[Seireitei] Operation Headquarters

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Re: [Gotei 13] Operation Headquarters


Post by Asano » Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:00 pm

With matters having found some form of resolution, the Captain resigned to the fact that it was now time reopen a long abandoned facility. In light of the Old Seireitei's destruction, the former black site would have make due as a new base of operations for the Seventh.

Given the need for strength, the location Solus had set their sights on would be ideal for breeding a newer and stronger batch of Shinigami. While the Sky Castle built by Tora ages ago was sufficient, it failed to reflect to reflect the current Captain and their war-centric tendencies. It was once a space bathed in the blood, and suffering of the weak, leaving only the strong able to claw their way out of its deathly grip. Now, new blood would likely soak it walls to usher in a new era of might over all. With that idea in mind, Solus departed for The Pit of Beasts.

It would come in a blur, and seek to lay waste to them all.
In a flash, the beast sought to let loose a calamity crafted by its own hands.
Its sole purpose to leave nothing but charred remains and ash...


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