[ Captain ] Akutagawa Atsushi

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[ Captain ] Akutagawa Atsushi


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Name :


Aliases :

Lord Of The Atsushi Clan.
Head and Founder Of The Akuta CoOps.

Age :

Chronological Age : 325years old.
Physical Age : 21 years old.

Physical Look : Akuta's physical features[ except for his face] are a refractive picture of what he actually looks underneath his large, sketchy attire. A fluttering white hair laced with silver, falling freely on his shoulders while cloaked above with a tattered kasa. Most of the time, his face is concealed by the silhouette of his kasa, letting his coruscating eye pupils to give off flash trails of crimson hued energy. Scarfing around his neck with a loose, tattered red piece of clothing, it layers even his chest and flap at wind's direction.
Reiatsu :

Color : A splash of light blue and red.
Form : N/A
Selfness : Akuta's selfness is but a myriad of interwoven personalities, spawned from the broken, traumatic childhood he was raised from. These personalities possesses varying forms, reiatsu hues, physical features, demeanors and abstract features, partially or entirely different from one another. However, the true personality, Akutagawa is a personality that coexists with all other personalities, carving away any mishaps and problems amongst other personalities. Each personality manifest based on a certain condition, environment or if willed by Akutagawa himself. Easily, the true personality holds great leadership, guiding and stage quality to even set things right between rivaling personality.

Biography : W.I.P

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Re: [ Vice-Captain ] Akutagawa Atsushi


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[Battle Summary]
Thirteenth Division
RankSoul Level

Powers & Abilities

Reiatsu [S]

I as I am now, I sit in a realm thought to be the pinnacle of spiritual power. This power is so immense that even Captains feel small by comparison. Titanic would be the best to describe my spiritual strength, where even high-level spells feel almost inconsequential to use. At this point, my full power would be oppressive even to those at a great distance. It would take significant suppression efforts to prevent my presence from being known to all as soon as I appeared on scene. With enough control my reiatsu alone is could used to near lethal effect when focused, without control my presence alone is enough to cause significant harm to anyone unable to resist it.

Strength [B]

I've now reached the start of the upper echelons of strength, and have become truly formidable. My attacks could drastically hurt those weaker than me, while those of similar constitution would take care now to eat too many of my attacks. One solid punch would prove critical if not mitigated. Those slightly above me would have to think twice about taking something like a raw punch or even taking my attacks in excess. Throwing something as heavy as a large elephant could be effective in combat, while my attacks could punch through even thick layers of steel.

Durability [B]

I am now showing signs of being a defensive force to truly be reckoned with. Mid-tier attacks can be handled with relative ease, to an extent, while minimally impacting my ability to carry on.

Endurance [B]

Being well above average in terms of endurance, I could definitely last all night long before breaking a sweat. A moderately high level of high intensity action would most likely slow me down.

Reiatsu Control [S]

I can completely hide up to S reiatsu; mostly control S+.
  • Reaitsu channeling can produce full stength blasts with medium range, using moderately less reiatsu in making them.
  • Blast strength is perfectly controlled.
  • Can cast:
    • Shinigami:
      • Kidou: 1 - 99 with incantation
      • Incantation Abandonment: can cast Kidou 64 to 91 at reduced power
      • Mastery: can cast up to Kidou 63 at full power without incantation
      • Two-Fold Incantation: can cast two kidou at the same time, at full power, by mixing the incantations
      • Double Casting: can cast the same kidou at two targets at once.
    • Arrancar:
    • A Novice Cero (Adjucha-power)
    • Twin Cero (one Cero per hand), both slightly more powerful than a Novice Cero.
    • A fully charged Cero
    • Twin Full Cero -- one Cero per hand, both between Normal Cero and fully-loaded Cero power
    • Bala -- 20 times quicker than a Cero, especially in the load time, but weaker in effect
    • Bala Barrage -- to full effect
    • Cero uses a good bit less less reiatsu to make; strength is perfectly controlled
    • Cero techniques reach devastating potential and are always stable.

Zanjutsu [B]

I have now entered expert territory and have gained recognition as of of the most skilled individuals in this field. While not a master, an I am more than capable of handling myself in a physical altercation. My deeper knowledge of the theory behind the art and their capabilities allows for imaginative variations of basic techniques on the fly. The blade starts to become an extension of my own body. If an expert leaves an opening, it is most likely a gambit to draw the opponent in. I have learned several advanced techniques. At this level, the path from not even being able to butter toast to movements precise enough to shave the hair off an opponent's arm without breaking the skin -- or artfully butter toast with one's sword -- can clearly be seen.

Hakuda [D]

As a casual user of this art, I have learned enough of the basics to use it in instances where I lack a weapon. My techniques have power, accuracy and balance, but I still lack confidence in my skill, so application is likely to be unimaginative and cautious. I will miss openings and am likely to be drawn in by a gambit. I am not the most likely to engage in hand-to-hand combat, but it is a valid option if absolutely necessary.

Hohou [S]

Now being recognized as a Grandmaster, I have transcended all formal understandings of speed prior to this level. In fact, the extent of my capabilities is so great that most movements become difficult if not impossible to comprehend without complete focus. I have also been known to be capable of creating at most 5 clones of myself at once. These clones are indistinguishable from the my true self and mimic my movements, but they do not last long.

Zanpakutou Mastery [C+]

(Shikai/Resureccion): 4th ability unlocked, 3rd ability mastered.

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Re: [ Vice-Captain ] Akutagawa Atsushi


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Zanpakutō : Omōikane
Sealed State Appearance : Omōikane's appearance is without any distinction from a regular styled katana, however, Omōikane is a blade with the self-skill to split upon reiatsu-channelling.
At the cross guard, a switch is found, similar to an 'On-Off' switch.
Omōikane is, in fact, a broken zanpakuto and tends to become whole upon the usage of two release commands. However, this has been hinted by the splitting up of the zanpakutō into two. But after becoming whole, it ignores the effects of division. Though a zanpakuto requiring two release commands, it is possible to use only one to release the presence into the world, however, it's full strength won't be realized.

Shikai :
Name :
[ The Perception/Thought-Combining Entity. Lit : God Of Boundless Understanding, Knowledge and Control.]

Release Command(s) :
1 • Mugen no Chisiki, Omōikane [ 無限の, の知. Open the path to infinite Knowledge, Omōikane ]

- Upon this release command, a large surge of electricity courses through his head, his eyes glitters, sparkling like the descent of a lightning bolt. Second later, a halo rest above his head, gifting a new better pair of eyes. Behind him, an entity hovers, holding a folded paper and an hour-glass. However, it is intangible, incapable of affecting matter. This enables him to gain the perception of anything up to 150metres radius. Feeling and noticing the presence of anything and everything within his field of perception as well as understand and know the limit of a system without being capable of influencing it, I.e, he can know the number of times a body can be struck in order to produce a significant amount of damage, etcetera.

2 • Shimeshi, Omōikane [の認識. Show me all perceptions and bring them under my will, Omōikane ]

-Upon this utterance and Behind him, another entity emerges, a warrior, a swordsman. This entity is capable of aiding Akutagawa in battle.

Special Shikai Ability :

Shamen [ 赦免 Absolution ].
Through his ability to manipulate Perspectives[Perception, singly this time], Akuta is able to project the inner workings of his imagination while masking his location. With these projections, Akuta is able to accomplish the said feats ;

• Afterimage Projection : Akuta is able to project and set up tangible afterimages that can disperse as soon as they are attacked
• Temporary Cloaking : Akuta is able to cloak himself, gifting him the ability to vanish from the field temporarily without a trace. This can also be extended to his weapons and attacks as well.
• Construct Realization : This allows him to project a handful of tools, examples are ; A blade, shurikens, knives, etc.
• The reiatsu demand is directly proportional to the function, size and merriness of the construct.

Ability #1 : Chikyū & Tengoku [ 天と地の. Of Heaven and Earth ]

Employing his area of influence, he utilizes the ability to affect how the opposition feels their body.
- Applications -

∆ Chikyū : Upon intertwining his opposition's perception with his, he progresses to cast Chikyū upon himself, creating a reverse effect which makes the opposition to believe his body is sinking into the depths of the ground whilst being incapable of movement[legs only].

• This lasts for two turns only and needs to wait
• Opponents with greater reiatsu than his are totally unaffected by this ability.
• Opponents of equal reiatsu can feel the sinking sensation but are still able to force their body into moving.
• Opponents of weaker reiatsu [ a level lower, at most ] can curb the effect to a degree by exuding a great wave of reiatsu, forcing their body to move but still retains the sinking sensation.
• Blinded Oppositions are unaffected by this ability in anyway.

∆ Tengoku : This ability activates upon the command of Akuta. Its effect is achieved when the opposition's right, left or both side is attacked [ Slashed or pierced ]. The opposition is unable to feel either his right side or left side or both [ if he attacks successful.

• It causes the opposition to believe nothing exist at the side scathed, apparently seeing nothing but darkness [ right, left or both ]
• Against opponents of greater reiatsu, they can automatically dispel the effect by releasing their reiatsu, but if unaware, they'd suffer the effect for a post.
• Against oppositions of equal reiatsu, they'd normally feel the effect for two posts but could be shorten to a post by constantly releasing their reiatsu.
• Against opponents of lesser reiatsu [ A level lower ]. The effect is felt for 3 posts could be reduced to 2 upon reiatsu burst.
• After the effective has been dispelled, a maximum rest posts of about 6 is needed before initiating it yet again.[/indent]
Ability #2 : Torinozokimasu [
り除. Remove ]

Akuta, with this ability, is able to remove the senses his opponents possesses [upon contact with his zanpakuto or fist ]or he, himself, possesses.

• He can remove all five senses and go beyond to remove their sense of balance.
• By removing their sense of balance, he's able to distort their balance, causing them to occasionally fall as if they were crippled
• Removing his own sense of pain is possible, by doing so, he fights at full power without the feeling pain which restrains him from going all out.
• He's able to remove one sense at a time.
• The removed sense returns after 4 posts.

Ability #3 : Gen'ei No Yume No Kuni [ 幻影の夢の国, Phantasmal Dreamland ].
By the depicts of Omoikanē's legends, where he created a universe of perfection, shaping the universe to the imagining of the masses and how they want their life to be.
Omoikane imbues Akutagawa with the skill to forcefully draw parts of creatures, things or beings from this world of abundant suffering into the phantasmal dreamland upon contact with his fists or zanpakuto
; A universe of Akutagawa's making, perfected for all things not to resist its beauty.

Feats Achievable
• This blade or fist transports anything it strikes on the target that is along the point of contact into the dreamland.
• This skill can be extended to any or all skill in Akutagawa's arsenal.
• The reiatsu demand is equal the surface area, volume or density drawn into phantasmal dreamland.
• Since, even reiatsu is taken into the dreamland, even durability becomes useless against this ability.
• Reiatsu greater than his can easily overpower this skill.
• Reiatsu equivalent to his can limit the surface/body area drawn into the phantasmal dreamland.
• Even energy based attacks are subject to the effects of this skill.
• Envelope : Quite dynamic but its effect goes beyond a slash, Akutagawa spreads his reiatsu to a limited radius of about 5m. Anything touched by his reiatsu immediately gets taken into the dreamland.
••• It can be used for 2-4posts max.
••• When used for 2 posts, Akutagawa is incapable of using this ability for 6 posts.
••• When used for 4posts, it seals his zanpakuto and forces it to rest for 4posts, after which when released, this ability is rendered incapable of use till the end of any battle.
••• It incurs a low-moderate reiatsu cost.
• Transcend : Requiring not just his zanpakuto or fist to acts as a pathway to the dreamland, his hado or any other arsenal becomes imbued with this skill, capable of transporting only the part of matter it made contact with.
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