[Hollow] Anya Briggs

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[Hollow] Anya Briggs


Post by Itsu » Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:52 pm


Name: Anya Briggs

Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Species: Arrancar

Classification: Vasto Lorde

Aspect of Death: Regret

Appearance: Anya is tall for a woman, naturally standing at an even six feet in height, and her physical frame is slender and sleek. She does not boast large breasts; her own are ‘A cups’ by human standards. In many ways, she is the ‘beautiful’. Anya has long, lustrous legs that seem crafted by an artist seeking to bring life to some impossible ideal. Her waist, while not particularly curvaceous, is slender and toned. Her hands are without flaw and her nails are always painted black using a chemical polish that she makes herself. But it is her skin that seems to grab the most attention, despite little of it being publicly shown. Touched by a light paleness, her fair skin has never been scarred in her many years of being a Vasto Lorde. Through frequent bathing in the spiritually potent quicksilver lakes, Anya achieved smooth, hairless skin that is the envy of many Arrancar.

From her subtle yet defined jawline to her naturally thin eyebrows, every facet of her image is something that draws breath from anyone who look upon her. Her lips, most often closed due to her quiet, forlorn nature, are slightly plump and always covered in black lipstick; a compound similar to her nail polish.

Her eyes are a crystal blue, almost ghostly in clarity, and are by all means haunting in both the power and the sadness which they contain. Beneath them rest two teardrop markings set upon her cheeks, remnants of her days as a mundane Hollow. These are not tattoos and cannot be removed; they forever marks her as property of regret, itself. Anya's astonishing, brightly colored eyes contrast with her long black hair. Having grown her locks since the day she became a Vasto Lorde, her mane reaches an impressive length towards her lower back. Her bangs are either parted on the right side of her face or straight down the middle, and she has a tendency to let it fall freely down in front of her shoulders. She styles it so that her eyes are always visible, and she has mentally stunted its growth so that it never becomes a danger to her footwork.

The jacket, designed by Anya herself, sticks to the established norms of the Arrancar class, being white in color with black trim. The short cut of the jacket itself stops just at her lowest rib, leaving her entire midsection open to feature the black bands. Aside from a collared neck, this portion of the jacket is designed to rest snugly against her skin, accentuating her slim figure and allowing her to move unencumbered by loose fabric. A small breach in the center of her neck, just above the black front seam that trails slightly to the left of her midsection, shows her small Hollow-hole, resting in the middle of her collar-bone. Behind her neck, hidden beneath her hair, are her mask-fragments, bone pieces of a spinal cord that follow the trail of her own. A black seam at her shoulders separates the long sleeves from the body of the jacket. These cover Anya's arms completely. Once the sleeves reach her hands, a small triangular piece of cloth extends towards her knuckles, ending between her ring and middle fingers.

She wears a white pleated skirt that ends just at her knees. The cloth is nestled between the extremes of loose and tight, allowing her freedom of movement without having any extra fabric that may get in the way during her quick footwork. Beneath the skirt she wears short black wrapping that can rarely be seen. The sash of the uniform is tied tightly around her waist, appearing to be a fourth band when seen from afar. Once she comes closer, it is clearly thicker and loosed than the bands. Anya also designed her own boots with three-inch heels that bring her already impressive height to six feet, three inches. The boots are similarly designed to the normal Arrancar fare, only they reach up to a few inches beneath her knees, leaving a small amount of her legs bare between them and the bottom of her skirt.

Personality: A deeply troubled soul, Anya Briggs teeters on the edge of sanity. Despite her vengeance and the source of her regret having died along with her family, the feeling followed her for the rest of her existence as a Hollow, and it instilled in her a tremendous capacity for grief. Every feeding, justified or not, came with a sense of emptiness. But as a Hollow, such cannibalism is an inescapable fact of life. In a way, existing became something that Anya regretted, and it eventually began to tear her mind apart. Only her tremendous mental powers have kept the insanity at bay. Virtually any other soul would have been rendered either mad or catatonic decades ago.

As a result of the emotional trauma she has endured and suffered from schizophrenia and occasional periods of psychosis. While these conditions began to manifest early in her life as an Vasto Lorde, they became amplified due in no small part to a particular event in her past. During a confusing encounter with a wildly vivid series of hallucinations, Anya killed and consumed her lover. Her heartbreak and regret for that action shattered something deep within her and pushed her further into madness. On occasion, she will hear his voice, feel his touch, or even see him with perfect clarity. Along with hallucinations of the many others she has killed, or even pure products of her imagination, these illusions are a fact of her life. Her response to them depends on her clarity of mind. On most days, Anya's mental powers focus her enough that she simply ignores them, tuning out their voices and walking around their bodies. 

The depression that Anya feels, due in no small part to her hallucinations, is ever-lasting. It follows her through every step of her daily life. For the most part, she is able to contain it, to put on a mask and bring up mental barricades that allow her to function enough and continue handling the duties of her everyday life. However, she cannot hide the sadness in her eyes. Those with the right sensitivity or intuition can always tell that she is a woman who has seen everything she has cared for torn away, and its effects run deep. On occasion, this depression becomes amplified. This can be due to the feeling of regret after feeding or killing, or for no reason in particular.

Although she is not a social animal, she can hold a conversation almost as well as anyone else. She is well-educated and has a deft political mind during her lucid moments. When in the midst of people, she is generally soft-spoken, letting the more vocal ones lead the conversation. But should she be called upon, her opinions are deftly expressed.

Due to her forlorn personality most people believe she's very weak and tend to challenge her, thinking that her mental state would make her an easy target. However, in battle, Anya relies on her centuries of experience to guide her actions, and she is by no means suicidal. At her core, she is an Arrancar, and she would rather destroy those around her than sacrifice herself, even when faced with madness. However, she is not demeaning to those that she fights. She does not taunt, boast, or insult like most of her species. Instead, she fights in eerie silence. Since Anya always feels pangs of regret after destroying her enemies, she rarely sees the need to hold back, knowing that mercy will do little to quench the sadness.

History: As a human, Anya lived the life of a cruel missionary’s daughter in an arid village. She was instructed daily in the strict and unforgiving tenants of her religion. She was shown the meager, poverty-stricken lives of the foreign people that her family had been sent to convert. Their sorrows, she was told, were the fault of their primitive beliefs, and only conversion would save their souls. However, Anya, a strong-minded girl with her own set of beliefs, chose not to proselytize and condemn. Instead, she befriended the people, and as she grew older, secretly instilled in them the idea that their own spirituality was as valid as the ones that her family preached. When her father learned of her secrets, his faith became corrupted. In an act of evil zealotry, he proclaimed that the people were blasphemous, and in the night, broke the levee on a nearby lake. His own daughter drowned along with all of the villagers, including those he had successfully converted. In death, Anya was consumed by regret, having been the catalyst for the horrid destruction of all that she held dear. Her spirit was corrupted by the sadness, and after becoming a vicious, scorpion-like Hollow, she slew her zealous father and vanished into the arid wastes.

Over the centuries, Anya Briggs consumed other Hollow to feed the black depths of her emptiness and grow stronger. But with each feeding came an overwhelming sense of regret. Her consciousness betrayed itself: it craved more and drove her to consume, yet it tore her mind apart with grief after every kill. Her mental powers warped and swelled in a twisted self-defense against the self-destruction, an attempt to keep her mind in one piece as it endeavored to tear itself apart. As an Adjuchas, she grouped with other Hollow in order to ensure a higher chance of survival. Her hunger and fragile mental state forced her to betray many of her allies, and in time, only one had the courage to stand with her. Together, they ascended into the exceedingly rare evolution known as Vasto Lorde.

  • Previsión (Foresight): Like most Arrancar, Anya's Pesquisa is activated with a pulse of spiritual energy centering near her head. Unlike others, Anya can obtain and organize massive amounts of pinpoint-accurate information with this ability. Each time that she releases one of these pulses, which are imperceptible to others, the amount of data she receives is enough to fill the memory of an advanced mapping computer. This, combined with the fact that she can send up to twenty pulses per second, makes it almost impossible for enemies with equal or lower reiatsu control to hide their spiritual pressure or location from her. By increasing the frequency of Pesquisa pulses by a factor of three, Anya can sense when a spiritually powered individual taps into the most basic level of their Reiryoku (or whatever other form of energy they command). This allows her to know the precise moment when an ability is about to be used, milliseconds before any effects become tangible. Previsión is so sensitive that it actually allows Anya to discern the nature of a unique Cero before it fully forms, just by subconsciously tracking the changing ebb and flow of the spiritual energy. So also, being able to use Prevision to sense the flow of existing energies; kinetic, heat, etc. She's able to detect the expansion of kinetic energy being exerted by moving limbs, thereby granting her a distinct sense of when normal punches, kicks, or any body motion would transpire. However, its real use is in the analysis of abilities prior to their full manifestation.

  • Relocacción (Shift): By applying mental focus on a single physical object matter (excluding sentient beings), Anya can lift, drop, push, pull as much as 1 ton within a radius of 50m, which moves two levels below her hohou speed. Beyond this extreme, she can manipulate almost any number of objects that total a mass of 0.110231 ton, but with a greater mental focus dependent of the numbers when manipulating the said compound of objects at the same time. Meanwhile, a single object that weighs less/equal to 0.110231 can be influenced with ease, as such the said object move at a speed one level below her base speed, regardless of the nature of the object matter, be it sand, rocks, boulders, wood, debris and the likes. Meanwhile, her control over object matter doesn't exceed influencing its movements, as she cannot dismantle, reconstruct or reshape them.
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Re: [Hollow] Anya Briggs


Post by Itsu » Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:32 pm


Zanpakutō Name: Escorpión (Scorpion)

Release Command: Poison, Escorpión

Zanpakutō Appearance: The Zanpakutō that contains the sealed powers of Anya's Hollow form is much like its wielder; it is a thing comprised of haunting beauty, with an appearance that seems to betray little of its true nature. Like many other Arrancar, whose primal spiritual powers are not so different from the Shinigami who stand as their eternal rivals, Anya's Hollow abilities are sealed away in the shape of a traditional katana. It is a solid design for a blade, and although she had no choice in its original form, she has refused to alter it using any scientific methods, as such Anya wields her Zanpakutō openly with a sense of pride.

The Broken Beauty and her Zanpakutō are both renowned for their ghostly white and black appearances. The tsuka wrappings of her katana are entirely without pigment, featuring no pattern at all and no stylistic flair. The usual cross-hatch technique of weaving is curiously absent, as well. In its place, the cloth is simply wrapped around the grip in a coil that looks as if it were somehow mass produced, or at the very least created without a care for the traditions of aesthetics. Yet it somehow brings with it a sense of beautiful simplicity.

The tsuba of Anya's Zanpakutō is a peculiar thing that almost betrays the nature and capabilities of the woman who wields it. Around the base of the blade, a small black disk begins the tsuba, inching out just a few centimeters. Then, in an otherwise unknown phenomenon, the outer portion of the guard, a diamond-shaped piece with its longer points bent back slightly towards the grip, floats around it, completely unattached. This section of the tsuba is held in place by the inherent force of the Zanpakutō, and cannot be displaced, despite it seeming to have no earthly bond to the rest of the sword. No matter how quickly Anya may slash the weapon, or how heavy an impact it may parry, it is as solidly bound as any other part of its design. Many would be wrong to think that her telekinesis is behind this. No matter what state of mind Anya may be in, it has absolutely no effect on the composition of her Zanpakutō; the unique tsuba is a permanent and relatively mundane characteristic of the weapon.


Resurrección Appearance: While revealing the true powers that lies within her blade, the Reiatsu in the area rises exponentially. White threads of spiritual energy explode outwards with a force that can rip the limbs off of Numero class opponent(s), and outright slaughter any adjuchas class opponent(s) who fails to retreat to a safe distance. Even equal class beings must steel their nerves and steady their feet in order to avoid being swept away in the ghostly glow of this torrential surge of spirit. For a few seconds, this swirling, ripping whirlwind engulfs the vicinity completely, cutting Anya off from vision. When it finally dies down, in the center of the ground-torn-asunder stands Anya Briggs in her Resurrección.

The released form of the Scorpion Queen gives justification to her legendary title, and touches on her exquisite sense of fashion in a way that shows how deep those roots are buried. The uniform of the Arrancar is completely obliterated as soon as the energy is released. In its place rests a tan, almost flesh-like gown that sports a bone motif, as one might expect from an Arrancar’s release. The dress itself is much like those seen in the human world hundreds of years ago, featuring a large bottom held in place by a radial series of finger-like bones that act like an external bustle; a lattice to keep it in place. These bone ridges trail upwards, through her corset-shaped midsection, forming a circlet beneath her breasts and around her mid-back. Her chest is covered by two extended pieces of the dress. Beneath the umbrella-like bottom of her outfit, Anya's legs are now covered by bone and tan cloth, shaped much like gala or dress boots. They trail all the way up her legs, and serve her well, despite the heels.

Upon Anya's face, little immediately changes. The spinal portion of her mask fragments, once hidden by her hair, now trail from the middle of her forehead to the bottom of her actual spine, just above where the bell-like expanse of her gown begins. On the way, it skips her Hollow-hole and becomes temporarily embedded in a shoulder-plate made of bone that encircles Anya's neck and extends down her shoulders. In the middle of her biceps, rings of bone attach to sleeve coverings that continue on to her wrists. Another bit of bone separates these from her hands, which now feature three-inch long fingernails that seem razor-sharp and as hard as steel. These are Anya's primary weapons in place of the Zanpakutō lost upon her release. They are nigh-unbreakable, easily able to block other Zanpakatoū or even cleave clean through flesh with their almost impossible sharpness. Yet they are not the only weapons in the Scorpion Queen’s formidable arsenal.

The spinal cord bones that run down her back can, at will, split down the middle at the base of her dress and grow far larger. These two new ‘tails’ are about ten feet long, made of segmented spinal columns allowing for flexibility. Each is tipped with a vicious looking scorpion stinger made completely of bone, twice the size of a human head. With these tails, the melee capabilities of Anya's Resurrección become far more formidable. While they cannot extend much farther than their natural length, they are incredibly durable, and can strike with enough force to crater the ground beneath their targets. They are blindingly as fast as her base movement speed and make use of her telekinesis to react quickly to predicted attacks in ways that her natural limbs cannot. But these are not the only benefits of the two tails.

Within each head of her scorpion tails rests a reservoir of tear-like poison known as the Teardrops. These teardrops are also fully imbedded in Anya's three inch fingernails. Upon a successful attack, whether it be a full piercing strike or a simple graze on the skin, once an opponent has been exposed to the poison, no matter how small the volume, the poison is released into the victim. It subsequently dissolves a portion of the victim’s memory equal to one tenth of their total life experience. The sections are obliterated starting from their childhood and ending with the present. And they leave nothing in their wake. All experiences, feelings, and even the skills that one gained during those periods of their lives are entirely negated. After a few strikes, talented swordsmen may forget the basics of their training, leaving them more vulnerable. Those that suffer through five or more may even waver in controlling their powers, having lost the memories of how to use them and the decades of training needed to master them. After the tenth strike, Anya's victims revert to a child-like state of total ignorance, incapable of speaking, let alone defending themselves. In other words, victims tend to lose more portions of their memories after every successful poisonous strikes. The loss of memories also causes fogginess , resulting to a mental haze similar to a state of dreaming. Hallucinations are common, as are phantom sensations and an inability to understand the consequences of one’s actions. However, the memory-erasure effects of Anya's resurrección are temporary, and end as soon as she returns back to her sealed state.

Resurrección Abilities


• Sensing
• Telekinesis

Name: Enhanced Previsión (Ultra Instinct)
Type: Released passive ability I
Element: Sensing
Description: In resurrecciòn, Anya’s ability to release pulses that obtain and organize massive amounts of pinpoint accurate information transcends to the extent where she can not only detect abilities or body movements prior to their full manifestation, but can also detect and alert her of imminent threat(s) within a certain radius. The Scorpion queen is capable of attaining such feat as the second anything disturbs the flow of tracking pulses of her ever stable Pesquisa; it transmits the data back to the queen’s mind instantaneously. Ultra instinct is commonly represented as manifesting a tingling feeling at the center of Anya’s head. It also alerts her of abnormalities such as personal threat in proportion to the severity of that threat. This further implies a kind of intelligence, capable of parsing Anya’s surroundings identifying and critically evaluating a possible threat at a preconscious level and furnishing this information immediately into her mind. The said enhanced form of Previsión passively alerts Anya when the threat is within a radius of 20m due to immense concentration of her pulses within the said range, and it can only alert Anya of a single incognizant threat at a time as multiple abnormalities will cause random disturbance in range of perception and bypass its tracking pulses. So also, the connection between Anya’s Ultra instinct and her innate reflexes in resurrecciòn is such that ‘Enhanced Previsión’ can trigger a reaction which contains directional components even when the Fracciòn isn’t aware of the imminent threat, as long as her head keeps releasing and receiving feedbacks from the pulses of spiritual energy which spreads across the vicinity and touches everything within its range at once. In other words, unaware disturbances processed as data and are been transmitted into Anya's mind, instantaneously jolts a bodily reaction in proportion to the severity of the threat in other to cause her body to shift away from its direction as immediate as the data hits the shell of her cranium. The use of this technique is reiatsu demanding as it continuously taps from her existing spiritual energy.

Name: Enhanced Relocation
Type: Released active ability II
Element: Telekinesis
Description: Anya’s resurrecciòn proved to have not only serve as a catalyst but also an amplifying mechanism as her ability to mentally influence the movements of physical object matter has pushed pass her previous limitations in her sealed state, whereby things created from her reiatsu are slaves to the will of her mind power. With the aid of her telekinetic ability, the broken beauty can now affect the movement of physical object matter as much as 1½ ton within a radius of 50m, which moves two levels below her hohou speed. So also her mental focus when manipulating multiple objects that total a mass of 0.225 ton at a time has become refined moderately but can lose control over objects if she's greatly distracted. Meanwhile, a single object that weighs less/equal to 0.225 ton can be influenced with greater ease, and the said object move at a speed one level below her base speed, regardless of the nature of the object matter. Nevertheless, her control over object matter still doesn’t exceed influencing its movements only.
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Re: [Hollow] Anya Briggs


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[Battle Summary]
Cero Legion
RankSoul Level
Scorpion Queen

Powers & Abilities

Reiatsu [A+]

I have now reached a level where my reiatsu can be understood as truly enormous amount of spiritual or even oceanic. I've become so spiritually impressive that surpassing the realms of Captain is something very few could questions. As of now using even mid-level techniques has become inconsequential, and high level techniques can almost be used in excess at this point. Furthermore my power can be felt over vast distances, even when slightly restrained. With enough control I could pose a significant threat using my reiatsu alone, without control my presence alone would be enough to cause moderate harm.

Strength [D+]

At this point I have forsaken my humanity entirely and have moved beyond. While still lacking impressive feats spiritual beings above this level have accomplished, I'm definitely flirting with the idea of super human. I even gained enough strength to seriously hurt those weaker than me without even trying, while those of similar constitution would take care not to eat too many of my attacks and even those above me would have to think twice about taking something like a raw punch. Throwing something like the weight of a motorcycle could be effective in combat, while my attacks can take down thin walls.

Durability [D]

I've reached average durability of the souls inhabiting the Rukon districts. Still quite as capable of taking damage as an Academy graduate, but capable of taking a few blows of moderate strength before falling.

Endurance [C]

I exist at in the middle of the road in terms of conditioning. Trying to last for extended periods of time would prove difficult as exhaustion would surely set in before long. A decent level of high intensity action wold feel draining unless I could take a moment to catch my breath.

Reiatsu Control [A+]

I can completely hide up to A+ reiatsu; mostly control S; partially control S+.
  • Reaitsu channeling can produce near-full stength blasts with medium range, using less reiatsu in making them.
  • Blast strength is perfectly controlled.
  • Can cast:
    • Shinigami:
      • Kidou: 1 - 91 with incantation
      • Incantation Abandonment: can cast Kidou 55 to 81 at reduced power
      • Mastery: can cast up to Kidou 54 at full power without incantation
      • Two-Fold Incantation: can cast two kidou at the same time, at full power, by mixing the incantations
      • Double Casting: can cast the same kidou at two targets at once.
    • Arrancar:
      • A Novice Cero (Adjucha-power)
      • A Normal Cero
      • Twin Cero (one Cero per hand), both at Normal Cero power.
      • A fully-loaded Cero
      • Bala -- 20 times quicker than a Cero, especially in the load time, but weaker in effect
      • Bala Barrage -- at reduced effect
      • Cero uses less reiatsu to make; strength is perfectly controlled.
      • Cero techniques reach full potential and stability.

Zanjutsu [E+]

When I execute sword techniques, there is clear evidence of someone who knows how wield a blade with some accuracy, power and balance. While no seasoned fighter, I also know at some fundamentals and can prove myself capable of not only buttering toast, but maybe lasting for a minute in a kendo spar.

Hakuda [D]

As a casual user of this art, I have learned enough of the basics to use it in instances where I lack a weapon. My techniques have power, accuracy and balance, but I still lack confidence in my skill, so application is likely to be unimaginative and cautious. I will miss openings and am likely to be drawn in by a gambit. I am not the most likely to engage in hand-to-hand combat, but it is a valid option if absolutely necessary.

Hohou [S]

Now being recognized as a Grandmaster, I have transcended all formal understandings of speed prior to this level. In fact, the extent of my capabilities is so great that most movements become difficult if not impossible to comprehend without complete focus. I have also been known to be capable of creating at most 5 clones of myself at once. These clones are indistinguishable from the my true self and mimic my movements, but they do not last long.

Zanpakutou Mastery [C]

3rd ability unlocked, 2nd mastered.
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