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[Kenpachi: Time Capsule] Solus VS Darius

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:59 pm
by Aegis Raiu

A land where the sun doesn't go down, enchanted perhaps...or not. Two beings of untold might will clash in its fields, one surrounded by high hills and rocky plains, the journey to becoming something greater involved one such place.

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Re: [Kenpachi: Time Capsule] Solus VS Darius

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:45 am
The sky darkness’s slightly, the ground shook as animals fled the fields for their lives. A massive energy coalesced, bearing its full weight one the world as darkness descended from the skies above. The wave of darkness gathered into a tight, shapeless clump that wiggles and weighted about the ground for a few moments before taking shape. Slowly be surely the once amorphous blob gained definition and solid form. The result was a shadowy figure that resembled the lost Seventh Division Captain– Solus Dextera.

This phantom of unknown origin had shown itself on more than one occasion in the event that the original was otherwise indisposed. It only ever seemed to have one purpose: challenge the worth of those that felt themselves so great, and destroy them and their hubris in the process. Why such a creature exists, how it came to be, or even why it was assigned to such a mission was without answer, but what was certain was that this reflection was just as wild and ruthless as the being it reflected. Doom awaited whomever would stand against it.
No need for introductions, it’s unlikely the whatever it is would talk to you, or even acknowledge you outside of trying to punch you to death. You may begin whenever you’re ready.

It should be noted however that this battle will NOT be easy. You said don’t hold back, and thus I very much intend not to do so.

Good luck!

Re: [Kenpachi: Time Capsule] Solus VS Darius

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:20 pm
by Aegis Raiu
A strong minded yet hardly rational being had sought out something far greater than himself this day. His quest was simple, to defeat something so feared and become a Kenpachi, a death wish to many and he too perhaps... but his resolve will not be shaken this day. Nonetheless, he too was no ordinary man, a man quick in wit and enormous in size, he stood above the dimension of normalcy. Now at his destination the doors made way for him to step into the very field preordained to witness this encounter. He had on big boots, a black trouser and singlet, structured with the size of a giant_he stood at 6'5 inches, with black eyes and short black hair. He was peculiar in build, similar to that of a well constituted fighter. He was Darius Lohr, the unyielding Captain of the 5th Division.

Barely at the exit of the Senkaimon, he would whisper the words "Bakudo 78: Million Escudo." Causing a thin_2inch hexagonal energy to take form at his nape. And subsequently two steps out of the Senkaimon gate behind him, he let something else loose, a titanic weight to say the least was placed on the unfortunate world around him. A very visible and violent spirit wealth had sprung to life, lacing itself around its master in intertwined layers of two, effectively acting as a bastion of both offensive and defensive output. He had sighted the unearthly creature of the shadows amidst the densely empty field of rocks and high reaching hills. He knew all too well there was no room for reminiscing on whether or not to bring the heat and as such he had uttered the words.

"Unleash the rage, Kagutsuchi."

Following his utterance, a massive wave of intense yellow flames and spirit energy would rage forth in a circular outburst around the big man, transforming his pair of pistols into a pair of clawed metal gauntlets with protruding metal spikes at the knuckles. His boots would peel off to leave his feet bare and his entity would be wrapped in a dense fiery cloak of immense energy.

He would crouch a little with his right leg paced backwards and upper body leaned forward. An observant eye would notice a 3m long fiery tail hang from behind his cloak, but that was not all, three flattened, circular shaped and concrete hard slabs of earth that glow hot white light would rotate round his entity.

Having appeared almost 40m from the shadowy humanoid figure, he was rearing to execute his only target, Solus Dextera.
Thank you very much, I understand perfectly.