Introduction of Advertisements on the Site and Donation Channels

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Introduction of Advertisements on the Site and Donation Channels


Post by XIII » Sun Oct 06, 2019 3:26 am

It’s possible that some of you may be noticing the sudden appearance of ads on the site. As of a few days ago, I’ve gone through the process of allowing for ads to be displayed on the site. However, all mod positions, including administrators, and VIP level members will be excluded from seeing them by default. And for the most part, they’re really only being displayed to take advantage of all the traffic the bots generate, but also in response to the fairly decent traffic the site generates overall... at least according to my cloudflare statistics.

For the sake of full transparency, MAV has been running at for just shy of 3 years now, and when I and the other original founders started MAV, we did so with the intent to make some amount of money from it. However, with their departure and my subsequent takeover as the sole leader of the operation, I’ve somewhat abandoned that pursuit. Instead I decided to just keep this place alive and running because it’s something I personally enjoy being apart of, and I know all of you that have been here this long appreciate things to some degree.

That said, operating the site isn’t free. It was at first, but the limitations that came with it being free were far too extreme. We would’ve only been able to use the site for like 2 weeks, before the host shut things down. In fact, this was actually something that happened back when I first moved MAV to this new host. Though I’m not sure if anyone noticed that. In any case, everything relating to the site costs about $70-100. This is for the rights to the server, the domain name (plus registration), and https encryption. The purpose of having ads being run on the site is largely as a means to mitigate some of the cost as much as possible. If I’m fortunate and blessed, it would be mitigated entirely.

If the ads generate enough to run the site for another year, I’ll probably disable them for about 6months and only run them for the back half of the year just to raise money for the next year, and the process will continue for as long as it needs to. If not that, I might either simply reduce the amount of ads that get shown or leave them as they are depending on how much money they make. As of now things are in very early on and I don’t really know how far this is going to go just yet. But if it looks good I may do an update.

That said, if things turn out to do really well and I somehow make up the cost of the site by the end of the year I’ll leave things as they are now. With that in mind, any excess cash will be used to give buy stuff and give it out to you guys in various events and contests, and maybe used for a few extra things for the site. In either case I’m not really intending to pocket much of the money the ads generate if at all.

And finally, there are other methods I’ve implemented to helps sustain the site. That said, these last two things will be the first and last time I mentioned them. I’m not going to make a habit of asking for money, so this will be the one and only time I mention these things. First and foremost, the ability to donate to the site through PayPal has been implemented. I’ve effectively set it up to cover half of what the site comes out to and I will pay the difference between that and whatever donations come in, or if the goal is reached. Of course, if that goal is met, I will close the donations until the last six months of the year and leave things at that. But, you don’t have to give anything at all. I will still continue to pay for things myself as I’ve done since the beginning, but if you want to help, by all means go right ahead and thank you so much if you do.
You may find the link to do that here, otherwise you’ll see it on the top of the page or the quick links menu (aka the 3 bars at the top left of the page).

The other thing is becoming a VIP members. Let’s you subscribe between 1 month and 1 year, and doing so will simply prevent the ads from showing up for you. However, it’s likely I may also find other benefits for being a VIP in the future as well. Especially based on input/feedback. You’ll find the link to do that here. Otherwise you can find it from the quick links menu (aka click the 3 bars near the top left of the page).
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