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Central 46 High Spec Training Facility: Omni

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 2:47 pm

Central 46’s High Spec Training facility is the result of a collaboration between the 12th Division and the Kidou Corps, to create a room specifically designed for the development of new technology, skills, and replicating specific conditions for combat training. Equipped with highest grade reishi resonant technology, capable of focusing the spiritual energy to create small range projections of physical manifestations for limited period of time. These projections can be used to create not only customer designed terrains, but also a number of field conditions such as rain, snow, etc. in fields that can stretch on for what can feel like miles. In effect it is a near perfect simulation zone, ideal for all types of training.

Additional Features:
  • Precise range data tracking between .1nm and 100km when the room is not active. Visible range markers allow users to seed the distances between any two points in space at all times.
  • Precise power scale tracking, able to record and relay the power output information of most abilities in terms of Kidou.
  • Able to instantly recall past training zones from a list of training parameters.
  • Additional features will added periodically with the advancement and refinement of this technology.
Training Zone Archive:
[*]List Currently Unavailable due to recent maintenance. Please create new Zone Data.

Re: Central 46 High Spec Training Facility: Omni

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:10 pm
by Akugaranwa Itachi
Shortly after He had offered his hand in an attempt to shake the large man that occupied the chair that he heard a voice, a voice he had heard once before, a voice of a mysterious girl who appeared to be in her mid 20s if appearance can be deceiving. Sovereign spoke on about how untested he was and the two men with him and somehow Arthur felt annoyed by that girl’s statement for he had uncovered an unraveling Truth one which if left unchecked would be the end of Soul society as whole. ”Nandatto? The fake smile he had put up earlier suddenly vanished just as fast as it came.

A few seconds later once Sovereign was done talking, A portal opened up and she came forth like a baby being born. Like before the commander masked her appearance and so she went straight to business. ”She doesn’t bit around the bush huh? It is surprising that she would push the results of my assignment to a later day...... That girl His thoughts were gone unnoticed by the three around him.

Nothing much to be done and nothing much was said, he just had to follow her orders to get to the facility she linked with her portal. A new test awaits them maybe this one had more to do with combat. Arthur entered the portal without waiting for the others and soon he was gone.

Training Facility

Sovereign’s portal brought him to a large room mostly made of white, if Arthur had any knowledge in technology he could easily tell from its appearance that this room could run simulations bringing out images and places of the user’s choice. It was the perfect place to test out the abilities of those that trained here. Being the first to Arrive Arthur could do nothing but wait.

Re: Central 46 High Spec Training Facility: Omni

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:32 am
by Aegis Raiu
The large masculine figure stepped through the shimmering light with a demeanor signaling discontent for the purpose of this meeting, but perhaps he still had a lot to learn, while of course in a world he was yet to fully grasp. Face still veiled by the cloth covering, he observed the first being to fill the large empty space which they both now stood, waiting patiently for others to arrive. Particularly the one named Sovereign, a female figure clearly in charge in these areas.

He wondered just how much longer he would have to wait, and of course the one named Ghost seemed all too excited about the nearing event. Still, his attention was focused on the first individual he encountered upon his arrival to the Headquarters, one who seemed to give off no emotion whatsoever, but possessed quantifiable spirit presence as the others. At this point all he could do was wait despite his growing discomfort.

A quick run through at his surrounding told news of a vast, empty room with seemingly infinite square blocks of black and red paint, sectioned across it's interior. He would slide his hands into his pockets as he watched on.

Re: Central 46 High Spec Training Facility: Omni

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 9:28 am
by Phantom-T
In simple steps Hazuki walked out of the shimmering path of light with arms crossed within black garments. With brows arced and eyes darted across marbled fields, he quickly took in the feel of the new location observing with keen interest the interiors of the new location which was unlike the last.

In a glance he could tell a lot about the arena as there where actually so little to admire. Everything looked the same and spanned out a reasonable width and height. In that same glance He could tell he now knew a little less of what he was about to face, however he wasn't in this alone and that alone served to comfort him a bit.

Bringing back his view to meet the two in the room, he immediately took note of the missing presence of their commander and instructor for the anticipated training section. However, his attention would still lock on those present in the room, especially one with more spiritual presence of the two.

"Hello there" He uttered purposely avoiding the use of the kidou spell meant to mask speech. "So whom among you knows what we are up against?" he continued as he walked up to join the two.

Noticing the level of secrecy maintained thus far, Hazuki would only imagine both individuals avoiding any dialogues with discriminating details. However, hoping he wasn't turned down the Shinigami would only press on aiming to gather as much information as he could, especially before what ever they where waiting for comes into play.

Re: Central 46 High Spec Training Facility: Omni

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:17 pm
by Akugaranwa Itachi
It didn’t take long for more visitors to arrive the facility, no doubt on the account of our Commander the same people Arthur had left at the Corp Headquarters. Noticing that it was the muscular man who was the first amongst the new recruits (fresh blood as he would prefer) to arrive.

Arthur threw a quick glance at him and all he could read from the man’s face was intense. He had thought to go greet him but Arthur shoved the thought aside. he could tell that the muscular man was like him, he didn’t talk much. Not too long after the first recruit arrived came another. He was 5ft tall and clad in a black garment. ”One more left” He thought as he watched the slender man walk close to him posing a question.

”From my guess, it looks like we are in a simulation room which is a form of combat training and if I am right then we are most likely to prove to Sovereign how good we are in Kido”

He wasn’t sure why he chose that answer amongst many theories he had but for a certain reason this answer proved to be more feasible. Trying to understand the mind of their Commander was close to impossible, but Arthur could only point out the obvious from what his eyes could see and also from the commander’s last words. She said “all were untested” which could only mean that she wanted to test their skills in the Art which was critical to the work. But.....

”Following what she said, she said we were untested and unproven. If we were to analyze that critically it would mean two things.” He paused as he thought he felt a presence. Maybe he was imagining it, however Arthur chose to continue. ”How we use the Kido we specialized in and how well we are at gathering informations” That was all he could say on the matter.

Re: Central 46 High Spec Training Facility: Omni

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:48 am
”Oh how right you are!”

Sovereigns voice echoed through the light of the portal, where she then emerged moments later.

”This will be a test, though this will not specifically be combat related. No, this is far more complicated than that. Kidou is much more than a tool used to blow up what’s in front of you...”

She paused, and the portal closed behind her.

”It is a weapon, much like a katana, yet a better blade will not earn you victory nor will guaranteed the safety of those you have been sworn to protect. It is the way you wield this weapon that makes it truly effect. A grandmaster could do more with a piece of bamboo than any novice could with the finest blade in all the land...“

Suddenly her whole demeanor changed. Though her face couldn’t be seen, her emotions would come through clear as day. They way she stood, made her unrest clear. She would’ve paced back and forth if it weren’t for her responsibility to present herself as the unyielding leader she was trained to be. Despite the body language, remained calm, composed, focused on the task at hand.

”Though I find it absolutely disgusting to admit this, there was one who wielded Kidou in much the same way as grandmaster would bamboo. Even lower level spells were transformed in to terrifying tools of destruction. My previous Captain and Captain of the Seventh, and the one that trained me... Solus Dextera.”

It was odd. The conflict in her voice was clear as day. One could not mistake the reverence, and utter contempt in her voice as she spoke of him. His skills and affinity for Kidou and combat in general were hard to deny. In fact they were so prolific that respect was a guarantee. Yet at the same time everything else about him was reprehensible at best. A perfectly disharmonious blend of remarkable fighter and poor leader and being melded into one. A sigh of relief though, as his presence would no longer be allowed to plague Gotei and it’s ranks as it once his.

She continued.

”... he was a true master of the art. That degree mastery has been passed to me, and now I will see if you too bear the an adequate degree of finesse. I do not expect you to emulate or successes... at least not her. However in time, perhaps you will. No instead I will see if you are fit to carry the mantle you do now. And thus...”

Sovereign snapped her fingers and the room tumbled to life. All sorts of lights and sounds filled the room as both Kidou and machine danced in perfect unison to create a a series of objects. The first was a rather impressive looking block of pure and hardened steel. It stood about as tall as Sovereign did, and was about as thick as her arm’s length plus a sword in hand. In all, something that would not be so easily destroyed.

The second stood a massive canon. Far bigger than anything had any right to be, and for some reason it was radiating with an impressively large reiatsu. In fact it seemed almost comparable to that of Captain. If fired the resulting attack would almost surely be immense.

The final, was much more animal-like in appearance. In fact, or resembled an origami dragonfly. It was roughly the same size as the cube though not as wide; it was more human-like in terms of girth but still quite large. First it looked around curiously to survey its surroundings and then what it understood to be potential predators. Immediately after it began flying about the room at an alarming pace mimicking Captain level speed. In fact it would be almost impossible to follow for slower individuals as it moved at a shunpo-like place. What was more impressive, however, was its extreme level of agility. The large replica insect seems to dart about at all sorts of impossibly sharp angles, even able to change reverse its direct at a drop of a dime and all without loosing speed.

”A peculiar bunch of objects, but this shall be you your mastery trial. All three have a very straight-forward goal. Yet I don’t have much desire for straight-forward solutions. The more straightforward your approach, the more predictable you become and the less effective you are overall. Though I don’t necessarily have any restrictions on how you solve the problems I will present to you shortly. Approach the situations as you see fit.”

She stepped forward and then pointed at ghost.

”The metal block before you will be your trial. Your goal is simple: destroy it.”

She then pointed to Hazuki.

”You will need to give yourself a code name. So, your trial is thus. First decide your code name, and then face the canon. If will fire a pretty nasty blast of energy at you once you find yourself ready. I’ve calibrated its power output to match that of Hadou 88: Hiryuu Gekizoku Shinten Raihou, which will ab-so-luetely blow you away if you aren’t careful. Stop it’s blast from hurting you.

And finally...”

She pointed to Darius.

”Your goal is similar. First make your codename known to us, and then simply capture the dragonfly... wherever it is now.

I will allow you all attempts each to accomplish your goal in up to three different ways if you so desire. Simply yell ‘reset’ and the simulation will reset the position and state of your designated object to how it was before your trial began. From there you may proceed however you want! When you’re done, just let me know and I’ll decide if your attempts are worthy of passing. That is all!”

[The Rules of This Trial]
  • As previously explained, there will be no restrictions on how you decide to solve your various problems.
  • Feel free to use any available spells you see fit to tackle the situation at hand.
  • I will not be giving any hints on how you should approach these problems, nor what my expectations are. Though you should aim to “impress me” or rather prove why you should be considered worthy of your title with your responses.
  • You may use your three attempts in one post, or in multiple posts if you’d like to take your time. Though the number of posts not level of detail will have any affect on my judgment here. I only care about how you complete the objective.
  • If you decide to make multiple posts I can judge each one as you make them, if that’s what you want (just ask for as much in your post) or I can judge all 3 when you decide you’re finished.
If you have any questions or need clarification if your objectives, or the rules just let me know. Good luck!