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Race Expansion: Togabito [Part 2]

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 4:04 pm
With the deadline for feedback passed I have begun efforts to start building all the necessary pieces for their addition into the RP. As I still want things to be fairly open, the next stage of their development will also take place publicly. You’ll all be able to see the new forums (fully equipped with a few new things y’all haven’t seen before) as well as the threads getting built. That said while you might be able to see it, you won’t be able to just create threads and such right away (I’ve restricted the ability to do that).

However, for those wishing to join this new army, I will be granting full access to it. This of course doesn’t come free. For all the people joining up before the official opening of this new “division” I will be expecting some level of work to be done, because there’s quite a handful of things that do need to be done still. But! As is tradition now, all work shall be compensated.

As per usual, work will be rewarded with CBS levels, however this time these levels will only apply towards any Togabito characters you choose to create. I won’t offer a specific amount, however the maximum possible amount given will be as high as 40 (potentially higher but I’ll consult with Phantom on this first) based on how much is contributed towards getting this new division off the ground. As aside from that “high-ranking” positions will essentially be guaranteed, and of course that would come with any rank associated entitlements. But again, I have to say that some work will have to be done. Nothing’s free here!

Further rewards will be profile badges for assisting with the founding of this new division and potentially even hall of fame recognition as well. And other possible rewards I’ve yet to think of, but I am open to suggestions if you have any.

If you are interested and willing, either message me, or make a post mentioning me in the race expansion thread saying that you’re down to help.