[13th Division] Kara Masters

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[13th Division] Kara Masters


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Kara Masters is an asian female, standing at 5 feet and 4 inches, and weighing about 120 pounds. She has shoulder-length dark hair and large, heavily-lashed, slightly slanted amber eyes. Kara possesses a slight, athletic build.

Kara Masters wears a sleeveless shikahusho (shinigami uniform), with a customized black leather top. She wears no makeup or jewelry. Kara wears steel-plated, fingerless gloves, which help her defend against attacks from bladed weapons.

Personality and Characteristics

Having been raised and trained by a strict, ascetic order of monks, Kara possesses great self-discipline. She is soft-spoken but typically direct when speaking. Kara is capable of extraordinary focus, enabling her to complete tasks or objectives much quicker than most. She is an incredibly gifted empath, able to discern the emotions and motives of others even after a short meeting; her deeply sympathetic nature is not always a gift, as she can sometimes become too deeply entangled in others' feelings.

Kara's sense of humor is somewhat off-kilter, and she doesn't always catch on to the wit or humor of others. Kara possesses a very strong moral center and code, passed on to her by the order that raised her. She hates injustice, and will fight it fierely and selflessly whereever and whenever she finds it.

Kara is completely freaked out by racoons, and hates sleeping on her belly. She's a devout vegetarian, and a fitness fanatic, spending most of her days working out or training. Kara also loves books, and collects them wherever she can; she especially loves epic poems dealing with questions of mortality or divinity.

Before any battle she deems important, Kara will usually paint a stripe on either side of her face, high on her cheeks, using a special red paint she keeps in a vial tied to her sash. This is a special meditative ritual practiced by the monks of the Order of Vigilants, and a reminder to herself of where she comes from, and the teachings of the order.

Fighting Style

Kara prefers unarmed martial arts to any other, and has developed a very strong instinct for hand-to-hand combat. She doesn't like bladed weapons, but will sometimes use a staff, batons or other unbladed fighting tools.

Kara has studied most hand-to-hand techniques and ardently practices them, continuing to improve her skill. She is also very quick, and combines this with her martial arts to deadly effect.

As Kara possesses the 'Ambrosia' aspect of the Prime Potential, she has no detectable spirit energy, and is completely unable to use Kido.


Mortimis, a powerful Death God and Psion, fell in love with Majutsuchi Yoru No Kama, the most powerful Red Shard who ever lived. They had two children, Korran Warlok, and Yana Yoru No Kama.

Following the Battle of Emerald Forge, where Majutsuchi and his master Varst- a being of mythical psionic powers- lost against Scion, a group sworn to protect the known worlds, Majutsuchi instructed Mortimis to flee into hiding with their children, and raise them to exact vengeance on Scion and their allies.

Despite Mortimis' efforts, she was eventually found by agents of Scion. They defeated Mortimis, and took her children, Korran and Yana, into their custody.

Korran and Yana where given to the Order of Vigilants, where they would learn the ways of the secret society and learn to control their powers. It was soon discovered that both siblings were Prime Potentials, beings with the potential of activating the Chaos Core, a source of immeasurable power born at the very beginnings of the Cosmos. However, Korran- like his father- also possessed a Red Shard, part of a corrupt and unfathomably malevolent entity known as the Red Demon. When they attempted to expel the demon, the Vigilants and Scion realized, too late, that Korran had already fallen under its influence. Korran was able to defeat them, and he fled the Order, and vanished.

Knocked off balance and uncertain, the Order of Vigilants decided to seal Yana away, to forestall any chance of the demon taking possession of her as it did her brother. However, Tayatra Vhandri and most of Scion argued against it, believing that in doing so they might lose their best chance of defeating Korran Warlok, should he ever harness the Red Shard's full power, as Yana could potentially unlock the Chaos Core before Korran did.

Five years on, and despite Scion's fervent pleas, the Order went forward with their plan to seal Yana. Unbeknowst to them, Yana was already aware of their intentions, and, before they could enact them, she fled the Order, determined to find her brother and save him from the Red Shard.

Using her Ambrosia aspect to her advantage, Kara avoided detection by the Order, and found her way to Soul Society's Gotei Thirteen. Yana changed her name to Kara Masters and joined one of the prestigious squads, where she would hone her powers and continue her search for her brother, Korran Warlok.

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Re: [13th Division] Kara Masters


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[Battle Summary]
Second Division
RankSoul Level

Powers & Abilities

Reiatsu [A]

I now sit among the upper ranks of elite spiritual beings. Now possessing an enormous amount of spiritual power, performing an extended number of high level techniques becomes completely possible. Even using mid-level techniques feels almost inconsequential now. Furthermore my power can be felt over great distances even when slightly restrained, and with enough control I could even cause moderate harm using my reiatsu alone.

Strength [B+]

At this pace, my strength will quickly grow out of control. An attack using strength alone could knock back a larger opponent by many body lengths, with lasting damage. As of now my attacks have become capable of pulverizing even metal, and small buildings would tremble in the wake of my unrestrained might. My attacks could drastically hurt those weaker than me, while those of similar constitution would take care now to eat too many of my attacks. One solid punch would prove critical if not mitigated. Those slightly above me would have to think twice about taking something like a raw punch or even taking my attacks in excess. Throwing something as heavy as a semi-truck could be effective in combat.

Durability [A]

Growing stronger still, I find myself eating most attacks for breakfast. In fact, I don't even wake up unless it to face heavy blows. All else will likely just glance off unless reinforced somehow. Those fighting against me with strength alone will find themselves at a standstill unless they're stronger.

Endurance [B+]

As an example of peak conditioning, it would take a notable level of high intensity activity before I would break a sweat. Even still, it would take a rather dedicated effort to slow me down.

Reiatsu Control [E]

Cannot control reiatsu at all, unless a device does it.
  • Cannot channel reiatsu.
  • Reiatsu A+ and up: Full reiatsu is channeled uncontrollably to whatever the character touches.
  • Cannot cast kidou or cero.

Zanjutsu [E]

At this level I exhibit a total lack of knowledge and or skill. I have no idea I am doing. Any attack I do would be based on instinct and guesses. At best swings are imprecise and leave many openings for counter-attacks, parries, and the like. Even a solid impact might knock the blade from the my hand. It's almost a wonder that if I would be capable of buttering toast. Of course, someone a bit more knowledgeable would use a butter knife.

Hakuda [A]

Expert no more, I am now recognized as a master of the art. Masters are the best-trained in Hakuda. In fact, masters are so well versed in hand-to-hand combat that most moves can be executed to devastating effect, leaving little option for defense to any who are not at least equal in skill. All of the basics and variations are applied with reflex-level spontaneity. Their understanding of force and balance allows them to attempt and recover from techniques that would leave a lesser artist on their face. The opponent's anatomy and movements are an open book, and the Master has complete control over how much force is used. Even a miss can have enough power behind it to cause area damage. They know all of the art's theory and probably all of the advanced techniques, and begin to experiment with concepts to advance both.

Hohou {A+]

In addition to the abilities and skills of normal masters, those like me that have achieved beyond have also proven themselves capable of leaving afterimages behind in the wake of their high-speed movements. This often makes disguising their whereabouts and confusing slower opponents easy.

Zanpakutou Mastery [C+]

(Shikai/Resureccion): 4th ability unlocked, 3rd ability mastered.

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Re: [13th Division] Kara Masters


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[Soul Slayer Name]

[Soul Slayer Spirit]
Within Kara's Inner World, Godsworn takes the form of Kara herself, though with white hair and piercing blue eyes, and refers to herself as Helm. She is strict and unforgiving, and will usually make Kara take on trials before teaching her any new techniques.

[Inner World]
Yana's inner world is a vast, icy mountain range ravaged by a perpetual blizzard. Atop the central and highest mountain is an incredibly tall tower of austere black marble. Treacherous steps spiral up the outside of the castle to a large room at the top, where Helm sits upon a black throne, watching over her dominion.

[Release Phrase]

[Initial Release/Shikai appearance]
Once Godsworn is released, it turns into pure radiant silver energy, which then reforms into a silvery, flexible armor covering the entirety of both her arms. The armor is a silver alloy, and can tank hits with a physical power equivalent to Kara's spirit energy level. However, like any armor, hits with greater power will eventually cause it to wear.

[Soul Slayer Power Base]
Particle Manipulation

[Initial Release/Shikai Abilities]


Ambrosia Aspect
The Ambrosia Aspect is a characteristic unique to those known as Prime Potentials, beings capable of unlocking the Chaos Core, an ancient power source. Kara's Ambrosia Aspect makes her spiritual energy completely undetectable (except for those possessing extremely high spirit power), while heightening her own awareness of the life-forces/spiritual energy of others dramatically. However, it completely takes away her ability to use Kido.

Kara's Ambrosial Aspect gives her access to her most basic and most powerful ability- Sovereign.

Kara wields control over all particulate matter, which includes corporeal (rocks, water, steel) and incorporeal (air,fire, spirit energy) things. This control comes in two forms, macro and micro. Macro control is basic telekinesis, moving objects from one place to another.

Micro control is transmutation, manipulating objects at the subatomic level to change their very substance i.e. changing water to ice, or earth to magma to steel, or fire to spirit energy, and vice versa. Transmutation occurs telekinetically, with no need for actual bodily contact with the target object. The speed of a transmutation is dependent on the mass of the body being transmuted/changed, where bodies of a mass equal to her own take about twenty seconds (This duration may be reduced with training). However, physical contact with the object being transmuted speeds up the process by 50%, as it allows her to channel her Ambrosia Aspect directly into the object.

Macro Control costs 1.5% of Kara's total spirit energy for masses double her own, while Micro Control costs 3.0%. However, this is for the initial 'telekinetic grasp' i.e. when she first ‘grabs’ an object with her telekinesis, or transmutes it. Subsequently, the cost is more psychic than energy-based, with a drain of 5% of Kara’s psychic energy per three-posts during which the object is telekinetically held. This translates as a 5% reduction per three-posts of Kara’s speed, strength, agility and reaction time. Once Kara drops her telekinetic hold, her psychic energy is restored at the same rate as it was drained.

There is no definite limit to the number of simultaneously controllable masses; the only limit is in the energy and mental stamina required.

Kara's particle control has a maximum range of 100 meters. However, the cost of a telekinetic grasp increases by 0.5% per meter for every meter beyond 50 meters, while the physical cost increases by 0.2%. Kara cannot control objects linked physically with sentient matter (souls, mortals), or those intrinsically psychically or vitally linked with sentient matter (zanpakutou). Kara can however manipulate objects actively infused with the lifeforce/ spiritual energy of another, where her own spiritual energy is at least two levels above the opponent's, though the cost of control would be increased by 25%, with this additional cost reduced by 5% for every level over two between her spiritual energy and the opponent's (i.e. 2 levels above = 25%, 3 levels above = 20%, etc).


By manipulating the ambrosial energies within herself, Kara is capable of activating a unique optical ability called Scryer. When Scryer is activated, Kara’s pupils and irises darken, then transform into two thin black rings, while her sclera turn a piercing silver.

Scryer allows Kara to view the worlds in terms of its energies. Through training Kara can learn to ‘mask out’ energies, allowing her to effectively see through obstructions or structures. Being able to view energies also allows Kara to predict attacks by studying energy patterns, which may dramatically increase her reaction time. Kara can also warp space visually, allowing her to zoom in on objects at a distance, as well as ‘wrapping’ space around her, allowing her to see in all directions simultaneously.

Activating the Scryer ability costs 5% of Kara's spiritual energy, whilst maintaining it will reduce all her physical abilities by 2.5% per three posts; the telescopic variant zaps 2.5% of her spirit energy for every 100 feet zoomed, and the panoramic variant requires an additonal 5% of her spirit energy to use. Both variants have the same affect on her physical abilities as Scryer's base power.

Wrathful Oath
Using her particle control ability Kara is able to kinetically charge solid objects by accelerating their particles, effectively energizing them. This allows her to create explosions, even out of thin air.

To create explosions, objects must be charged up a hundred percent, which drains 3.0% of Kara's energy for solid objects of mass equal to her own; the explosive energy released (for objects of mass equal to Kara's) is the equivalent of a full-powered Shakkaho/Red Fire Cannon Hadou. Objects will explode once Kara releases her telekinetic hold on them, allowing her to fire off charged objects at opponents. Kara's explosions are accompanied by bright flashes, force and heat waves and loud bangs- like every other explosion.

Like transmutation, kinetic charging takes 20 seconds (10 seconds where there is physical contact) for objects of a mass equal to Kara's. A less than hundred percent charge on an object typically results in intense combustion, rather than an explosion i.e. really hot flames, for combustible objects.

Wrathful Oath shares the same range of effect, and range consequences, as Kara's base particule manipulation ability, Sovereign.

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