A few 2.1 related Delays

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A few 2.1 related Delays


Post by XIII » Mon Dec 31, 2018 10:34 pm

Ah, the one thing I was wishing I wouldn't have to announce but it must be this way. Due to some issues with being able to smoothly integrate the outputs for the kidou and cero builder I will have to delay their implementation just a bit further for testing and a few redesigns codewise. Apparently they were a bit too complicated for the forum's liking (a lot like the profile builder) so I'll have to do a hefty recode to see to it that those get working properly... I aim to have those done in a week at the latest but I'm gonna try to shoot for Friday the 4th (I don't work at all the whole day of the 1st so I'm gonna try to get it done then if I can). More updates will come at a later time though. Sorry!
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