Impending CBS 1.5 Update and Bug Warnings

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Impending CBS 1.5 Update and Bug Warnings


Post by XIII » Thu Dec 20, 2018 7:30 pm

Just a quick heads up here. Doing a bit of an update of the CBS in preparation for version 1.5. In the process of testing some minor aesthetic reworks, and given the current state of the program I'm using to code everything I have to make the adjustments live. What this means is that things will look a bit weird since all the changes I make are up on the site right now. Things will continue to change over time and as I continue to work on them. So please bear with things are refinements will be made in time. They may be a few other non-visual bugs like broken links, but I think I fixed everything by now. If not, please PM me immediately and tell me exactly where you encountered the broken link.

Everything else should be working as intended excluding the Kidou Builder (which doesn't yet have the forum stuff added in yet), and the Cero builder (which was delayed due to bug fixing). Work will resume as scheduled on that probably tomorrow and over the weekend. Also another announcement regarding what I am referring to as MAV 2.1 will be coming soon as well.

That's all for now!
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