Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on MAV 2.1. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General Forum Rules

    1. All forum members must be over the age of 13, or have a parent's explicit consent in order to participate here. Members found not meeting the age requirement will be immediately and permanently banned. #
    2. Look, we get it. You can't like everyone. You're not expected to, honestly. But please be respectful of each other. If you are having issues with each other, then please try and solve it between yourselves. If required, contact the use the Contact Us link to alert administration. #
    3. To an extent, they're allowed. Don't use this as an excuse to swear all the time, though. Avoid religion and politics as conversation topics, and keep NSFW posting to a minimum. If you are NSFW posting, please do so in a spoiler. #
    4. Please refrain from spamming. When you're posting a reply to someone, please make sure you address their post. Don't advertise unless you have explicit permission to from one of the admins or mods. #
    5. Multiple Accounts

      1. The use and or possession of multiple accounts is strictly forbidden. Violations will result in one or both accounts being permanently banned. The sole exception to this rule are Admin Test/Development accounts. #
      2. The sharing of account information is strictly forbidden. All instances of this will be treated as a case of having multiple accounts which will result in one or both accounts being permanently banned. #
    6. All rules are subject to change without prior notice. #
    7. Under no circumstances will bullying and harassment be tolerated on this forum. Consequences will be decided on a case-by-case basis. #
  2. Roleplay Rules

    1. God-Moding

      1. One-shot KOs or Kills is strictly forbidden, regardless of stat differences. Note: It is ill advised to challenge those above your power range at their full power. #
      2. Ignoring both your own and your opponents stats is a form of god-moding. Understand that we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. Please adhere to them as closely as possible. #
      3. Ignoring any incoming damage, as well as exhaustion that may be associated with prolonged battles (keep stats in mind), as well as use energy and technique usage, is considered GM. #
      4. It is not acceptable to control an roplayer's actions at any point. Blocking their attacks, however, does not fall into this category. #
      5. Invincibility, limitless intangibility, perfect immunity, constantly blocking, evading or otherwise avoiding all forms of attacks or damage in excess is considered GM. Combatants with immunities to singular elements are exempt. #
      6. Metagaming is the act of having knowledge that either, doesn't exist in character, has not been made publicly or commonly available, or knowing all of a characters stats, traits and abilities without them having been revealed and being present to witness them firsthand. This also extends into any information not explicitly shared in character. #
      7. Use of broken or overpowered abilities is strictly forbidden. Any abilities that automatically violate any of the GM rules will be considered as such. However, other that may be seen as unfair, or too powerful for the state of the roleplay will also be considered as such. Use of such abilities will leave them subject to balance adjustments. #
    2. Zanpakutou

      1. You may freely create and use zanpakutou without the need for review, however all zanpakutou are subject to balance changes if deemed necessary. If your zanpakutou is called for balance changes, the zanpakutou is barred from further use until approved. Consent rules will overwrite this rule where applicable. #
      2. Stat Enhancing Abilities

        1. Stat boosts abilities are only allowed for Bankai or Segunda Etapa. #
        2. Reiatsu cannot be increased under any circumstance. #
        3. Only a single stat can be increased by one ability. #
        4. A single ability cannot raise a single stat more than one level. (e.g. B > A is unacceptable). #
        5. A single ability cannot raise the stat beyond an A+ grade. #
        6. A stat can be raised beyond A+ to S at the cost of requiring 2 ability slots. #
        7. A stat can be raised beyond S to S+ at the cost of requiring 3 ability slots. #
    3. Character Creation

      1. Bleach Characters

        1. All new bleach characters must begin at the recruit or equivalent level when starting fresh.
          CBS stats must reflect as much, and your soul level must begin at 15. Refer to this post and this post for more information regarding the CBS. You may ignore this rule with permission from your division leader. #
        2. Character Building System

          1. All Division leaders are required to keep records of their member's current CBS points, as well as any rewards given and the reason for which they were. This includes the leader's own as well. #
          2. You can access the CBS' built-in forum page using this link, otherwise look for the sheet of paper icon. #
          3. The CBS also has a stand-alone webpage which you can access from anywhere at the following url #
          4. The final way to access the CBS you can do straight from the post editor. Simply created a new post, click "buildme" and hit the preview button. This should open the CBS interface page straight into your post preview.
            Alternatively you could type

            CODE: Select all

            and then hit preview to access it that way. #
          5. For any questions regarding the CBS first refer to this post and this post. If neither post answers your question please use "contact us". Type CBS in the subject area, and type your message in the box. Responses will be PM'ed back as soon as possible.

            For anyone wishing to make contributions to the further development of the CBS please refer to this forum. #
  3. Commendation Rules

    1. At the end of each month, members all over the forum may submit their suggestions for commendations of others, or themselves for special recognition. #
    2. This recognition can be in the form of what they have achieved in terms of selfless sacrifices, outstanding role-plays, creativity and innovation, or helping in various divisions, legions or the entire forum as a whole. #
    3. Commendations should be specific and straight to the point as the term "being generally helpful" will not be recognized without proper follow up links. #
    4. Commendation made on role-plays or specific contributions the overseer should observe can have their links updated for proper review. #
    5. Rewards issued on the commendation board are not to be duplicated to multiple characters. However rational distribution of said points among various characters is allowed. #
    6. Points awarded for achieving specific goals with a particular R.p character, are expected to be awarded to that R.P character and not to an NPC or any other secondary character the owner may poses. #