[Global Copy] MAV 2.2 Update Preview

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[Global Copy] MAV 2.2 Update Preview


Post by Overseer » Wed Oct 02, 2019 10:29 pm

Nearly a year after the 2.1 update, it's about time take the next big step of the Forum's life. Like before this will cover a large amount of changes slated to be implemented into the forum and the RP. So, without further delay let's get into it.
Changes to be made to the Forum:

First and foremost is an update to the Forum's Software and security. Not too much to say here, but a few upgrades in terms of the forum's current feature set, as well as potential defenses against spambots will be made. This will be taking place for the New Year, which will likely coincide with a three day maintenance period.

Expansion of “MAV” to channels and areas outside of the forums.

Aside from that an addition of extra areas outside of MAV for certain activities which be explained in detail at a later time. But, as a heads up check out this link.

Aside from this, the discord server will be revived and revamped given the abundance of new features discord has added over the time. Between the discord and the link above, this will also serve as a means to contact me outside of the forum as well as serve as host to events and potential giveaways.

“Soft-Hosting” Manga, Adding in Full Discussions, and Anime Streams

Next is big, but it is a change I have been planning to implement for a long time now. With 2.2, MAV will be hosting the latest chapters of select manga series, which I will hear your suggestions on. With this, changes will be made to the Entertainment/General Discussion forums. General discussion will be used to house the new chapters alongside threads dedicated to discussion surround them, their anime, and all other things anime/manga related.

Given the logistics though this take will be somewhat difficult. Effectively I’ll be reposting latest chapters of certain series, which means collecting and reposting the images on the forum. This could take a lot of time, so there are few options here. I may ask for help doing this, or most likely, I’ll simply post the links to new chapters of stuff as they become available. Expect more information on this project with the final announcement on MAV 2.2

Now chances are you all might be asking about anime as well. This is something that’s a bit more difficult to accomplish. However, I and taking into consideration a monthly/bi-monthly “watch party” where I will stream anime choices to whoever decides to join in. Chances are there might be a project thread dedicated to these matters later on.

Implementation of the “MAV Wiki”, and the new Wiki Project

As of Today, actually, the MAV Wiki project has begun. It was brought up before and the wiki will serve as a centralized location to house any and all information related to the RP. From profiles, race info, location info, as well as the information regarding various RP storylines, event information and more. Aside from that, the wiki will house the previously announced, but not yet implemented Skill Library and will act as the home to the also previously announced “Skill Sharing” System. Additional functions and features will be added to the wiki as time goes on, and a dedicated project page will be added for those wishing to contribute as well as take part in developing/suggestions further uses for the wiki.

Upcoming Changes and Updates to the CBS

It’s been a long time coming, but the CBS will soon be finalized. With the upcoming implementation of the “traits” system the base development of the CBS will be complete, and it’s likely no more radical changes will follow. So with this, fixes and adjustments to the main page will be made, fixes to the kidou/cero, and skill system will be made (apparently it’s been broken for a while). Updates to the Hakuda descriptions will be implemented, alongside a few other minor changes.

Implementation of “X” Level Stats

As the CBS is reaching its completion, it’s only natural that the stats system reach its inevitable conclusion as well. As discuss previous X-level stats will equate to “perfected” stats. While they won’t differ from S+ level stats in rough terms of power and potency, X-level will include a variety of advanced benefits such as X-level Reiatsu control will allow for full-powered casting of all spells without incarnation. Or X-level Reiatsu being effectively limitless. X-level combat skills such as Hakuda and Zanjutsu, etc. can never miss, instead opponents must either dodge or defend against them somehow.

Of course, as X level stats are immensely powerful there will be several conditions associated with being able to attain them. First is an approval process which will be voted on by members of the forum. Members whose RP skills are widely recognized or respected will be inducted into a “Royal Guard” or an equivalent group. Members of this rank will be able to gain a single X-level stat (though possibility of a second is in consideration).

Furthermore, a massive amount of CBS bonuses will be required in order to gain X-level. As it stands now, all other CBS stats require a single level to improve them. X-level will require 30 (doubled if second X stats are allowed). Part of this is done so that people who have reached RG can’t just immediately reach X-level (unless they redistribute preexisting points), as well as countering potentially massive point disparities.

Lastly, a certain level of in-character activity must be maintained. This is mainly an incentive for activity, but also a matter of making sure that X-level is consistently earned/justified. Beyond that, can’t stay in shape if you don’t train!

Updates and Changes to the RP

Introducing the Duty Report System:

Given the fact that tracking user activity is and has been some what if a challenge, the Duty Report System has been created to address this issue and more accurately and more surely reward people for their activity. All anyone has to do is simply report in on their post count at the start of the month, and then once again on the last day of the month. Rewards will be given based on the number of posts made within certain sections of the forum. This will coincide with the commendations systems and will act as the more direct means to improve character power.

Implementation of a Forumwide Money/Currency System

As a means to further expand the RP as well as the types of rewards people can earn among other things, the new currency system will be implement on the forum as a whole. This was once an idea that and system that ran in one of divisions back in the old days, but now it will be included on a global scale. What this system will do is allow for the usage and development of additional character enhancements such as earned weapon and item crafting. Bonus CBS levels, as well as further and more direct character enchantments such as skills, new abilities, and even new benefits called traits.

Introducing the Character Traits System

As was always the goal of the CBS the character traits system was and is the final piece of the puzzle. As it might have been mentioned before, traits are and will be forms of character level enhancements that aren’t stat related. Traits can be things such as enhanced sight, smell, hearing, and reiatsu sensitivity. They can also be things like reduced Reiatsu cost when using certain techniques, or elements. Additional resistance against certain elements and forms of attacks, as well be able to use elemental reiatsu, or even making certain kinds of attacks stronger.

Traits will work in two ways. You may create your own traits, and add them to what will hopefully be a large library of traits that people may choose from should they decide not to come up with their own. Or people may choose from the list of existing traits that will either be housed in the RP Hub, or from the list of traits that divisions themselves might hold.

Traits are meant be the last layer of character depth and customization. As of now, I am considering that traits will effectively have no limits. Meaning, any one character can use however many traits they desire so long as they are earned. And with the implementation of the other various CBS systems and likely increase to the the amounts of rewards given it seems like a natural progression to allow this. However if need be, traits will be limited to one of the following numbers (3,5,6,10) depending on what seems appropriate following closer evaluation.

Implementation Of The Queting System

Announced way too long ago, the quest system is effectively complete, and in some limited cases it has already been implemented. That aside, quests will a primary source for generating activity, CBS levels, money, and other rewards. Generally speaking quests are basically writing prompts that will loosely guide your RP activity. Essentially they exist to give you something more defined to do. Quests can contribute to the whole of the RP, Your Character’s own development, NPC/Divisional stories, or just provide you with some good old fashioned brawling. Aside from this, quests will also be related to events and other large scale forum activities.

Keeping up with how quests are intending to be, quest reviews will be kept simple. Quests are going to be evaluated purely and wholly on whether you completed them or not. That’s it. Turn in a quest, and it’s done. You’ll collect whatever associated awards upon approval. This means you can either pass or fail the objectives listed in your quests but still have it be considered complete. That said, reviewers will check to see if objectives are handled in a reasonable manner. Because of course, effort is required!

Following the launch of the questing system, a new section dedicated to everything quest related will be implemented as well.

For more details on quests refer to the previous announcement linked here.

Introducing “The Lost Grounds”

As many should “Lost Trials” idea that was once a massive project that was slated to be an evolution, and successor to the Seventh’s Ruins RPG. However since the start of the Inferno/Togabito projects, development on this idea has slowed and effectively is not to be considered dead. The Lost Grounds will serve not only as an evolution of both previous ideas, it is something entirely new and it’s own. It was designed to be both ambitious, and simple.

The Lost Grounds will be massive shared adventure/and exploration focused zones located in the furthest reaches of Hell. People will be able to explore, battle it’s inhabitants and each other, take quests, find treasures, and crawl through dungeons. Beyond that, people will also be able to not only claim their own territory, and make their own cities and kingdoms within the lost grounds, future rules of the Lost Grounds will also have influence over its rules.

Development of the Lost Grounds has already begun, with a bulk of the work having been laid out prior to this announcement. As it is now, the plan is to expedite development of the Lost Grounds to the point that the first zone (and possibly a second) opens by the middle of this month. As the Lost Grounds are intended to be an on-going and ever developing project there will be many new opportunities for new zones, new types of ideas, and other things to be added. In fact, people will be able to create and implement their own Lost Grounds in the future.

For additional information on the Lost Grounds project, visit the Lost Grounds Guidebook thread.

In regards to the now closed Lost Trials project, the work from that will be merged into and added to the Lost Grounds in future updates. CBS rewards will be delivered to those who have contributed significantly to the Lost Trials project as minor apology for this abrupt and drastic change, as well as a thanks for the hard work put in. For those wishing to see their works implemented into the Lost Grounds, please contact me via PM ASAP.

And lastly, for any wishing to contribute to Lost Grounds project please report to the Lost Trials thread, which will be renamed. We’ll be discussing things related to this new project there from not until further notice.
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