Re: The current status of MAV 1.0 and it's eventual shutdown.

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Re: The current status of MAV 1.0 and it's eventual shutdown.


Post by XIII » Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:07 pm

As of now, the 1.0 version is now officially closed. No further registrations are possible and posting and private messaging has been disabled boardwide. As noted in the announcement I will no longer be accepting requests to transfer over any threads or anything else left over form 1.0 to 2.0, excluding those made prior to this announcement. The only exception to this is for threads of notable importance (I'll determine that myself). As it stand now, you will no longer be able to reach the 1.0 site by using , instead it'll only link here. You must now use in order to access the 1.0 site; however, it should be noted that this is only for reference purposes. It will remain in it's current state until Jan. 1 2019, where it will then be shut down permanently and all associated data will be purged entirely from the severs. Though I will keep a backup of all the data, it is imperative that you contact me before that date regarding any data you wish to preserve, I'll do my best to make a "snapshot" of what was there which can be viewed as an active webpage (provided you have the means of doing so). I will not, however, accept any requests to preserve any data following the aforementioned date.

If you have any questions regarding 1.0 and it's current status, or anything else regarding this specific announcement, please contact me sooner than later.

On a further note, it is likely that will be moved to take the place of at some point, but I haven't yet talked to socks about it. Though I own the site and control most if not all of it's functions form behind the scenes I'm actually just loaning the site to her, and control of everything otherwise is hers. So things like that aren't really up to me to decide. That said, if that comes to be, I'll make a separate announcement about that 2 weeks prior to the move.

That is all.
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