[Shinigami] Kizaru

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[Shinigami] Kizaru


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Character Name: Kizaru
Race: Shinigami
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Affiliation: 2nd Division

APPEARANCE: Kizaru is an incredibly tall man with a slim body build, black hair, and a very thin beard. His standard outfit consists of a sleeveless Shihakusho fitted from the waist up and completely normal from the waist down. Kizaru also wears dark shoes, tinted sunglasses with a reflective lens, and a fitted, dark long sleeved shirt under his Shihakusho.

PERSONALITY: Kizaru seems to be very laid-back and easygoing, speaking rather slowly and occasionally drawing out the last word of his sentences. He takes everything lightly regardless of the severity of the moment. Usually, his manner of speaking is slow and lax, frequently beginning sentences with a drawn out "Ooh" (generally upon observing something that has piqued his interest), and ending them with a drawn out "Neee". He is also completely calm and cool-headed, even in tense situations

HISTORY: Kirazu lost his memories from his younger days as a result of a huge accident that happened in Rukongai a couple of years back. Zephyr, the man who looked after him afterwards, claims Kizaru is better off not knowing what happened and kept it a secret. Zephyr told him to never speak of it again. Zephyr was a skilled blacksmith in the lower parts of Rukongai. Kizaru learned every bit of skill Zephyr taught him. Zephyr was also a skilled swordsman. He passed down his "Niitouryu" (Two-Sword style) art to Kizaru, who learned it at an incredibly fast rate and eventually surpassed Zephyr himself. Kizaru joined the Shinigami at the age of 27 and a year later, was posted to the 2nd Division.

During his 1-year training in the academy, Kizaru mainly focused on increasing his Kidou and Hohou skills. He never was any good at close combat (Hakuda) and would always train to polish his Zanjutsu skills rather than attend Hakuda training sessions. His Kidou, Hohou and Zanjutsu skills increased considerably. In time, he completly dropped Hakuda and focused mainly on those 3.

A year later, the Academy recognised his skill he was posted to the 2nd Division

[Zanjutsu] With the help of his training with Zephyr in Rukongai and at the Academy, Kizaru became very skilled in Zanjutsu, making use of two swords at thesame time. Kizaru could also use a single katana at a time if he so wishes.

[Kidou] As his 2nd most preffered skill, Kizaru is very skilled at using Kidou (almost as good as his Zanjutsu skill). He tends to use Kidou very often to complement is Zanjutsu during a fight.

[Hohou] Kizaru is averagely good at using the Hohou skill; Shunpo. His skill here is not as good as his Zanjutsu or Kidou. He trains on it often hoping he'll get faster over time.

[Hakuda] Kizaru absolutely has no close combat skill. He relies on the other 3 during battles.

[Reiatsu] Kizaru emits a Yellow-Coloured Reiatsu. He is very skilled at controlling his Reiatsu which he uses for Kidou and other skills during battles.

ZANPAKUTOU: Kizaru's Zanpakutou in its sealed form are two identical Katana's with a Golden hilt and an extended Golden coating streching right down the blunt side of his Zanpakutou's Blade. Kizaru keeps one diagonally across his back with he hilt popping out of his left shoulder, and the other on his right hip

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