathered in his right arm aiming at the dwarf himself before his left swirling to get rid of the window blocking his path. The white haired boy chose not to move an inch in an attempt to dodge the incoming attack instead deciding to take it head on, focusing  on the incoming projectile Tsukane opens up his mouth attempting to swallow up the attack proceeding to mix it with his own energy before firing a larger cero of his own twice the size and power of what he was faced with moments prior, but this time tilting his head further left away from the assailant to allow the blast fly harmlessly past the silly being but not without eradicating a piece of the structure as a first test to demonstrate his superior strength.

  While the glass shattered to bits from the previous exchange, the dwarf now sits with his guest and fellow arrancar known generally as "DIO" who was a dangerous being in his own rights. Keeping an eye on the man in his presence Tsukane offered some words of advice as he motioned to speak " Get serious or you'd die after my first attack, watch your every step and movement for I have placed enough traps everywhere and each one could get you killed", immediately after uttering those words which would undoubtedly pierce through the opponents heart, the dwarf utilizes the remote control on his left hand, moving his finger at a speed which was barely below his fastest, Tsukane presses two buttons in control of the desired effects he wanted, one to switch off the lights in the room rendering it pitch black and the other to resume the loud deafening music he once put on mute now blasting out from speakers all over the room. With a combination of sound and darkness Tsukane restricts the flow of his spiritual pressure to the very best of his ability as he disappears from the position he once occupied.
How would you deal with a threat you can't handle, for death was swift to all who couldn't escape it's cold embrace, would you live or die?
Cero Doble: Not to be mistaken with Double Cero. Cero Doble is a technique used to absorb an incoming Cero, and mix it with the absorbers own reiatsu, firing it back and essentially doubling its power. This move can be used against any type of Cero lower than Double Cero. Depending on the user, however, it might be used against a higher leveled Cero.

Re: [Arena #5]: Turn off the Lights

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:08 pm
by VonJay
Blaring sounds ceased, within the grasp of the fearsome moments, his pupils dilated and then, shrunken. Homing into the building with confidence within, reality slapped such confidence away. Bathed in sweat by standing near monstrosity, he could barely speak no more. Staggering demeanor, vacillating oculi, signs of fears' depicts. As the swallowed cero flashed by him, so did life. Pure madness if he could think there were chances to begin with, the balance had been tilted, no, it was never a scale of balance to begin with. With gapping mouth and perspiring body, he stood aimlessly and listened raptly to Tsukane's statements, oblivious to the details Tsukane's person gave off, he delved within mental plane, gnashing and despairing at the gulf between themselves. The effortlessness he utilized to eat away and redirect his cero marked the distance between Tsukane and himself in terms of reiatsu and pace, hell, it came as though all played well to his calculations thus far.

Shortly, radiance died out and a deafening blam resumed. Reality snapped senses into Dio. Letting off reiatsu and stretching it throughout the entirety of the room, it became a point of detection to notice anyone or anything within his field of detection and as such, even the beast could hide away no longer. Though a lost cause, he attempted to give himself a push, to see how far he could reach and stretching his reiatsu became a starting point.

Prancing at the instant of Tsukane's detection, a step drew him into his opponent's proximity. Directing his punches charged with building CEROs at Tsukane's midsection, he'd hope to double the effectiveness of his punch. At least, any attempt to defend against it wouldn't be so sightly.