[Hollow] Kiyoshi Yuki

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[Hollow] Kiyoshi Yuki


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 ;kiyoshi yuki Meaning pure snow(a play on words and kanji d names simply means purest snow there fore lonly snow which the lone one) 



19 (in appearance) 100yrs old in reality 


:hollow arrancar


 brown hair Medium not that long a little muscular handsome but moody face, With an intent to kill...hieght of 5.4 slim a little broad sholder arbs of gold  hes not that arrancer like but he has a mask on his back and and his hollow hole on his right hand which he covers up with clothing.. ..he has a long sword which his was made up of his blood  thirsty drive and he also has a shikai which rrsides within his soul cortesy of his family power 


: moody always angry trying to destroy everything in ther world....yhe world as never been fear to yuki so he feels nothing, no sympathy and no emotion he his kinda like a sociopath all he lives for is nothing but the trill of war..his parents where killed d day he was born and he somehow survived it his guardian named him at age 15 he saw his guardian killed infront of him for his sake caz his clan was just n charge of keeping a powerful sword artifact which his hidden inside kirito at age 18 kirito already hated d world and as his name implied he was alone in d world he was killed at 19 and hes soul wondered as an hollow fighting till he became an arancker 


Due to his cold nature he has mastered the  art of speed as to slay d enemy in the best and fastest possible way..he likes fighting but no week opponents he has lighting abilities hence feeding him his speed.... And due to his family background and d sword stuck in his soul he is able to use also ice caz that has been his familys protected secret power and dats what dey died for...... He a skilled swords man and cloks his sword with lightning at times.. .he does not use two sword at a time he is old fashioned that way....his speed shlr nt be mistaken for shounpo(jump step) 
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Re: [Hollow] Kiyoshi Yuki


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