[5th Division] Amatoyoshi Hirāzakūra

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[5th Division] Amatoyoshi Hirāzakūra


Post by Samuel_Carter_Awakening » Wed Feb 13, 2019 4:01 am

Name: Amatoyoshi Hirāzakūra
Race: Soul
Age: 121
Appearance: Clad in black garment having loosed sleeves, white stripes along the point were both separate ends joins together to shield his bare chest, his katana sheathed into a leather sheathe having a sharp edgy point he usually combines to form a spear, normal white long socks and black sandals, blue oculars with matching light blue hair and a nice fair tonned skin, a pointy nose and slightly wide lips, a muscular man he is, having a height of 5"9 inches and a moderate weight of 158pounds, a black pair of pants, spamming from his waist down to the fore legs tho obscured by his long flowing Haori, the katana strapped to the left side of his waist, fastened by a black belt which goes around his waist for further comfort.
Birthday: 14th February.
Gender: Male
Height: 5"9
Weight: 158 pounds
Reiatsu Color: Blue
Reiatsu Form: When released, it forms a shroud of light around Hirāzakūra and also releasing a blinding light around the surroundings with a glowing katana
History: When human, he was an Orphan
Personality: A calm and strategic individual, little speech, well reserved but can be very deadly when provoked.

Professional status
Affiliation- Gotei 13
Profession- Shinigami
Position- Recruit
Division- 5th division
Base of Operations- Seretei

Personal Status
Family- Nil
Friends- Nil
Enemies- Nil

Sealed State Appearance- His long black katana.

Spirit Appearance- An Arch Angel, with four wings and emanating light

Inner World Appearance- Same with spirit appearance

Zanpakutō name: Hikari
Zanpakutō Shikai Chant- Shine Upon the World- Hikari!!
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Re: [5th Division] Amatoyoshi Hirāzakūra


Post by Samuel_Carter_Awakening » Wed Feb 13, 2019 5:25 am

[Battle Summary]
Fifth Division
RankSoul Level

Powers & Abilities

Reiatsu [C+]

The training seems to be paying off. As of now I am undoubtedly above average in terms of reiatsu. At this stage in my training, I can now use low to mid-level reiatsu techniques over a longer period of time and in greater quantity without tiring. Standing against those of similar power or even slightly stronger is no challenge.

Strength [E+]

I'm underdeveloped, but no longer puny.I still might struggle to move something less about half my body weight though. An attack using strength alone could knock down someone who of similar size and strength, but would still only be minor in terms of damage. Throwing objects in combat, while still being able to cause harm would be limited to something like the weight of a bowling ball

Durability [E+]

Even at this level I'm still hardly capable of sustaining damage for even a short amount of time. However, I can take a a few blows and keep fighting on.

Endurance [D]

Being well below average, I definitely need more cardio in my work out.I simply won't survive prolonged periods of time in high intensity situations but in short spurts I can definitely manage. Anything more and I'd need a moment to catch my breath, or I'm likely to faint.

Reiatsu Control [D+]

Can fully control up to D+ reiatsu; completely hide up to D; partially control C; cannot control C+ or higher, unless I use a special device.
  • Reiatsu channeling is accurate, but lossy.
  • Reiatsu A+ and up: Reiatsu channeling is somewhat accurate, but lossy.
  • Can cast:
    • Shinigami:
      • Kidou: 1 - 29 with incantation
      • Incantation Abandonment: can cast Kidou 7 -15 at reduced power
      • Mastery: can cast up to Kidou 6 at full power without incantation
    • Arrancar
      • A Novice Cero (Adjucha-power)
      • Twin Cero (one Cero per hand), both weaker than a Gilian-class' Cero.

Zanjutsu [E]

At this level I exhibit a total lack of knowledge and or skill. I have no idea I am doing. Any attack I do would be based on instinct and guesses. At best swings are imprecise and leave many openings for counter-attacks, parries, and the like. Even a solid impact might knock the blade from the my hand. It's almost a wonder that if I would be capable of buttering toast. Of course, someone a bit more knowledgeable would use a butter knife.

Hakuda [E+]

When I execute hand-to-hand techniques, there is clear evidence of someone who knows how to throw a punch or kick with some accuracy, power and balance, and without hurting myself when it lands. While no seasoned fighter, I would know at least some fundamentals and can prove myself capable of lasting for a minute or two in a bar fight.

Hohou [E+]

Certainly a little faster than sluggish, but certainly not a speedster yet. As of now, I'm just starting to learn the fundamentals of quick movement techniques. I might be able to manage it once in a pinch.

Zanpakutou Mastery [E+]

Whispers of power can be heard, but no hope of release just yet.

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